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How to get Free Cash, Food & Hotel Room in 1 Day!

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Ashley Maumasi (1 year ago)
This happened to my husband & our friends when we went to Cabo for vacation! Later found out it was for a timeshare, that WE DID NOT WANT after they presented the presentation! We got $200, free food & water activities! It was awesome! But the people doing the presentation were pretty pushy lol had to have my Hubs and Bros step in and be like "we don't wanna buy shit, give us what we're were promised so we can fuckin leave lol"
Life with Kehaulani (1 year ago)
Ashley Maumasi hahahahhaah right... as long as we got the perks... I just used my free staycation too... it was awesome....
Ciera Orion (1 year ago)
yes oahu life
Mariah DZ (1 year ago)
I was wanting for her to tell us what company 😔
Babeigotyou4eva (1 year ago)
but you didn't tell us which company or how to get this..
Life with Kehaulani (1 year ago)
Babeigotyou4evai said Wyndham and I explained everything that I did lol
Liana Nizo (1 year ago)

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