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Rare owl rescued in Shanghai, China

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://sc.mp/2kAfuvJ A Shanghai resident rescued a rare oriental scops owl that got trapped in netting in a residential area. This owl is a Class II protected species in China.
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Text Comments (28)
Cent NTN (3 months ago)
Rare owl from Harry Potter?
Tom Xavier (3 months ago)
Dictator Xi will order it sent to his palace to be cooked . The Chinese will try anything to make their tiny Penis's bigger.
洪百川 (2 months ago)
Penis (3 months ago)
So did it spark outrage on Chinese social media ?
unknown man (3 months ago)
"This owl has sparked anger online." is missing
fern V (3 months ago)
can y'all stop manhandling the owl tho
NPC 01001011 (3 months ago)
Surprised they didn't bash it's head in and eat the brains while it's still alive. Gotta preserve that Chinese tradition!!
Zicheng Zhang (3 months ago)
+Arminius I don't understand why these people are so malicious toward Chinese people, they always boast how respectful and objective they are, but they lose their mind everytime they hear something about Chinese.
Zicheng Zhang (3 months ago)
Zicheng Zhang (3 months ago)
every single videos about China and Chinese, some pussies would do whatever they could do to insult Chinese without any reason
chang cheng (3 months ago)
Hi, pussy where did you get that shit?
jimmy Brown (3 months ago)
FEMINISTS and SJWs are terrorists 该喂白皮猪屎了💩
Era The Dragon (3 months ago)
Sean (3 months ago)
Good people 👍
Who let The Dogs out? (3 months ago)
poor owl?
Leon Wijaya (3 months ago)
Lmao it looks like me when i dont get enough sleep and needs to wake up at 6 in the morning
Stefano Edgard (3 months ago)
Rescued? More like caught
Nothing to see here (3 months ago)
@FEMINISTS and SJWs are terrorists Go back to australia and mate with some emus, mate.
NPC 01001011 (3 months ago)
+Arminius Don't tell me who to mate with
Arminius (3 months ago)
Dont think you watched the video mate
SMB8027G (3 months ago)
Anyone saw it winked?
MunmunOrig (3 months ago)
Combustible Day (3 months ago)
Actuallt first lol
yeezus _ (3 months ago)
nah your not first

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