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How to use Transformation Options from Object Menu in CorelDraw X8 (Basic Series) Part -49
Namaskar Doston ! Is video me Transformations Option ke bare me bataya gaya hai jo kisi bhi object ko Copy karne Rotate karne me bahut madad karta hai. Isi Type ke Tips & Tricks and Technical Videos, Educational Videos ke liye hamare Channel SAI TECHVISION ko SUBSCRIBE karen agar video pasand aaye to plz Like and Share karen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Link for Subscribe : www.youtube.com/saitechvision Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/saitechvision Instagram ID : instagram.com/saitechvision ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~VIDEOS PLAY LIST LINK~~~~~~ Computer Accessories Play List : https://goo.gl/WUjgGp CorelDraw X8 Menu Bar Play List : https://goo.gl/TAKKzv CorelDraw X8 Tool Bar Play Linst : https://goo.gl/C37zPE Photoshop CC (Basic Series) Play List : https://goo.gl/e46i16 Photoshop CC (Advance Series) Play List : https://goo.gl/6ytBAZ Best Printers Explain : https://goo.gl/fyqCSR Business Standers : https://goo.gl/pXqFBd Science Topics : https://goo.gl/uiyi6f YouTube Videos ki Pol-Khol : https://goo.gl/MHDT7U Sarkari Result.com : https://goo.gl/NDXCDB Computer Tips & Tricks : https://goo.gl/vEFqMV Computer Technical Videos : https://goo.gl/EkTqAb Facebook Tips and Tricks : https://goo.gl/C7DpNV Whatsapp Tips and Tricks : https://goo.gl/m6ZA1r Online Information : https://goo.gl/oeuK6X YouTube Algorithm : https://goo.gl/t48r6R CorelDraw X7 Play List : https://goo.gl/nE76Hh Technical News Play List : https://goo.gl/XeB3wi Basic Computer Videos : https://goo.gl/tqyiBf Window 7 Play List : https://goo.gl/e9N2SV Mobile Technical Videos : https://goo.gl/rNRMbW -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Full Introduction of Sai Techvision YouTube Hindi Channel" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0qOz8Om1n8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Epic Cable Management TRANSFORMATION!!
Sponsor: Fractal Design Focus G - US: http://amzn.to/2vLbfkV, Canada: http://amzn.to/2h4skDd, UK: http://amzn.to/2w2lQre **PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO** US Table top and legs purchased separately at Ikea: http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/50106773/ Ikea Signum cable mgmt trays: http://amzn.to/2eTWdSY Aluminum headphone hook: http://amzn.to/2wnuU9L RGB strip kit: http://amzn.to/2wVaJ7f UK Ikea Signum cable mgmt trays: http://amzn.to/2fgJPgk Aluminum headphone hook: http://amzn.to/2xYhaDM RGB strip kit: http://amzn.to/2ffWlwi Canada Ikea Signum cable mgmt trays: http://amzn.to/2wZbDin Aluminum headphone hook: http://amzn.to/2xvATyi RGB strip kit: http://amzn.to/2f3GYud _________________________ ▷ BITWIT ULTRA not available in your country? Get all the same perks on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/bitwit ▷ CREDITS The Passion HiFi - http://www.twitter.com/Passion_HiFi Kevin Macleod - http://www.incompetech.com Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com NoCopyrightSounds https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/bitwitsub Want to Become a Channel Member for Exclusive Perks and Content? http://bit.ly/bitwitmembership Check out my Builds Playlist! http://bit.ly/bitwitbuilds FLOATPLANE Watch my videos a week early at http://bit.ly/2xI0n89 MERCH STORE http://www.bitwit.tech/store/ FOLLOW ME Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Snapchat @bitwitkyle ✉ SEND FAN MAIL TO: Bitwit P.O. Box 1449 La Mirada, CA 90637 About Bitwit: Bitwit is a PC gaming and hardware-focused YouTube channel committed to making quality online tech videos for your infotainment! We are a nerdy married couple pumping out 3 to 4 videos a week delivering a mixed bag of content including product reviews, custom PC builds, vlogs, the occasional comedy sketch and more. Epic Cable Management TRANSFORMATION!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQEJ4KauxzQ Bitwit https://www.youtube.com/bitwit
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Excel Basics 25: Power Query (Get & Transform) to Clean & Transform Data into Proper Data Set
Highline College Busn 216 Class: Computer Applications taught by Michael Girvin. Download Excel Start File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EB25GetAndTransformPowerQueryStart.xlsm Download Zipped Folder with Text Files: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EB25FileDownloads.zip Download Excel Finished File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EB25GetAndTransformPowerQueryFinished.xlsm Download Full Written Notes: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/Office2016Class37-ExcelBasics25-PowerQueryGetAndTransform.pdf Class web page link: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/AllClasses/216v2016/Content/04Excel/Excel2016.htm Topics in this Video: Topics in this Video: 1. (00:01) Introduction to Power Query and the examples in this video 2. (02:50) Difference between Data Ribbon Tabs in Office 365 Excel 2016 and Non-Office 365 Excel 2016 3. (04:32) Example #1: Convert "NOT a Proper Data Set" into a Proper Data Set & Make PivotTable Report 4. (05:00) Compare Flash Fill and Power Query 5. (06:16) What is a Delimiter? 6. (07:02) What is a Query? In Power Query, Access and other programs? 7. (09:22) Import data from an Excel sheet into the Query Editor using From Table Range button 8. (10:18) Split By Delimiter 9. (11:30) Rename columns 10. (12:00) What is a Data Type? 11. (14:53) Close Query and Load to Sheet 12. (16:22) Queries Pane 13. (17:00) Make PivotTable 14. (18:04) Add New Data and Refresh 15. (20:12) Example #2: Import Multiple Text Files & Transform into Proper Data Set 16. (20:28) Download and unzip Text Files 17. (22:11) What is a Text File and how are they used in Data Analysis? 18. (24:02) Use From File, From Folder option to import multiple Text Files into Power Query and combine into a single Proper Data Set 19. (25:50) Use Query Editor to finish combine query. 20. (27:05) How to edit or delete steps in a query. 21. (27:05) How to edit the folder path if location of folder changes 22. (27:51) Close and Load straight to s Worksheet. 23. (28:30) Add new Text Files to Folder and update in Excel 24. (29:38) Summary
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Move and Transform your selections in Krita
Learn how to use the move tool and the free transform tools in Krita. Krita tutorial series (FREE): http://gdquest.com/game-art-quest/volume-1/krita-tutorial-for-game-artists/ ---- Any good digital painting program has to have a variety of transform tools. Krita offers a simple move tool to just translate the currently selected layer all a pixel selection around, a free transform tool, as well as more advanced deformation tools, which will learn in future videos. In this tutorial, we explore the basic free transform in Krita, which allows you to rotate, move and scale your selection. It can also rotate your selection in space. Bonus: it works recursively on entire groups of layers. ---- Subscribe to the channel now and become a member of the GDquest community! https://www.youtube.com/c/Gdquest?sub_confirmation=1 All tutorials: http://bit.ly/GDquest-Tutorials Portfolio: http://bit.ly/GDquest-Portfolio Get in touch! Twitter: https://twitter.com/NathanGDquest Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gdquest Google Plus: http://bit.ly/GDquest-Google-Plus All tutorials: http://bit.ly/GDquest-Tutorials
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How to Use SPSS: Transform or Recode a Variable
Transforming or recoding numeric variables into converted numeric or catergorical variables.
How to use the Photoshop Free Transform mode | lynda.com tutorial
This Photoshop tutorial shows how to scale, skew, and rotate an image using the Free Transform mode. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Photoshop-CS5-tutorials/essential-training/60816-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-60816-1008 This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter ten of the Photoshop CS5 Essential Training course presented by lynda.com author Michael Ninness. The complete Photoshop CS5 Essential Training course has a total duration of 11 hours and 15 minutes and shows the most efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images Photoshop CS5 Essential Training table of contents: Introduction 1. It Begins in Bridge 2. Whittling Down to "Keepers" 3. Camera Raw Essentials 4. Fixing Common Problems Quickly with Camera Raw 5. Retouching and Using Creative Techniques with Camera Raw 6. Automating Camera Raw 7. Photoshop Interface Essentials 8. Documents and Navigation 9. Digital Image Essentials 10. Cropping and Transformations 11. Working with Layers 12. Selections and Layer Masks 13. Tone and Color Correction with Adjustment Layers 14. Additional Options for Tone and Color Correction 15. Retouching Essentials 16. Combining Multiple Images 17. Essential Filters 18. Essential Blend Modes 19. Type Essentials 20. Essential Layer Effects and Styles 21. Sharing Images Conclusion
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Photoshop CC 2017 - Transform option missing from video timeline animation - FIX
How to get Transform on top of opacity to animate video gif on Photoshop Motion - latest update Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
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Blender 2.8 Render vs. Output Settings
Blender 2.8 splits the settings for rendering into settings specific to the render engine and settings regarding the actual render and file output. Your artwork as splash screen of the Blender 2.8 Beta? Submit it here: https://devtalk.blender.org/t/splash-screen-for-2-80-beta-themed-support-the-dev-fund/2641 Get more information about changes in Blender 2.8 on Blender Today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMcDgpAEPGYyX3J9tMBel8A Download Blender 2.8 latest builds: https://builder.blender.org/download --- Website: http://www.BlenderDiplom.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlenderDiplom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlenderDiplom The Cycles Encyclopedia: https://store.blender.org/product/cycles-encyclopedia/ Point Density Magical Effects: http://www.blenderdiplom.com/en/shop/611-point-density-magical-fx.html BlenderDiplom Products on the Blender Market: https://www.blendermarket.com/creators/blenderdiplom?ref=83
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BODS Tutorial 008: Query Transform in Data Services
In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to work with Query Transform in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. Visit http://www.dwbiconcepts.com/etl/23-etl-bods.html for a full set of BODS tutorial
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SSIS Tutorial Part 55-Force Lookup Transformation to Work as Case In-Sensitive in SSIS Package
SSIS Video Tutorial Scenario: We are getting the source records from a flat file and we need to lookup against SQL Server Table. We know the by default Lookup behave as case sensitive when we match the records. Can we make the Lookup to work as case insensitive when match the source records to destination. Will it be good practice, What other options we have to perform case insensitive match? In this video we will learn How to read data from Flat File Source How to perform lookup with Full Cache and see limitations How to perform Lookup with No Cache and Partial Cache and see if it works as case insensitive Find as solution to perform Case insensitive match with Full Cache mode Link to the blog post for this video with script if used http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/05/how-to-force-lookup-transformation-to.html Check out our Full Step by Step SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial http://www.techbrothersit.com/2014/12/ssis-videos.html
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Samsung Transform EXT4 file system rooted!
Previous Video: http://bit.ly/X8mW14 Next Video: http://bit.ly/VqFUgA This video has now been archived, and made unlisted. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCF17EC8966C09E91 For much newer videos on the Transform, click this link - http://goo.gl/GGGis Update!!! June 5th, 2011 This was Android 2.1 Eclair. We are now on 2.2.2. Check out this video! http://youtu.be/ZJbXiWp92bs?hd=1&list=PL40D442E9A98D4585 AND http://youtu.be/ru1dAAOPluY?hd=1&list=PL40D442E9A98D4585 https://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/downloads/list Download WiFi Tether for Root Users 3.0-pre14.apk (or whatever is newer) I made a video from beginning to end on how to root the Samsung Transform! But now it's on it's 11th fail. I am going to reboot and retry it again. But yeah, so for now there will be no video on how to do it!. But this video shows everything after a successful attempt! Reboot to recovery. Apply EXT4 files system (If you want it!) it will contain the custom kernel with netfilters for wifi tether, root access, and the updated Recovery that was made for the transform. Then reboot into recovery Deodex your phone if you want the Full Battery pop up to be gone and if you want to add reboot and recovery options to the power menu. Install no full battery pop up, boot to system, then boot to recovery again. install the transpower update, reboot to system, and then to recovery. Then install JIT (IF YOU WANT IT). if your phone boots up fine and everything works, it was successful! I had to go back to stock 3 times. So please do them in THIS order or you might have trouble like I did. I could NOT edit this video (which is a different video from the one you see that failed in the video). So I am sorry if it's long and/or boring to you. This is for the EXT4 update after you do the SWupgrade tool. http://forum.sdx-developers.com/?topic=14393.0 Comments require approval. Only some people don't need approval. If your comment is appropriate, It will be approved once I get the chance (ASAP or in the morning). I do have a life outside YouTube and a three year old to chase after. So please don't comment again and again again thinking that will help. If your comment is harsh or negative, your comment will NOT be approved and you might be blocked to prevent further commenting. Thank you!
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How To Free Transform in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
Free Transform in Photoshop CC 2019 ➜ Get Photoshop CC 2019: https://mikemurphy.co/photoshop ----------------------- Note: This new way of Free Transform is for Raster-Based Graphics (non-vector such as photos). When using Shape Layers, the legacy behavior of holding the Shift Key is required. There are other instances such as using the Crop Tool, where you will also need to hold the Shift Key to scale proportionally. ----------------------- Keyboard Shortcut: Cmd + T Edit Menu…Free Transform To free transform proportionally, simple drag and scale Hold the option key to scale from the center To commit changes: 1. Press Return 2. Press Check Mark in Menu Bar 3. Click anywhere outside To Skew while in Free Transform: Hold Cmd Key and grab center handle on the top or sides. To Transform in Perspective: Home Cmd Key and grab corners. Right/Ctrl + Click for Transform Options (Skew, Warp, Rotate, Flip…) ************************ Bonus Tip for stubborn old dogs...How to turn off new transform and revert to the old way: ************************ To revert to the legacy transform behavior, do the following: 1. Use Notepad (Windows) or a text editor on Mac OS to create a plain text file (.txt). 2. Type the text below in the text file: TransformProportionalScale 0 3. Save the file as "PSUserConfig.txt" to your Photoshop settings folder: * Windows: [Installation Drive]:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019\Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Settings\ * macOS: //Users/[User Name]/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Settings/ ************************ --------------------------------------------------------------- ➜See All My Gear: https://www.mikemurphy.co/podgear ➜ Get Adobe Creative Cloud: https://mikemurphy.co/adobe ➜Screencast Software: Screenflow: https://mikemurphy.co/screenflow Camtasia: https://mikemurphy.co/camtasia --------------------------------------------------------------- ➜ VISIT MY WEBSITE: - https://mikemurphy.co ➜ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST -https://mikemurphy.co/itunes ➜ SOCIAL MEDIA: - Instagram: http://instagram.com/mikeunplugged - Facebook: https://mikemurphy.co/facebook - Twitter: http://twitter.com/mikeunplugged - YouTube: https://mikemurphy.co/youtube Amazon Associates Disclosure: Mike Murphy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com
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SSIS Tutorial Part 39-How to Use Row Count Transformation to Log Record Count in SSIS Package
In this video you will learn how to get the insert row count and log into audit table for SSIS Package. This is real time scenario that we use to log different type of row counts such as insert, update, delete to log table for each SSIS Package execution. The video also covers How to create an SSIS Package How to use Data Flow Task in SSIS Package How to create Audit Table for SSIS Package Execution How to use Flat file Source to read text file in SSIS Package How to load data to a table in SSIS Package How to create variables in SSIS Package How to store Insert row count in a variable in SSIS Package How to use Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package How to Map parameters for Insert statement in Execute SQL Task in SSIS Package How to use Data Flow Task with Source and Destination in SSIS Package Check out our Full Step by Step SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial http://www.techbrothersit.com/2014/12/ssis-videos.html
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Informatica : Source Qualifier & Filter Transformation (Practical)
Interested in getting trained ? Mail us at [email protected]
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Excel Magic Trick 1357: Power Query Function to Repeat Clean & Transform Steps for Many Excel Files
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm Goal: Unpivot and Clean Cross Tabulated Tables in multiple Excel Workbook Files and Create a Single Proper Data Set. Create a Power Query Function to repeatedly perform the Clean & Transform Task across many Excel Files. Lean how to use the new Invoke Custom Function option for a Custom Column. Learn many powerful features in Power Query (Get & Transform): 1. (00:16) Introduction: Overview of whole process, including looking at the files that we need to import, clean, transform and consolidate 2. (02:00) Build Custom Power Query Function with the steps listed below (3 – 12) 3. (03:47) Transpose Table (to deal with the fact that there are two column headers with conditions that need to be Unpivoted) 4. (04:30) Promote Headers 5. (04:48) UnPivot Other Columns based on the two columns Date and Fair 6. (05:40) Rename Columns 7. (06:05) Close and Load to “Create Connection Only” 8. (06:34) Duplicate Query 9. (06:52) Look at M Code and how it is set up and automatically written when you use the User Interface in Power Query 10. (08:27) Add lines of M Code to convert duplicated query to a Custom Power Query Function 11. (09:42) Import Files From Folder: Import Multiple Excel Files with Cross Tabulated Tables that need to be cleaned and Unpivoted. 12. (10:34) Transform extension column to lowercase letters and then Filter for only Excel Files with extension “.xlsx” 13. (11:25) Add Custom Column with Excel.Workbook Function to get Excel Objects, such as Sheets. 14. (12:58) Expand Custom Column to show objects, and to expose sheets with the Cross Tabulated Tables. 15. (13:37) Filter to import only Sheet Objects. 16. (14:09) Filter Out Sheet Tabs that contain the word “Sheet” (Sheet Tabs that do not have a Sales Rep Name. 17. (14:30) Remove Other Columns (Not Data or Name) 18. (14:42) Invoke Custom Power Query Function 19. (14:34) Remove Data Column 20. (14:39) Expand Columns 21. (15:55) Set Data Types and rename columns 22. (16:34) Load to Excel Worksheet (Table, Only Create Connection or Data Model) 23. (17:36) Test Updating by dropping new files in our folder 24. (18:20) Summary
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Transform MIDI with Addictive Drums 2
In this tutorial we're going to use Addictive Drums' great transform function to adjust MIDI that was programmed inside REAPER. We will learn: * How to drag a MIDI item out of REAPER to create a MIDI File on the hard drive (Hold cmd+option [OSX] or ctrl+alt [Win] and drag) * How to find the External MIDI folder for Addictive Drums * How to refresh the AD2 MIDI library * How to use the AD2 Transform functions (scaling velocity, randomize, reassigning drums) * How to import transformed MIDI back to REAPER. Thanks for watching! Subscribe and hit that LIKE button! Visit The REAPER Blog for many more tips, tricks and tutorials. http://reaperblog.net http://www.twitter.com/reaperblog http://www.facebook.com/thereaperblog http://www.patreon.com/thereaperblog
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Like + Subscribe Link to download : http://swiftation.com/3dYi
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Learn CorelDraw Tutorial in Hindi Arrange Menu Transformation-1
Learn Corel Draw - Tutorials in hindi, Graphic Designing Tips & Tutorials in HINDI, best for DTP Operators, graphic designers, students, Printing Press Owner, best career in the world, Learn easily at home. you can learn corel draw designing professional working tips, Visiting Cards, Letter Head, Poster, Leaflet, Wedding cards, Calendar, Die Cut Dangler, advance Designing with EPS, PDF file making, Cutmark Setting, Screen Printing Colour Cutting, Digital Printing files with cutmark setting,
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Audit Transform In SSIS
This video explains the Audit Transform in SSIS https://www.youtube.com/user/masterkeshav
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Studio One 2.5 New Transform Options
5 different ways to use the new transform in 2.5
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How To Export a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro - TUTORIAL
Check out my latest upload here! https://goo.gl/p2c43v Learn how to export a video for online use such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Media Encoder. These are the best settings within Adobe Premiere Pro suitable for every version. Settings work for either 4K or 1080p. ► SUBSCRIBE! - http://bit.ly/ignaceyt ✅ Get Your Free Intro - http://bit.ly/2SeoNAy ► TOLERATED STORE - http://bit.ly/storeyt ♦ Uploading: Tuesday - Tip Trick Tuesday Wednesday - Whatever Wednesdays (Random uploads) Friday - Filmmaking Fridays ♦ My Gear: https://kit.com/IgnaceAleya ☁️️ My Favorite Audio Library - http://bit.ly/artlistm 🎧 Free Beats From My Bro - http://bit.ly/1tfTfh7 Adobe Store: http://bit.ly/productsadobe ♦ Popular Playlists: - Adobe After Effects Tutorials http://bit.ly/2dxxoil - Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials http://bit.ly/2cYW252 - Maxon Cinema 4D Tutorials http://bit.ly/2dDBSQx - Hardware reviews http://bit.ly/2dxwO4q - News & Updates http://bit.ly/2dAciwF - Speed Art http://bit.ly/2dxwZwu ♦ Social Media: - Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ignacealeya - Instagram http://instagram.com/ignacealeya - Facebook http://bit.ly/toleratedfacebook - Site http://www.toleratedstore.com ♦ Business: [email protected] Be sure to leave a comment and to check out my channel! I have a lot more video's. Let’s start creating! Host & Creator Ignace Aleya
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Printer Model Settings for Host Print Transform
This video shows the various MFRTYPMDL and WSCST objects provided by System i. The latest MFRTYPMDLs are provided via the Host Print Transform PTFs. This document can be used to find out which WSCST to specify so that a given MFRTYPMDL setting can be used by a printer session which may not list a given MFRTYPMDL as an option.
Resetting Option to View File Extensions in Windows 7
In Windows 7 file extensions are hidden by default. But SAS, SPSS and Stata need to see the file extension to run setup files. This short tutorial shows you how to reset the file extension option in Windows, so your setup files will run properly. This video is available in additional formats at: http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/files/videos/Resetting_File_Extensions_in_Windows_7/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICPSR/43191688396
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GIMP Tutorial: Curve Text and Objects with Cage Transform
In this video I go over how to easily curve text and other objects with the GIMP Photoshop Program using the Cage Transform option. Download GIMP for Free: http://www.gimp.org/ Download the GIMP File in my video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2iu6va7dsaqncm/316%20-%20GIMP%20Curve%20Texts%20Cage%20Transforms.xcf Related Videos: GIMP Photoshop Tutorial: http://youtu.be/dSYjD4ov6ao GIMP Photoshop Tutorial - Adding a Color Border to Text and Objects: http://youtu.be/fTyLewIVB-8 GIMP: Rounding Text Edges with the Gaussian Blurr Function: http://youtu.be/lEAO6Ajr1AY GIF Animations with GIMP 2.8 - A very simple step-by-step tutorial: http://youtu.be/vg8IFbHsvng Whiten Teeth with GIMP 2.8 Photoshop - Simple Tutorial: http://youtu.be/2ENln3t6J94 . ------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE via EMAIL: https://mes.fm/subscribe DONATE! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ https://mes.fm/donate Like, Subscribe, Favorite, and Comment Below! Follow us on: Official Website: https://MES.fm Steemit: https://steemit.com/@mes Gab: https://gab.ai/matheasysolutions Minds: https://minds.com/matheasysolutions Twitter: https://twitter.com/MathEasySolns Facebook: https://fb.com/MathEasySolutions Google Plus: https://mes.fm/gplus LinkedIn: https://mes.fm/linkedin Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/MathEasySolns Instagram: https://instagram.com/MathEasySolutions Email me: [email protected] Try our Free Calculators: https://mes.fm/calculators BMI Calculator: https://bmicalculator.mes.fm Grade Calculator: https://gradecalculator.mes.fm Mortgage Calculator: https://mortgagecalculator.mes.fm Percentage Calculator: https://percentagecalculator.mes.fm Try our Free Online Tools: https://mes.fm/tools iPhone and Android Apps: https://mes.fm/mobile-apps
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pentaho kettle tutorial data integration -  inflow - the Cartesian step in the transformation
http://etltutorial.com - buy the full course here this lesson is about how to use the Cartesian step in a real project of pentaho kettle tutorial data integration pentaho kettle tutorial- inflow - the Cartesian step in the transformation the minutes generate row that you already know now we have 60 seconds that write in the minutes then we have sixty rows the number the value is zero then we add a sequence then we will have this right sixty second with one to sixty watch this things by the way pentaho kettle tutorial I don’t have to fire it up from here all the time I can even I can use several of the steps as preview what we see here. so if I click the preview ask me how many line I want to see then I can see all the rows without all the sequence together the all transformation the last things is here that because we have all the file one to sixty that is a integer then we need to make a string just we used the meta data and make the minute id and add minutes from the sequences to the string give it a good name your new name may not minutes id we also remove this zero so this is basically same now we are getting to the first steps that we are going to learn this dim time the cartesian product now.i guess that if you rare student once sometime like six years ago and you learn data basis the school all you took my sql or my sql language lately data integration then I guess u understand know that they are connection between tables that is called joint now we can join table in several ways and we can join table inner join that means that will take only what match in the left and in the right in the two table you can lose lows in that way if u have a like one two or one table one to three and another table you will join inner join ,you lose the tree on the right ok another option is to do left join or right joins this means that I want all the rows from the one table and just those match in the right ok for that we learn in school in the university like I learned like that fifteen years ago it is a Cartesian product and that until I started using etl I tried it useless but it turns out that it is practical sometimes like here why do u need it?actually u needed because we want to combine all the minutes with all the hours that means that if we get the hour zero zero pentaho tutorial I want for this zero zero 60 seconds 0 to sixty nine than I want to the hour I want fifty nine seconds also and all to the all two actually do not join them with inner or left right but everything to everything so ok every match from the left side you will have all the option from the right side I will file it up to show what will happen what u will see is that zero will get zero to fifty nine then it will get one and another 59 ok so get more row so I can get more row and tree like staff like that basically what we created is all the options from zero zero zero zero to twenty three fifty nine ok this is all the options and it was done with the Cartesian I want to tell u so to why I take break from the tail explain I will show you the example with the customer something like that two years ago this was actually two years ago and we are the same problem .so we needed to solve it I will tell u what was the problem and I will solve it with pentaho kettle.
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Transform tools in Adobe Photoshop Ep11/33 [Adobe Photoshop for Beginners]
As you create in Photoshop there will be occasions where you will want to change the size, shape and form of creative objects in your composition to meet your design and imagination. In this video I am going to discuss and demonstrate how to manipulate creative elements in our canvas area by using the transform tools. Enjoy **FYI** In this video tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 for mac. Almost all of the principles demonstrated and covered will apply to future and previous versions. Some differences may apply if you are using a previous or future version. Topics Covered 00:03:10 Free Transform 00:10:38 Ward transform 00:11:09 Perspective transform Keyboard shortcuts used in this video cmd (Ctrl PC) + Z - Undo cmd (Ctrl PC) + T - Free transform Press & hold shift + click & drag - Scale object (with free transform tool active) Press & hold alt + click & drag - Scale object (with free transform tool active) Press & hold + alt + shift + click & drag - Scale object (with free transform tool active) Press & hold shift + click & drag - Rotate in increments of 15° (with free transform tool active) Press & hold cmd (Ctrl PC) + click & drag - Distor transform (with free transform tool active) Press & hold shift + click - Select multiple layers ***************** DOWNLOAD LINKS: PROJECT FOLDER: Download the project folder for free from the overview video here: http://youtu.be/sF_jSrBhdlg TUTORIAL COURSE PDF WORKSHEET: Download the PDF from the overview video here: http://youtu.be/sF_jSrBhdlg ***************** EPISODE LIST WITH LINKS: COURSE OVERVIEW 00 - The Complete Beginners Guide To Adobe Photoshop | Course overview & breakdown http://youtu.be/sF_jSrBhdlg This video is part of a 33 part course: SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION 01 - Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/N24fIAwkchk 02 - Panels & Workspaces in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/4dT9jpAPz1M 03 - Raster Image principles in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/BqhgjkPSlI8 04 - Image size, Dimension, & Resolution in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/ekaCauQFeQw 05 - Layers in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/AgidpNbLvkc 06 - Common file types in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/ZJsiGfoADsA 07 - Colour in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/g-W7BxP6vTg 08 - 10 Handy tips for beginners to Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/z8m3DPPb3Ps SECTION 2 - ESSENTIAL PRACTISE 09 - Making selections in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/B25I4ZzJepM 10 - Copy & paste in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/_MhIQhHtrAE 11 - Transform tools in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/6HcaWH766bE 12 - Using brushes in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/3WBT5kavjqI 13 - Eraser tool & Layer masking http://youtu.be/KRZtjDXH5d0 14 - Shape tool in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/jPcV0lTw_9o 15 - Type principals in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/DKzCW9R1OwM 16 - Layer styles in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/CoWpJYz_AHk 17 - Paths & the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/cpq8NFNKgQo 18 - Smart objects in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/kOXajoTh6Lc 19 - Colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/WBQQWwUtPmY 20 - Adjustment layers in Photoshop http://youtu.be/0SnEraLZK2Y 21 - Filters in Photoshop http://youtu.be/cF7i8OjE7UE 22 - Blending modes in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/AB1KGjkpBBE 23 - Saving in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/Q2PKbHKA3jg SECTION 3 - CREATE A PROJECT 24 - Setting up a document http://youtu.be/gD__P_amN3c 25 - 3D paper type effect http://youtu.be/ddOTcJDbs0s 26 - Rainbow & clouds illustration http://youtu.be/f7L-Jfb7G-8 27 - Manage complexity and working smart http://youtu.be/yiHOPxKuuEE 28 - Decorating an origami paper bird http://youtu.be/CNk45_OtTT8 29 - Create a origami bird logo http://youtu.be/VIfuTsPwx00 30 - Adding type to the design http://youtu.be/gvlPlriwHAc 31 - Save for print in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/g3Xz5iaCdz0 32 - Adapt a print design for a web banner http://youtu.be/Lvpay9VUXv0 33 - Save for web in Adobe Photoshop http://youtu.be/Ccibp4vqPaI ***************** Adobe Photoshop course and all associated files created and composed by Gareth David of TastyTuts.com Copyright TastyTuts © All Rights Reserved Content may be distributed freely for educational purposes only Website: tastytuts.com Contact: [email protected] ***************** TastyTuts Subscribe to be notified of future up and coming tutorials. Visit The Website: http://www.tastytuts.com Join the Google plus page: https://plus.google.com/118309220200686282866/ Like The Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TastyTuts/145587595531590?ref=hl Join The Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/pjH95 Follow On Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TastyTuts Follow On Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/tastytuts/tutorial-artwork-projects/ Become Friends On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TastyTuts
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How to implement Hierarchical Output using the Unstructured Data Transformation
This support video will illustrate the benefits of using the Hierarchical Output option in the Unstructured Data Transformation and how to implement it.
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Power Query Power BI: Transform 2 Fact Tables to Star Schema Data Model (Invoice Data) EMT 1498
Download File: Source Data Tables : https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EMT1498-SourceModel.xlsx Finished Power BI File: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/EMT-1498-PowerBIDesktopPowerQuery.pbix Entire page with all Excel Files for All Videos: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm In this video learn how to Transform Two Fact Tables (Header Invoice and Invoice Line Item Tables) with Dimension Tables into a Proper Star Schema using Power Query inside Power BI Desktop. The Power Query Steps can be used in Excel or Power BI. Learn how to use Power Query to Import non-Start-Schema Model, Transform the tables using Custom Columns & Merges and other steps to then load a Star Schema Model into Power BI Data Model. Video Steps: 1. (00:06) Introduction including why we need Star Schema 2. (04:21) Import Two Fact Table Data Model in Power BI Desktop using Power Query 3. (05:42) Multiply Columns using Multiply feature to calculate “Line Sales” 4. (06:39) Merge to lookup Product Weight 5. (07:13) Multiply Columns using Multiply feature to calculate “Line Weight” 6. (07:30) Group By to aggregate Line Sales and Line Weight in order to get Invoice / Header Level Amounts, but we also Group By Rows to save the Line Item Level data so we can use it later in the query 7. (09:24) Merge to lookup Invoice Level Shipping and Discount Amounts 8. (10:40) Divide Columns using Divide feature to calculate “Invoice % Discount” 9. (12:00) Expand Group By Rows step from earlier in query to get line item detail 10. (12:55) Add Data Formatting to Expanded Columns 11. (14:00) Multiply Columns using Multiply feature to calculate “Line Discount” 12. (14:38) Create Custom Column to calculate “Line Shipping Costs” 13. (16:14) Edit the previous two columns by editing the Table.AddColumn function and add the Power Query Function Number.Round 14. (17:13) Remove Columns that are not part of the final single Fact Table. 15. (18:00) Hide Fact Table we do not need so it is not imported into Data Model, but instead only used in the Power Query Transformation using the “Enable Load” check box option in the list of queries on the left side of the Power Query Window (Right-click option). 16. (18:23) Close and Apply to Load Star Schema Data Model into the Power BI Desktop Data Model. 17. (18:31) Create Relationships between Single Line Item Fact table and the three Dimension Tables. 18. (19:00) Create five Measures: Total Sales, Total Shipping, Total Discount, Shipping as % of Sales, Discount as % of Sales. 19. (21:01) Hide Columns we don’t need in Report View (Hide in Report View) 20. (22:06) Create Visualization that contains the Measures and a Slicer from Each Dimension Table 21. (25:12) Summary Search terms in this video: Header Detail Granularity Reporting Problem, Invoice Level, Invoice Detail Level Mismatch, Invoice Granularity Mismatch Reporting Issue, Invoice Total / Invoice Detail, Allocating Invoice Totals to Invoice Detail Level, Header/Line Item Transactions, Header / Line Item Transactions Reporting Issues, Two Fact Tables, Different Granularity, Two Transaction Tables, Different Granularity, Star Schema, Transform Two Fact Tables to Star Schema Excel Magic Trick 1498
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SSIS Tutorial Part 62-Diff between Lookup Transformation & Inner Join in Merge Transformation
SSIS Tutorial Scenario: In this video we will perform a demo or using Merge Join with Inner Join option and Lookup and see how the both produce different results for same input rows. What you will learn in this video How to write TSQL Statement for Inner Join How to use Merge Join Transformation in SSIS Package with Inner Join type How to use Lookup Transformation in SSIS Package with Matched Output Find out how Inner join returns duplicate records for duplicate records Link to the blog post for this video with script if used http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/05/diff-between-lookup-transforamtion-and.html To follow Step by Step Video Tutorial, please open below link. http://sqlage.blogspot.com/search/label/SSIS%20Video%20Tutorial
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How to Convert Image into Vector Graphics with Adobe Illustrator CC
In this full tutorial I go over how to convert image in to vector from scratch, you will learn some basics and more advanced design skills. Please subscribe and like! Order My Fiverr Gig https://goo.gl/bsKpke Hire me Now https://goo.gl/5zdiln Subscribe! https://goo.gl/vjcT6J Facebook https://goo.gl/FWHbOf Follow My Work https://goo.gl/HI5vKk In this video tutorial we will show you how to convert an image into vector graphics with Abobe Illustrator. Launch the Adobe Illustrator. Go to the "File" menu and choose "New". In the appeared window, set the document properties and press "OK". Go to the "File" menu and choose "Open". In the appeared window select the image you want to convert and press "Open". Then move the opened image into the new document. Go to the "Control" panel, choose the "Image Trace" option and select "High Fidelity Photo". After tracing process is complete, go to the "Control" panel and press the "Expand" button to convert the traced object into paths. Choose the "Direct selection Tool" in the toolbar and select the part of the points on the traced object to check the conversion. As you can see, the image has been successfully converted into vector with Abobe Illustrator. Watch my Others works : https://www.behance.net/raselalam
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SAP HANA Academy - Smart Data Integration/Quality: The Lookup Transformation [SPS09]
Smart Data Integration and Smart Data Quality was introduced in SAP HANA SPS09. In this video tutorial, Tahir Hussain Babar introduces the concepts of the Pivot Transformation when using Smart Data Quality. Tahir starts with explaining why a Lookup Transform might be preferred to using a Join Transform to help with performance. He then create a lookup dimension table called TEAM and show the various options in the Lookup Transform in order to lookup a value from this dimension lookup table when loading data using a fact table. Scripts; https://github.com/saphanaacademy/SDI/blob/master/SPS09.txt Video by the SAP HANA Academy.
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My sixth sense kept me safe for 28 years of front line policing - now I use that same sense to help and guide others through tarot readings. Experienced in emotional crisis intervention: relationship guidance, spiritual counselling, tarot reading. https://www.morningsunmystic.com/book-your-reading Tips are appreciated, thanks! https://www.paypal.me/ellemolineux Warmest welcome to my friends and subscribers… My name is Elle and I’m using this channel to reach out to people in need of spiritual and psychic guidance. I believe no one should have to navigate life’s challenges alone and in the dark. I put a special focus on helping you find and nurture romantic relationships and find your soul mate/twin flame. If you are facing a difficult fork in the road, allow me to shed light on all of your options and their probable outcomes. Together we can decide on your best course of action. Much love, Elle (Libra sun, Leo moon and Leo rising) For your video chat reading, we will be using one of the following: Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook Video Chat, or e-file. The contact form and payment button are on my website: https://www.morningsunmystic.com/book-your-reading I am usually available to read within 48 - 72 hours. Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to reading for you. Warmly, Elle
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Transform Your Windows PC into Mac OS  | Mojave/ High Sierra | Detailed Video in HIndi
This video shows a step by step Tutorial to convert your Windows PC into Mac OS. Watch the whole video for complete guide. This video also describes the procedure to restore back to windows. Mic used: https://amzn.to/2Ply8oS Mac OS Skin : https://www.thememypc.net/macos-transformation-pack/ Password: thememypc.net Mojave Wallpaper : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aq63rtwm5dtl1x9/AACk3k0otucZZUnxDtBret1ja?dl=0 Facebook ID : https://www.facebook.com/gadgetfreak01 Business ID : [email protected] Instagram ID : https://www.instagram.com/gadgetf01 Twitter ID : www.twitter.com/gadgetfreak18 Do like, share and subscribe to the channel if you like my content. Subtitles: Hello Friends And Welcome Back My Name is Shashi and I welcome you all to the channel Gadget Freak And today's topic is Mac Style in Windows Meaning Macbook Style in windows PC The thing you need to do first is, Open Your Web Browser Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. whichever you prefer Inside the web browser Click on Address Bar and paste the link given in the descrption or you can also click the link given in the descrption Let the page load scroll down scroll down to the extreme bottom click on the red coloured link provided Wait for the completion of download the file size is approximately 139 MB I have already downloaded the file extract the compressed file here the password is thememypc.net I have also mentioned the password in the description below I am repeating it once again thememypc.net let the file completely extract here As you can see all the file have been extracted now and we can see a icon at the bottom labelled mac transformation pack double click on it. Copy the setting that I have done you can pause the video if you want cross check all the settings and check boxes After completing . Click install. It will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the installation process As you can see the skin has started uploading. Gradually. Some settings are configured but not all for complete transformation we have to restart the PC Lets restart it I have restatrted the computer After restarting the desktop will look something like this Now the transformation is completed you can also customised the dock given below Now the PC has started looking like apple device For example I am customising the dock I am changing the font of the dock for example I am changing the colour You can do multiple things with the settings such as moving the dock toward left , right, top or bottom We can increase its size, multiple options are there you free to try according to your need I Am changing the colour of font to a black and white texture As you can see the font has changed After looking at this, noone can say this is a windows screen Not just the look but the animations as well as the some functions are similar to apple's mac book for example I am clicking on the application Dialog box. as you can its animation as well as the looks are similar to mac book not just that the file explorer will also open in mac book fashion, as you can see on the screen At the top it has the apple logo a complete transformation to look like a mac-book If you don't like this dock you can hide this as well As you check the option and move the cursor away from the dock, it will disappear As you can see the animation is close to apple Even the opening and closing of the dialog box shows a resemblance to mac book As you can see as I have minimised the explorer and opened notepad all the animation have a very close resemblance to apple As I entered inside the file explorer the files inside the explorer even the folder have a blue coloured icon similar to mac book So, it has given attention to all the small detail though it doesn't get the fluidity as experienced by us on mac book but look wise it is completely transformed into macbook If you want you can change the wallpaper to latest mac OS mojave this is apple's latest mac os mojave Wallpaper If you want you can download the wallpaper, I will put up a link for it as well So, lets see the restoration process because if you don't like it you can always switch back to windows Restore Process Restore is quite simple Go to system preference or control panel In this program menu. click uninstall a program Let it load look for mac os transformation pack in it and right click on it and uninstall it there are multiple restoration process such as creating a restoration or back up point which is quite lengthy and time consuming I like this process because its fast and easy Thats why I Am doing this method It will take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete the unstallation process then restart After Restarting We are back to our initial point Hope you all must have liked the video If you want to see cool video such as these Subscribe this channel and share this with your friend as well Till then . Take care
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Session and Transformation tracing at Informatica
This video demonstrates how to enable tracing for a session or transformation and the different tracing levels/option available.
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Transformation Options Maya 2017_Part_12
Move Tool, Rotate Tool, Scale Tool. These menu items act the same as clicking the Move Tool, Rotate Tool, or Scale Tool in the Tool Box. Universal Manipulator. Use this manipulator to precisely move, rotate, or scale an object. ...Move Normal Tool. ...Move/Rotate/Scale Tool. ... Show Manipulator Tool. ...Default Object Manipulator. For On-Line Live Classes Contact :- +91 9820767531.
How to fix Transform Gizmo does not Display in 3ds max
3ds max has always had an Axis Tripod Icon that appears at the base of an object. The Transform Gizmo is a new feature that helps you move, rotate or scale a selected object. If you want to move, rotate or scale an object along one of its axes, you can click on the leg of the gizmo and only affect the change on that axis. You no longer have to activate the axis lock buttons on the toolbar" How to fix Transform Gizmo arrows missing disappeared axis arrows missing move arrows missing Press a keyboard shortcut, X. or Open the Views menu.Click on, Show Transform Gizmo. gizmo disappeared,Transform Gizmo does not Display,move arrows missing,3ds max axis arrows missing,3ds max gizmo locked Click here to get more useful information and Subscribe to our channel . http://www.youtube.com/user/FAWZIACADEMYTUBE?sub_confirmation=1 Click here to visit FawziAcademy Website . http://www.fawziacademy.com Fawziacademy use google translator as and google translate app to translat & voice https://translate.google.com/ Fawziacademy information referance to https://www.wikipedia.org
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ActiveBom is a Way Better Option Than Excel for Design (Bill of Materials)
Learn how expert Duane Benson approaches the task when you need an excel file output, but don't really need to be constrained when ActiveBom is a much better option. Be a part of the transformation. SUBSCRIBE to keep updated. Listen to the whole Podcast episode here: https://resources.altium.com/altium-podcast/dfa-tips-duane-benson-screaming-circuits
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Transform Unstructured Data - H2L video
In Informatica Developer, create a Data Processor transformation with a parser to transform a flat file source in PDF or text format to a flat file target in XML format. In this demo, we create a Data Processor transformation, create and configure a Script with a parser, preview the example source, defined the parser, preview the Data Processor transformation, and then add the Data Processor transformation to a mapping.
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How to use Transformation Size option Tips and Tricks _ Corel Draw in Tamil Tutorial / Soff Tutor
How to use Transformation Size option Tips and Tricks _ Corel Draw in Tamil Tutorial / Soff Tutor Corel Draw in Tamil Tutorial Very useful option: ------------------------------------------- ◘ Transformations ◘ Size option settings ◘ Specify the Dimension of the object ◘ Tips and Tricks ◘ Fully Tamil tutorial class ◘ Corel draw x8 Version ------------------------------------------- Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtsUjQhiA30hx1T_hKkhHw/videos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COREL-DRAW-IN-TAMIL-359646227804687/ Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109896281040802284836/109896281040802284836 Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/softtutor/ How to use Rotate and scale option in corel draw Watch tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iZ0nqGDgCc
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Parashat Toldot - How to transform the evil in me to good? - Rabbi Alon Anava
Have you ever wondered why Yitzchak and Rivka, two righteous parents had Eisav, one of the most evil people in history as a child? what can we learn from the fact they two good parents ended up having a wicked son? and how does this can effect my spiritual growth? To listen on SoundCloud with the option to download the MP3 file https://soundcloud.com/rabbialonanava This class was taken in Be'er Miriam women's Institute of Tzfat. For more info visit http://www.beermiriamsafed.org Rabbi Anava's lectures are available to listen on iTunes. Click this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/is-there-life-after-death/id1110558291?i=1000368795218&mt=2 You can see the entire Near Death Experience story at http://www.alonanava.com For more interesting videos and Torah classes by Rabbi Alon Anava visit http://www.atzmut.com Please subscribe to our channel for updates https://www.youtube.com/user/alonanava You can follow us on all social networks for Torah classes, short videos about many topics, posts, lecture schedules and much more Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AnavaAlon Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AlonAnav... Twitter https://twitter.com/rabbialonanava LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/AlonAnava Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/alonanava Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/rabbialonanava Is there life after death? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSGXKdgZgTw&t=2961s Life After Death - Rabbi Alon Anava's Near Death Experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUmXJed764M Mashiach is coming - are YOU ready? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT8b5pdDki8&t=897s Rabbi Alon Anava's Near Death Experience in Hebrew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL21oCqqXRA&t=434s http://www.alonanava.co.il This video can be watch on this page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0wfkqSz2wI To visit Rabbi Anava's learning center in Israel visit this website for more info http://www.theoldcityinn.com
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Concepts of Router Transformation on IDQ
This videos shows the basic concepts of router transformations on IDQ and presents one working example.
Views: 1581 Informatica Support
Fix Short Bitten Nails with Acrylic
Suzie takes Grant's badly bitten short nails, and transforms them with Acrylic into a beautiful set of nails with style. Products used in this video: PRE-PRIME: Exclusive Nail Couture enailcouture.com PRIMER: Exclusive Nail Couture enailcouture.com FORM: Exclusive Nail Couture enailcouture.com ETERNAL BEIGE: Exclusive Nail Couture enailcouture.com Swan E-File swannail.ca CERAMIC BIT: Exclusive Nail Couture enailcouture.com UV Base/Top Coat: UGLY DUCKLING swannail.ca Gel Polish #43: UGLY DUCKLING swannail.ca Glow LED Nail Dryer: VANITY PLANET vanityplanet.com Looking to purchase the Vanity Planet Glow LED Nail Dryer? Click this link: http://vpwow.com/suziesnails Enter your special discount code: SUZIESNAILS at checkout to get 70% off. You get a great Nail Dryer and help support my channel too, as I receive a small commission if you use the SUZIESNAILS discount code. I love this lamp so much that I purchased 10 for my Salon. Follow Suzie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her web-sites: https://instagram.com/nailcareereducation https://twitter.com/suzienailcareer https://www.facebook.com/NailCareerEducation http://www.nailcareer.com http://www.naildistrict.ca
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Dynamic Lookup Transformation in Informatica
This Video explains the limitations of Static lookup and then explains how dynamic lookup transformation provides that solution with a practical Scenario. The Initial PPT explains the generic concept followed by Implementation in powercenter
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S 14: How to use "Update strategy Transformation" By Berry.
Update strategy transformation is an Active and Connected transformation. It is used to update data in target table, either to maintain history of data or recent changes. You can specify how to treat source rows in table, insert, update, delete or data driven.
Views: 3928 Bhaskar Berry
How To Export Data from ArcGIS to Excel (Option 1)
How To Export Data from ArcGIS to Excel Option 2 : https://youtu.be/COxXsPGpgnw For more Courses : http://www.gisenglish.com http://www.gisarabia.com http://www.geojamal.com 1. Start ArcMap. 2. Open the attribute table; right-click the feature class -- Open Attribute Table. 3. Click the Table Options arrow, and select Export. 4. Under 'Output table', click folder browsing icon. 5. Under 'Save as type', click the drop-down list, and select Text File. 6. Specify the desired name and change the '.txt' to '.csv' to the name. 7. Click Save. 8. Navigate to the folder location through Windows Explorer to view the .csv file in Microsoft Excel. Created by Jamal Chaaouan
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Summer to Winter Snow Photo Transformation - Create Snowfall Season Scene in Photoshop Manipulation
►Download PSD file : http://photoshopdesire.com/change-summer-photo-snowfall-winter-scene-photoshop/ How to transform your photos from summer to winter snow fall in photoshop. In this photo effects tutorial, i will show you in detail how to turn or change any summer photo into realistic winter snow effect in photoshop. Let's get started. First desaturate the warm tones in order to give the image dull winter feeling. Choose channel mixer. Select Monochrome. Adjust the percentages for the Red, Green and Blue channels. Drag sliders while watching the live preview to find the best result. Now select layer mask and go to image tab. Add apply image. It makes the colours washed out and give the photo cloudy and overcast feel. Select the Background layer, then go to Select - Color Range. Select option to Sample Colors, then click around on the canvas to sample different tones. Try to find a selection that provides good contrast, while keeping an eye on the small preview box to see the result. The Fuzziness slider can be adjusted to tune the brightness of the selection. Delete unwanted selection using Marquee or Lasso tools. Add new blank layer, while the colour range selection is active. Then fill this area with white. Deselect the selection. Move the layer to top. Apply gaussian blur to the layer to soften the edges. Choose small radius and then click ok. Double click the layer to open the blending options window. Select underlying layer. Hold the Alt key and drag the black slider By doing this we will partially hide the gray portions, to achieve a better blending with the background image. Now add curves adjustment. In the Properties panel, click the Auto button to apply the Auto Contrast adjustment. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Go to Filter - Noise - Add Noise configure the settings to 100%, Gaussian and Monochromatic. Head straight to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur, and take the sharpness away from the noise by adding 1 pixel blur. Change the blending mode of this layer to Screen. Go to Image - Adjustments - Levels, Then drag the shadows slider towards the right, to reduce the density of the white noise, until it looks like a light flurry of snow. Add another new layer, and follow the previous steps. Also add a Motion Blur filter with the settings of 10 pixels in a slight diagonal angle. Read Full Tutorial @ http://www.photoshopdesire.com How to Apply Winter and Snowing Effects to Your Images in Photoshop. Adding Photoshop Snow Effect using Snow Brushes. Winter Snowfall Transformation in Photoshop. Create a realistic snow effect in Photoshop. From Summer to Winter Snow in Photoshop. Create a Winter Scene with Snowfall Effect in Photoshop. How to add Snow Effect to Photos in Photoshop. Change Season to Winter Snow in Photoshop. Create a cold snowy winter scene in Photoshop. Realistic winter snow transformation in Photoshop. ►Check out all tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/photoshopdesiretv/videos Thanks for watching our free Tutorials! If you enjoyed our video be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive free new videos. ►SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/d31fld Don't forget to COMMENT, LIKE and SHARE, to get more :) Follow US - LET'S BE FRIENDS! ------------------------------------------ ►Offical Website: http://www.photoshopdesire.com ►FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/PhotoShopDesire ►GOOGLE+ : https://plus.google.com/+photoshopdesiretv ►Twitter : https://twitter.com/PSDesire ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/photoshopdesire Softwares Used: ---------------------------- Photoshop cc 2014, 2015, 2017 Photoshop cs5, cs6, After Effects cs5 Camtasia Studio Music: ------------ Open Highway (YouTube Library) Check Out Our Playlists: -------------------------------------- Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced users https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233O6PusOR1lEvRwjlErdCYV Easy, Quick and Fast Photoshop Tutorials Series (NEW) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn230TS2NzqA2BGblNYZ4NpGWT HDR Photography Using Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn232tlbcBJHNiEPj1h0wPJvVG Photo Effects Manipulation - Special FX https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233VC9ZDSiLav8bI8FKJ93ny Adobe Camera Raw Filter Tutorials and Preset downloads (same settings steps for lightroom also) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233ab_cdALEjtjGASqtTie10 Color Grading or Coloring in Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233uKTZWUFq7GwgNB6BJyM7m Retouching Techniques and Enhancing Tips https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn232WN_N6Ek-vnfzr7nNKDHWT Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Designers https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233ZVGBJWihIuxGrav7VTCCD Text and Graphics Effects in Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGLEKqTDn233zMfRfoFl-ZwIzzUmf9UDu
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MTV Docs: Transformation | MTV
TRANSFORMATION is a documentary about a group of transgender teens and young adults struggling to find the resources, safety, and confidence to express their gender identity. With 45% of young transgender people having reportedly attempted suicide in the United States alone, non-binary stylist Madin Lopez has made it their business to provide life-altering, gender-affirming makeovers. Afterwards, these individuals are hopefully able to be their true and best selves, looking on the outside how they’ve always felt on the inside. For more infomation visit http://trans.lookdifferent.org Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Are You the One?, Scream, Teen Wolf, Teen Mom and much more!
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Excel Magic Trick 1333: Power Query (Get & Transform) Rounding: Banker's or Gaussian Rounding
Download File: http://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/excelisfun.htm Learn about Banker’s Rounding or Gaussian Rounding: 1. (00:15) What is Banker’s Rounding? 2. (02:30) Normal Excel ROUND Function (Arithmetic Rounding, NOT Banker’s Rounding) 3. (03:18) Excel formula to do Banker’s Round using IF, MOD, MROUND and ROUND functions. 4. (07:11) Power Query’s (Get & Transform) Transform Round option 5. (08:28) Power Query’s (Get & Transform) Number.Round function 6. (09:58) Summary
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How to Stretch Images using Content Aware Scale
I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How: https://phlearn.com/aaronwillteachyou Have you ever really needed to extend the background of your image, but not wanted to spend hours with the clone stamp tool? If so, today's episode is for you! Learn How to Stretch Images Using Content Aware Scale! Preparation We start out with a square image that we would like to extend. It is a great example because we want to stretch out the water and sky, but not the person standing in the center. If you have a highly detailed photo that you want to stretch, the content aware scale tool will not be the best option. If it's simple open space, however, like a sky or the ground, it will most certainly help you out! You can do this both horizontally and vertically. Start by extending the canvas behind your image. You can do this by using the crop tool and just widening the background. Hold the edge and drag it to the left or right. TIP: Hold Alt/Opt while doing this to extend out evenly from the center. Duplicate the background layer by holding Cmd + J. To test out how incorrect the photo will look with the normal transform tool, you can press Cmd + T and stretch the image out to the new width. Yuck!! It will not look good at all. This is where Content Aware Scale comes in! Content Aware Scale Go to Edit - Content Aware Scale. Now, you can drag the edges of the images outwards and the most important information will stay intact (human figure and the pier) while the more simple information (sky and water) will be extended to hit the new borders. It creates a much more natural look than the previous example! Protect Your Important Information! You might notice that when you used the Content Aware Scale tool, there were parts of your image that were warped or slanted a bit. To truly make sure the items you don't want to stretch stay protected, it will just take a few extra steps. Make a selection of the object you would like to "protect." In this case, it is the man and the pier. Load this selection as a Channel. To do this go to the Channels tab, and create a new channel. Your objects should still be selected! You will see a completely black screen with marching ants around your objects. Hold Shift + Delete and select Use - White. Now, your objects will be white on a black background. Go back to your regular layers tab. Go to Edit - Content Aware Scale, and select your Alpha 1 channel under the Protect drop down menu. Scale the image just as you did before! The objects you chose to "protect" should not move, and you will have a more successful final image. As you can see in our example, the before and after images are only different in their cropped size. The goal is to have the end image look completely natural, and not give away the secret that you've stretched it out! TIP: Sometimes you just can't scale as much as you'd like. A helpful hint is to scale it halfway, stop, and then start over and scale it the rest of the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching Phlearn! If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a thing! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/LBIEQU For more advanced Photoshop Tutorials be sure to check out our Phlearn PRO Tutorials. We offer the best Photoshop tutorials available starting at just $24.99. http://phlearn.com/product-category/pro-photoshop-tutorials ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock Images provided by: http://us.fotolia.com/
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