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Renewable Energy Resources: Part 2 | GCSE Physics | Doodle Science

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Follow me!: https://twitter.com/DoodleSci Doodle Science teaches you high school physics in a less boring way in almost no time! Script: Geothermal energy uses hot water and steam from deep underground to drive turbines. Radioactive decay of substances like uranium heats up rocks, which may heat water that rises as steam. In some places there may be hot rocks but no water. In this situation, deep wells can be drilled down to the hot rocks and cold water pumped down. The water runs through the rocks where it's heated up and returns to the surface as hot water and steam, where its energy can be used to drive turbines and electricity generators. The advantages are that there are no pollutant gases produced. However, most parts of the world do not have suitable areas where geothermal energy can be exploited. Finally, you can use solar cells to generate electricity. They convert light energy directly into electrical energy. The advantages are that they can be used in remote areas because they create electricity directly. However, solar cells are expensive and inefficient, so the cost of their electricity is high. But the cost is going down year by year and eventually, everyone will want it.
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Billy Cole (10 days ago)
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Ezekiel Garcia (1 month ago)
your the best
MIRANDA MOHSEN (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for this video! You have helped me alot! LOL
Władca Wymiaru (10 months ago)
Geothermal energy is nuclear energy :\
Melo (1 year ago)
0:43 -1 that's three QUICK MATHS
Noctis Wolf (1 year ago)
thanks boi
Xtreamgaming (1 year ago)
hi moom
Midnight_Moon25 (1 year ago)
Hi Ben
Artem Lebedev (1 year ago)
You should take instructions from inplix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.
SILLY SPILLY (2 years ago)
im in middle school. i love watching your videos because they give me short but explanitory lessons when i need to know about them. thanks doodle science! subscribed!
DoodleScience (2 years ago)
That's great! I'm glad they help!
Anisha Kakkar (2 years ago)
nice way to teach ... :)
Leigha Hardy (3 years ago)
Leigha Hardy (3 years ago)
Im watching more and thanks for making them
Leigha Hardy (3 years ago)
Thanks it helps me to study im in middle school so thanks
DoodleScience (3 years ago)
+Leigha Hardy That's great! I'm glad they're helping.
Gerald Juaquin (4 years ago)
its really amazing to know how renewables works.. with sun, water, geothermal, and wind clean energy is possible..
The Notsoprogamers (4 years ago)
Nice job
Claes Henriksson (5 years ago)
Don't forget about fusion power plants!
SmileyFaceOfRom (5 years ago)
I love the music you have on these, and I always learn something important and new that relates to my life. Proud to be a subscriber.
Jef Pauwels (5 years ago)
Keep up the good work man! I've watched all of ypur videos so far!
ALEX TIBAS (5 years ago)
Good video as always
DoodleScience (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot, I hope so;)
DoodleScience (5 years ago)
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was explaining the method for harnessing the geothermal energy by pumping water down which gets heated and then returns as steam. Not fracking to obtain natural gas etc. :)
PatriarchGamer (5 years ago)
Amazing. Eventually you'll be at Vsauce or MinutePhysics level stuck at 301+ views in a couple seconds :). Proud to be a subscriber!
imalegoman50 (5 years ago)
Nice video.

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