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How to Get Project Requirements from Project Stakeholders
This video walks you through ideas to help you gather requirements from project stakeholders. Timestamps: User Stories: 0:52 Brainstorming Sessions: 1:31 Review Sessions: 2:21 Process Diagramming: 3:05 Keep Asking Why: 3:34 Other Great Project Management Videos: Project Management Life Cycle Overview: https://youtu.be/qzUozepFlbE 5 Skills a Project Manager Needs: https://youtu.be/iz7CDH2Y_gw What to Include in a Weekly Status Report: https://youtu.be/VhGFwTjB094 What's the Difference Between a Project Manager and a BA?: https://youtu.be/OOG08qEV-CA First Questions a Project Manager Should Ask When Starting a Project: https://youtu.be/vcm7wib6LMw What to Do When a Project Goes Bad: https://youtu.be/t2J-F3XDKbA What is a Project Charter in Project Management: https://youtu.be/nMQwsmjLSlM How to Manage Scope Creep in Project Management: https://youtu.be/6_kZc8ljz0E How to Get Your PMP Certification: https://youtu.be/Ugfoz89Usds How Project Managers Can Use OneNote: https://youtu.be/Q95hyhIfZJg How to Create a Project Network Diagram: https://youtu.be/ecIqKhO6eS8
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Project Management: What is a Work Breakdown Structure?
Learn everything you need to know about a Work Breakdown Structure in project management. Try our award-winning PM software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProjectManagementWhatisaWorkBreakdownStructure If you are a project manager and you want to stretch your tasks correctly, then you need to create what is known as a work breakdown structure for your project. This is a simple project management activity that is properly explained by watching this video.
Requirements Analysis in Software Engineering and Testing
This requirements analysis training is about software requirements analysis in software engineering and software testing projects. It explains what is a business requirement, with requirements analysis example on how to analyse software requirements with requirements review techniques. Learn business requirements example, software system requirements example, what is a good requirement vs a bad requirement and how to convert bad requirements into good requirements with examples. Agile test strategy and test plan : https://youtu.be/vm5kGy6URjM Software Testing Tutorials : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGWuMK03uYO-UENAx0s2woWM Test Automation : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGXVcy8EcrTSfwsC-v8EUZvg Database Testing : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc3SzDYhhiGVVb76aFOH9AcIMNAW-JuXE Website : http://inderpsingh.blogspot.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/inder_p_singh
Project Management in Under 5: What is Project Scope?
Project Scope is easy to define, but the hardest part of a project manager's job. So, what is Project Scope? Here, Dr Mike Clayton, founder of https://OnlinePMCourses.com answers this question, in under 5 minutes. For a full article: - 'Project Scope: What You Need to Know' | https://onlinepmcourses.com/define-project-scope/ And, if you need to create a Scope Management Plan, check out: - 'Scope Management Plan: Everything You Need to Know' | https://onlinepmcourses.com/scope-management-plan/ And You may also like... - What is the Project Manager's Iron Triangle? | https://youtu.be/JHSHOAfV-uw - What are Project Objectives? | https://youtu.be/OCgbfSsKo2M - What is MOSCOW Analysis? | https://youtu.be/lO5gftPdQT8 - What is the Primary Project Hierarchy? | https://youtu.be/t7iXFYa8rRs - What is a Project Definition? | https://youtu.be/xuAxYwembwU - What is Strategic Project Definition? | https://youtu.be/NVCaOlZSK5Q Please: Give us a like Visit https://OnlinePMCourses.com ...or subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZfp1_wquyegVY9SoER0Nw?sub_confirmation=1
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Requirement Gathering & Analysis Phase in SDLC
When a company needs a new software program, they have some idea of what they want the new program to do. This lesson describes the purpose and importance of the gathering and analyzing requirements in the software development lifecycle.
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Requirements Analysis
An introduction to projects, roles, and requirements
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Project Planning Process: 5 Steps To Project Management Planning
Director Jennifer Whitt takes you through all 5 steps of the project planning process. Try our award-winning PM software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProjectPlanningProcess5StepsToProjectManagementPlanning You know the importance of project planning. But do you suffer from analysis paralysis regarding the project planning process? These five steps can help: 1) Project Plan 2) Breakdown of Deliverables 3) Determining of Dependencies, Critical Path, Issues, Risk & Resources 4) Create Timeline 5) Assigning of Resources Learn why smart project managers always use project planning templates (project planners) as well as project planning software with document sharing. Once you've seen the video and noted the 5 critical steps you must take when planning your project, click on the link below to claim your 30-day free trial of ProjectManager.com, the world's leading project management planning software tool. https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProjectPlanningProcess5StepsToProjectManagementPlanning To see another great video about the project planning process, check out "Project Management Planning & Execution". Click the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTHBMunWD8M
How to gather requirement as a Business Analyst - Almond Careers
Learn how to run a requirement workshop. Work on a real project as part of our training.
Requirements Gathering | Perils of a Project Manager - Episode 1 (FUNNY)
Episode 1 in the funny project management animated series: Perils of a Project Manager. Finding humour in the mundane reality of managing a project. Follow the series to find out how our project manager, Jacob, copes with the typical scenarios project managers face every day. Requirements Gathering – Have you ever been involved in the requirements gathering phase of a project? If you have you’ll know the frustration of getting everyone to send through their completed requirement specs on time and with meaningful information! Watch the video to see how Jacob has his initial enthusiasm for the process be slowly eroded as reality begins to bite… #projectmanagement #requirements #funny
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How To Write A Project Specification
In this video, Dave describes a basic brainstorming approach that anyone can use to write requirement and specification documents. http://www.SourceSeek.com - Connect WIth Top Offshore Software Teams SourceSeek (www.sourceseek.com) matches your software projects for free with trusted dev teams in the U.S. and around the world. Whether you're a startup founder, small-business owner, or Fortune 100 manager, you need to get it right the first time. But too often, software projects fail, resulting in wasted time and money. SourceSeek is here to help you keep your project on-time and on-budget, and your development partners highly motivated. Our founder, Dave Hecker, is one of the foremost experts on outsourcing software, web, and mobile development projects. We're passionate about teaching both clients and vendors what they can do to ensure the success of their projects. Here's what we do, in as little as two weeks: - Quickly and efficiently assess a client's needs - Intelligently match you to a dev team for your product or project needs - Co-pilot to help you optimize distributed teams and see instant results SourceSeek is free for clients; we find you the best teams and the perfect match. It's that simple. Watch all our videos, send us feedback, and tell us about your project at http://www.sourceseek.com/get-started-now/. SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE OUTSOURCING VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sourceseek LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► http://google.com/+Sourceseek Facebook ► http://facebook.com/SourceSeek Twitter ► http://twitter.com/SourceSeek Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/sourceseek Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/SourceSeek SourceSeek ► http://www.sourceseek.com
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Functional and Non-functional Requirements | What is the difference between the two?
DETAILED ARTICLE http://pmclounge.com/2018/02/functional-and-non-functional-requirements/ SCOPE MANAGEMENT https://goo.gl/XYNn3h SCOPE MANAGEMENT: FAQs https://goo.gl/Q7z8rj VLOGS - LOUNGING AROUND https://goo.gl/3p7bbe SHOP FOR PMP AT AMAZON INDIA http://amzn.to/2xjhXlS PMP STUDY PLAN http://pmclounge.com/pmp-study-plan/ PMP PREPARATION RESOURCES http://pmclounge.com/pmp-preparation-resources/ CONNECT Website - http://pmclounge.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pmclounge Twitter - https://twitter.com/pmclounge #PMP #ProjectManagement #PMCLounge
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Requirements Analysis & Management
This module starts by introducing requirements and how they differ from Objectives. The Requirements Engineering process is explained, and then elaborated with requirements elicitation, documentation, analysis and validation. Once identified requirements need to be managed and aspects of change control are explored. Presenter: Frank Griffin
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software requirement specification | software engineering |
software engineering software requirement specification
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What is Project Risk Control?
Watch this video from https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=WhatisProjectRiskControl to learn, from a project management expert, about the critical requirements of project risk control.
PGC Lectures: Analysis Phase and steps, Feasibility study, Requirement analysis, Project planning,
PGC Lectures: Chapter # 3 Data Design Process Lesson # 2 Topics Analysis Phase and steps Feasibility study Requirement analysis Project planning Data analysis ICS II Computer Science
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Product Analysis vs Requirements Gathering
PRODUCT ANALYSIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z0dnsJW054 COLLECT REQUIREMENTS PLAYLIST https://goo.gl/kqfT6z SCOPE MANAGEMENT FAQs https://goo.gl/Q7z8rj VLOGS - LOUNGING AROUND https://goo.gl/3p7bbe SHOP FOR PMP AT AMAZON INDIA http://amzn.to/2xjhXlS PMP STUDY PLAN http://pmclounge.com/pmp-study-plan/ PMP PREPARATION RESOURCES http://pmclounge.com/pmp-preparation-resources/ CONNECT Website - http://pmclounge.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pmclounge Twitter - https://twitter.com/pmclounge #PMP #ProjectManagement #PMCLounge
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Software Requirement Gathering
Software Requirement Gathering Lecture By: Ms. Shweta, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Project Management Tutorial: Introduction to Project Management
Project Management Tutorial - If you are thinking to transition into a project management role, if you are preparing for a PM interview or if you just started as a project manager this project management channel is for you. Discover how to efficiently lead projects by learning tools and techniques to manage scope, time and resources. The course will enhance your proficiency in project management. Course topics include: - Understand PRINCE2®, PMI®, Agile, SDLC, ITIL, Lean Six Sigma to select the suitable methods, tools and software for your project - Learn to start a project developing a project charters and a business case - Gathering and prioritize requirements - Plan schedule, costs and communication avoiding analysis paralysis - Manage senior stakeholder and efficiently report progress - Manage risks and issues to ensure project success Understand the difference between project management and project leadership - Managing team, schedule, costs and quality - How to close a project and transition it to BAU Operations This channel is an introduction to project management concepts and tools. If you are an experienced project manager or want to prepare for the PRINCE2® or PMP® certification exam we recommend to use additional resources to cover exam relevant knowledge areas more in-depth. However, completion of these videos may count for credit toward certification or continuing education. Please review professional association websites for further details on certification and recertification prerequisites. MAVO Institute delivers project management training to help professionals prepare for certifications and achieve their career goals. Our mission is to help shrinking the widening skills gap and complement offers from existing MOOC providers. Current courses include Payments Industry Primer, Project Management, Program Management, Product Management, Process Improvement & Quality Management, Data Center Management and Business Systems Data Analysis.
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Project Financing - Part I
With resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, we have seen more and more start-ups booming in recent times. The entrepreneur/ company for implementation of the business idea is required to prepare a Project Feasibility Report. The Project Report covers certain important aspects such as cost estimates, means of finance, equity and debt mix, future projections, parties involved, feasibility study, implementation schedule etc. Project financing -Part I video touches on all these important aspects that are a must to plan, evaluate, list etc. They form basis of every project irrespective of whether the Project is self-funded or dependent of outside funding support. The other videos on Project financing will cover each important aspect in depth for better understanding.
Requirement Phase @ PineStem (An Intelligent Project Management Tool)
An Intelligent, Self Learning & Suggestive Project Management Tool. A project management software that "Thinks" for you and based on past performance analytics, makes intelligent suggestions to you about resources. Having the right person for the job is half the battle won, but it can be difficult for a project manager to distinguish the capability of an individual programmer. PineStem makes it simple to determine which employee will be best suited for a given job based on their past performance. As more projects & tasks are logged and followed in PineStem, the analysis of individual performance gets better and the overall effort efficiency, code quality and overall reliability of an individual is identified with ease. Sprints are the backbone of agile methodology. Being on top of the sprint's daily progress is paramount in order for a project to succeed. PineStem will track your sprint progress, it'll inform you of the work left and whether you are meeting your daily targets taking into consideration the remaining tasks and bugs. Learnings from the past are utilized to analyze the sprint performance and indicate possible overshoot of the sprint. This will help the manager take remedial action to bring the project back on track. PineStem was developed for internal use years ago by Osmosys. Our software engineers have been using this regularly for the last few years. All our software development projects were managed over this application and it allowed us to expand with features, as needed to know the status, track bugs and finally the billing. The platform has been stable and allowed us to expand with features as needed by the team making this an application built by software engineers for their own need. Meet Your Intelligent Partner: https://pinestem.com/ Mobile Apps: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/pinestem/id1231737765?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.osmosys.pinestem&hl=en
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies Lecture By: Ms. Madhu Bhatia, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Requirements Collecting Techniques
PM Chalkboard's basic tips and techniques for collecting project requirements.
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Starting A Serious Web Development Project
In this video we will discuss some methods on approaching a serious web development or programming project, whether it is a freelance project, for a companay or your own. This video was created from my own experiences as well as some general research SPONSOR: Check out Coding Dojo - http://www.codingdojo.com/l/yt/tr SLIDE: https://www.slideshare.net/TechGuy1/starting-a-web-development-project 💖 BECOME A PATRON: Show support & get perks! http://www.patreon.com/traversymedia VISIT MY WEBISTE: Check Out My Udemy Courses http://www.traversymedia.com FOLLOW TRAVERSY MEDIA: http://www.facebook.com/traversymedia http://www.twitter.com/traversymedia http://www.instagram.com/traversymedia
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How to Write a Business Case - Project Managment Training
Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explains the importance of a business case for your project. Try our Award-Winning PM Software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=HowtoWriteBusinessCase Our expert outlines how to write a great business case to share with your organization.
Documenting Functional Requirements
An important step to picking the right software is to document Functional Requirements. This video describes the process of documenting Functional Requirements. Stakeholders will be the people who provide your project's software requirements. For more information, please visit website WWW.SOFTREQ.COM where you will find more useful information such as Business Requirements document templates, completed Business Requirements document, training videos, FAQ's, etc.
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"Working with the requirements - analysis of the case" by Valerie Verveda, Project Manager, Intersog
Valerie Verveda, Project Manager, Intersog, shared her knowledge during PMLab Conference, powered by educational project for IT-specialists GeeksLab, 11.04.2015 Learn more - http://geekslab.co/events/33-konferentsiya-pm-lab
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Project Management: Creating a Communications Plan
The project communications plan defines how you'll communicate and with which audience. Try our Award-Winning PM Software for free: https://www.projectmanager.com/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ProjectManagementCreatingaCommunicationsPlan Learn a few simple steps you can follow to create a communications plan for your project. Learn how to communicate with stakeholders and other audiences. All the best practices are right here.
Managing Requirements - PM Edge
It’s not your job to know how to tackle every facet of a project. It is your job to get the right people together, decide what the project should deliver and then revisit those requirements as everything progresses. For more tips and information, learn about PM Edge™ – a free, self-paced learning experience from PMI. http://ow.ly/oIzx30mtuJB
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Business Analyst online training Project Management Life Cycle by ELearningLine @848-200-0448
For more information on business analyst training please visit: http://www.addiox.com Call us: 848-200-0448 || Email us - [email protected] This video provides details about the Project Management Life Cycle. BA Online Training offered by Addiox Technologies - Healthcare IT services and consulting provider. Topics Covered Introduction to Business Analysis 1. Introduction to Business Analysis 2. Business Composition and Architecture 3. Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst 4. Need for a Business Analyst 5. Project Team 6. Importance of a Business Analyst in the Project Team Business Analysis Techniques 1. PESTLE -- Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental 2. MOST -- Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics 3. SWOT -- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 4. CATWOE -- Customers, Actors, Transformation Process, World View, Owner, Environmental Constraints System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 1. Understanding Concept of Business Modeling 2. Requirement Gathering 3. Analysis 5. Implementation 6. Testing 7. Deployment Understanding and Capturing business needs 1. Setting up priorities 2. Feasibility studies 3. Project scope 4. Business case 5. Risk assessment 6. Evaluating and selecting an initiative 7. Setting up future vision Software Engineering Methods 1. Waterfall Method 2. AGILE Methodology Requirement Analysis Process 1. Creating Requirement gathering strategy 2. Planning 3. Requirements Activities 4. Requirement Gathering Techniques 5. Different Types of Requirements 6. Creating Business Requirement Document 7. Creating Software Requirement Specifications 8. Requirements Risk Management 9. Manage Requirements Change UML Methodology 1. Use Case Diagrams 2. Activity Diagrams 3. Sequence Diagrams 4. State Chart Diagrams Use Cases 1. Understanding Use Cases 2. Use Case Relationships 3. Use Case Brainstorming 4. Creating Use cases from Requirements 5. Change Management & Version Control Concept Business Requirement Gathering Tools 1. MS Visio 2. Enterprise Architect Business Process Improvement 1. Selection of process teams and leader 2. Process analysis training 3. Process analysis interview 4. Process documentation 5. Review cycle 6. Problem analysis Modeling Data and Processes 1. Data models 2. Conceptual, logical and physical schemes 3. Data modeling process 4. Modeling methodologies Software Testing 1. Introduction to QA Methodology 2. Role of BA in Testing 3. Creating Test Plans 4. Creating Test Cases 5. Different Testing Methods 6. Functional and Regression testing 7. White Box and Black Box Testing 8. Positive and Negative Testing 9. GUI and Unit Testing 10. User Acceptance Testing Business Analysis Governance 1. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)® 2. Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK)® 3. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)® Resume Preparation 1. Resume Review 2. Resume Preparation Tips 3. Sample Resumes Interview Preparation 1. Mock Interviews 2. Interview Preparation Tips 3. Sample Interview Questions 4. How to clear an Interview
Decision Tree Tutorial in 7 minutes with Decision Tree Analysis & Decision Tree Example (Basic)
Clicked here http://www.MBAbullshit.com/ and OMG wow! I'm SHOCKED how easy.. No wonder others goin crazy sharing this??? Share it with your other friends too! Fun MBAbullshit.com is filled with easy quick video tutorial reviews on topics for MBA, BBA, and business college students on lots of topics from Finance or Financial Management, Quantitative Analysis, Managerial Economics, Strategic Management, Accounting, and many others. Cut through the bullshit to understand MBA!(Coming soon!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5yWr1hr6QY
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Is about a process for my group assessments in system analysis design. My group of 4 has choose to created a E-Commerce Website and there the process and requirement from our client.
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Requirements Analysis and Management Webinar 3-29-2017
This one hour webinar will give you a step by step approach to Requirements Management and Analysis. A systems engineer will lead you through all the features in Innoslate that implement Requirements Management and Analysis. What's covered? Capturing requirements using the automated parser Writing requirements Checking quality of requirements Tracing requirements to other model entities Baselining requirements
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Managing Requirements through the Lifecycle of an Agile Project
Are you deploying complex, enterprise scaled IT projects within an Agile environment? Are you struggling to leverage requirements management best practices along with Agile principles? If so, this video is for you. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about: 1. Why you need to analyze the full business, not just development objectives. 2. How a strong alignment between Requirements Management and Agile tools can de-risk and accelerate your IT project. 3. How to sustain your momentum and preserve the ‘why’ long after your project is completed.
What Techniques Do Business Analysts Use?
This KnowledgeKnugget™ (KK) is part of an eCourse "Business Analysis Defined". VIEW COURSE OUTLINE at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/video-course-business-analysis-defined/. Also available as Paperback or Kindle eBook at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K7MM50O/. DESCRIPTION: Although the field of IT Business Analysis offers great career opportunities for those seeking employment, some business analysis skills are essential for any adult in the business world today. For example, the task of defining the requirements for an IT solution is handed to Business Analysts as well as Subject Matter Experts, Developers, System Analysts, Product Owners, Project Managers, Line Managers, or any other business expert. Applying business analysis techniques to define their business needs results in much higher chances for a successful IT project. In this KnowledgeKnugget™ you will learn what business analysis techniques and tools are most commonly used around the world based on surveys of actual business analysts. This KnowledgeKnugget™ answers questions like: 1. What are the primary activities in business analysis? 2. What tools or techniques do they use? To view more IT requirements training, visit the Business Analysis Learning Store at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/business-analysis-training-store/. PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: Business analysis is the process of studying a business or any other organization to identify business opportunities / problem areas and suggest potential solutions. A wide range of people with various titles, roles and responsibilities actually apply business analysis techniques within an organization. There are three fundamentally different flavors or levels of business analysis: 1. Strategic Business Analysis (aka Enterprise Analysis) (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/strategic-business-analysis/ ) 2. Tactical Business Analysis (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/tactical-business-analysis/) 3. Operational Business Analysis (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/operational-business-analysis/Operational Business Analysis) Strategic Business Analysis is the study of business visions, goals, objectives, and strategies of an organization or an organizational unit to identify the desired future. It encompasses the analysis of existing organizational structure, policies, politics, problems, opportunities, and application architecture to build a business case for change. This analysis employs business analysis techniques such as Variance Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Force Field Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Key Performance Indicators to support senior management in the decision-making process. The primary outcome of this work is a set of defined, prioritized projects and initiatives that the organization will undertake to create the desired future. If the initiative includes the development of software using an Agile Software Development Methodology (SDM) (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/business-analysis-agile-methodologies/), strategic business analysis techniques identify themes and/or epics, and initiate a product backlog. Tactical Business Analysis is at the project or initiative level to flush out the details of the proposed solution and to ensure that it meets the needs of the business community. Commonly used business analysis techniques at this level include Stakeholder Identification (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/how-to-identify-stakeholders-it-projects/), Interviewing (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/requirements-elicitation-gathering-business-stakeholder-it-requirements/), Facilitation (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/how-to-facilitate-requirements-gathering-workshops/), Baselining, Coverage Matrices, MoSCoW Analysis (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/requirements-prioritization-two-simple-techniques/), Benchmarking, Business Rules Analysis, Change Management, Process and Data Modeling (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/business-data-modeling-informational-requirements/), and Functional Decomposition (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/video-course-exposing-functional-and-non-functional-requirements/). In an Agile environment, Tactical Business Analysis adds to the Product Backlog and/or Release Plans expressed in Themes, Business Epics, Architecture Epics, User Stories (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/video-course-writing-user-stories/), and User Story Epics. In a traditional setting, the primary outcome of Tactical Business Analysis is a set of textual and/or modeled Business and Stakeholder Requirements (http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/video-course-writing-requirements/). ..........
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Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
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Feasibility study in hindi and simple language
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Software Requirement Specification SRS Document in hindi/urdu | SoftwareEngineering
Brief: This video is about how to make Software Requirement Specification document in Software Engineering. It is the complete lecture, at the end A real SRS is also shown by the teacher to make the concept more clear. ===================================================== Link to Functional and Non-Functional requirement Lecture: https://youtu.be/02AouF6wXz4 Link to Gantt Chart Lecture: https://youtu.be/k8y6Uotw8go ===================================================== What is SRS? A documents use to describe the behavior of the software System, Functional, Non-Functional requirements of the software system. Users of the SRS? Development Team Maintenance Team Clients Technical writers Contents of the SRS are also well define in the Video. Real SRS Document is also shown by the teacher. Download Link to Slides (pdf) Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhd19vfii1bbknv/SRS-Slides%20PPT.pdf?dl=0 ===================================================== Download link to SRS Template of (virtual Class Room System) Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzs5e7wpwdm1rcp/SRS.pdf?dl=0 ===================================================== Subscribe our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/SoftwareEngineering Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoftwareEngineeringYT Follow us on twitter: https://www.twitter.com/imsoftwareeng
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Software Development Lifecycle in 9 minutes!
This video will cover the SDLC with specific focus on the software quality assurance testing phase. http://www.testaholic.net/understanding-the-software-development-life-cycle
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Project(Requirement analysis)
Hotspot Firewall System
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CBAP Training || Business Analyst Training - Requirements Analysis by elearningline @848-200-0448
Business Analysis Training & CBAP training || CBAP Tutorials || CBAP Exam provided Online from industry expert trainers with real time project experience. CONTACT: 848-200-0448 (or) Email - [email protected] More info: https://www.elearningline.com/course/business-analysis-training/ This CBAP Training || CBAP Tutorials || CBAP certification || CBAP Exam is focused on fetching you a job. It is designed by expert and experienced BA professionals. It gives you enough theory and practical aspect that is required to get BA’s job.. In this BA training / CBAP training you will learn: 1. Introduction To BA & Team What is IIBA BABOK? Introduction to Business Analysis Business Composition and Architecture Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst Need for a Business Analyst Project Team 2. Elicitation Introduction to Elicitation Why Elicitation & How to elicit Methods Of Elicitation 3. Analytical Techniques PESTLE ? Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental MOST ? Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics SWOT ? Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 4. SDLC & Methods What is SDLC? Different popular method: Waterfall Method RAD Methodology AGILE Methodology 5. Project Management What is Project Management for BA? Project Management Phases: Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring & Controlling Closing 6. Testing Facts Introduction to QA . Role of BA in Testing. Creating Test Plans. Creating Test Cases. Different Testing Methods. Functional and Regression testing. White Box and Black Box Testing. Positive and Negative Testing. GUI and Unit Testing. User Acceptance Testing. 7. Business Process Model Business model Business process Business process Improvement Business process modeling tools Programming language tools for BPM Others: Business process re-engineering Business process management 8. Unified Modeling Language (UML) What is UML?. Why UML?. History Of UML. Types of Diagrams. Most Popular UML Diagrams online courses 9. UML Tools Introduction of UML Tools? Microsoft Visio, Smart Draw, Some examples Sequence Diagram Use Case Diagram State Chart Diagrams Activity Diagram 10. Creative Requirement Writing Business Analyst Deliverables How to create Business Requirement Document Facts about BRD 11. Case Studies 12. Practice Tests
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Software Quality Metrics You Need To Know
In this video we continue with our theme “Metrics that Matter” – Ryan Yackel dives into quality metrics and the reports behind them. View the full Whiteboard Friday series on “Metrics that Matter in Software Testing”: http://bit.ly/2nzSADC Software quality metrics refer to the results of test executions, including metrics like the time it takes to execute tests and session data. These metrics may also include non-results type of reports such as exploratory testing that is focused less on the actual pass/fail results, but more on the overall user experience. Understanding software quality metrics usually begins with the three core reports: test run summary and defect priority/severity and status. The test run summary is integral to showing tests by cycle, project or release -- ideally by the functional area. Look at the latest test run execution results in this view. The defect report by status, severity and priority helps determine the importance of defects found to evaluate which bugs need to addressed immediately and triage the remaining defects for resolution. Extra software reports include executions by week/sprint, results received per requirement and defect density. Understanding test execution by week or sprint shows which days are active for testing and allows you to reallocate test resources based on those needs. Results per requirement reports show which percentage of testing is assigned to each requirement, helping you identify over and under testing of requirements and reassign test executions appropriately. And defect density shows the defects that make up an application or functional area to identify risky applications or functional areas. A couple pro tips for software quality metrics is to keep track of the number of manual versus automated tests, days since test execution run and flapping. Knowing the number of manual versus automated test allows you to help identify some manual tests that can be moved to automated execution, saving time, as well as understand which type of testing produces high value. Tracking the days since test run, on an individual-type basis means you can gauge which test you haven’t run in an extended period of time and reduce the library of tests that have not been run recently. Flapping reports show you which tests always pass under one set of conditions while always failing under another set. When this happens, look at whether the test case has changed and that it is written correctly or check if there’s a problem with the requirement.
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Planning for Requirements Discovery
https://www.iag.biz/what-is-requirements-discovery/ - In this brief video, senior consultant Brad MacNamara discusses the essential steps in planning for requirements discovery. This phase is extremely important as the information gathered is used as the basis for the design requirements/ specifications, which will define the overall objective of the project.
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How to Build Engagement with Stakeholders
Stakeholder engagement is incredibly important to successful business analysis. Without engaged stakeholders who care about the project and understand the work you do as a business analyst, you will work harder to discover the right requirements. You’ll face issues like stakeholders not showing up to your meetings, unanswered questions about requirements that delay your project, and finger-pointing when issues inevitably surface late in the project. Today’s question comes to us from Natasha, who asks: “I have secured 5 min of time with my key stakeholder (cornered them in the corridor), they never worked with a BA before, what are the 3 most important things/ideas I should convey to them in order to start building some meaningful engagement.” This is an important question and I answer it in today’s video. Read more now: http://www.bridging-the-gap.com/stakeholder-engagement/
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Requirements Elicitation Techniques - Simply Put!
Introducing our newest eCourse “Requirements Elicitation Techniques – Simply Put!" View the full course overview and outline at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/ecourse-requirements-elicitation-techniques/ Prefer reading? Try the book version at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/book-requirements-elicitation-techniques/ DESCRIPTION (lesson 1.1) In this video, author and instructor Tom Hathaway introduces the learning objectives for the course "Requirements Elicitation Techniques — Simply Put!'. He explains why Requirements Elicitation is such a challenge and how we can manage it. ABOUT THE ECOURSE This 90-minute course teaches you several requirements elicitation techniques designed to improve the outcomes of your elicitation interviews and workshops. The presented techniques will help practicing business analysts, future business analysts, subject matter experts, managers, product owners, project managers, and anyone responsible for getting the right requirements from the right people. Upon completion of the entire course, you can: • Identify potential stakeholders early in the project • Manage the requirements elicitation process with a Question File • Recognize, track, and report progress toward requirements completion • Define, document, and analyze business problems to ferret out hidden requirements • Facilitate effective requirements brainstorming sessions to uncover additional requirements • Use 10 critical questions to initiate the requirements elicitation process • Capture and communicate assumptions about your requirements • Avoid “analysis paralysis” by recognizing when it is time to stop eliciting and start deciding SIGN UP for the full course today at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/product/ecourse-requirements-elicitation-techniques/ To view more IT requirements training, visit the Business Analysis Learning Store at http://businessanalysisexperts.com/business-analysis-training-store/.
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Functional and Non-functional requirements with examples
Understand the basic concept of functional and non-functional requirements in object oriented software engineering along with a case study and some small examples.
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The Full Stack: Requirements Management
Watch the experts tackle engineering complexity in real-time in this Requirements Management episode of the Full Stack, from IBM Watson IoT. IBM Engineering tools can provide valuable insights for systems engineers in the area of requirements management and automation. Learn more: https://ibm.co/2VapEmz
How to Manage Requirements, Expectations, and Project Delivery (Without Sucking)
I see the same pattern more often than I should: companies struggle to understand and prioritize requirements, map it into work that can be delivered, and keep people updated. Here is how I do it. ---- Also, check out The Open Org - they produce some great content about building open processes in organizations. See https://opensource.com/open-organization - I have contributed to some of their books too.
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Business Analysis Training Lesson - Requirement Conflicts 8 Ways to manage sticky stakeholders
http://www.business-analysis-excellence.com - Business Analysis Training Lesson - Requirement Conflicts 8 Ways to manage sticky stakeholders for Business Analysts. Learn how to apply these business analysis techniques in your every day management of stakeholders and business requirements.