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Hong Kong and Macau Compared

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Want a specific history topic covered? Your idea gets picked when you donate on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iammrbeat Mr. Beat's band: http://electricneedleroom.net/ Mr. Beat on Twitter: https://twitter.com/beatmastermatt Mr. Beat compares and contrasts Macau and Hong Kong, both located in China. Music by Electric Needle Room (Matt Beat) and Drew Gerber. Sources: http://www.mylifeelsewhere.com/compare/macau/hong-kong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macau https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_River_Delta https://www.indexmundi.com/factbook/compare/hong-kong.macau https://theculturetrip.com/asia/china/articles/why-it-literally-pays-to-live-in-macau/ https://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2017/09/economist-explains-11 http://money.cnn.com/2014/01/06/news/macau-casino-gambling/index.html http://www.businessinsider.com/most-powerful-financial-centres-gfci-index-for-2017-2017-9#3-hong-kong-the-former-british-colony-takes-the-highest-spot-of-any-asian-city-as-both-a-well-developed-financial-hub-and-a-gateway-to-china-18 https://www.emporis.com/statistics/most-skyscraper-cities-worldwide Video credits: Jem Moore https://vimeo.com/144085681 Photo credits: Kewl.lu Michael Chan xiquinhosilva Gilberto Camacho 罗布泊 Clément Bucco-Lechat Kallerna Doraemon.tvb Namwageelup Foudeelau Nyx Ning Citobun F.SF T1NH0 Ralf Roletschek Kewl Brenden Brain Filip Maljković Tristan Schmurr Sound credits: Mike Koening Hong Kong and Macau Both are mostly self-governing territories within China, just 61 kilometers, or 38 miles apart. Both are cities- no they’re not Mr. Beat you idiot! Ok Ok, both are special. Special administrative regions of China, that is., based on China’s one country, two systems principle. According to CGP Grey, they are both “the most country-like countries that aren’t countries.” Confused yet? Basically, Hong Kong and Macau are a part of China, but both get a lot of leeway to decide how they want to do stuff compared to the rest of China. China takes care of their foreign affairs and military defense and they take care of everything else. Both have a presidential limited democracy, although Hong Kong seems more open to expand that democracy than Macau. Both are part of the Pearl River Delta, which is probably the biggest urban area in the world based on both its size and population. Some estimates put the population of the Pearl River Delta metropolitan area at 120 million! Oh my goodness. What? 120 million? No way. Russia has like just 24 million more people than that. Ok sorry, anyway, both are incredibly densely populated. Macau is the most densely populated territory in the world and Hong Kong is 4th. There are people everywhere, man! So maybe this makes sense, but the largest ethnic group in both regions is Chinese. However, Hong Kong has a significant Filipino and Indonesian minority and Macau has a significant Macanese minority, which is a mix of Portuguese and Asian ancestry. Wait, Portuguese? Huh? Yeah, well both Hong Kong and Macau are former colonies of Western empires. Until 1997, Great Britain controlled Hong Kong. Until 1999, Portugal controlled Macau. Because of that, the two were heavily influenced by foreign powers and not as much influenced by China. Actually, over time, the foreign powers left them both alone, too, and they thrived, probably because of that. In fact, both Hong Kong and Macau are two of the richest territories in the world due to free markets working their magic there. Indeed, both make a lot of money. Hong Kong’s GDP per capita is about $45,000 a year, the 12th highest in the world, although it is dealing with some dramatic income inequality right now. Macau’s GDP per capita is over $104,000 a year, making it the 3rd highest in the world. Macau is so rich that it doesn’t know what to do with all the extra money, so its government gives it back directly to the citizens. Both have very low taxes compared to most of the world. However, residents of Hong Kong do pay about 25% more taxes than residents of Macau. Despite this, according to the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong ranks number one in the world, and has been ranked number one every year since the list began 23 years ago. Macau is ranked 34th on that same list. The cost of living in both countries is pretty similar, although Macau is about 3% cheaper currently, mostly due to Hong Kong’s higher housing costs. Both have low unemployment. Based on the latest numbers I could find, Hong Kong’s unemployment rate is 2.9% and people were freaking out recently when Macau’s unemployment went up from 1.8% all the way up to 1.9%. I’m obviously kidding. That’s a ridiculously low unemployment rate. Speaking of ridiculous, both have a ridiculously high life expectancy.
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Text Comments (704)
Mr. Beat (9 months ago)
What did I leave out or get wrong looking at Macau and Hong Kong? Which two places should I compare next?
BlueHen123 (1 day ago)
Wow thank you for going internationally! I love your comparisons and was just wanting to message you the other day for a suggestion: Compare Sweden, Norway and Finland. The three are always jumbled together but what are their differences?
Bino Dino (7 days ago)
Melbourne vs Sydney
Bino Dino (7 days ago)
Australia and NZ
Aaron Bradley (11 days ago)
+SeaBeam no no I'd like to see Mexico and Brazil but that would mostly focused on which population is more subhuman and Mister beat doesn't do that he's extremely politically correct. He is the only person that's politically correct that I don't wish death on daily he's the only person is allowed to be politically correct everybody else is pathetically correct
Aaron Bradley (11 days ago)
Well you mentioned it about Macau which this speech-to-text is no idea what I'm talkin about I have to spell it I just thought you'd be interested and how I used to thirst for learning by spending hours on Wikipedia where I could start with Super Bowl 32 and end up in Macau or start with John Kennedy and end up on the attempted genetic engineering to reintroduce the quagga. But yet you mentioned it I should have been smarter to know that you would not miss that but I like commenting at the beginning of the videos and then standing by what I said and commenting on my own comments just to show people how and I don't respect them I don't care what they say kind of liberating pretty cool you should try it.
You Know Who (3 days ago)
Not so self governing now
Fox Mulder (3 days ago)
Compare the low countries of Belgium and Netherlands?
Grimsby Reapers (4 days ago)
I've been to Hong Kong twice, when it was still Bristish. And yes, it is an amazing place.
sts (5 days ago)
Chinese is not an ethnic group. It is a nationality. Han Chinese is an ethnic group.
Market Theorist (8 days ago)
Your map is fucking garbage. Downvote
Cnek (9 days ago)
Can you do Alberta (Canadian Province) compared with British Columbia (also a Province).
Thomas W (9 days ago)
Comparing Shanghai and Beijing could be a good one ~
Chauncey Billups (9 days ago)
I come from Hong Kong,I love the cities in China,and proud to be Chinese.
Mojo Luginsland (10 days ago)
Nice video. But you have a poor geography knowledge.
pqlasmdhryeiw8 (11 days ago)
Please compare: Luxembourg vs Liechtenstein or Luxembourg vs Switzerland
Jarming Ho (11 days ago)
Incomplete China map, downvote +1
Jason Y (11 days ago)
where is hainan and taiwan on the map?!😠
郑湘江 (11 days ago)
Please include HaiNan island and TaiWan island in the map.
林振华 (12 days ago)
I like Macau better, life style is more casual. And they have grand prix every year...
Molten Lava (12 days ago)
Two testicles of China, Removing those will hurt China Badly 😂
woodensurfer (13 days ago)
Macao has the level of opulence that even Hong Kong lacks. It is a good idea to integrate the two for even greater attraction for tourism. For this purpose alone, the Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macao bridge is well worth it. The integration with the Chinese mainland, the Zhuhai part, brings extra benefits. It is also an engineering feat for tourism per se.
pmasfp (13 days ago)
Both countries? How dare you!
Adrian Montano (14 days ago)
Thank you for the video, very informative.
Mr. Beat (13 days ago)
Thanks for watching! I have a new Compared episode coming out next week.
SilvanaDil (14 days ago)
Hong Kong and Macau are like less fun versions of NYC and Vegas.
yu ouyang (15 days ago)
They are not in a same level
Graham Roth (16 days ago)
I loved Hong Kong, people are friendly, and the food is cheap!
Leslie Tang (18 days ago)
I live in Hong Kong!!
Morgana Larsen (18 days ago)
Compare Dubai and Abu Dhabi?...
Gaming Universe 1101 (20 days ago)
Compare north america and south america
Mr. Beat (20 days ago)
That video would be hours long. :)
小乙 (20 days ago)
Hello, I am from Hong Kong, I love Hong Kong, I love China, but I don’t love the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government.
woodensurfer (13 days ago)
I don't either but accept them and consider their selective good deeds for China; there are a few.
Perfect Students (23 days ago)
Macau is so rich that it gives its legal residents free money. My friend is a U.S. citizen and have been living in America for more than 25 years. But he still gets thousands in free money from the Macau government for doing nothing, only because he was born there.
Article 69 (24 days ago)
Hope evil commie china leaves hong kong alone
Thanaphat Boonmee (25 days ago)
don't watch this when u have headache
Matthew Arroyo (25 days ago)
Can you compared china to south korea and japan Malaysia
Feng Rui (28 days ago)
I love hongkong
antonio bruno (29 days ago)
hk ppl are so racist against mainland and western ppl
darkwear gt growtopia (30 days ago)
66. 6 k sub huh I am haunt wait it's 66664
ZacharyPlayz (1 month ago)
Da Redi Man (1 month ago)
I live in Macau.
Braden Lam (1 month ago)
I love in hk
Ronald Freeman (1 month ago)
4:46 you're beautiful in Cantonese
Red (1 month ago)
“Income inequality” shut up bitch you don’t know what you’re talking about.
Junhai Yang (1 month ago)
That can't be right... Macao should be the most economically free. After all, north Korea government used to bank in Macau, pretty sure that no one can trump that
Zhizhou Chen (1 month ago)
Hong Kong almost died in 1997. Guess who selfishly helped it
杜浩飞 (1 month ago)
Compre Rolla, Missouri and Licking, Missouri
Franco German (1 month ago)
I hate the way you say Hong Kong
ckfeliz (1 month ago)
4:47 As someone actually from Hong Kong, i played this part twice to know the guy is saying "youre beautiful" in cantonese. Even though his pronounciation is a bit off, still, quite impressive.
Alex M p. O 64 (1 month ago)
Do Houston and dallas
Alon G (1 month ago)
Awesome video! Also, a comparison between Dubai & Qatar (or Abu Dhabi) would be interesting
ME (1 month ago)
I thought 2nd place for skyscrapers was Sao Paulo
TheBluePC 5 (1 month ago)
China sucks But... Hong Kong: 👍 Macau: 👍
Article 69 (24 days ago)
TheBluePC 5 true the amount of ppl who dont know the true evil of the bejing goverment scares me and ive seen many comments not seeing the diffirence of traveling or living in HK or macau between the samething in🇨🇳
Neha Walihang (1 month ago)
Southeast Asian non Chinese has been living in HK for over 5 decades, including Nepalese, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, besides Filipinos and Indonesians. I have be born and brought up here as a third cultured kid. This has been a vital part of living in HK, seeing mix of various ethnicities and classes. The disparity between the rich and poor has a HUGE gap. As of the record in 2016, HK’s Gini Coefficient(measures wealth gap with an index of 0-1) was 0.539. I have come across many homeless people when walking in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei areas. If HK is one of the wealthiest places in the world, why are there many homeless? There are people living in cages and families living in confined rooms. On the other hand, there are obviously those who live a very luxurious life in quieter and bigger apartments, and even houses. So yes, housing is a critical issue for the local residents here and the gap of wealth is alarming. By the way, thanks for making the video. It makes me more aware of HK and Macau!
James Blackburn (1 month ago)
Hong Kong is great fun. Macau is kind of weird.
woodensurfer (13 days ago)
I see you find opulence embarrassing.
Aaron Bradley (1 month ago)
I love anything about Macau look on Wikipedia and look at the number of people per square kilometer it's insane
Aaron Bradley (1 month ago)
Btw I posted that before I even pressed play on the video or just after I press play on the video to be honest. I figured it was the most densely populated in the world looking at the look at Wikipedia it's insane. But you know that's where it's basically a huge gambling Mecca
Fatty Playz (1 month ago)
I live in 🇭🇰
Sia.b W (1 month ago)
Macau also has a lot of Filipino, Indonesian , Vietnamese and recently more and more Nepalese come to macau , so many that as a Macanese somehow I don't know how to deal with this situation.....
Jesuscger (16 days ago)
The Phillipines were also part of the portuguese empire, that's why.
17之時風暴中心 (1 month ago)
Why don't u talk about UMBRELLA REVOLUTION?
Manuel Something (1 month ago)
Citizens of Macau have two passports, one is chinese macau and the other one is Portugal. They can live in both places and have double citizenship. On the other hand Hong Kong have Chinese Hong Kong and some of them have the BNO. However they do not have the citizenship of the United Kingdom, which means they cannot live in the UK
Jacob the Lemon (1 month ago)
Hong Konger in Macau: Can I use Hong Kong dollar here? Macanese cashier: Yep. Macanese in Hong Kong: Can I use Macanese Pataca here? Hong Konger cashier: LIKE HELL THAT'S HAPPENING
893160007 (1 month ago)
compare Czechia and Slovakia
Dani de Janeiro (1 month ago)
Angola and Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe, Gibraltar and Ceuta, Trinidad and Tobago, Finland and Estonia, Romania and Moldova, Cambodia and Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, Sydney and Melbourne, Lesotho and Swaziland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein
Henry Chan (1 month ago)
I'm half macanese and half hong kongese haha, and proud to be
Nub! - yay. (1 month ago)
Hong Kong and, MAH COW (my cow)
Alexander Ip (1 month ago)
the biggest comparison by far is the Public transport network Hong Kong-*11 Metro railway lines Macau-No railway lines at present *MTR East Rail Line [1910] (First Class Available on 4th Coach) Low Speed Intercity [1979] Kwun Tong Line [1979] Tsuen Wan Line [1982] Island Line [1985] Light rail Network [1988] Tung Chung Line [1998] Airport Express Line [1998] West Rail Line [2004] Ma On Shan Line [2004] Disneyland resort Shuttle Line [2005] South Island Line [2016] High Speed Intercity [2018] Future lines Kai Tak Monorail [2020's]
xuano xuan (2 months ago)
sorry your map was wrong,taiwan is part of china!
juancho albertonity (13 days ago)
It's not, the ROC is not governed by the PRC
Bob Ted (2 months ago)
I'm moving to Macou
janet dy (2 months ago)
Guam and Hawaii
Kuroda Yuto (2 months ago)
where is Hai Nan in map of China?
Leezza Chan (2 months ago)
Compare Taiwan-Macau-HK.More than half of the /Caucasian/Euro/USA will choose Taiwan I am not hating.I get it, u have your own opinions but dont have to shove it in our face
Matthew Cassar (2 months ago)
Victoria and NSW
Hong Kong (2 months ago)
Nokia Xpress (2 months ago)
where is our Taiwan and Hainan province on the map?
Compare the two largest bridges in the USA. Michigan wins hands down. Far biggest and more prettiest too. https://upsupply.co/journal/mackinac-bridge-vs-golden-gate-bridge
Compare Michigan with Indiana...
One is a British culture, which is HK. HK is also the smartest too, more so than China mainland. Hey Chinese is not an ethnic group!!! It is a nationality!!! Han, Mongolia, etc are ethnic groups not Chinese...
KK Singh (2 months ago)
They both are kind
bensontam (2 months ago)
the map of China is incorrect. please amend.
Ravenous Turtle (2 months ago)
South Korea compared to japan
GG Pillows ツ (2 months ago)
Do United Arab Emirates vs Qatar
patriotic conservative (2 months ago)
Macau is the las vegas of asia and hong kong is the new york of asia.
Dan H (2 months ago)
Compare Shanghai and Mumbai
Isaac Bakan (2 months ago)
You should do Sudan and Egypt. They seem to be two nations that are simutaniously very simular yet very different
Isaac Bakan (2 months ago)
+Mr. Beat thank you so much. Thats so cool to hear
Mr. Beat (2 months ago)
I love that suggestion
Isaac Bakan (2 months ago)
Not every country in the world can ever get like that though. A few tiny city states mostly in Europe and East Asia fulfil a very selective and exclusive nitch in the human ecosystem. We say we want all nations to develop, which is partly true, but secretly, we want most societies to stay within a particular place.
Isaac Bakan (2 months ago)
3 autonomous regions in one delta. Sure, they are in a limbo zone, but for that small of an area that is pretty much one city, that's impressive
Vicrytt Ry (2 months ago)
I come from HONGKONG. Welcome to HK……
S Jamil (2 months ago)
compare lahore and new delhi
San Daz (2 months ago)
Why do you keep calling them countries? They're not countries. They're autonomous territories.
Samar Dhari (2 months ago)
Is youtube bane in Macao/Hongkong?
Carlos Saraiva (3 months ago)
As a portuguese, i'm so proud of what Macau has become.
Andy Santandreu (3 months ago)
dude you're funny
sub to pewdiepie (3 months ago)
The principality of Monaco is the most dentsly populated place on Earth.
Conor Dineley (3 months ago)
At least i know more about where i live
TK Baha (3 months ago)
communist provinces.
Richard Teh (3 months ago)
Guam and Hawaii is part of America did I miss out middle east
Richard Teh (3 months ago)
South Korea and South Vietnam is part of America
Richard Teh (3 months ago)
Japan and phillipine is part of America
Bill Cobb (3 months ago)
Kansas City vs St Louis!
Ali Al-Khalili (3 months ago)
You really just made me remove my confusion of the one country; two systems, thanks
LKRandom (4 months ago)
My thoughts as a Hong Konger: 1) That's not how you pronounce Coloane and Taipa. 2) HK actually has the highest life expectancy. 3) Yayy! A HK video!
Dan_1022 (4 months ago)
Definitely Houston and dallas Maybe paris and berlin, or paris and london or munich and vienna, or moscow and St. Petersburg, or madrid vs barcelona, warsaw va krakow, kiev vs warsaw,
Really big Marvel fan (4 months ago)
What? Hong Kong doesn’t have taxes...I live here.
Mansour Karim (4 months ago)
How about Tunisie and lybie
Mansour Karim (4 months ago)
How about Serbie and crotia
Mansour Karim (4 months ago)
How about the two congo

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