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Revolutionary New Diplomacy System in Three Kingdoms Total War,

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Well, the marketing speech is promising a bit more than the video can keep but it is certainly a step in the right direction Consider supporting me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3863342 New Merchandise Store! https://www.tribefire.co/tribe/archwarhammer Tribefire Arch Warhammer polo shirts are crafted from moisture wicking polyester fabric to help keep you dry, ventilated and comfortable. Perfect for the another day in the humid imperial meat grinder! https://twitter.com/ArchWarhammer Intro by Henrik Sigeman Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit www.totalwar.com.
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Lord Commander Jhogun (7 months ago)
It would be cool if some areas had terrain bonuses/minuses like for example if you have a guy you don't like you can send him to a shithole were he can go no where and they farmland is terrible, stuff like that.
The problem with diplomacy always was that the AI refused any deal that wasn 50 times stunwted in its favour, and tended to massively misjudge the value of things.
Sam Chast (7 months ago)
You should play an EU4 campaign sometime!
Jake Sadler (7 months ago)
The "loan" system is just the same as the old tribute system. Yet more "new" features..
Zach Severyns (7 months ago)
He traded the 30k pop farmland , not the 725k Town, for 650 for 10 turns and 4 food for 10 turns. You spent a few minutes criticizing unreasonable AI when you were incorrect. 6500 gold and 40 food for a minor farm settlement seems pretty hefty. Also, about the supplies... running out of supplies in 2 turns at the early game makes sense. Cao Cao would often go on campaign with less than 30 days of supplies (less than 1 turn) because he had only a small territory he controlled. I imagine generals will get skills that will improve this, and I also imagine there being buildings that helps keep armies supplied in adjacent territories. So realistically, the criticism on supplies running out after 2 turns in the early game is rather unwarranted, IMO. The spring famine also probably has to do with the Climate affecting his supplies as well. Also, comparing the losing of supplies by Yuan Shao, and gathering supplies by Yuan Tan is logically not sound either. Yuan Shao had a full stack and Yuan Tan had 7 units total. Of course Yuan Tan wont gather as much supplies because he doesn't have the manpower. Conversely, Yuan Shao will of course drain his supplies quickly because he has a full stack. If it were reversed (Yuan Tan in enemy territory and Yuan Shao in Friendly territory), you would likely see Yuan Shao gathering supplies at a greater rate than 6. Yuan Tan will also very likely be consuming less, since he had less mouths to feed. Good videos and good insights for the most part, but sometimes I feel the criticism on some aspects is unwarranted.
ambush bob (7 months ago)
Can't wait for the mod to disable agents
burningtemplar (7 months ago)
what is au4?
FVA (8 months ago)
The Han Dynasty from what i remember exist until Cao Pi officially kick Liu Xie and call himself the Emperor of Wei. and later everybody declare themselves emperor first the goodie too Shu then the River mafia Wu. #TeamWu
Wildboy789789 (8 months ago)
needlessly restrictive? china? no, couldent be...
Leon Martinek (8 months ago)
if i didnt know arch, i might have taken the titel as classic clickbait
whiteshark450 (8 months ago)
People bitch at CA regardless of what they do. Holy shit, they said "boo boo attila was too cryptic and nothing is clear" and now they use the Eu4 number system which i greatly appreciate and people are still flipping out.
Vezerai (8 months ago)
The only thing i am concerned about with Total War these days is the extreme load times each time you finish your turn. Total War Warhammer 2 on the big map took absolutely ages once you gotten a bit into the game and every single faction is moving around several land and naval armies each turn. I dont care to much about the rest, just make the load time fast and focus on making good battles. The diplomacy bit has never been any good anyways, just make armies, kill guys, take cities, make more armies, take more cities, win.
I'm always worried about when the word "revolutionary " is used It one of thoses buzz words
MCHANNEY (8 months ago)
I think there has been a misunderstanding in this whole "can't build a farm" thing, when he hovers over the empty build slot, one of the options is land development which is in the same tree as the grain store, pretty sure that is a farm and also pretty sure when he said "has no farm of his own" was referring to not having one built, NOT that he can't.
Nicholas van Rijn (8 months ago)
17:32 Those are two different situations, though. If you are trying to screw over and weaken a bigger neighbor (or anyone else you want to stay on the good side of) - yeah, covert operations are the way to go. But if you are trying to wrest a region from an equal rival you don't particularly want to war with at the moment, it is a viable tactic to openly show support for the indepence of their vassals. Essentially befriending the little guy and showing the other big guy that the cost of keeping those territories just went up. Sure, they rival will hate your guts for it, but who cares, you are bound to clash at some point.
Kiryuusai (8 months ago)
Diplomacy has been totally fucked for me ever since Medieval 2. Also this Diplomacy system REALLY reminds me of CK
chronoss chiron (8 months ago)
so arch wants Crusader kings, n warhammer spy wise
Ernesto A. Jimenez (8 months ago)
I personally agree with the farm system. Of course people can plant for subsistence almost anywhere. The idea is to have the capacity to develop farming that would generate the surplus necessary to support an army / government. I do feel there is realism to that since these are non-productive structures in society. But that's just my opinion.
Neyreyan (8 months ago)
Why are you still doing videos on this game? You know, we know, everyone knows it will be a very bad game so why comment so much on it? The best total war i still medieval 2. At this point you are just searching places to whine
The Lord Cobra (8 months ago)
Can I ask when are you planning to review Vampire coast (if you are that is)?
Spacewolf Blackmane (8 months ago)
Not going to lie ya'll this one doesn't look very great. And no i'm not saying that because Warhammer total war is one of my favorite game to date but because of the tyrannical nature of the Chinese Communist government. All the political hoops Sega will have to jump through just to access the Chinese market, not to mention the many, many, MANY restraints to game play, and historical accuracy they will need to make, just to not get out right band soon after release. I just don't think it will be deep enough, or fantastical enough to satisfy me, which is a shame because Shogun 2 is what got me back into the series.
whiteshark450 (8 months ago)
You crack me up buddy. Tyrannical rule of the communist government. If anything china is barely communist by name. China entered something called an industrial revolution in the 20 century like did europeans did in the 18-19 century. You know... the whole children working 24/7, pneumonia and cholera shinanegans. Hmm!!! Kinda similar to the current china doesnt it. Minus the cholera and children working 24/7 and dying inside a factory. Sure you could say the situation is barely better but you cant judge a country when YOUR own country walked the same path. Kinda hypocritical
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
That’s... actually a good point... I’d not considered it. Which is strange, because I usually consider all good points in every possible situation. Also, imagining a Space Wolf saying “y’all” is kinda funny. Hm... you know, I bet the Space Wolves would fit in perfectly down here in the South. Alas, we’ll never know... but it’s a fun thought.
James Cameron (8 months ago)
if there is a restriction on trade i hope that it facilitates more interesting choices
Red 8Ball (8 months ago)
You mean the Rive by the in progress title in the bottom looks bad, gee I wonder if it's a work in progress. Arch you just look for anything to bitch about, you the same snowflake you rave about.
matic hotujec (8 months ago)
I can just feel how CA will fuck this up, with shity ai or something
Edda233 (8 months ago)
China only has a three trade agreement capacity, no wonder Trump hates their system.
Charlie Hermansson (8 months ago)
Edda233 (8 months ago)
Diplomacy is consistently the worst part of total war games. I am tempted every time to just get a diplomacy cheat mod and then rollplay it, forcing accepted contracts when it's reasonable and not asking in the first place when its not. My biased judgement is a thousand times better than total wars idiot algorithm deciding that no, Chaos may be invadeing an all, and you may have the special technology that grants you +150 favor with us, and you may be the strongest faction on the map, but no, Bordeaux has no interest in confederation with you.
Titus Aurelius (8 months ago)
Sound the horns! We must call the modders for aid!
Samaritan (8 months ago)
Borders are scars - Arch Warhammer
Radix Malorum (8 months ago)
Han didn't collapse for a while. Titles were actually very useful when given out by the Emperor. While the emperor had no real military power his prestige and respect of that position is still very powerful. He's basically like the pope at that point. He has the mandate of heaven and his decrees command respect.
StepOverGod (8 months ago)
A total war game with the grand strategy of Vic 2 or Hio 3 would be my dream game, alas that will never happen.
Juggernautdemon (8 months ago)
Historical total war peaked at Shogun 2. It’s been subpar crap since .
The Canadian Cavalier (8 months ago)
Specifically FotS.
ノアレ (8 months ago)
arch this titles on the book have a significant importance even if the han was not arround the emperor still basically like shogun in fact most of the Cao Wei power came from holding the emperor being a '' grand minister''
qe qe (8 months ago)
-"REVOLUTIONARY!!11" Hahahahaha, oh wow, rly? Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies... I will not fall in this shit again.
Tomislav Cecka (8 months ago)
great vid. nice accent :D
Ethr Sag (8 months ago)
Brother if I may suggest a LP game for you, might I suggest the glorious Mechanicus? It was released a couple days ago and it’s a squad-based tactical game where you take control of tech priests and their troops and find whatever tech you can and completing missions against their fearsome xenos foes, the filthy Necron constructs, ptooey!
Ethr Sag (8 months ago)
Kyle Jordan Gaming Sounds like an issue with your ship’s communication array brother. Gamespot, Facebook, YouTube, and many others have being advertising it.
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
Eh? That sounds cool. Why was I not informed of this? I swear, I’m gonna have my personal assistant made into a servitor...
month32 (8 months ago)
What worries me, is that they did not show if you can offer, or demand multiple things.
Insiainutorr T (8 months ago)
gona assume its all fake and gay as usual untill proven otherwise
Óntu (8 months ago)
Diplomacy in game series called Total War Kappa
FARBerserker (8 months ago)
only 720p? O.o makes reading the text pretty damn hard x.x
Jacob Goodrich (8 months ago)
lol most of these are from medieval 2
The Canadian Cavalier (8 months ago)
Medieval 2 is chad tier, EU4 is Stacy, total war Jackie Chan is a beta orbiter. It will never live up to Mtw2.
Matt F (8 months ago)
I'd say this was the first total war game I've refused to buy on grounds its a steaming pile of turds held together with glue. But that was the latest Britain based one so I guess I'm no longer going to be an up to date total war player. Lost my custom with their poor choices, asset cloning and total utter lack of ambition. New mechanics. Omg food. Omg supplies. Omg tall bois smacking each other with battle fans on a map. It's a must avoid rather than a must buy for me now.
Hy arch do you think a total war warhammer 40k game would work?
@Kyle Jordan Gaming and with the problem of diplomatic, we know there were other small empires of humanity other than earth like the one of necromanda and that one horus tryed to befriend among others
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
Lord Inquisitor Sion master of the inquisition - Now that.... is bloody brilliant... well done, sir.
@Kyle Jordan Gaming but wat if rader than 40k a 30k era were if your choose to be the emperor you get to direct the great crusade and discover your primarchs and near the end you fight the traitors but they are chosen randomly so any one can fall if you treat them like shit
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
As much as I would like it to, no. For this exact reason- ain’t no ‘diplomacy’ going on. It’s right in the 40k motto “Forget progress and advancement, everything sucks, we’re just slightly delaying the inevitable implosion of all our shit, only war, blah blah blah...”. Everything is an eternal stalemate, no conquering territory, there’s sure as hell no diplomacy, no building up your empire and all that stuff... Now, say, a Total War: 29k covering the Unification Wars/rise of The Big E... ohhhh... that could be fucking awesome...
John Harmon (8 months ago)
Are they finally realizing that their customers want MORE complexity and not less?
viewing stuf (8 months ago)
And you still haven't said what you make of the Vampire Coast....
S810 Jr (8 months ago)
Sorry, but all I can picture in my head is David Mitchell talking while dressed up in a Nazi uniform... are we the baddies?
McBain WoW (8 months ago)
McBain WoW (8 months ago)
George Constanza (8 months ago)
cant wait for Heresy lore. btw when is next book Arch
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
IIRC, The First Heretic is next in line. It’s basically a dissertation on how quite literally everything does, in fact, boil down to #BlameLorgar. Highlights include: Lorgar punching the shit out of Rowboat Gorillaman, Big E (in one of his biggest ‘on screen’ appearances in the entire series) *emotionally* punching the shit out of Lorgar, Big E *psychically* /*verbally* punching the shit out of the entire goddamn Word Bearers Legion (in a downright ludicrous display), Magnus *intellectually* punching the shit out of Lorgar, and the entire universe conspiring to repeatedly punch the shit out of Argel Tal (possibly the single most sympathetic character in 40k) in every way imaginable- a trend that will continue for a very, very long time. (The universe apparently fucking hates Argel Tal.) Suffice to say, a variety of shit is punched in a variety of ways. Also, assorted acts of badassery by a crew of Custodes along for the ride. So yeah... might end up being its own series...
Solitude Guard (8 months ago)
What would be revolutionary is if they just rolled their games back a couple of years back to medieval total war 2 and started using those mechanics, the mechanics that have been around for over 10 years, and that to this day are far superior to the shit they are coming up with now.
Tobias Huhle (8 months ago)
I like that they chose a style similar to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series from Tecmo for the Portraits.
ckhawk00 (8 months ago)
What DLC do you have in EU4 that allows you to support independence without joining a war?
Anders Vinblad (8 months ago)
Supporting the independence of another factions vassal works the same way in EU4, you make a PUBLIC declaration that you will aid them in a war for independence.
Danvanthevacuumman (8 months ago)
why everyone talking in annoying tryhard chinese accented voice
Amatthew123 (8 months ago)
God damn it, no one asked for China, I know I'm beating a dead horse but why couldn't it be something interesting.
TheRealXartaX (8 months ago)
>Revolutionary >Basically just a civilization type diplomacy system >Kek
Povilas Zemaitis (8 months ago)
"Our aim is to revolutionise diplomacy" Why not just make it work instead?
The Canadian Cavalier (8 months ago)
That would be pretty revolutionary for total war.
gnargoyl (8 months ago)
just shut the fuck up
gnargoyl (8 months ago)
god youre such a whiny man baby
Mythemind (8 months ago)
"Look at these vast grasslands my son, it all belongs to us, but remember - we can't build farms here."
The Spanish Inquisition (8 months ago)
No buying anything from CA dude, got fucked by them one too many a time, and specially not buying a game with day one DLC.
Muck006 (8 months ago)
7:10 "Cant build farms" This is one of the biggest reasons why these games ALL fail IMO, because the way for a ruler in these times to increase his wealth and population would be to SUPPORT THE FOUNDING OF NEW TOWNS. At least that is what pushed the growth here in the Brandenburg/Prussia region of Germany which was pretty unpopulated for a large part of history. Berlin only ever became a "real" and "global" city at the end of the 19th century when it basically exploded and swallowed loads of small towns by connecting them with "buildings". The same would be true in any historic region that has "empty space" ... so not allowing anyone to build farms is STUPID!
Andrew Mayo (8 months ago)
honestly, looks like the (early) CK2 diplomacy system, which seems pretty good
Muck006 (8 months ago)
Arent there chinese ranks of nobility?
do you even praise (8 months ago)
You should make a EU4 LP Arch! that could be a very fun series
The Canadian Cavalier (8 months ago)
He should do it multiplayer with Sargon and Vee
Priximus225 (8 months ago)
One thing im wondering, they mention that a lord might like you but his heir wont, will the opposite also be true? Or will this be like other total wars where the negative modifiers are constantly permanent/constantly increasing (im looking at you territorial expansion modifier) whilst positive modifiers are difficult to raise and decline rapidly?
Muck006 (8 months ago)
Dear Arch, FIRST you have to CTRL+A to mark everything ... and THEN you can CTRL+C to copy!
The Canadian Cavalier (8 months ago)
And then you CTRL+V to paste it in to your game.
Siroffer (8 months ago)
The way that they are wording the vassal stuff it almost sounds like you can fully annex a vassal without war like in EUIV. and isn't that something new? Unless it's the same as confederating in earlier games. Damn, now i dashed my own hopes.
CaptainRumPanda (8 months ago)
umm arch i kind of miss your total war war-hammer campaign video's maybe do a pirate campaign and give us a bit of the lore like. you can give us the lore of Luthor Harkon or maybe Noctilus we don't really know a lot about him actually or maybe a game play talking about the lore the bottom line is we miss your total war game play arch please.
isaac bobir (8 months ago)
vampire coast review ....when?
welp that (8 months ago)
Paradox diplomacy in a total war game? Oh hell yes. I have been saying for so long that this would make Total war a MUCH better game. I might buy it specifically just to give CA the metaphorical thumbs up. As long as it doesn't look like thrones of Britannia, Asian boogaloo.
Crimson Fists (8 months ago)
''looked the video name, laughted then clicked on it'' smelled bullshit
Baraka Hagatanga (8 months ago)
Tell it like it is Arch !
Vermbraunt (8 months ago)
It seems like they are copying elements from ck2. I like!
djkultking (8 months ago)
An Overt and Covert Diplomacy option would be great
Lautaro Espora (8 months ago)
I am a simple man, i don't ask much from diplomacy. The ONE thing i want is NO MORE FUCKING BACKSTABBING. We have had this problem since Rome 1! If not before actually! Just fix that and i am happy.
cyberanimealien (8 months ago)
You could give and receive loans in medieval 2 and shogun 2 (maybe you could in others but those are the ones I've played)
Urban Alpaca (8 months ago)
can we clip out archs unironic 'thankyou CA ,thankyou' and play it on a loop for him?
jamreal18 (8 months ago)
*Han Empire* faction???
-- (8 months ago)
Ehhh... how many times did they say they are revolutionizing something, and then it turned out their idea of revolution is very french in it's nature, and involves placing said feature carefully in guillotine, then pulling the lever? We will see if it's indeed revolution, or bastardization...
Doktor Skeletor (8 months ago)
I just want the game to crash and burn so they are forced to fix their shit.
Fuzzybeard (8 months ago)
At least they are trying to copy mechanics that work. That let's see if it works when we get our hands on it. Which means there is still a good chance it will flop.
Titles ment everything even during the fall of the Han what you said about title was terribly unhistoric
capt planet (8 months ago)
Be there on wed for DND with sargon you funnie cunnie! 😆
Doktor Skeletor (8 months ago)
Jim fucking raped soygon of Applebee's
Grey Hunter (8 months ago)
I forgotten about this game lol. Still not interested in a China strategy game. Not a visual style Im interested in
Demon Hunter (8 months ago)
I hope they implement this system in Warhammer 3
Self-replicating whatnot (8 months ago)
Each time CA aims to revolutionize diplomacy. Maybe in this game they should aim to fix diplomacy instead.
FacelessForever (8 months ago)
too bad the ai always seems to be too stupid to realize when they have no negotiating power while they mindlessly continue to make demands on a nation 6 times their size with 4 times their army one turn away from completely destroying them... never give up never surrender?
FacelessForever (7 months ago)
@Joe when they approach you for terms and then arent satisfied with what you are willing to offer after they started a war they couldnt finish is not ballsy its a joke. Even that might be fine if they didnt do it repeatedly after failing to get their way the first time.
Joe (7 months ago)
It's called preprogrammed balllllz! Have you none?!
A. Ribeiro (8 months ago)
@Aidan Mattys And the Pathfinding on sieges will be nice too. We heard that b4
Aidan Mattys (8 months ago)
CA have come out and said that the AI has also been worked from the grojnd up to not only be capable of using this system, but to exploit it as well. May be bad, may be good,but the AI is being fashioned almost from scratch to accompany this diplomacy system
Jonathan Harwood (8 months ago)
Well just like most Total War games let the modders fix it.
otter sir otten (8 months ago)
The Franchise would be doomed if it wasnt for the Modders
Lukas Jampen (8 months ago)
Should betraying an ally really affect reputation with all factions? If I betray someone to join the enemy shouldn't the enemy be happy that I joined them and the former ally is weakend? If you do it to often sure but if you do it once or twice it shouldn't affect it with all factions or types of leaders.
Takeda Shingjen (8 months ago)
It should, you pledged Alliance and broke it in a treacherous way. Who would believe your word anymore?
Triskelios the last celt (8 months ago)
I'm looking forward to the Siege of Vraks
Some Guy (8 months ago)
Blackwater 1001 (8 months ago)
It’s new.....ish? But like you said it’s definitely an improvement.
5678sothourn (8 months ago)
Here we go CA, don't let me down now.
Jake Frost (8 months ago)
*_We need to build a wall._* Apparently, it's perfectly fine when anyone else says it.
Jake Frost (8 months ago)
​@Blackwater 1001 Stubborn? Perhaps. Thick-headed? Nah, I just like noting what gets demonized by the Good Censor, and what gets a pass ( *_especially_* with the difference in context, although the purported function of the structure is mostly similar). Somehow, I doubt the American Wall will be using laborers as a literal part of the foundation, unless the Cartels want to chip in. Whether it gets built at all, on the other hand, is still debatable, so rest easy, Astartes. ;-)
Blackwater 1001 (8 months ago)
Jake Frost You do understand the context is different right? Are you that thick headed?
theshadowling1 (8 months ago)
Still not at Medieval 2 levels. IN that, you could threaten a war, and you didn't need to go to war, so you could bluff a war (If your armies were far away)
TheAdamk12 (8 months ago)
Ultimate General Civil War 2?????
Triple Helix (8 months ago)
Please talk about Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus
Ungrim Ironfist (8 months ago)
better be in warhammer 3 btw i only used that because it ryhmes but still should be in warhammer
Viral Bunny (8 months ago)
Before i begin watching, hopes theres a way to stop allies fighting.. Or help cease a war... probably not.
Kyle Jordan Gaming (8 months ago)
Kill all parties involved. —> No more fighting!

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