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INTRODUCTION India has been in the market for acquiring a long-range air defense system. The idea was to have Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) near the border to counter Pakistani and Chinese aircraft and cruise missiles. According to reports, India has decided to acquire 5 regiments of Russian-made S-400 Triumf advanced Air Defense Systems and the price has now been finalized. Currently, Indian and Russian side are working to prevent American sanctions on India under Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) for buying Russian weapons platform. CAATSA has been deployed against Russia by the U.S in August 2017 for probable interference in the 2016 presidential election process. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why India is buying RUSSIAN S 400 even with risks of U.S sanctions instead of AMERICA’S PATRIOT PAC 3 Let’s get started. CHANNEL LINK: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DefenseUpdates SUPPORT US: Patron: https://www.patreon.com/defenseupdates AUDIO: scottleffler.com
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Alaric von Gunnicus K (23 hours ago)
Why? Because s400 is way better than any other system in entire world
Ramdane Mansouri (2 days ago)
Patriots couldn't even protect Israel against the out dated Scud missiles fired by Saddam in 1991.only 4/36 were intercepted.
Ryad Arlan (5 days ago)
Help you improve... Defence Update Narration: "We here at silicon valley, namely Google and Youtube werent fully aware of the situation when we got taken over, the guy trying to tell us was counter acted by medical and courts and optus and microsoft from Melbourne Australia and the Catholics and India and the casinos which had networks in Las Vegas and the women of porn who love the internet and attention with all the guys who prioritize them and the ex military deserters who prefer a club some booze, a line of cocaine a joint and a cheap whore. Considering this is a democracy and majority rules we opted to do everything the opposite of what some guy was saying about important situations and turned it into a joke for entertainment. Meanwhile he isnt going to repeat himself and now prefers to finish us off and anyone in their right mind wouldnt blame him. As of now he is powerless and unlicenced and the more we fuck up the more we hate him and do things opposite to spite him even though none if it even reaches him and he is oblivious to our ranting and name calling. We are trying to blame him for the chaos while he is sitting patiently for some direct contact which none of us want to do now because of the ridicule we have subjected him to and we cannot swallow our pride to face him and are choking on it. We have taken down the entire country and expected him to come and take some role as some leader to then blame him for it but instead he is pointing out to everyone that he has nothing to do with the disaster and it is not even close to any management that he would have conducted. This includes nations like India, Russia, North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Europeean countries Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Britain, African nations, From Morocco to South Africa. Now all these countries have sat back to watch the show while he has been narrating our ignorance and we are waking up to is and the plate or pride is overflowing and our presidents since 2004 have been mocking the ignorance of the only people that would vote for them which are the blind sheep and the media thinks that its entertainment buying time has controlled the people that actually have some intelligence and skills. Now we are trying to show you more topics which are none of our business such as India and Russian transactions and looking for some way and excuse to turn it into some situation where we can stick our nose in and have part of it the same thing we tried to do to some guy by playing we got something and you arent going to have it and making it entertainment when really he didnt give a fuck and was trying to deal with bigger issues now half our towns are disaster zones and he is not having any part or role in it and any real psychologist can spend the rest of their lives profiting in educational curriculum providing detailed analysis of this situation and purchase some anti aircraft defence systems and shoot down anyone who fucking objects.
Yo FG (6 days ago)
Nice job Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺👌
Stargate Fan (8 days ago)
Because US scientists themselves admitted Russia is at least 20 years in front of USA as far as rocket technology is concerned.
Because India is broke and the s400 is cheap crap! End of story...
John H (9 days ago)
India made the right choice.
Fun2 Drive (9 days ago)
It appears the S400 is clearly superior to the Patriot. However it remains to be seen in operational use and the training of the user. I would think India forces will be effective with this since they have intelligent operators. I do think the S400 is way over designed and this isn't a bad thing if the cost is in the ball park. Bottom line you compare the various offers to the threat requirement and choose that way. However politics always enters the equation and I don't know how this may or may not effected the decision...
3DManShadowland (10 days ago)
S-400 is a good option. But, like all things have it's weaknesses as well, they can be exploited.
Eat a Dic (11 days ago)
Feedback : America fuck you you’re the worst country in the world you think you can fucking put sanctions on any country for any reason who in the hell do you think you are you’re the blackeye of the world no justice on stolen land fuck United States of America and I’m an American an actual American native Indian American
m kvp (12 days ago)
S400 is a synonym for 'Yankees go home'.
Vu Nguyen (16 days ago)
because the US won’t sell it to them! they fear the tech secret would be compromised, given india’s defense relationships with the russian and china. kaput?
Reality551 (17 days ago)
Fuck Usa.. They don't have real friends anymore accept few bunch of Eu mouse's.
John on the road again (20 days ago)
Sounds good India... keep it up! American engineers will easily develop a system to overcome this ..
Asad Shai (21 days ago)
India is still in great danger because S-400 is an advanced missile defence system and it will support Indian Air force because Indian air force is run out of aircraft squardens.but only made for intercepting @ successfully and S-400 is failed to intercept missiles 100%. So India is still in danger. S-400 can intercept a missile with the speed of 14 mach. while most of Pakistani missiles has the speed between 20 to 25 mach. Another weak point of S-400 is the failure of stopping the @ missiles while Pakistan has @ MIRV missiles. So finally S-400 can stop 60% of Pakistan's attack but 40% danger of Pakistani Hydrogen Bombs is present yet and Pakistan has a wide stalk of home made missiles.Pakistan army is famous for smart decisions. if Pakistan will launch a large number of dummy missiles first to cheat the S-400? Because India has only 5 batteries of S-400 and India will use all the S-400 missiles to intercept those dummy missiles. It means that India is still at great risk. India will deploy S-400 near Pakistan and China borders but Pakistan can attack from submarine because Pakistan had launched nuclear missiles from submarines. So S-400 cannot stop submarine launch nuclear attack. SoTotally depend upon S-400 can destroy India like @ and @.
shan hami (22 days ago)
India and russia are Good friends..if india is with russia in war it is very difficult for the whole world to defeat..
kempmt1 (25 days ago)
Why? Because they want something dependable, that will shoot down a target.
Alan Darby (25 days ago)
Patriot system good when deployed with satellite gps early missles detections awsome!!!
Alan Darby (25 days ago)
Iran had s300 which are good air defense as well how u deploy systems matter with other asset
Alfonso Gomez (28 days ago)
The US should shut down all 7Elevens...fuck India
Already deal signed!Long live Indo Rusian friendship&co-operation!Love Rusia!Who the hell is USA to dictate terms to India?Never care for USA!Congratulations India&Rusia on deal!
Horse237 (1 month ago)
Mach 6.5 Vs Mach 14. Iran is mass producing Mach 14 missiles. Patriot 3 sucks. Israel did not like the Patriot 2. They added some high tech and then sold it to China. China combined the Patriot 2 Israeli version with the S-300 and produced the HQ-9 anti-missile which they sold to Iran. Now that Iran is making their own ersion of the S-400 under license from Russia they can use the HQ 9 to protect their S-400s.
SAIN BABA (1 month ago)
Why would India waste so much money on defence! The cities are over crowded & Slums! women have to queue up for toilets at 3am Every morning in India! PM promised when he won elections he will Build 350,000,000 Toilets around the country! But instead he’s bought weapons and old ones 🙏🏿🤣
decentnation (1 month ago)
Agree with the last part, India always sees Russia a more reliable partner when it comes to defense. It took Russia only one military joint exercise with Pakistan to bring back old customer "India" which was slipping away recently :)
Veizai (1 month ago)
Patriot PAC3 is nothing but overpriced garbage compared to S400, nobody wants to buy it except US close allies and it's bitches as the part of ass sucking. Apparently, India and Turkey are no America's bitches like Taiwan and Japan.
caio tomb (1 month ago)
America is not reliable. They created alqaeda and they have been funding Pakistan for so long. It would not be wrong to say America indirectly funded Pakistan nuclear program. It's only now Trump has stopped all aid given to Pakistan. India will be stupid to ditch its time proven friendship for advance weapons.
Nalanease TMI (1 month ago)
USA has all the info on S-400, Russia has sold them to USA Allies, so thanks for the technology. Americans technology doesn't come cheap.
Ben Serru (1 month ago)
BhavEsh Bhatt (1 month ago)
Because India is a democratic country and we have right to choose🙄
Reaper X (1 month ago)
Who the fuck do these americunts think they are?? Mind your own fucking business and sort out your own shithole like San Francisco and Skid row to name a few. You cunts can't survive without war, just look at how many terrorist bases you have all over the world.
Guns & Glory (1 month ago)
Before 5:00 all pictures of Patriot pac 3 are really pac 2. The first pac 3 missiles can be seen at 5:00
Reality551 (1 month ago)
So when you are a big guy's than you do anything. Great world .
LiveaLittle Pedro (2 months ago)
Seems to me Russia has got up off the canvas and there ain't anyone with the balls to try and put them back down. Yes a few "fuck off's" are being shouted, chest's pumped and the occasional jab thrown but at the end of the day no one can knock Russia out in one punch! It's clear Russia can and will attack (defend) anyone who tries it. Russia is back so get used to it. I come here to watch deluded, patriotic Americans get emotional. I ain't no Rusky but I am British, educated and open minded and I believe all our countries are acting like cunts! America is the biggest terrorist out there if you ask me.
Youtube Freak (2 months ago)
S400 is the best air defense system on the market.. because the S500 isn’t for sale yet
whut da (2 months ago)
I hope everyone understands most of these comments are trolls from Russia.. they got one up on the US, a defense missile system, but I'd bet very soon you will see the F-22 will just bomb and destroy it whenever Syria or who ever gets one. those who say the US is hostile need to pay attention a little more
R W (2 months ago)
Afghanistan doesn't even have any and US can't do anything against them
Vishnu Vardhan Rao (2 months ago)
You gave a Very clear understanding of the two systems. Thanks
GamerDuDE (2 months ago)
We buy what we want... we dont buy US bullshit weapon nor we trust US.. Russia is best for us ...
Rogue Roger (2 months ago)
There are a total of 7 different missile types that patriot uses, pac 2 and pac 3 are the main ones that you will find, but there are the others, I cant give any info on them but I can tell you that the patriot missile system is a lot stronger than it seems, also the systems are designed to be used along side other patriot batteries, like for example just in kuwait alone there are 5 total pat sites, pat is what we can patriot for short, also, the time to operate varies on whether there is threat, we can have the systems on stand by 24/7 also 1 radar can control 16 different launchers with a total maximum of 256 pac 3 missiles, or 64 pac 2 missiles
Scott OBriant (2 months ago)
good let Russian do business with india the us will go else where we don't need india
Indra rao (2 months ago)
one thing this clip missed is US supported and will support pakistan, till this stops there is no chose. I understand US needs pakistan but supporting terrorist country to have military bases in asia is questionable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1971
Kurt Berube (2 months ago)
There is now a growing realization of Zionist influence over American foreign policy. It's obvious that the only concern of US policy is economic and military benefits. The legislative stranglehold of zionist lobby groups prevents any American desire for peace and stability to take root. Thus the world is slowly aligning against the zionist central bankers and their globalist agenda!!!!
Jonswap (2 months ago)
Well - claims of Russian interference in the US 2016 elections on behalf of Trump at least is a complete load of baloney.
Rafael Arandas (2 months ago)
Russia is going to be allies with PAKISTAN, guys...I mean, we need to live in real world, not fantasy dream land from 50 years ago.
RegTarg011 (2 months ago)
Cus Americans are qunts? >.>
Long Gray Line (2 months ago)
The S-400 is cheap. That's why. The Israelis have been flying around those S-400 systems for months now. Zero problems. If India wants to downgrade, go ahead.
LATIN AMERICA (2 months ago)
The best on the planet . America's patriot do not even intercept Palestinian home made rockets!!!
lars Gunnarsen (2 months ago)
India is Apartheid
cmscms123456 (2 months ago)
Israeli air force has already defeated the S400
cmscms123456 (2 months ago)
India is not a US ally, they never will be.
LATIN AMERICA (2 months ago)
In your dreams. Israeli air force is only good to bomb defenseless Palestinians on sandals.
Alfonso Medina (2 months ago)
I farted
Johnny CA (2 months ago)
Why......it's cheaper
Adam Fullhan (2 months ago)
How dare these dot head cow worshipers not buy our American pride 🇺🇸
Michael Bennett (2 months ago)
I'd put my money on German weapons to be the best of all.
Sanjay Rathore (2 months ago)
*Just because America had supported Pakistan in the past, India does not consider America as a trustworthy friend* 🙁🙁
Carolyn Saintpaul (2 months ago)
Indians proved to be smarter than I thought, their decisions R based on quality n efficiency they careless about Americans propaganda n intimidation cuz if war knocks on the door ur technology is ur biggest ally cuz u can't count on a country that wants to sanction every one that refuses to buy its products , with this kind of behavior the US can't be counted on in time of adversity cuz the Americans R very unstable n confusing , Russia has bn thru more adversity than the US n thy fought more battles than the Americans, India can learn a lot from them with no disrespect for the US
Talks shit on U.S. technologically yet uses it YouTube is an American company....
This is what you don’t know a lot of us Russians don’t like that are government takes over land like Ukraine are government doesn’t listen to the people we do not want war we want to be peace ful the truth is Putin is terrible and we can’t even pick are own leaders are military mostly uses left over Soviet equipment anyways I hate are government and a lot of other Russians do too
Bruce Bartman (2 months ago)
It is just a better deal. Why waste money on Junk?
zygmunt zielinski (2 months ago)
In all it's long history ho w may countries has India declared war on and attacked. Both Pakistan and India possess H Bombs..war would be suicide. .this includes China.
Andrés Rodríguez (2 months ago)
Russians have developed way better long range missile systems due to their need to defend themselves from NATO counties which are in their neighborhood bordering their land and also their need to attack the US which is in another continent bordered by oceans.
Jim Nesta (2 months ago)
It's great that India is buying the S-400 system. Now our technicians will be able to get a better look at its technology and capabilities and will be able to produce even more effective countermeasures against it. Thank you India. Let us know if you're in a position to get your hands on any SU-57s or SU-35s; we would like to examine those closely too.
Xao yaj (2 months ago)
Simple, Just do it... No nation should give a fuck what America think. You are your own boss and you are your own nation. America doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. Whether your communism or democracy, both party has their own fuck up government to deal with. Just do it - Nike
aamair sohail (2 months ago)
USA weapons r thrash. Their politicans are war criminals.
bala selvi (2 months ago)
plse make friends with our brothers neighbours china pak bangaladesh srilanka afganithan russians and other neighiboring countries
bala selvi (2 months ago)
it is better to belive china pakisthan than these americans
bala selvi (2 months ago)
belive our friend russian than these americans
ikeplus1 (2 months ago)
Taiwan is a better friend...
Yassin Hussein (2 months ago)
When the American government is going to respect the sovereignty of other nations... The whole world knows USA is the biggest terrorist in the world... Shame on you American citizens who don't know what your government is doing to this world..
Dr D. Natarajan (2 months ago)
Amrika can go to hell. Russia is dear to us. The far better option is not invest in defence but harmony with China and only letting the world know why Pakistan is Hind too ...
degar hari (2 months ago)
Many here are just sour graping, jealous and envious of America. But given an american visa or russian visa, these haters will opted to go to the US and stay there and experienced the land of milk and honey and the braves... COntinue with your jealousies, losers.
Golden Tiger (2 months ago)
U.S. is a colonial pig, as long as you buy from U.S. in U.S. dollars they do not care about anything. All the nations that Americans deem enemies all have one thing in common, they do no business with the U.S. Or refuse to sell there oil in U.S. dollars.
rheinm120 (2 months ago)
WOW finally non computer generated voice.
Pablo Velazquez (2 months ago)
Having worked on the original Patriot, I can tell you everybody here promoting it as 400 is an idiot. You guys didn't listen very carefully. You did not hear any mention in the S400 about countermeasure capability. The reason the s-400 launches so many missiles from so far away, it's because it can be easily jammed. I'm not surprised that the jackass Muslim commenting in here had no clue about this. But I am rather surprised that the Indians commenting did not catch it.
Jyothi Swaroop7254452 (2 months ago)
In tough time Russia supported India
Charles Alvarez (2 months ago)
Inda stab America in the back they are RATS
Aamir Farooq (2 months ago)
Thiagu Raja (2 months ago)
This is the only reason INR price is lowering than American Dollars... Per day Indian govt spends Rs 1.6 lakh crores on defense which is of no use to common Indian taxpayer...
polite critique (2 months ago)
Indians always begging and buying foreign tech and weapons then claim we don't buy foreign weapons like Pakistan does. Cos we are so smart. Sameway they call Arabs evil yet millions of them working in Arab countries. Fuck off back home then hippocrates
fille 909 (2 months ago)
India is buying from Russia cuz we give them a friend price and always transport on the right time
kyaw aung (2 months ago)
Because India was sent a message to US can fuck off
Angelo Abonis (2 months ago)
India basically buy s400 so they can shoot down China aircraft China is 'scared of s400 lol all their 3rd and 4th gebrstion aircraft will rest in himalayan region
Abhy yyy (2 months ago)
Simple answer Russia is our loyal friend and indians love russians more Than americans
Vijeybareth Vijayan (2 months ago)
Its India's choice from who they want to but and USA don't have rights simply to command India from who India should buy. USA must know their limit. Russia and India are good friend for generations compare to USA. Russia is an only country to support India during 90's when USA sanction India because of India success on nuclear test (Pokhran) . USA can't be trusted and they want India support only because China and nothing than that. Russia support India many times in different conflict and that's call friendship compare to USA,only want to be friend for purposes. Even what happen and need to stand against USA, INDIA SUPPORT ALWAYS TO RUSSIA. USA want to show off they powerful but they're not . SORRY USA BUT ITS BITTER TRUTH.TIMES CHANGED NOW .Its 2018 ,its time for Asian countries include Russia to take charge to be dominant. How long USA AND EUROPE to conquer. ITS TIME FOR US. NOTHING LAST FOREVER. ITS OUR TURN.
Beach Boy (2 months ago)
Funny thing, India was going to make fantastic missiles with Israel. After Israel got beaten by Russian missiles in Syria, lo and behold, India has lost faith in Israel. They want Russian missiles ! Lol
Praveen Saini (2 months ago)
American's are reacting like, india's going to use this defense system against them.
mischlig xx (2 months ago)
i am so glad that india bought into russia s400 system. it seems to be well superior to that outdated patriot system. you americans should rather scrapmetal that old shit instead of selling garbage.
Gordon Thomson (2 months ago)
I'm busting to see how the US shills respond , or don't respond to his .
MH0709 (2 months ago)
I think the US should buy the S400 given the PAC3 lack of any advantage in any area. The US should be embarrassed.
Mike (2 months ago)
Crap Racist America
Deepak Jindal (2 months ago)
India won't forget who threatens and who helps.
B R (2 months ago)
Sour grapes by the US for not buying their substandard missile system! SMH.
kash shahz (2 months ago)
Let India waste the money as they are to much afraid from Pakistani missiles instead of building toilets in their country as they are toilets free nation they just wasting the money we will come with a bigger plan hahaha they will regret the money they waste #longlivePakistan
Big B (2 months ago)
begger fuck you with Mohammad rapist pig
bob robertson (2 months ago)
The Russian system comes with a free truck to lug them around with.
The pc king (2 months ago)
All America want to be is a big bully around the world since they got ass fucked by China so they decided to make more strong allies in Asia to counter China, they have Japan , South Korea and Vietnam as it's allies, they used to have Pakistan since it's a nation already broken and consumed by China , America decided to go with India as it's a stronger nation than Pakistan and can hold its own against any country in Asia , even they can fight China if depending upon situation, so all America do is for their own selfish reasons, but they should understand that history is the witness of how power can fall rather will fall, they have already been surpassed in most fields by China and soon enough they will be overtaken, that fact they cannot digest, they cannot digest the fact that they won't remain the bully anymore, so they are taking steps accordingly
sanowar masum (2 months ago)
India wants to pas the secret of S400 to Israel
Big B (2 months ago)
Russian thousands of spys in India for not leaking any information
marvelv212 (2 months ago)
s400 is better and cheaper
and philippines are started to buy weapons from russia and other countries, not on US and canada that have conditions.
Basu Vivek (2 months ago)
sinigangsagingsaginisangsinangag baw India never trust USA . Russia is a true friend
John Smith (2 months ago)
*Is India buying the whole "package"? S400 with Tor/Osa/Buk/Pansir defenses than defend S400 from other asymmetric threats?*
John Smith (2 months ago)
*S400 makes PAC3 look like shit. Seriously.*
Basu Vivek (2 months ago)
John Smith S400 is better . India buying 5 batteries of S400 about 280 missiles .
Malik Umar jann! (2 months ago)
Jst wasting his money..... India always depends on other countries thts Y India is not independent in defense field till now....

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