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INTRODUCTION India has been in the market for acquiring a long-range air defense system. The idea was to have Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) near the border to counter Pakistani and Chinese aircraft and cruise missiles. According to reports, India has decided to acquire 5 regiments of Russian-made S-400 Triumf advanced Air Defense Systems and the price has now been finalized. Currently, Indian and Russian side are working to prevent American sanctions on India under Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) for buying Russian weapons platform. CAATSA has been deployed against Russia by the U.S in August 2017 for probable interference in the 2016 presidential election process. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why India is buying RUSSIAN S 400 even with risks of U.S sanctions instead of AMERICA’S PATRIOT PAC 3 Let’s get started. CHANNEL LINK: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DefenseUpdates SUPPORT US: Patron: https://www.patreon.com/defenseupdates AUDIO: scottleffler.com
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and philippines are started to buy weapons from russia and other countries, not on US and canada that have conditions.
John Smith (4 hours ago)
*Is India buying the whole "package"? S400 with Tor/Osa/Buk/Pansir defenses than defend S400 from other asymmetric threats?*
John Smith (4 hours ago)
*S400 makes PAC3 look like shit. Seriously.*
rolland mousseaux (13 hours ago)
no indigenous nation likes criminal eurotrash jews.....no matter what the jews say.......they lie....alot...as they must
Malik Umar jann! (17 hours ago)
Jst wasting his money..... India always depends on other countries thts Y India is not independent in defense field till now....
mediascala (19 hours ago)
I have bad news for you and your handlers, defense updates: The idea is to keep Merikan planes and missiles out of Asia
Bhupinderbanga Banga (23 hours ago)
Love you russia from india i m big fan of mr putin
shishir kumar (23 hours ago)
अमेरिका बस गीदड़ भभकी देता है !
Larry Mistler (1 day ago)
The same reason I buy 50 dollar eight balls instead of 100 dollar 🎱.
Sir Galahad (1 day ago)
*They don't buy from the US cause they got tired from all the Americans that call them tech support*
Indonesian video (1 day ago)
Because s400 is more advance
sexpolice101 (1 day ago)
It is time to completely stop buying anything that is made in America and weaken this imperialistic bitch.
Hatim Naji (1 day ago)
*Dear Lord Almighty.* *If this is what the S400 can do; tell me about the S500.*
Dhanesh Nair (1 day ago)
can it destroy asteroids or at least nuclear bombs, what is the life span for these hardwares? Does it really works, patriot is used to shields israel and has a good track record.
ram ram (2 days ago)
All these missiles must be kept aside like exhibition toys otherwise whoever tests them against each other and triggers war they're going to face total socio economic meltdown😀😁😂
I Don't Know (2 days ago)
I forget ASMR While watching Your Defense News 😂😂😂 Come on man !!!
Felix Furball (2 days ago)
🙄🤔🙄😯🤭Ooh dear. Does nobody want to buy the overpriced, overrated jewmurican shite. You could always try to give it away...maybe. Or, cut it up and weigh it in. Or just dump it..somewhere quiet...when it’s dark...and blame Russia.
remove governments (2 days ago)
it doesn't matter, the jews profit either way
Golan Ziv (2 days ago)
Buying Russian products is like buying Chinese... no quality. It's a trash in any sense
gary mann (2 days ago)
India pakistan and china need to be at peace and stop wasting money on these rockets.
swameer (2 days ago)
Never argue with an average dumb ignorant delusional American.Just say everything which America manufactures is the best..even if it is shitty in reality......They are cerebrally challenged due to eating processed meat & from eating all that chemical food from Mc D & KFC
US missiles are fake.
Rudie (3 days ago)
Shit. Even the 200's proved good in Syria.
Sumayyah Hussain (3 days ago)
S800 new
Ezza (3 days ago)
So obviously America is just jealous. It wishes it was allowed to buy the S-400
JS Magrey (3 days ago)
Hindus can buy S400 or any upward missile system. Such a coward nation, how and who will pull the trigger.
snm111 (4 days ago)
Joly Dee (4 days ago)
India buy missiles from Russia to counter act the most agressor in Asia
Alexander (4 days ago)
THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION WINS......AGAIN! .......................GREAT!!!
Big White (4 days ago)
Just air defense. Not a big deal. They wanted cheap
Moadeeb (4 days ago)
India is getting more "Bang" for it's money. ;)
Mustansir Kapasi (4 days ago)
Bro Russia is selling China also they are fouling both India and China they are business mind
Todd Schultz (4 days ago)
Fuck American Government, the Biggest Pieces Of Shit on the Planet
The Bikram (4 days ago)
OMG uncle SAM(surface to air missile😝)😨😨😱😱😱is coming.. run run😂😂😂😂😂😂 S400- wait m here😎
kkg _47 (4 days ago)
Once USA sanctions India, there would be chaos.
nepafu666 (4 days ago)
Um, because you cannot currently do any deals with the USA... abso-fucking-lutely zero point. Nada, zip , nyet, nein, nihil etc etc.. Bon Appetit A'maricons.
jwang604 (4 days ago)
Gotta give it to the Russians. I even think we should buy some S400 to counter China’s hypersonic missiles. God Bless America!
Victor Fanai (4 days ago)
The answer is simple, I'll put it in 2 points : 1) Indo - Russian pact and trade agreements, crmented by the formation of BRICS. 2) Russian are the best, the best at making rocket propulsion system.
Mario Takov (4 days ago)
only way to win this war is not to play
Nischal Grg (5 days ago)
But the main question is that, which country owns the UFO?
Abeja MARINA (5 days ago)
Who the fuck wants to invade that shit hole India btw? Pure slums lol
jaja smile (5 days ago)
Great choice ...
EVOLUTION of ONE (5 days ago)
When will America develop a superior system to the S 400
Mirjee Obaidurrahman (5 days ago)
Very denguris mesial
valmejar (5 days ago)
USA should better buy some S400...
patrick robinson (5 days ago)
patriot was a white elephant from day one
sha p (5 days ago)
simple India is not a puppet of US.
jtillon1 (5 days ago)
US has been focusing more on aggressive policy based on jets, whereas USSR/ Russia had been building defensive / counter measures against these Jets..the result .. the birth of the Vertical Launched S-300 series after some 70 years of R&D's. It paid off.. Tagged as the 'Game Changer' hell 2 do with sanctions..who cares..Even Pak has been in talks wit the Russian for the delivery of the same ! US is now finding way far behind in Surface to Air Radars / Systems and some years ahead even proposed to Russia to enter joint collaboration with the Russians for the S-500 !!!
Prashant Sharma (5 days ago)
Sacto1654 (5 days ago)
They need it for one reason: a system that can intercept Pakistani ballistic missiles easily. The S-400 system was designed for long range ballistic missile intercepts, and India may based them around New Delhi to protect the Indian capital.
lekhak78 (5 days ago)
Suggestion for improvement: Visuals, especially range comparison on maps.
Johnny Sack (6 days ago)
so many weapons and geo-political experts in the comment sections.
paul maccann (6 days ago)
war machine, just another fear tactic to manipulate the masses on so many levels. the only wars are mafia wars that we get conned into sacrificing our souls for. that's before we get into race, religion, politics sport, gender. time to wake up people.
Gay Little Boy666 (6 days ago)
Aww were are the trash ass americans now?? They scared thats where,,,they know Russia will rape America
Amir Hasan (6 days ago)
The Patriot is a second class defensive missiles in its class Unless Raytheon upgrade Patriot to 1000 km then Bangladesh Buthan or Faroe Island wanted to buy
Sujit Sharma (6 days ago)
fuck trump and his sanctions. The whole world should boycott america...lets see what they do
Allen Yeong (6 days ago)
India is not ordering the Patriot because US might sent 'patriot' from 'Toy R Us'
kalanaag100 (6 days ago)
The wholle world knows russian weapons are old scap..see the afghans mujhaideen didnt have s400 or patriots..but they got balls and best inteligency in the world isi..who broke russia in peaces..india can buy s400 or s500..still need iron balls to fight wich the world knows they dont.
Luna Cortes (6 days ago)
in the USA in buying a s1000
madmax1717 (6 days ago)
Why is Turkey buying s300 instead of S400?
Varun Kapur (6 days ago)
Russia is a reliable partner. Remember back in the 70s when Soviet submarines showed up in the Indian Ocean to stop the lunatics in NATO from launching a nuclear attack on India. It's instances like these that inspire trust. Try all you want America, but if you ever think that you will replace the Russians as a significant ally then you are so badly mistaken that it's actually hilarious. We know of your military industrial complex and the murders conducted by the CIA of our top scientists because you didn't want us becoming independent in space technologies, it's took us time to develop our own microprocessors because of the very same reason. See we know that your CIA and NSA are up to no good. So good luck trying to negotiate agreements. We know all too well what your hidden designs are.
Sergio (6 days ago)
Because India is not likely to be ever at war with Russia. Same cannot be said about the USA.
MrChanakkale (6 days ago)
because London release green light.....
Joe Blainey (6 days ago)
So Pakistan has been left no option but to get the chinese have listening posts on its border so that we can keep an eye on indian machinations.
Bahram khan (7 days ago)
Master stroke on the geopolitical stage by Putin that has put India between a rock and hard place. Well played by Putin.
Jason Smith (7 days ago)
America's Patriot is officially, Second Rate. Need to do more Ratheon, stop waiting for the bureaucrats to make up their minds...
R Dhar (7 days ago)
well analysed
Isaac Ali (7 days ago)
Even if the US threatens India through its sanctions act (CAATSA) its only a bad move for the US. As India has been one of the rising defence equipment buyer from the US. They'll only lose their potent buyer. Also India's decision to go ahead with the S-400 deal was a clear assertion of autonomy of Indian decision- making on Russia.
CaesarGREG (7 days ago)
radar range 600km , false , why earth have curve , real range 20-30km from ground level radar placed , only on high altitude flying plane can be detected max range
Farmer Bold (7 days ago)
I'm a very loyal American citizen. But I cannot blame India for purchasing the S-400 missile defense system, as it is far, far superior to the American patriot system and upgraded system. Still, sanctions are a necessary-evil, as the saying goes. And any nation with a Russian missile system cannot be allowed to purchase the American designed F-35 Lightening II stealth jets that could be seriously compromised by a nation with both.
Kim Jong Un (7 days ago)
Shitty States of America and United Cuckdom tried to bombard India with their navy, so soviet ships scared those americunts and refugee asslickers away. So why should India NGOs from a country that tried to invade them? India bought it from Russia because they have good relations.
Only Fool can think sanctions on India, while playing trade war with China.... :)
Povel Vieregg (7 days ago)
I am beginning to realize that to make yourself reliant on US military technology is madness. They will exploit that to blackmail you and arm twist you into doing as they say. If a country wants independence they need to have weapon systems from both Russia and the US, as well as make some key stuff themselves.
mosesmoses2000 (7 days ago)
mosesmoses2000 (7 days ago)
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Amitash S (7 days ago)
In Short S400 is Gold and Patriot is Trash
Bruce Bartman (7 days ago)
No brainer here! S-400 is a game changer to any purchaser. The Patriot is a flop. India know where to spend it money on good, not junk.
Edward Garcia (7 days ago)
with the world situation today. Being a possible deadly outcome should war in any part of the of this world. It is very dangerous situation having Don Trump at the helm of the United State. No telling what he might do with the lack of his understanding what effect war will have on the US and other allied countries. Don Trump has no comment sense when it comes to military world affairs. Never listens to those who know and understand WAR!!
Jim Ronsivalli (7 days ago)
They hate Trump!!
David Michaels (7 days ago)
Short answer , because its better.
Amogh Bajpai (7 days ago)
America is shit.
Amogh Bajpai (7 days ago)
Too much! We Asians have had too much of America’s nonsense.
Mm Mm (7 days ago)
American weapon very expensive its same power...
Иван Иванов (8 days ago)
S400 is a defense weapon! What sanctions can be? Because US can't bombing India by F35? Pffff...
Monopoly does not like fair and free competition.
Artur Kenechnikov (8 days ago)
asorlon1 (8 days ago)
WHY? because fucc US&A thats WHY
hugh phung (8 days ago)
If they smart they should make their own and stop using GPS from America
Reefer (8 days ago)
It's pretty obvious, the USA is not trustworthy, Liars spring to mind, the USA is likely to turn on India at any time! like they have NOW!!
hugh phung (8 days ago)
Because they don’t want to buys rubbish from America look happened in Iraq most there weapons from America and U.K. didn’t fight
Swati Gupta (8 days ago)
India will buy the best weapons whether its made in russia or made in usa . And We dont scared of anyone now.
Solutions Exist (8 days ago)
The answer is they want something that works.
Ommy Azzy (8 days ago)
Russians are the real deal. The UFC championship proves it.
stevanroth (8 days ago)
I've got a bad feeling when it comes to India jumping into bed with Putin, why? I really wanted India to become more Westernised, their people deserve it. What a bloody shame.
Yeet (8 days ago)
sorry we dont deal with backstabbers like the U.S. (no offense to u, u seem like a nice person)
Bill Miller (8 days ago)
Would you rather have 20 S 400 instead of one Patriot S3? Would you like to hear policy from the US State Department, or the other policy from the US CIA?
Abominus Rex (8 days ago)
I see the age old "build your toilets first" argument strewn across. That is fine, India will defecate in public, but still get a missile up its enemy's ass if they try to shit on it.
Abominus Rex (8 days ago)
Obviously US refused GE engines for Tejas fighter jets when it was most required...they have the tendency to refuse stuff, when India is in desperate need or in actual war. Which makes any of their products useless, like selling guns without bullets. Or even Britain for that sake, they wanted assurance when they sold trainer jets that they will never be used in war!..lunacy..making a moral case even while selling a weapon of war..Russia is the only country that sent an aircraft carrier when India was in need in 65. Better to align with Putin than that pussy grabbing, negative iq moron of a fraud real estate con man who calls himself president.
alchemist89 (8 days ago)
It is idiotic for America to refuse to do business with countries that also use Russian or Chinese equipment. Israel already does that. America should sell as much military equipment as it can, because if someone is using your systems they are reliant on you for resupply, repair, replacement, tech support... It actually makes them less likely to betray your interests and more likely to work with you. Iran actually has some F-14 Tomcats but they can't fly them because they can't get parts.
jason black (8 days ago)
saudis used patriot now they are also interested in s400...that means they werent satisfied with patriot...russian missile def/ air defence system best
PARTHA SARATHI (8 days ago)
India will be using this combined with India's own ADS Prithvi 2, with India's own AESA radars swathi and rajendra, this has the range of 250kms and India's aakash with a range of 25 kms and updated pichora missiles will cover short range, that's the reason India is buying S400, America dosent have anything long range air defence system, and America always puts conditions and in early 60's US refused to give guidance system to India when India wanted to use the American weapons against stupid Pakistan, so India still has doubts on American friendship in military, because even now America sells weapons to Pakistan.

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