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There were over 70 articles about Hugh around the world. Sometimes all we could do was Google Translate the titles... which lead to some interesting results. Buy our comic book! In Korea: https://goo.gl/DCsjq3 If you aren't in Korea you can buy from here: https://mykoreanstore.com/products/mykoreanhusband Subscribe for more videos on our intercultural life, Korean culture, Australian culture and more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGL1HpBEAER2nnfpohNF2CQ?sub_confirmation=1 Our Intercultural life. ‘My Korean Husband’ comics and ‘My Australian Wife’ comics on the blog: http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Also here: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/my-korean-husband/list?title_no=36845 Nicholalala Webtoons on LINE WEBTOON. A scrolling webtoon about Korean countryside life, Korean folklore, and imagination: http://www.webtoons.com/en/slice-of-life/nicholalala/list?title_no=418 Nicholalala Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nicholalalavlog Get updates on the My Korean Husband Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyKoreanHusband See what Hugh (Mr Gwon) is up to on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrHughGwon Follow on Twitter for updates and tweets about Kpop: https://twitter.com/MyKoreanHusband For Tumblr users: http://mykoreanhusband.tumblr.com/ Follow the blog Instagram for more about our life: http://instagram.com/mykoreanhusband Follow Hugh’s Instagram for probably food posts… https://www.instagram.com/mkhmrgwon/ Follow Nichola’s personal Instagram for art updates and pretty photos: https://www.instagram.com/nicholagwon/ Pin stuff on Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/mykoreanhusband/
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How to Translate Articles on Meedan
Meedan allows users to post any English or Arabic news link and see an MT translation of the article. Even better, you can improve the translation right there on the article itself, and publish straight away for others to benefit from. See more at http://News.Meedan.net.
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Experts Translated This 3,700 Year Old Tablet, And The Discovery They Made Has Rewritten History
Please do not forget to visit the site http://scribol.com ************************************************************** At Australia’s University of New South Wales, a team of academics is poring over a slab of ancient clay. Slowly, they come to a shocking realization about the rows and columns etched across its surface – and it’s a revelation that will change everything we think we know about mathematics. The story begins back in the early 1900s, when American archaeologist Edgar Banks was exploring an area that today is part of southern Iraq. As a lover of antiquities, Banks spent much of his career buying up ancient artifacts during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, Banks was so fascinated by treasures from the past that some have speculated he may have been the inspiration for George Lucas’ fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones. And at the beginning of the 20th century, he made the discovery that would make him famous. It was around that time that Banks came into possession of a strange tablet. At approximately five inches wide and three and a half inches tall, it was covered in mysterious etchings. Banks told people that it had been discovered in Senkereh, which is thought to be the site of Larsa, an ancient Sumerian city. But Banks didn’t hold onto the relic, instead selling it in about 1922 to George Arthur Plimpton, a New York publisher. Then, some time in the mid 1930s, Plimpton donated it to Columbia University. Since that time, the discovery has been known as Plimpton 322, and it has attracted attention from academics around the world. Created some 3,700 years ago, the tablet originates from a time when the Babylonians ruled Larsa. An ancient people that thrived in central-southern Mesopotamia, they have left many relics scattered around what is now modern-day Iraq. Considering the era, the Babylonians were an incredibly advanced civilization. In fact, they have been credited with inventing many objects still used in modern times, such as the seeder plow and glazed bricks. On top of that, they are thought to have been pioneers in astronomy, medicine and literature. Additionally, the Babylonians are known today for their impressive grasp of mathematics. So when experts interpreted the scratches and lines on Plimpton 322 as rows and columns of numbers, many scholars came forward in an attempt to interpret the find. However, the true meaning of Plimpton 322 remained elusive. Then, Dr. Daniel Mansfield from the University of New South Wales’ School of Mathematics and Statistics stumbled across an article about the tablet while preparing a lesson for his students. Intrigued, Mansfield teamed up with Dr. Norman Wildberger, an associate professor at the university. Soon, they realized that the inscriptions on the tablet bore some similarity to Wildberger’s work on trigonometry, as laid out in his book Divine Proportions: Rational Trigonometry to Universal Geometry. ************************************************************** ►You can support the channel: PATREON https://goo.gl/KtaKrp ►web: http://watchjojo.com ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ► Follow Us On Google Plus: https://goo.gl/JYf9Rr ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/C5Rv92 ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/PZ2U1R ►For more articles visit: http://scribol.com ►Article link: https://goo.gl/hfdwfP #watchjojo
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How to use your translation purpose to get an ideal translation
This video identifies the 6 main purposes for getting a translation in business and shows you how to get your ideal translation for each. The trick is a simple 4-step process: 1. Identify your translation purpose 2. Understand the translation quality that purpose requires 3. Match that to the correct type of translation 4. Select the right translator for the job Underlying this process is the observation that different translation purposes imply different minimum translation quality needs. For example, if your purpose is just to understand what a text says, some minor inaccuracies or less than perfect wording should be fine. Conversely, that wouldn’t be acceptable for your business-critical or client-facing documents. As it turns out, the six main business translation purposes match up rather neatly with the 4 main types of translation used in business. So there’s a specific type or method of translation ideally suited to each purpose. Understanding this lets you get your ideal translation – the quality level you need at the most economical price and with the fastest turnaround time. What’s not to like about that! This video is a shortened version of our more comprehensive blog article. This has greater detail and an excellent free summary of the process you can download and keep for reference. Check it out at http://www.pactranz.com/blog/translation-purpose/ And while you’re there, have a look through our many other translation-related articles for business clients – they’re all designed to help you make better decisions around your translation needs.
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ARTICLES Translation in 21 Languages
Learn How to say articles in 21 Languages Articles in Thai - บทความ (bthkhwām) Articles in Irish - Earraí Articles in Japanese - 記事 (Kiji) Articles in Swedish - Artiklar Articles in Greek - άρθρα (árthra) Articles in Italian - Articoli Articles in Hindi - सामग्री (saamagree) Articles in Russian - статьи (stat'i) Articles in Spanish - Artículos Articles in German - Artikel Articles in Tamil - கட்டுரைகள் (kaṭṭuraikaḷ) Articles in Chinese - 用品 (yòngpǐn) Articles in Arabic - مقالات (maqalat) Articles in French - Des articles Articles in Portuguese - Artigos Articles in Dutch - Artikelen Articles in Malay - Artikel Articles in Polish - Artykuły Articles in Korean - 조항 (johang) Articles in Latin - Vasa Articles in Turkish - Haberler
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Setting realistic translation times made easy!
This simple 4-step formula lets anyone work out realistic translation times for any business or personal translation project. Basically you: 1. Get the number of words to be translated 2. Divide that by 300 or 2500 (to give the hours/days of translating time) 3. Add in time for the translator’s self-review process (essential!) 4. Allow for a 2nd translator review (if required) Now it’s important to realise that the translation times you’ll get are for professional quality translations by experienced human translators. That is, are realistic time frames to ensure professional translators can consistently deliver well-worded and accurate translations you can use for any purpose. Along the way we discuss key issues like realistic translator speeds, the effect on translation quality of working extended hours, and how repeated and previously translated text impacts timings. To finish we discuss 2 ways (the only two ways actually) to reduce translation turnaround times when you need to, and two project types where you’ll need to allow more time. When you’ve finished, make sure to head over to our longer blog article where we have a very useful table of translation project times you can download and use for further reference: http://www.pactranz.com/blog/translation-times/ And while you’re there, check out our other practical translation-related articles for business clients. This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:https://app.contentsamurai.com/cc/65256
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Translation of articles for publication in oceanography and marine sciences. Spanish into english
Translations from Spanish into English for the fishing industry and in marine sciences and oceanography. 20 years' experience. Traducciones del español al inglés para la industria pesquera y en ciencias marinas y oceanografía. 20 años de experiencia.
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Mobile translation concept
An interaction concept exploring a translation workflow on mobile devices. Content Translation has been successful at helping translate Wikipedia articles on desktop. Translating on mobile presents new challenges: we want to provide users with information in small pieces that are easy to handle on small devices, while still providing enough context for translators to make good translations. This interaction concept explores such balance. More information on: - Content translation: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Content_translation - The design of the translation experience on mobile: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T132900 - The prototype shown in the video: https://app.atomic.io/d/fUKWuOT80tvF
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Translating a registration form and different articles
We are studying new vocabulary and their correct pronunciation.
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Copy Articles form The internet for Translation
a quick guide on how to save articles from the internet for translation
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Ideas for content translation
Exploring some design ideas on translating articles for Wikipedia
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Sondra Fogel on Translating Research Findings to Practice in Journal Articles
Sondra Fogel discusses the importance of showing implicaitons of research findings for practice. Fogel, editor of Families in Society, states that the is one of the most challenging parts of writing journal articles. Sondra spoke at Social Work Day, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana, IL, USA, on 17 May 2018.
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Translating Japanese news articles into English (with google translate)!
Silly old google translate Links to articles: http://mainichi.jp/articles/20160714/ddm/002/040/070000c http://mainichi.jp/articles/20160713/reu/00m/040/002000c Check out my Twitter! https://twitter.com/VideoGames_inc
How Debian helped translating thousands of articles in Wikipedia!
by Kartik Mistry At: DebConf18 https://debconf18.debconf.org/talks/72-how-debian-helped-translating-thousands-of-articles-in-wikipedia/ Wikimedia's ContentTranslation tool helped translating more than 3,00,000 articles since 2015 which helped narrowing gap between big and small Wikipedias. This talk is about how Debian packaging of Apertium Machine Translation played key role in it and how we can improve current Machine Translation packaging in Debian. Talk isn't technical but contains some thoughts on packaging as background. Room: Yushan (玉山) Scheduled start: 2018-08-04 14:00:00
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LinguistNow Article Translation for Oracle Service Cloud
The LinguistNow Help product automates professional human translation of your support articles in Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) with the click of a button.
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Learn Thai - Khmer with me | translating articles
Learn Thai - Khmer with me | translating articles Hi! Everyone in this video I’ll teach you Thai - Khmer language, translating articles, and I’ll teach you from the beginner until you get the high class. Please, like and subscribe for more upcoming videos. Thanks. 1- Learn Thai - Khmer with me |Learn Vowels https://youtu.be/pfq5oINQ4_M 2- Learn Thai - Khmer with me |Learn consonants https://youtu.be/zbzP7w3XVFQ 3- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 1-1 https://youtu.be/392SOz6rDa4 4- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 1-2 https://youtu.be/tpO9fmV-w80 5- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 2-1 https://youtu.be/hmWOXTJYSNM 6- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 2-2 https://youtu.be/j3aQLnkw8yI 7- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 3-1 https://youtu.be/gnpMdcV8eZU 8- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 3-2 https://youtu.be/m4dxhpJmZWg 9- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 4-1 https://youtu.be/rUcbxxXAoWk 10- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 4-2 https://youtu.be/-_gvHyr-XCw 11 - Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 5-1 https://youtu.be/m-CxrKhYxUY 12- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 5-2 https://youtu.be/0dPPF9G4UDw 13- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 6 https://youtu.be/6_Tfv1EUGzA 14- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 7 https://youtu.be/MzYuSbo9BsA 15- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 8-1 https://youtu.be/0sVzGIZCGLQ 16- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 8-2 https://youtu.be/hasulLRR-vU 17- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 9 https://youtu.be/wF4c_CRS48M 18- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 10 https://youtu.be/52mKuN-hJUo 19- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 11-1 https://youtu.be/PeXrj50Mijg 12- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 11-2 https://youtu.be/LQCQjQElISc 13- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 11-3 https://youtu.be/n006C_qd1zQ 14- Learn Thai - Khmer with me- Book 1 - Lesson 12 https://youtu.be/XG-Ct2Zm7oY
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Translating a Game Book into Braille!
A quick walk through of the steps taken to translate a game book into braille. In this video, we walk through translating The Black Hack by David Black.
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Zendesk Article Translation Demo
Check out the Language I/O translation app for Zendesk articles!
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Studying Translation.
The story of what studying translation at Leiden University for my MA was like. Studying English at Leiden University. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLobAD6KDZg Follow what I'm reading. http://www.goodreads.com/booksandquills My face on the MySpace http://www.twitter.com/booksandquills http://booksandquills.blogspot.com http://booksandquills.tumblr.com Second channel. http://www.youtube.com/inturretandtree http://inturretandtree.tumblr.com Beauty channel with Marionhoney. http://www.youtube.com/derpinamode http://derpinamode.tumblr.com Instagram | booksandquills
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Certified Document Translation Services you can trust
No matter the size of the job, NCI Translation will provide you with a prompt and accurate translation. Your project will be handled by professional translators and reviewers who are native speakers of the target language. We have translated a wide range of documents, including: ● Birth Certificates translation ● Adoption Documents translation ● Marriage Licenses translation ● Legal Contacts translation ● ....And much more! Each and every project that is brought to us by our customers is treated with professionalism, security, and respect. No matter what you need translated, we are confident that we can fulfill your needs with 100% customer satisfaction! Contact us today [email protected] http://www.NCI-Translation.com https://t.co/p9stWzHp6i NCI Translation offers Certified Document Translation. We Guarantee acceptance by all US Government Agencies. Our professional experience and expertise extend to various fields of language translation and interpreting. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following: • Professional Legal document translation • Professional Translation of manuals • Professional Business translation • Professional Financial translation • Professional Medical translation • Professional Certified document translation • Professional affidavit of translation • Professional Translation of websites • Professional Patent translation • Professional Translation of novels • Professional Translation of textbooks • Quick translation of e-mails • Translation of signs, banners, markings • Professional Academic Evaluation • Request for Proposal (RFP) Translation • Professional Translation of magazine articles • Professional Film script translation • Professional USCIS translation services translation services german translation services japanese translation services certified translation services global translation services professional translation services arabic translation services free translation services medical translation services language translation services french translation services spanish translation services translations services phone translation services italian translation services french to english translation services legal translation services english translation services transcript translation services document translation service online translation services language translation service book translation services translating services business translation services document translation services translation services usa professional translation service telephone translation services translation services washington dc official translation services translation services los angeles google translation services translator services documents translation services translation services new york english to spanish translation services translation services online american translation services translation services chicago international translation services website translation services romanian translation services online translation service french translation service translation services san rancisco translation services company english translation service polish translation services legal translation service corporate translation services technical translation services english to spanish translation service translate service russian translation translation service google translation translation services rates arabic translation translations service chinese translation services dictionary german translation service translation services san diego certified translation english to french translation services translation services nyc translating service translation services cost russian translation services nyc translation services patent translation services web translation services translation and interpretation services spanish translation service translation jobs portuguese translation services translation services boston arabic translation service website translation service translation services agency professional translation business translation service certified translation service human translation certified russian translation services cheap translation services boston translation services thai translation services kim tong translation services certified document translation services translation services london turkish translation services diploma translation service chicago translation services translation services in virginia birth certificate translation services russian translation service translation services houston professional translators
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How to THINK in English - STOP Translating in Your Head & Speak Fluently Like a Native
Learn 3 easy exercises to STOP translating in your head and start thinking 100% in English. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 Also check out - 1 Simple Trick to Become Fluent in English (JAM Exercise): https://goo.gl/G6FEJp For more FREE English lessons, SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Transcript: I can speak English, but before I say anything, I have to make a sentence in my native language, translate that into English, and then say it. I feel like I’m not speaking fluently because of this. That is one of the most common complaints I hear from my students. So in this lesson, I’m going to teach you three exercises that will help you to stop translating in your head. These exercises will make you think 100% in English and speak fluently without hesitation. So, let’s jump right into it. Here is exercise number one – Make sentences in your head. This is the number one fastest way to start thinking in English. Throughout your day, make sentences about what is happening around you. For example, let’s say that you’re sitting on the bus and you’re going somewhere. In your head, you can start talking in English – “I like this seat, it’s nice and comfortable. Look at that couple sitting over there – what are they doing? They look very happy. They’re joking and laughing about something. Anyway, let’s look out the window. Oh, what a beautiful park. I wish I could visit it sometime.” And so on. You can do this in any situation: when you’re at home, when you’re bored at work or school, when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, when you’re walking in the park and so on. And it will train your brain to make sentences in English. Now, while you are doing this, if you start translating, it’s OK – don’t get disappointed, because as you keep practicing, you will collect more and more sentences for everyday situations, and over time, you will translate less. Remember to do this exercise many times every day – make it a habit to regularly make sentences in your head. Exercise number two is prepare sentences for conversations. For this exercise, think about a conversation that you are going to have in the future, and come up with sentences that you can use. For example, if there’s going to be a meeting in your workplace tomorrow, what would be some useful sentences? Well, if you’re going to present an idea to your colleagues, you might say – “I strongly believe this will help our sales.” a-ha! Keep that in mind to use tomorrow. Maybe you have a colleague (let’s say his name is Teddy) and he always interrupts you while you talk – if he does that tomorrow, you can say “Hold on, Teddy, let me finish!” – there’s another sentence. In this way, for upcoming conversations, you can prepare a lot of sentences and have them in your mental store – and you can even write them down to review later. As you do this exercise more and more, you will be able to use these sentences in many future conversations automatically without thinking too much. So take time to regularly prepare sentences for conversations. Exercise number three is recap your day. Do you know the meaning of ‘recap’? Recap means to remember and summarize something – in this case, your day. So this is an exercise you should do at the end of the day – maybe just before you go to bed – or you can even do this as you’re lying in bed before you go to sleep. Imagine that you’re telling a friend about your day in English – you might say “Today was a regular day for the most part. One interesting thing that happened in college was that a friend of mine told me she’s got an internship interview coming up in two days. So I helped her prepare for it.” and so on and so forth, you get the idea. You can also make sentences about how you felt about the different things that happened, you can say what you expect to happen tomorrow etc. Aim to do this for about 5-10 minutes before you go to sleep. What I like about this exercise is that you can do it at the same time every day, which means it’s very easy to make this a habit. And so all this practice in making sentences will help you think in English automatically. OK, those are my top three exercises for learning to think in English – make sentences in your head throughout the day, prepare sentences for conversations, and recap your day before you go to sleep. As a bonus tip, there’s one more powerful exercise that you can use to build your fluency, and it’s called JAM. This is short for Just-A-Minute, and it’s a fantastic speaking exercise that you can do by yourself to improve your fluency. If you want to learn it, I have a lesson just on this exercise - you will find the link in the description, so make sure to check it out.
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Перевод статей за деньги.  Translation of articles for money.
НЕ ПЛОХИЕ ДЕНЬГИ ПЛАТЯТ ЗА ПРОСТОЙ ПЕРЕВОД !!! NOT BAD MONEY TO PAY FOR A SIMPLE TRANSLATION #подработкавсети #заработоквинтернете #заработокбезвложений
Wikipedia in Education 10 of 12 Language and translation
Wikipedia exists currently in 283 languages, and “incubates” many more encyclopedia in other languages. There’s a very high probability that students can work in the language they’re fluent in. Translation can be an activity that will show them the ropes and increase their language skills, on top of developing their knowledge of the subject matter. Also view on Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikipedia_in_Education_(10_of_12)_Language_and_translation.webm and Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/178647879
Inline Translator
Inline Translator is an integral part of ImTranslator for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex. LATEST MANUAL: https://goo.gl/RlgKak Download ImTranslator for Chrome : http://goo.gl/FVZrTW. Download ImTranslator for Firefox: https://goo.gl/Y6GQMY. Download ImTranslator for Opera: https://goo.gl/NUV6yf. Download ImTranslator for Yandex: https://goo.gl/wJVjJO. Inline Translation is the brand new approach to the online translation. Inline Translator inserts the translation into a webpage preserving the original formatting. The translation can be placed after or before the selected text, or simply replace the original. This tool can be used to translate texts, sentences, or single words with a built-in dictionary. To see the inline translation, highlight a text on a page and select the context menu: Inline Translation. Or use pre-set hotkeys. If you want to clear the page from the inserted translation, select “clear translation” from the context menu. The original formatting of the page is completely restored. To change the language settings of the inline translator, or the appearance of the translation, go to the Inline Translation Options and modify the settings. • set the target language for translation • enable dictionary • set shortcuts to access translator from the keyboard To change the appearance of the embedded translation, • set a preferred color of the translated text • remove the brackets • align the translation for better visibility by using the line break option. All changes will be effective immediately. Inline Translator features: * Inline translator can be run on mouse selection from the context menu, or shortcuts. * Insert translation after or before the original text. * Translation can replace the original text. * Preserve the original page formatting. * Translation can be displayed in brackets or without. * Translation can be aligned for better visibility by using the line break option. * Control of the text selection by observing the word boundaries. * Select color of the translated text. * Clear inserted translation and restore original page formatting. * Auto language detection of the source text. * Words translation using the built-in dictionary. * Translation history. * Hotkeys customization. We hope that you will enjoy this great tool to translate articles, learn languages, or simply communicate with your friends on Facebook or other social applications.
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Translating content using the wizard
Learn how to create a translation job with the wizard.
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How to Translate PLR Products Into Other Languages
This easy to follow video will show you how to use a free online tool to translate private label rights (PLR) articles and ebooks into over 60 different languages. It also shows you how you can then convert the translated document into a PDF file by using free tools like OpenOffice or LibreOffice 3.3. For those feeling particularly creative, if you are able to secure PLR items originally published in a language other than English, you can reverse engineer the translation from the native language of the document to English by using the same tools. This is a video from Dr. Ron Capps the Nicheprof and his "Online Tutorial Series" at TutorialSeries.com
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Translating 'On The Bed' by Roy Hasan
This video was taken at a PTC workshop on June 12th 2018. This was the second PTC workshop translating the work of Hebrew poet Roy Hasan. To read more about Roy Hasan read this blog by translator Micha Meyers on the PTC website: http://www.poetrytranslation.org/articles/roy-hasan-and-the-ars-poetica-movement
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Russian guide translation special articles taste Russia Wusuli family version俄品味俄罗斯乌苏里  Уссурийск
Russian guide translation special articles taste Russia Wusuli family versionVladivostok Владивосток Уссурийск ussuriysk 2016年浙江的陈师傅和我来俄罗斯旅游50天,25个城市 2016 Zhejiang Chen master and I travel to Russia 50 days, 25 cities 2016 Мастер Чен и я путешествуем в России 50 дней, 25 городов 2016マスター浙江省からロシアへの陳、私は50日、25都市を旅行俄语导游翻译
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How to use Crowdin to translate texts on Khan Academy?
Watch this video and learn how to translate texts* on Khan Academy! *texts = exercises/articles/descriptions/platform
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How to use Google Translate 303
translate.google.com/toolkit USEFUL LINKS: Translating Help http://support.google.com/translate/toolkit/bin/topic.pyhl=en&topic=22238&parent=22236&ctx=topic Welcome to Google Translate 303. In this tutorial you will learn how the Google translator toolkit works and how to use some of its functions. As mentioned in the previous video, the translator toolkit is designed to give you control over translated material, allowing you to edit files and documents that Google translates line by line to ensure precise accuracy. You can also share material with other people over the web to collaborate as a group. You need to be signed into your Google account in order to use the toolkit. To get started translating material, click the red "upload" button at the top of the screen. On the upload page, you will see three tabs. These tabs indicate the different material that Google will allow you to modify through translation. They include any local file that is saved on your computer, specific websites, and Wikipedia articles that you can edit and repost in another language. Under the "local file" tab, you will be given a list of the document types that are currently allowed to be uploaded into the toolkit. To upload a file from your computer, click the "choose file" button. A window will pop up directing you to choose a file from your computer. When you find the one you want, click "open". In the top text box, the toolkit will allow you to rename the file. This will not rename the file on your computer, but only the file used for editing in the toolkit. Next, choose the appropriate "from" and "to" languages for Google to automatically translate before you begin editing. At the bottom of your options you will see a dropdown arrow titled "sharing". This option offers two tools, "translation memories" and "glossaries". A translation memory is a database of previous translations. When you write a sentence, Google will search all previous translations in their public database similar to your sentence that were created by other people. If it finds similar translations, it will show them to you to enhance efficiency. The glossary option is a database that includes specialized terms that would not be in automatic translations. An example would be terms used in computer programming, or any specific terms that might be different than what an automatic translation would produce. For now, we will use the default universal public translation memory option and no glossary. When you are done, click "upload for translation". When Google finishes converting your file, it will format it and show in two separate panes. The left pane will show the file in its original language, while the right pane will show it in the converted language. You can give a window more space by clicking and dragging the center bar. As you can see, Google allows you to personally edit each segment. On the right, each individual sentence is put inside its own translate box. On the left, the corresponding sentence is highlighted in yellow. In each translation box there are options listed at the bottom, which include the ability to add html tags to the sentence to customize the way it looks. This will be explained more in depth later on. There is also the option to delete the translated sentence in its entirety. Doing so will not delete the original sentence on the left. You can also mix translations. If you find a sentence in the translated text that you want to keep in the source language, for instance, a quote in a Spanish story that is spoken in English, click the "copy source to translation" button. This will replace the translated segment with the original text. To move from segment to segment you can either click the forward or reverse arrows, or you can skip to any segment on the page by clicking the sentence you would like to edit. The next video will explain the tools listed at the top of the page.
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Day 2: Three Tools I Use to Manage my Translation Business
Read more articles on my personal blog: www.sherifabuzid.com The First Tool: www.todoist.com The Second Tool: https://mailtrack.io The Third tool: https://www.google.com/docs/about/
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Hindi to English Translation
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Upcoming Skype Program is Like Star Trek's Universal Translator - IGN News
An upcoming program from Microsoft hopes to break down language barriers by offering automated voice translations through its Skype communication service. Read more here - http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/12/16/microsoft-introduces-skype-translator-preview
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The Arcturians - Merging with Your Multi-Dimensional SELF in 2019 !!
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Translate WordPress Theme
http://support.fruitfulcode.com/hc/en-us/articles/202766203 How to translate WordPress theme? In this video we will show how to: 1. Download and install PoEdit 2. Create new translation using PO file 3. Translate your string and save changes 4. Switch to other language and check the result
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5 Essential German Translation Tips That a Newbie Must Know
Every newbie translator, wishing to work in German translation services, must be aware of 5 tips that are very essential for qualitative translations. Read more at http://goo.gl/j1cMyG
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The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights - A British Sign Language Translation
As far as we know this landmark translation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) into British Sign Language (BSL) is the first translation of the Preamble and all 30 Articles of the UDHR into BSL by Deaf people for Deaf people. The translation is presented by Tessa Padden and Nicholas Padden and it has been sponsored and produced by Signworld. Signworld is a website specialising in user-centred and online BSL Learning and they have produced this translation as their contribution to Anniversary—an act of memory, solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,a performance series in 60 Acts by Monica Ross and Co-Recitors 2008-2013. To date the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is translated into more than 400 spoken languages on the UN website http://www.ohchr.org/EN/UDHR/Pages/Introduction.aspx We are very pleased to present and share this translation into British Sign Language. To find out more about Signworld please visit http://www.signworldlearn.com To find out more about Anniversary—an act of memory please visit http://www.actsofmemory / http://www.youtube.com/actofmemory IN March 2013 this translation was accepted for inclusion on the United Nations website as the first Sign Language translation of the UDHR alongside 400+ translations of spoken languages:http://www.ohchr.org/EN/UDHR/Pages/UDHRinsignlanguages.aspx
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Episode 10 part 3: How Was the KJV Translated?
Episode 10 part 3: How Was the KJV Translated? In this part of episode 10, we're tackling the translation process of the KJV. Many modern translations out there boast about "it took over 500 years to make this translation!" and "so many scholars with so many degrees put this thing together!" as well as handfuls of other gimmicks. As far as I'm concerned, a Bible shouldn't take 500 years to translate. The KJV has easily the most intensive and comprehensive translation processes of any English Bible. Check it out! Credits: Intro and closing sequence, general production consulting: Ethan Winslett His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethan.winslett His productions: https://www.facebook.com/WarTornPro/ Resources: MarchToZion.com is a website with lots of Primitive Baptist articles explaining our practices and theology, as well as audio sermons, church directory, and other useful tools for exploring the wide world of Primitive Baptists. SovGrace.net is the website of Sovereign Grace Publications, a Primitive Baptist bookseller. Here, there is a bookstore with lots of killer titles you can purchase for yourself (I particularly recommend “Basic Bible Doctrines: Systematic Theology for the Person in the Pew” for those interested in a top-to-bottom account of basic Primitive Baptist beliefs presented in a systematic, logical flow), as well as audio sermons, articles and essays to read, and a few other tools. www.pbperspective.com is the website ministry of a Primitive Baptist elder and friend of mine; it has articles, sermons, podcasts and more! http://www.gospel-of-grace.com is a PB website ministry out of Mississippi full of awesome resources, articles, a podcast and links. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/grace-mercy-hour/id1418813584?mt=2 ^That's a link to the podcast of Rocky Mount PBC, where you can access a ton of sermons straight from the pulpit! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPBhJ06oaKsBUps3XCm5-A ^Check out a good friend of mine and fellow Primitive Baptist, Michael Warren, on his channel, where he gives devotionals out of Scripture Some KJV Resources: Here is a link to an articles page at the Trinitarian Bible Society’s website. It has lots of resources on the KJV: https://www.tbsbibles.org/page/articles Here is a link to Confessional Bibliology, a great resource on Bible texts and KJV resources: http://confessionalbibliology.com/start-here/ Here is a site with a few little resources on the KJV for further reading: https://www.theauthorizedversion.com/?fbclid=IwAR0oFHljuARIgn7vhJCzKXgeFaGhQ9DIPzAnTuNwe72bsXwi2hCfegHuDtU Here is a nice little site with resources for reading about the Textus Receptus, the source text of the KJV: http://www.textusreceptusbibles.com/?fbclid=IwAR2wZCBiy4y7LYClGIyk1uwzHM7KGyaSQt0UzWLF_z9OSD3pCoVaXgQOc_Q If you care to wander along the Wikipedia trail, this is a good starting point! This is also a decent reference on the Majority/Byzantine Text. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_text-type Here is a neat tool for comparing the Westcott Hort bible to the Textus Receptus, verse by verse, pre-translation: http://prototypes.openscriptures.org/manuscript-comparator/ Super cool dedication letter from the KJV translators to King James himself upon completion: http://thelostbooks.org/dedication-letter-from-the-translators-to-king-james/
9:00 AM - SSC Steno 2018 | English by Sanjeev Sir |  Articles (A/An/The)
We’re Hiring - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdeeJ1lZBGwe6W0oriy4b9sRxKMmZAUEYUTQ8KtKfyO2UinqQ/viewform UPSC Faculty Hiring, Apply Here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0axbdj30HZzn2Wg-MwRtrV1jLb9m1GcLtMG0uh0gom_CNUg/viewform wifistudy is a part of the Unacademy Group. Follow us on Unacademy: https://unacademy.com/user/wifistudy Subscribe wifistudy vlogs here: https://www.youtube.com/wifistudyvlogs === Live Classes Schedule (Mon-Fri) from 2nd Jan === Morning Shows: 5:00 AM - Current Affairs Quiz Show by Bhunesh Sir 8:00 AM - Current Affairs Show by Bhunesh Sir 8:45 AM - Vocabulary Show by Bhunesh Sir RRB ALP CBT-2 (Part-B) Crash Course: 6:00 AM - Mechanic Diesel by Ramveer Sir 7:00 AM - Fitter by Ramveer Sir अब SSC Steno दूर नहीं: 9:00 AM - English by Sanjeev Sir RRB ALP CBT-2 (Part-A) Crash Course: 9:00 AM - Basic Science and Engineering by Neeraj Sir 10:00 AM - Current Affairs by Bhunesh Sir 10:15 AM - Reasoning by Hitesh Sir 11:00 AM - Maths by Sahil Sir RPF (SI & Constable) Crash Course: 12:00 PM - Reasoning by Deepak Sir 1:00 PM - General Awareness by Shipra Ma'am 2:00 PM - Maths by Sahil Sir UPSC CDS (I) 2019: 3:00 PM - English by Harsh Sir 4:00 PM - GK by Sandeep Sir अब Patwar दूर नहीं: 3:00 PM - Maths by Sahil Sir 3:30 PM - History by Praveen Sir 4:00 PM - Hindi by Ganesh Sir 4:30 PM - Geography by Rajendra Sir अब CGL/CPO/IB दूर नहीं: 5:00 PM - English by Harsh Sir 5:30 PM - Reasoning by Deepak Sir 6:00 PM - GK by Shipra Ma'am 6:30 PM - Maths by Naman Sir अबकी बार English पार: 7:00 PM - English for All Competitive Exams by Sanjeev Sir RAS Mains 2018: 7:00 PM - History by Praveen Sir 8:00 PM - Hindi by Ganesh Sir 8:30 PM - English by Harsh Sir 9:00 PM - Ethics by Pushpa Ma'am अब SSC GD दूर नहीं: 8:00 PM - Reasoning by Deepak Sir 8:30 PM - Hindi by Ganesh Sir 9:00 PM - GK by Sandeep Sir 9:30 PM - Maths by Naman Sir (Mon-Wed) 9:30 PM - English by Sanjeev Sir (Thu-Fri) UP Police Constable Crash Course: 10:00 PM - Reasoning by Hitesh Sir 10:30 PM - Maths by Naman Sir 11:15 PM - GK by Sandeep Sir 12:00 AM - Hindi by Ganesh Sir Technical Classes (SSC JE/GATE) Sat / Sun: 12:00 PM - Mech by Vishal Sir 7:00 PM - EE/EC by Ashish Sir Download wifistudy App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wifistudy.onlinetest&hl=en_IN
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Learn German While You Sleep 😀 130 Basic German Words and Phrases 🍻 English/German
How to learn German? Learn German while you sleep. This video features 130 basic German words and phrases that teach grammar automatically. They are especially useful for the beginning student of German. To use just play the video before sleeping... If you want to really learn German, the best way is to listen and speak the most common German phrases as often and as accurately as possible. If you want to learn German well, these videos will help you do that. And doing it in a relaxed way is even better!!!! Looking for a German teacher? Try Italki. They have tons of great teachers that you can talk to online. https://www.italki.com/i/C6FDED Check Out Some Other Languages! Learn Mandarin Chinese While you Sleep https://youtu.be/dADTBoYH6Fo Learn Spanish (Spain) While you Sleep https://youtu.be/YNdCaefkmbA Learn Japanese while you Sleep https://youtu.be/DcCdJilQGZw Learn Korean while you Sleep https://youtu.be/dEm-FrgwW8Y Learn Italian while you Sleep https://youtu.be/i3GFZAKijww Learn French while you Sleep https://youtu.be/tefSeVVq2T0 Learn Hindi while you Sleep https://youtu.be/ctq6UQ5RRjk Learn Russian While You Sleep https://youtu.be/w4WphuQFt9A The idea is to be in as relaxed or calm a state as possible. Put on headphones if you need to. Best time is the right before you go to bed. The brain is supposedly more receptive in that relaxed state. The plan: listen to this as often as possible until the words and phrases are natural to you, that you don't even need to think to say them. These phrases can be used mainly for the first encounters. What do you say to people who you don't know at all or don't know very well? Those phrases. My name is Evan (eko). Happy learning. Let me know if you want to learn anything specific. :) Music: “(zen meditation ) by Eric Bartel. https://free-meditation-music.com“
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