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India vs Pakistan & China Economy Power-GDP per capita-Growth Comparison from 1990.2017-2018 History

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India vs Pakistan & China Economy Power Comparison -GDP per capita-Growth Comparison from 1990.2017-2018 History Animated Chart Not Many will believe , Pakistan gdp per capita was more than China and India in 1990. ANIMATED 27 Years History of India vs Pakistan vs China Economy-Who is the Richest?Money Power Comparison-GDP . India , China are worlds oldest economic super powers and hold a significant portion of world economy . They are also the fastest growing economies of the world . This comparison of riches between India , china and Pakistan is based on 27 years of data for GDP - PPP and GDP per capita data. History of Chinese, Indian and Pakistan economy comparison is presented in form of animated video for all 3 countries for a simple understanding.
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Text Comments (81)
mei Yonosuke (1 month ago)
GDP per capital ppp doesn’t have any persuasion , only inferior Indians use this data to make themselves high. In most countries we use GDP per capital (nominal)which are more reasonable to reflect a country ‘s real economy. In GDP per capital india got only 1800usd almost the same level as Pakistan .
Dean Liu (2 months ago)
saleem rizwi (2 months ago)
Ab batao chamachon madarchodon kaun jimmedar tha.. congressi kha Gaye Desh ko..China kaha se kaha pahuch gaya..
cool das (2 months ago)
wrong map,stupid indian monkey
TUINT (1 month ago)
Thanks for your introduction
gpttut (2 months ago)
what a horseshit video. just show the data
Shiba Inu (2 months ago)
India is the best. India is No.1. China is just a nation of tiny Asian people. They still have a lot to learn.
Dhruval Soni (2 months ago)
'tiny asian people' xD
John Thomson (2 months ago)
Hehehe! Good sarcasm bro! 😂
TUINT (2 months ago)
Every nation is great in its own ways and so are its people
Zargam Khan (4 months ago)
lannat h is ppp or pmln pr
Mollection M (4 months ago)
India leads China for 50 years.we all love the india.People all over the world want to be Indians because india is the best greatest country in this world.
sumit vashistha (7 months ago)
China's debt is 300 % of GDP.
mxn1948 (4 months ago)
firstly, public debt is only ~21% of GDP for china and second, so? whats important is who holds that debt and how well a country handles it. for instance the US is at about 383% total debt vs GDP, japan's total debt tops 600% of GDP. but they, like china, owes most of that debt to itself with the debt held either by national entities such as the federal reserve, banks/companies within the country or private citizens which is completely normal. this is reflected by their investment grade, of which the us is AA+ stable, japan and china at A+ stable, reflecting all three's capability to comfortably and reliably service their debt and that it poses little threat to national development overall. this compared with, for example, India's rating at BBB- stable, reflecting a lower confidence compared with the thee countries mentioned.
0 subscribers (5 months ago)
shidifen yang bro v r accepting the truth, china is more developed then India, the amount of loan ur country has taken is huge then ur GDP. And one more thing India and China both r developing so fast, and our countries will be next super power, love from India
shidifen yang (6 months ago)
sumit vashistha then what? You indians never accept the truth .
liahma123 (7 months ago)
why india always "INFLATE" their GDP??...india's gdp per capita is only 1700 USD in 2017...not 4500..!!!
mei Yonosuke (3 months ago)
Indians always compared their gdp per capital ppp with others gdp per capital nominal,to fool their people .
BeastsAintHere 1 (7 months ago)
liahma123 Well... I do know nothing about economics... I said there may be some problems about the statistics provided by the vedio or the way indians measure their economy. Just guessing.😜
liahma123 (7 months ago)
beastsaithere you don't know nothing about economics....how can a country with fast economic growth but its purchasing power is not affected by INFLATION????...can you explain that???...20 years ago..the purchasing power of one US dollar in india is same as 20 years later...??...you must be kidding me..!!
BeastsAintHere 1 (7 months ago)
liahma123 The difference between GDP(PPP) and nominal GDP differs in different countries. But I personally think there does have some problems in the statistics or the way indians measure their economy.
BeastsAintHere 1 (7 months ago)
liahma123 I'm Chinese, I know that China's nominal GDP per capital is 8800 USD in 2017. So... it's PPP.
Ryan Rodrigues (7 months ago)
Happy are those who are poor God's heaven is open to them.
Ryan Rodrigues (7 months ago)
There are alot of poor people in India who cannot afford 3 meals a day.
Cory Plum (9 months ago)
Should use nominal GDP
唯さえこ (27 days ago)
Nominal is wrong depend on USD! GDP PPP is real economic
A W (9 months ago)
India NO.1
ExtremeCringe TV (6 months ago)
ExtremeCringe TV (6 months ago)
Sameer Bakshi (9 months ago)
I love to be poor :) There is nothing better in this world than being a poor fellow!!!
Taki Tachibana (5 months ago)
Doesn't make sense
sumit vashistha (7 months ago)
Sameer Bakshi Can't agree.
China is 22 times larger economy than pakistan and 2.5 times larger than India.......Imagine how much big China economy is?
Defaulter (16 days ago)
+this is sparta *play assassin's creed Odyssey now to play as Athens Vs Sparta*
Defaulter (16 days ago)
+this is sparta Rome kicked Sparta's ass
this is sparta (6 months ago)
sumit vashistha you look like a dog yeww
sumit vashistha (7 months ago)
Seven7 GDP ( Nominal ) - trillion USD China = 14.5 India = 2.848
yang chen (8 months ago)
ALLAH PAK china gdp 11 trillons and india about 2 trillions. How is 2.5 times ?
Sunny Sharma (10 months ago)
What the fuck you trying to explain bitch ?
India developed but its development is very less relative to China due to its corrupt politicians and bureaucrats......
Vladimir putin (8 months ago)
ALLAH PAK but it's far better than pakistan
XU Limin (10 months ago)
If use Indian statistic way to calculate China GDP, we are more than 15 percent. Only number magic. Check the relation between international trade number and GDP improvement, you will know what happened. No any country will improve their gdp without improvement of international trade except fake number
Nihal Shukla (10 months ago)
Hame too milke looot liya inn Congressiyo ne...
saleem rizwi (2 months ago)
+Vivo-Ipl 2018 bsdk tere baap congressi maa chudwate rahe 60 saal se..China kaise aage nikal Gaya..Bata chaman chutiya
saleem rizwi (2 months ago)
+Ryan Rodrigues bhai yaha pe GDP per capita ki baat ho rahi.. chamchagiri mat kar..Teri Congress ne Raaj kiya tha..kyo peeche rah gayi
saleem rizwi (2 months ago)
Sahi bola bhai..China kaha se kaha pahuch gaya..ye Congress ne madarchod loot Liya Desh ko ..apna ghar Bhara..60 saal maa chudayi hai..aur aaj bhi chamche log Congress se gaand marwa rahe..
V T (2 months ago)
Nihal Shukla Aab bjo
Ryan Rodrigues (7 months ago)
Nihal Shuklaji thoda Singapore aur China ka hin 70 sallo ka ithihas jarrur padna aapka ronne ko aayega, bahut behest sharmi see un desho ke dictator s ne aankan machaya tha. Humare Hindustan ki alag alag sanskruti ko sirf Congress ki sarkar samaj samaj sakti he. Jai Bharat Hail India Jai Hind.
Tirtha Chakrabarti (10 months ago)
Cute animations and music.
TUINT (10 months ago)
Thank you so much Tirtha..
Lay Kim Luu (10 months ago)
wrong indian map
Defaulter (16 days ago)
+cool das nibba
cool das (16 days ago)
+Dinesh Vasu this stupid include kashmir india occupied as india yes,that is a mistake
Dinesh Vasu (17 days ago)
This stupid include Chinese occupied tibat as China yes that a mistake
cool das (2 months ago)
+अन्श ठाकरे no, part of kashmir are controlled by china,accept it
Dhruval Soni (2 months ago)
I swear every video with a map of India has this comment
FIFA 17 Stunning Goals (11 months ago)
Pakistan suffered economically since 2001 invasion of Afghanistan due to Ameri-cunts
Kishore Singh (11 months ago)
Russia is asking who is the richest haha
Li Rui (1 year ago)
why use GDP(PPP)?
TUINT (10 months ago)
Thanks so much Arun for update.
The Engineer Guy (11 months ago)
Because it includes the cost of living, AKA purchasing power per capita. Nominal GDP should be used for measuring the overall size and purchasing power for per capita
Reality tv new (1 year ago)
corrupt leaders have fucked Pakistan badly and left them burning..
avib369 (1 year ago)
Chin economy is built on debt
cool das (2 months ago)
india economy is built on shit
Henonaga (5 months ago)
India's economy is built on debt too.
this is sparta (6 months ago)
sumit vashistha troll I see you every where you pero
sumit vashistha (7 months ago)
Seven7 GDP ( PPP ) - 2050 India = $ 85.97 trillion China = $ 80.02 trillion
sumit vashistha (7 months ago)
Seven7 China's debt is 300 % of GDP.
TUINT (1 year ago)
Animated 27 years of India vs Pakistan vs china comparison of per capita GDP , measure for economic performance.

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