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Guild Wars 2 - The Black Lion Trading Company [Commentary] [HD]

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A quick guide on the the Black Lion Trading Company and what to expect! Remember that every like and subscribe directly helps Genesis Gaming! Twitter: http://twitter.com/genesisgaming Facebook: http://facebook.com/genesisclan.net Guild: http://genesisgaming.info
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Text Comments (3)
xB3EX3CUTiON (6 years ago)
Yo infi! gief more content bro! :P catch you up in the games. cheers, Zero
mike2061 (6 years ago)
Thank you, i was so confused last stress fumbling around with BLTC...lol
omer0228 (6 years ago)
Shouldve mentioned you could only gain your money from selling items or the items that you bought by actually going to the trading post

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