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ARCH "The Story" HD

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Who we are, what we do, and why.
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zakenatious (8 days ago)
i am 70.000 short, but soon in about 300 years i can buy 1
Dragonsfire6664 (9 days ago)
Great story and bikes, definitely put a grin on my face, can’t wait to see one up close? Daytona bike week 2019 ?
The Jersey J (23 days ago)
Masterpieces... How about one for us crumb catchers. You know, the "bottom feeders" of the world have a passion no less for such an exquisite machine. OH what a bike !
Cat Conover (24 days ago)
Start a do it yourself factory... Can you imagine??!!!
Vera Regina (26 days ago)
Moto linda demais Keanu Reeves. Beijos a toda a equipe
Narong Koonjaturapat (27 days ago)
Keanu Reeves said : "No one will dare to steal your car, burn your house, or even kill your dog."
Evangelos Gallos (30 days ago)
How much cost these bikes? Looking awesome!!
kevlar jazzman (1 month ago)
im with ridinwithsam. i like the bike and would love to own one, but never could afford something as nice as these chomppers. only the rich. but a guy can dream, right?
NZScruffy (2 months ago)
Everything about this story seems like he's recreating the Harley Davidson story 'by the book'. Only his business is about small volume custom bikes, not mass production. I bet he is heavily influenced by Harley Davidson motorcycle company, for sure.
Nurse Calls (2 months ago)
These are gorgeous looking motorcycles. Having a passion in life is soo important and their motorcycle designs reflect their passion for unique looking motorcycles.
Jacob Michals (2 months ago)
L_A_M_E Very 70's
Nicholas Worland (2 months ago)
I am really really impressed. Like am connected to this whole story. This is my dream. To build a motorcycle from scratch. From the mind and heart to loving it. Thank you for the inspiration. I wish i can be part of your team ARCH motorcycles
Jimmy Paulgaard (2 months ago)
Roger Goldammer would love this. You folks should hit him up. He is in Canada and his amazing skills are not being used as he’s in a very tough market up here. He’s a great guy.
XPdriven (2 months ago)
You guys should make a TV series of these builds. Not exactly my style but these bikes are amazing and the process looks brilliant. Nice work!!
Adil Mehfooz (2 months ago)
too much rattling engine i guess arch spends most of the time in garage rather then on the road
Abhijit Kalita (3 months ago)
iam telling you,iam working hard to get one of these... they looks like cafe bikes but more of a modern day bike with ethnicity
Lyme_pithgypsy (3 months ago)
Impressive, intention. 💜🖤💜
God, the sound is fantastic🔥✊ Step by step it become a dream simply to ride one...
Very good.
brooke ballard (3 months ago)
Stress member tank & motor from the looks of KRGT 1. Looks great
The Ancient Scientist (3 months ago)
You guys are going to get exhausted pretty fast. Starting with the technology is always a bad idea in Product Design. You need a real Marketing director (not a sales manager, not the same thing).
BILLY 750 (3 months ago)
I used to loathe v-twin machines as a kid not knowing what riding was all about and I just liked the look of a sports bike. I bought a Ducati monster 900ie as my first bike though. I only had it a short while because it had issues. Then I bought a Suzuki sv650 1st Gen curvy. I rode the piss out of that bike and it taught me a lot that goes into the mechanics of a machine (also how to remove carbs once a month due to issues that we're pre existing). After that I bought an Aprilia dorsoduro 750. Again I rode the hell out of it. Had to sell it due to an ultimatum from the wife (I brought home 2 ATVs one of which needed a top end rebuild lol). A few months goes by and my buddy is about to pick up his first bike. I convince my wife to let me get another toy.... I pick up a 2004 vrscb. Couldn't let the fire and passion die. Now I'm stationed in AK waiting for the snow to come and go so I can ride next season! These guys really seem to put the passion of riding over the fame or money. Cheers to that ear to ear grin for anyone who rides. Be safe and keep the shiny side up! Hopefully I don't get bashed for sharing this. I just understand that feeling we all get on two wheels and its really inspiring what these guys have done.
mdotschrody (4 months ago)
Awesome looking bikes and story.
Paulo Roberto (4 months ago)
If i buy one of these will i be as cool as them ?
MAX (4 months ago)
Awesome brand... One Idea, would like to share , Make a master Piece Bike , Named as !!!!! Keanu !!!!! That Will be Awesome.... Trust me on This... The Bike should have a touch of John wick style Theme.. This Will Be Revolution In Ur Growth Brothers
Kinopolis metro (4 months ago)
nice project, they seem to fit for larger guys. starting saving up mode..
i dont know shit about machining but you recover most of your material via recycling but i bet they go thru tons of those expensive drill bits if they are machining 60 hours just on the tank
Danilo Capellan (5 months ago)
I love it, if I had the money why not. 😮👍🏽
Rick Filho (5 months ago)
Learn to make a tank!
QDIID (5 months ago)
Kind of (okay, an EXACT) ripoff of Confederate Motorcycle's Flagship design but, I gotta show Keanu love for two reasons: 1. This man has transfered/shifted (a MAJOR amount of) money that could/should have went into his pocket to charities and various forms of what can only be described as "the greater good". 2. There can/never will be enough AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE COMPANIES.
Ell lee (5 months ago)
Syfq x90 (5 months ago)
You guys sounded like Tony Stark but amazing guys amazing!
Eccentric●Artist (5 months ago)
*beautiful* oh yeah the bikes too ^-^ Obviously im kidding bc im in love with bikes
Agera R 2030 (6 months ago)
Imagine John Wick on motorcycle like this in action.
Robert Wright (6 months ago)
These are beautiful bikes. But as someone who can't ride a two wheel bike anymore I wonder if you guys ever thought of building a trike for us who can't ride your beautiful creations? I am a Navy veteran and I would like to thank you guys for the support you all give us veterans.
Salu Guerra (6 months ago)
beautiful video...wonderfull machines
Princess Love (6 months ago)
I will stick to my honda xrm lol, less pricy..
CRPM LLC (6 months ago)
Once I get the money, I'm buying ONE OF EACH models.
shady shady TV oopsy (6 months ago)
I think everyone on here who has ever seen this video should have paw Keanu Reeves as he has not had it easy life, he has donated a lot of his acting career payouts which are in the millions to research and to helping his sister. This is why I love Keanu Reeves because after everything is done he's still a winner and now look what he's creating Beautiful one-of-a-kind Machines thumbs up thumbs up you deserve this your the best guy I've ever none , I'm a Actor in Australia and seeing how much you put into jhon wick 2 and 1 I hope there is a 3rd jhon wick and more Acton movies with you in it as most Acton moves are shit but yr loves OMG epic grate precision time and effort Blood Sweat and Tears to make two of the best movies I've ever seen and 3 of the best movies I've also seen as well of yours the matrix all of them and the two John Wick movies can't can't even describe how good they are non-stop action people getting messed up it's great and you kick ass and you rock 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
shady shady TV oopsy (6 months ago)
Go Keanu Reeves
Extremely Excellent ARCH Every Touch The Work. Extremely High Quality ARCH The Sound Smooth Diamond Engine The Rocky Boldness Solid Golden Body The True Color Will Never Fade The Strength Two Wheel With A LifeTime Thus Michelin Good On Four Season Take ARCH With To Have To Joy In Your Name Will Never Forget In Your Logo Everlasting Big Thanks To All To Have ARCH Life Is Love , Life Is Care . ARCH The Best Design Among Motorcycle. The Music So Great Plus The Story , KCR's voice so cool , listen over and over . Sincerely Yours.
joris suffuhrt (7 months ago)
Well, I think I will go for the Ducati Diavel S
paula james (7 months ago)
Keanureeves why done you email
Johan johan (7 months ago)
Fpr 78.000 .... the bike is cheap if taylor made..
Believer of Jesus S (7 months ago)
this will look skinny to a ducati xdiavel.
Dave Chambers (7 months ago)
You can give me anything but a bike that will go through a British winter and have a comfy perch for my pillion and a place to store my kit when I am touring with my pillion. This isn't a bike for bikers it's a toy for rich men!
Phungsun Mushahary (7 months ago)
HIJRABER (7 months ago)
this bike is BABAYAGA BOOGEYMAN ! Greaat bike
Ridingis myzen (7 months ago)
Omg shut up and take my money!!!!!
Bon Ryan Tan (7 months ago)
The bike is really astonishing. Wow is the only word i can describe it. I would be the happiest guy on earth if you give me 1 of those bikes.
iMInLakEch (8 months ago)
It would be nice, if you can share the experience with a passenger. :)
ValhalaFiveSix (8 months ago)
The Rear end looks off and the cruiser footing puts me off.
Jenifer Mason (5 months ago)
The perfect union of passion and creation 👏
Steve Kioussis (8 months ago)
What happens if you lay one down and you need parts? Are they available and who do you take the bike to install them?
Its Eclipse (8 months ago)
John Wick + Tony Stark = ARCH Motorcycles
mike tal (8 months ago)
I would love to have one of those beautiful bikes but the sad reality is that I will never be able to feasibly own one. Woe is me.
Meil Genji (8 months ago)
Ok. Im officially in love with the bike. So elegant and exclusive. Bravo Keanu and Arch Team.
omr tawfeeq (8 months ago)
ARCH is the future
Noah Cummings (9 months ago)
Really awesome clean looking bikes, new school American muscle done right!
gittyupalice96 (9 months ago)
ignore the price.  This is the equivalent of a Pagani automobile.   Yes there is faster "cheaper" ways to build everything in this world.. But that's just the problem, everyone does that.  To succeed, you need to be 1 of 2 things.  Different, or Better.  And they in many ways are both.  P.S. If I ever got one of these bikes I would do a fulltime youtube channel with it.
MrKickYouNdaNuts (9 months ago)
Way to nice for my budget!
Charity Blanton (9 months ago)
Too kool Keanu!😎 I would love to see one of these on roads of NC, to take good ride to Lake James or Lake Lure on sunny day, would leave "Permagrin" on this lady!
Jim qi (9 months ago)
Keanu should ride one in John Wick 3
Meqi Beradze (9 months ago)
Raj Dwivedy (9 months ago)
Stunning, Absolutely loved the bike.. Good job.. introducing this monster to the world...
Rattle Head (9 months ago)
Beautiful machine but at that price is way out of my price range. Now what to do with this erection.
Jool (9 months ago)
Is there an employee discount? I’ll sweep some floors.
Devotion Passion Inspiration Reliability Thrill Seamless-Connection - All of it injected in these Creations - Fascinating - Feeling transmitted ... even to non-riders ! Cool!
Clem (10 months ago)
As simple as it is....I would like one !
Nana (10 months ago)
super cool! xD
Ladijane Jeronima (10 months ago)
Mr. Sunny G (10 months ago)
Good on ya Keanu mate, id love to buy one they look like they're ment to be ridden like a real cracker haha nice bruzz. Doing something productive for people and ya movies are pretty good so win win. Respect from a convict cunt in the land down under yewww.
MAX & MELLO - S . P. M (10 months ago)
Sou fã do seu trabalho a anos Keanu! Agora então nem se fala! Parabéns pela belíssima motocicleta! Espero um dia ter o privilégio de pilotar uma máquina dessas, feita por vocês e fazer uma visita na sua fábrica. Desejo a todos muito sucesso!
sparkplug964 (10 months ago)
These bikes are great, the attention to detail is amazing, and I don't even like bikes.
Akhil k (10 months ago)
Keanu looks so cool just sitting around!!!!!
Auttie B (10 months ago)
I'll be your tea boy haha, wish you all the best!
KDingo81 (10 months ago)
I really like the KRGT-1, the lines are awesome and the big engine gives it the needed grunt on the lower revs. Must be a real joy to ride it. Sure the price is high compared to other motorcycles, but hand build things usually are more expensive specially if they are of high/highest quality. And i guess if someone is dedicated towards motor cycles it may become a goal in life to save up enough to afford it. Good luck with that company. Looking forward for more of your designs in the future.
Stephen Jones (10 months ago)
Nice bike but only for Hollywood A listers play things out of reach for ordinary bikers pockets
Sergio 76 (10 months ago)
Stephen Flaherty (10 months ago)
Id love one but that bike would probably not pass emissions regulations in the EU.
The Moto Blog (10 months ago)
Love your bikes man especially the new Method 143. I am going to have to get my hands on one for a ride hahaha
Simon Pheenix (11 months ago)
I would give up my BMW bike for an ARCH.
Steve Glassinger (11 months ago)
Well done.
Paul Ielacqua (11 months ago)
jeremy price (11 months ago)
i bet it rides awesome. too bad it is only for the eliteist class. how about an affordable production version for the masses? Buell managed to pull it off. But I do love the streched out performance machine with the vtwin and forward controls. What I don't need is a twenty thousand dollar machined billet aluminum gas tank. how many people can justify an eighty thousand dollar motorcycle?
ocean2 ninechrist (11 months ago)
So Truly Beautiful Extremely Excellent The Product -" ARCH MOTORCYCLE " Like A _''Diamond Unbreakable" With KCR And His Staff So Intelligent / Capkable The Fulfilling Passion And Commitment To Delivery Meeting And Exceeding Customer Expectations With Highness Quality Design Highness Quality Safety Highness Quality Materials Highness Quality Mechanicals Highness Quality Engines And Sound So Truly Thanks To ARCH MOTORCYCLE To Sharing To The World The Vision Of New World Of ARCH MOTORCYCLE love The Stories / KCR You And Your Staff So Friendly Your Are Pioneer For This New Designing The Vedeo Really Great Thus Music Made Everyone Want To Watch Over And Over The More To Watch It The More Love KCR And His Staff All Imagine Works. Your Passion Is Your True Power. With Me Respect Sincerely Your.
martino hidal (11 months ago)
Wowww eso es pasión por las motos
mugus500 (11 months ago)
OMG!!!! ABRAN UNA FABRICA DE PRODUCION YA!!! y pongan otra en españa ! para que los de aqui podamos disfrutar de esas maravillas!
Danilo Jones (11 months ago)
No that's bad to the bone
NiftyTan (11 months ago)
Need digital designer/ brand ambassador? Hit me up!
carlos alfonso gutierrez (11 months ago)
Need put a stand in every bike week around the country!! Super cool bikes
Foxxtrott1100 (11 months ago)
Hope they build a Sport Bike.
Киано, Красавчик!!!
Werschaf (11 months ago)
I'm always amusing myself about the sentence right at the beginning of both "...and I/Gard said no". It´s so sweet^^
We Watch and Pray (1 year ago)
Hello Keanu and Gard, The only way I will ever get one of your bikes is either through some random kindness or winning the lottery,but I love these bikes..Truly special.I have been looking for a cruiser that can perform,and let me drive comfortably for hours on end. [email protected]
Munna Ahmad (1 year ago)
I went this bick hyou mach
Munna Ahmad (1 year ago)
Love you bro
Andrew Felcey (1 year ago)
Putting my Mom in a home selling Her house buying one of these bad boy's. !!!!
Phillip Marlow (1 year ago)
If you ever get back to BC Keanu, slip me a note and I'll show you one of the most beautiful bike routes available.

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