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"Distributed Energy Resources and the Challenge to Utility Business Models

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Distributed Energy Resources and the Challenge to Utility Business Models-Presented by Kaitlyn Bunker. The increased adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) is challenging the existing electricity system structure and utility business models. In this webinar, the role of DERs in the electricity system will be discussed, along with challenges to be aware of.
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cmonkey63 (1 year ago)
I stopped watching at 6:20 after hearing the word "clean" without any explanation. Clean to operate, but by no means "clean" to build, as the wind turbine in the picture is only possible by smelting rare earth metals (usually in a third world country) while in some town in China, for example, the water is unsafe to drink because of the resulting pollution. And the carbon fibre turbine blades are made by cooking a fibre fabric until all that is left is the carbon. They only way to do this second part economically is in places where electricity is extremely cheap. You need to look behind the picture presented.

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