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Pixar in a Box | Welcome to Pixar in a Box | Khan Academy

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Text Comments (273)
París Arts (2 days ago)
Major fangirl moment rightnow
zakaria chahboun (8 days ago)
they work on readhat system :D
빼애앰 (9 days ago)
Meta Breakers (14 days ago)
I accidentally started the video at .25% speed and it turned into a comedy
Fathan Sulaeman (18 days ago)
i believed they have more tan 24 computer to rendered at the same time
Peter XYZ (20 days ago)
I can get into this!!!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😂❤️❤️❤️❤️. THANKS!
Parsel tongue (23 days ago)
I dreamed being one of disney/pixar/ animator but... There are many buts. 😔
Png Ngô (27 days ago)
Thanks to your video, I can know more about animation especially the way that you make a cartoon is very complex and needs many artists to complete the cartoon.
Grasias por los subtitulos en español🙇🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
DBHMedia (1 month ago)
You would think Pixar could afford better computers. Yeah im sure they are hella better than anything in someones house. But Some of their frames I could recreate on my cheap PC and render in a couple hours or less. Maybe 10 minutes
TechnoAnime (1 month ago)
Way to pixar now it was so awesome i loved it
Stephanie Ramírez (2 months ago)
That's it. I'm changing my major
baba babo (2 months ago)
Nguyen N. (2 months ago)
1 frame in 24 hours ... That comes out to 365 frames per year, or 15 seconds. If an average film as 90 minutes (5400 seconds), that means it takes Pixar 355 years to render one movie?
Kirby7601 (2 months ago)
Hell nah!!! Khan academy?
Stephans Zitha (2 months ago)
Woah. Even pixar has render issues? I thought the bigger you become you can afford some more exponsiv powerful renders? If you ever wanted to invent something ..
RagingBubuli (2 months ago)
They grow buildings?
mariana Iordache (3 months ago)
i like that track
TESTube (3 months ago)
with quantum computing, the rendering will be instantaneously. You dont even have to watch themovie. It will be stored at your brain with a chip XD
정빈 (3 months ago)
My dreaming place
Imroz Towhid (4 months ago)
9yrs in the same ofc!!?? fantastic HR and management gotta say!
Mr.DarkBright (4 months ago)
I want to be a writer someday
Prayoga Ananta Zonanto (5 months ago)
this . is . so. MIND BLOWING. OMG
Fire Nation Files (5 months ago)
It takes a lot of work to make a movie!
Brandon Burrows (5 months ago)
I have a creeping feeling that I won't actually learn anything. Looks like it's for children. Which, is cool enough.
AnTut (6 months ago)
i think that 24 hours per frame is a lie, imagine that 1 second has 24 frames as they say, and a movie have 5400 seconds, thats aroung 1:30 hs , then 5400 * 24 frames each second = 129.600 frames , now do the last math and tell me how many days it could take to render a movie... its a lot right ? haha i think a movie cant take 129600 days to render , thats about 355 years LOL
AnTut (5 months ago)
Jun but if there is a lot of machines they need to wait till the first frame is rendered, you can't render a frame if you don't have previously the other frame
Jun (5 months ago)
AnTut more than 24 hours per rendering machine, it's called a farm for a reason, it's a lot of rendering machines working frame after frame
Jun Steed (6 months ago)
Im studying animation, and i realised this is not what i wanna do. Opening Maya is killing me..
ipKonfig.com (6 months ago)
oh Dear God she is so hot! 1:38
0Aidan0Lynch0 (6 months ago)
missing a visit at the science guys. Would have loved to see what exactly their job is :)
pramod talwar (6 months ago)
I'll punch someone if they say it's just a cartoon..!!
Gangi Films (6 months ago)
enzmondo (6 months ago)
Pixar is a box
Imoh Bare (6 months ago)
Did these people just say it takes them 24 hours to render a frame?
Jun Steed (6 months ago)
they prob max out the samples in render settings or somtin, 200+ lights in a scene...
"this is where we make the frames" shows a huge cluster of supercomputers 4:28 . OK
Swen dky (6 months ago)
And I thought 10 mins to render one was too long
This is so amazing 💗
The Vintage Collector (7 months ago)
very nice!
khati axomiya (7 months ago)
I m studying engineering but i love vfx and animation, video editing .how to get admission ?
Ashikur Rahaman (7 months ago)
U people did it nicely ...always.
MoreLikeCappuccino (7 months ago)
4:33 7200 seconds in 2 hours @ 24fps that would be over 400 years of rendering. LUL
D. Rice (4 months ago)
The average Pixar animation is about 90 mins. So only about 350 years... but of course they have thousands of rendering computers. With 1000 machines it drops to 130 days. If you don't make any mistakes...
Jakob Hollstein (8 months ago)
What about stuff like wather effects? In wich step are they made? And what about the objects that are moved in the film? Like when someone is eating. Is this part of the animation step to? You just said that the animation artist move the characters.
Jakob Hollstein (8 months ago)
What about the "camera movement"? In wich step is this done? Is it part of the animation step?
Suloop (8 months ago)
hows almost every asian so awkward
Ko (8 months ago)
"A single frame can take more than 24 hours to render," HOW?
Jun Steed (6 months ago)
they prob max out the samples in render settings or somtin, 200+ lights in a scene...
Jlinus (8 months ago)
Oh god what did I sign myself up for in uni?
gourmet cuisine (9 months ago)
SweetBabyJames78 (9 months ago)
I'm glad you guys stay behind the camera, the acting is so bad it's adorable 💙
Kevin Phung (9 months ago)
Am I the only one kinda seeing a chemistry between them here?
Kevin Effio (9 months ago)
Stefan Tabit (9 months ago)
5:11 lol subtitles can't tell trumpets from horns
민수 (9 months ago)
I really want to work as a storyboard artist-
Yuri Radavchuk (9 months ago)
Amazing show!
The Saiyan (9 months ago)
one name Naotoshi Shida search this name and the animation of this man
Ireri Barrón (9 months ago)
What about sound design?
RIZWANMATION (9 months ago)
I use LightWave to make my 3d animated scenes
pankaj kainthla (10 months ago)
Jonathan Morrison
Brandon Jefferson (10 months ago)
seems like waste of time and money...this is what i hate about studios if i worked for 1..all that time drawing instead of actually producing and coming up with priceless content on the spot......if the animators just did work in the grid and talked as they created,movies would be done alot faster and would be alot more enjoyable to watch imo....the workflow would be dramatically improved ultimately making the company more money and people enjoying their jobs more!! think about it,whats funnier a joke that has been premeditated or a joke that comes out of the fly????? same concept different form.
Roy Staggers (10 months ago)
I tell them all the time, do not wait until the end of the semester to complete renderings. Time and Time again, I have seen people screwed or loose a rendering because they left the MAC station for a snack and came back to the horror of someone else sitting at the workstation on Facebook or twitter. LOL 5 hours down the drain.
JLuis Balti (10 months ago)
Crazy Productions (10 months ago)
They missed the most important part though
Thakko (10 months ago)
This video was so fresh!
Scouser 19 (10 months ago)
That lady is hot. Yeah i'm thirsty.
Rahul Kanase (10 months ago)
thanks for free tutorials
muktesh Deshpande (10 months ago)
thats way cooler than I imagined
khan (10 months ago)
Spider-Punk 2003 (10 months ago)
Well, now I know why we have to wait so long for Incredibles 2
Rajarajan Manoharan (17 days ago)
Spider-Punk 2003 best comment on the thread!
Uçan tekme atan fare (10 months ago)
4:00 me with the girls...
LukeV. (10 months ago)
Pixar in a nutshell
meppers (10 months ago)
what a well done green screen effect on that laptop
princessthyemis (10 months ago)
HOLY COW?!!?!? That single shot in Ratatoullie had 230 lights?!?!!???!?! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
princessthyemis (10 months ago)
Cool! I love seeing behind the scenes stuff! And I especially LOVE Pixar! I loved the "dramatic reenactment" bit!
Rex Art (10 months ago)
Pixar University
jibaron22 (10 months ago)
At 4:34, what is that? A hologram?
Scrap wood City (11 months ago)
Abdul Ghani (11 months ago)
i love how pixar frame everything like their campuses/office like they're so astounding so that the employee feels aspired to work hard there.
Danbo (11 months ago)
Love this video! It's cheesy but gives an informative, simple and quick explanation of the process, which is helpful. I've been having trouble trying to find out what path I want to head down career wise, and despite always knowing I have an interest in animation and drawings, I've never had the confidence to try because I mainly couldn't understand how to use programs for animating and making 3d models like in Adobe Flash, Premiere or After Effects. But seeing this video really piqued my interest, I noticed how many people work in different areas of the process like lighting, modelling in sculptures, drawing, designing etc and i think that's what really made me excited. Even if i'm not great in producing the main animations, maybe my potential lies in a different area like drawing storyboards and designs, making simple 2d animations of the drawings or making sculptures of the characters. The process offers so many other areas to work in and maybe working in those different areas might just be the thing i'm looking for.
The Tongue Of Angels (3 months ago)
Danbo as long as you're happy and doing the work of your Father, I saw go for it.
Nath my problem (11 months ago)
Jack III (11 months ago)
no wonder it takes at least 5 years to produce them
Ame Malik (11 months ago)
em rendering a single frame in 24 hours with higher resolution dont take 24 hours seriously... and with such super computers it never takes so long ...i dont know y u said that:(
SylphidUndine (11 months ago)
i studied animation. now i don't know what to do
Brisa Ochoa-Saldana (11 months ago)
I am going to ask my high school math teacher if I can do dis at home and do her lessons later.😆 but I am serious I always wanted to be an animator for Pixar Studios.
Ebunoluwa Taiwo (7 months ago)
Good luck
Chuck Norris (11 months ago)
I should have taken animation instead of computer programming. :(
Sweta Rawat (11 months ago)
Everybody on this island Has a role on this island So maybe i can role with mine What is wrong with me? 😶💙
Stephanie Ramírez (2 months ago)
See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me And no one knows, how far it goes
Brisa Ochoa-Saldana (11 months ago)
Dorothy Paine (1 year ago)
my dream to be when I grow up is to work for Pixar can i
the tube (1 year ago)
love pixar, hate how fake this video is.
빼애앰 (1 year ago)
빼애앰 (1 year ago)
gigi gigiotto (1 year ago)
correct the chromatic aberration of your lens
RIZWANMATION (1 year ago)
I am a 3d modeler and animator I use NewTek LightWave3d
o0pigpig0o (1 year ago)
do you recruit now?
Rafael Prates (1 year ago)
How much time is spent in the render process of these films?
ahmed younes (1 year ago)
redhat seriously ? its motivating by the way , just surprised
Team Shot Hero (1 year ago)
Wow not ever 30 fps weak, lmao jk, this is super interesting
Tookish (1 year ago)
That animation room though! *drool*
Cristina Ospina tata (1 year ago)
MIYAGI (1 year ago)
Time to render my Pixar movie on my brand new Mac Book Air Laptop... *BOOM*
Chisagxdasher (1 year ago)
looks too good to work in !! I am hopeful my skills wont develop that much so that i can reach such a good company
usmanater (1 year ago)
Thank you
Gabriel Palomo (1 year ago)
230 lights in that one shot of Ratatouille!!! whaaaaaat!!!!!
PowerhousePR (1 year ago)
That Acting is ON POINT 😂
FantasyInsanity (1 year ago)
"where are you getting all these shirts" lmao

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