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Escape 4 - Provisioning to Sail The Bahamas

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FollowEscape.com/Tracker for live updates Season 1 Episode 4 2015 Opti New Englands Home Depot Radar Arch Install and 'Modifications' Crane Beach, Ipswich Ma Short Haul at Marblehead Trading Company Survey For Insurance Graphics for name by Jay Pingree of Marblehead Graphics Solar Panel Frame install from West Marine Provisioning (2) 8D Gel Battery Install Pro alt c Install 100 amp high-output alternator install Serpentine Belt Kit install Watching Hurricane Joaquin Instagram - http://instagram.com/s_v_escape/ Twitter - http://twitter.com/SV_Escape Facebook - http://Facebook.com/svEscape Filmed with: GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+, GoPro Hero4, Canon 70D, iPhone 6 Plus Timelapse with: iPhone 6 Plus and Hyperlapse 1080p, GoPro or 70D photo interval of 5s wifi Boat: 1981 C&C 36 continuing refit and recondition project Navigation: Current suite from Raymarine including A97 sonar/depth & temperature transducer, paddle speed transducer, ev-100 wheel autopilot - Navionics Field Specialist running latest Navionics Platinum+ Cartography, Navionics+ for current updates. - Navionics iPhone App for wifi updates of the latests charts to the Raymarine a97 and easily transferring routes and waypoints - RayView Android app on dedicated Droid 4 with 1080p video out to 40" LG LED TV for viewing navigation information in the salon from the a97 via wifi - RayControl Android App on dedicated Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for controlling the a97 via wifi while in the salon - 2015 27" 5k iMac running Polar View with USB GPS and NOAA ENC (vector) and Raster Charts from Maine to South America with Active Captain Database and weather GRIB files - iPhone AquaMap app for active captain database access - Skipper Bobs ICW Anchorages - Paper Cruising Guides from Maine to the Bahamas
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Text Comments (17)
moncorp1 Inc (1 year ago)
5:25 got a friend with hair exactly like this. Part of a group of friends I've known since college. We all call him Pubes....to this day.
Curtisass curtisass (2 years ago)
that radar mount looked kinda [email protected]@er rigged with the wrong screw heads n all. coulda sanded the corners off the white nylon too. just sayin
piney power (2 years ago)
SV BellaLuna (3 years ago)
Rad! Keep up the good work!
dawntreader70 (3 years ago)
hey now- do i see 13 point stealie bolts on that baseball hat under the dodger? (~);-} look for cal 39 sv aquarius from annisquam while you're south, maybe we'll crank up some jerry and drink some beers someday, MA north shore deadheads unite!
dave runner (3 years ago)
Gel batts are sealed and need no maintenance, how ever they can only be trickle charged. If you try to fast charge them they will die.
Sailing SV Escape (3 years ago)
+dave runner Good point! The alternator charge controller, AC-DC charge controller, and the solar charge controller are all running gel charging profiles.
Jason Kaine (3 years ago)
You got a new sub homies.. Good F'in music & Fishing! oh yeah
Sailing SV Escape (3 years ago)
+Jason Kaine Thanks man!
Empty Nest Sailing (3 years ago)
Loved the vid. Best of luck on your south bound journey! Fair Winds!
Sailing Madrigal (3 years ago)
Home depot's loving this refit ;) well done. Subscribed
Joseph OConnor (2 years ago)
Sailing Madrigal
GoSea Sailing (3 years ago)
We started out from Texas to the Keys and now to the Bahamas for 6 months, as we try a circumnavigation. Love you to check out our channel! https://youtu.be/-QpAMvKhFzU
GoSea Sailing (3 years ago)
Thanks so much!  The videos started to get really good in December and we now have a solid format each week.  We are lucky that Aub is a professional photographer and she was a fast study at the editing.  We used the time at the marina to really figure out this YT thing and it will really make for some entertaining and beautiful videos as we get into blue water.  We leave for the Bahamas in 9 days!!  I can't believe it.
Sailing SV Escape (3 years ago)
+Miss Lone Star's Travels Love your channel! Watching the entire playlist all morning. Keep up the good work!
Dick Dixon (3 years ago)
What movie making software are you using?
Sailing SV Escape (3 years ago)
FCP X and Adobe CC (illustrator, photoshop, after effects)

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