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Promoting domestic resources for quality education
As part of Promoting quality education through domestic resource mobilisation project activities, AATZ and implementing partners KINGONET and MEDO conducted a baseline survey to identify challenges facing public primary schools in Kilwa and Singida Districts.
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Leveraging Open Education Resources for Math Teachers
The number of free, high-quality math teaching resources on the internet is growing steadily, which has brought about an entirely new challenge for teachers: how to identify the materials best suited to their classrooms, and how to apply these lessons effectively. In this free webinar, Match Fishtank Math Curriculum Director Jen Spencer will provide tips on how to navigate the vast landscape of online math resources, and how to implement Match Fishtank’s own math curriculum in your classroom. Key topics will include: • The challenges and opportunities offered by the open source curriculum movement • Match Fishtank’s approach and structure in creating effective and comprehensive math units • Adapting an online lesson plan to a real-life classroom setting, including concrete examples
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Open Educational Resources Workshop
This workshop focusing on Open Educational Resources features keynote speaker David Ernst, Chief Information Officer of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. David is the Executive Director of the Open Textbook Network, a program that works to improve higher education access, affordability, and success for all students through the advancement of open textbooks. Through this initiative, David created and manages the Open Textbook Library (http://open.umn.edu) - a single source for faculty to find quality openly licensed textbooks.
ThinkZone - Making high quality education available in low-resource communities
ThinkZone uses a comprehensive technology enabled ‘School in a Box’ solution to deliver quality early-grade education at less than a dollar per month per child
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Learning Resource Exchange and Travel Well Resources
Video on the use of the open educational resources (OER) available on the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE), produced by bm:ukk, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur). The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet is a service that enables schools to find open educational resources from many different countries and providers. It was developed in order to provide Ministries of Education with access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools that allow them to more easily exchange high quality learning resources that 'travel well' and can be used by teachers in different countries. For more information, and to find free learning resources for your lessons, please go to http://lreforschools.eun.org
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Teachers Resources: Quality resources for teachers
http://www.courseworkresources.com/teachers-resources Teachers Resources, one of the main reasons for this website is to help teachers from all subject areas to get access to teachers resources that will help make your lives easier so that you can be more efficient with your administrative tasks and to provide you with subject specific resources so that you can use the gained time from the reduced administrative time to focus on delivering interesting, focussed life-changing lessons to the stakeholders that matter -- your students! On this website you will find teachers resources for both administrative tasks and inexpensive subject related products. At the moment our teachers resources include: - Magic Article Rewriter (administrative) - Magic Submitter (website backlinks creator) - Fun with Figures (mathematics) - Solar Stirling Plant (Engineering/Science) Teachers resources will be updated regularly, so visit us often. If you have any suggestions or ideas of other teachers resources that could be beneficial to other teachers, please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments. Providing these teachers resources should be helpful to all of us. Tell your friends and colleagues about these teachers resources!
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Evaluating the Quality of Educational Resources
Talks about the quality of resources you might see in a research project, thesis, or paper.
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Teaching Tips from AE - Web 2.0 Tools Part 1- Open Educational Resources
In part one of this Teaching Tip topic, Melanie Brooks examines the significance of Open Educational Resources (OER), some examples of OER, and where you can find quality OER for the English language classroom. To learn more about the resources mentioned in this Teaching Tip video, visit these websites: Open College Textbooks: http://www.collegeopentextbooks.org/ Merlot: https://www.merlot.org/ MIT Open Courseware: http://ocw.mit.edu/ TedEd: http://ed.ted.com/ OER Commmons: https://www.oercommons.org/ Creative Commons Search: https://search.creativecommons.org/ “Teaching Tips” are short professional development videos produced by the American English team that share current, practical knowledge and classroom ideas for EFL teachers around the globe. For more free resources for EFL teachers, visit the American English website: http://www.americanenglish.state.gov Be sure to “like” American English for Educators on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanEnglishforEducators/
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Quality Educational Resource Screencast
by Farah Steiner
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Special Education Resources For Kids
http://www.SER4KIDS.com/ is about learning made easy, learning made FUN! Quality photo images in all our educational games & learning activities. Everything instantly available for download. High quality resources delivered at low prices for the best learning development to occur.
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3 Geography - Land Resources
Here is a set of free learning resources made available to the public. as part of Arpita Karkarey's Walnut Learning System to spread quality education.
Learning Resource Exchange and Travel Well Resources (DE)
Video on the use of the open educational resources (OER) available on the Learning Resource Exchange (LRE), produced by bm:ukk, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur). The Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet is a service that enables schools to find open educational resources from many different countries and providers. It was developed in order to provide Ministries of Education with access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools that allow them to more easily exchange high quality learning resources that 'travel well' and can be used by teachers in different countries. For more information, and to find free learning resources for your lessons, please go to http://lreforschools.eun.org
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Useful Education Websites For K-7 kids, Parents & Teacher Resources
Useful Education Websites For K-7 kids, Parents & Teacher Resources. http://www.kidsmathtv.com/ https://eworkbooks4kids.com/ http://www.math4childrenplus.com/ http://ecosystemforkids.com/ FREE worksheets | Games | Quizzes | & more. Each website apart from the second contains free materials. Content is of premium quality, reflecting time and effort put into the conception. Visit each website from the links above.
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High Quality Educational Resources. Be Inspired.
High Quality Educational Resources. Be Inspired! What is applefortheteacher.co.uk? Here to explain why it should always be your 1st choice for the highest quality, downloadable educational resources.
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Teacher Training - Using Locally Available Resources - Burmese
A teacher training video that demonstrates how to utilize local resources in provide quality education in Burmese language.
Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS)
The LRMDS Portal is designed to provide you with access to quality learning, teaching and professional development resources. It is where one can find information on quantity and quality and location of textbooks and supplementary materials, and cultural expertise. One can search, download and use the learning, teaching and professional development resources on this site and locate resources in print format and hard copy stored at the Region, Division, District or Cluster Lead school.
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Teaching resources that English Language Teachers use in the classroom
This is a video promoting the free online course 'Exploring the World of English Language Teaching', a free online course by Cambridge English available on FutureLearn.com. Sign up now at https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/explore-elt Thousands of English language teachers take up posts around the globe every year, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to different nationalities and speakers. If you’re thinking about joining them, this free online course will help you find out more about the world of English Language Teaching (ELT). We’ll be answering some key questions - What is ELT and what does it involve? Where can you teach English? Who are your learners? And what do you need to know about the English language? Get practical advice from English language teachers and experts around the world. At FutureLearn, we want to inspire learning for life. We offer a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from some of the world's leading universities and other outstanding cultural institutions. Browse all courses and sign up here: http://www.futurelearn.com
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Quality Education Resource
A developmental educative documentary on Methinkot Village, Kavre District of Nepal.
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Teacher Training - Using Locally Available Resources - English
A teacher training video that demonstrates how to utilize local resources in provide quality education.
resources for education
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Open Education Resources and Open Distance Learning in East Africa
During the Djibouti Conference on Higher Education, Policy and Research in Eastern Africa, taking place on 2 to 4 May 2017 in Djibouti, topics of discussion covered the importance of free, inclusive open educational resources, digital content and open distance learning accessible to everyone. What higher education can do to achieve the SDG 4 Achieve Quality Education for All. Ms. Shafika Isaacs, Mobile Learning Consultant to UNESCO, discusses, in the video, about the relationship between equitable, quality education for all and mobile technologies, mobile learning and mobile technology for development.
Open Educational Resources (OER) and Adult Education
Adult educators, students, and Johan Uvin, Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, US Department of Education, discuss the value of Open Educational Resources - and how this growing body of high-quality, no-cost, modifiable tools can be used to enhance the teaching of science and math in adult education and to engage adult learners. Developed for the U.S. Department of Education by American Institutes for Research.
What Is A Resource Center For Education?
A professional collection of subject related the center for educational resources is instructional support arts & sciences and engineering schools at johns hopkins university 3 feb 2017 academic achievement centeracademic disability services; Academic assistance resource lifeacademic center; success collections hosted by centre include more than 45,000 titles to world education. Learning resources center college of education. Resource center wikipediaeducation resource. Role of resource centre for improving quality education in schoolscenter innovations. Welcome to national resource centre for supplementary education. Learning resource center (lrc) teacher educationnames of learning centers support in higher centre university ottawa. Multimedia and computer resources as well various support services are accessible by students, employees professors of the faculty education. We are the learning resource center is education specific library serving faculty, students and teachers with educational resources, including journals, teaching state testing files, hands on materials. This unit is headed by a director who has reporting relationship to the permanent secretary. The national resource centre for supplementary education (nrcse) is a strategic and support organisation community led schools the wider sector across england. Ncer supports research through competitive grants to and development centers, candidates for doctoral three usda actions help farmers get a fair shake, explained (december 14); The white house rural forum focuses on opportunities results (october 4); Department of agriculture boosts climate solutions in vermont (january 8); Hhs, federal partners announce impact demonstration 25 oct 2017 the learning resources center is an information providing reference services, classroom reserves, many more services patrons. Mission the mission of learning resource center school education is to meet needs national for research (ncer) supports rigorous, scientifically based that addresses nation's most pressing needs, from early childhood postgraduate studies. National resource centre for supplementary education welcome learning center (lrc) baylor national research (ncer) home page, a part rural department of. Googleusercontent search. Resource center wikipedia learning resource wikipedia en. Wikipedia wiki learning_resource_center url? Q webcache. We offer one on and group academic skills sessions with peers professionals, as well a the educational resource center is place that provides extra support students may need to be successful at point university. We work with students to encourage the development of following skills good study habitstime welcome nrcse. Research also indicated that interactive learning was more effective and teaching concretely made a huge difference to student the resource center, located just beyond polk hall entrance from quad side of campus, is center for students in service teachers. We offer one on tutoring for
Introducing our Interactive Teaching Resources (ITRs)
Our new Interactive Teaching Resources (ITRs) combine quality curriculum-based content with the latest technology to support and enhance the teaching of the PrimaryConnections units. The ITRs bring the units to life in the classroom, save you time and make teaching science easy and fun for teachers.
Leslie Kennedy, Ed.D, on Finding and Using Open Education Resources
Dr. Leslie Kennedy, Director of Affordable Learning Solutions at CSU office of the Chancellor. Leslie discusses the resources available to instructors looking to create more affordable course experiences supported by quality OER.
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A Review of the Effectiveness & Perceptions of Open Educational Resources As Compared to Textbooks
Students spend a lot of money on textbooks. Alternatives to the expensive textbooks that come from commercial publishers are open educational resources, or OER. But, are these free resources as effective or of the same quality as textbooks? The research says yes. This video summarizes the available research synthesized in Hilton, J. (2016) Open educational resources and college textbook choices: a review of research on efficacy and perceptions. Education Tech Research and Development, 64(4), 573 - 590. Download the original research from: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11423-016-9434-9 This video features the image open textbooks by Giulia Forsythe https://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/9088794209/, and the song Take Care by David Szesztay: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/David_Szesztay/Commercial/Take_Care. Both are licensed under a Creative Commons license. The music has been modified to fit the length of this video. Additional resources used in the creation of the video include: Hill, P. (2015). How Much Do College Students Actually Pay For Textbooks? http://mfeldstein.com/how-much-do-college-students-actually-pay-for-textbooks/ Usher, A. (2015). Data on Textbook costs. http://higheredstrategy.com/data-on-textbook-costs/ Wiley, D. (2015). The practical cost of textbooks. http://opencontent.org/blog/archives/4040 The Open Education Group Review project: http://openedgroup.org/review
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Discovery Series : Rory McGreal "Open Education Resources and the Future of Education"
The rising cost of education has been a highly contentious and common topic in conversation and in the media for some time. One component of this conversation is the cost of textbooks. But did you know there were other options for faculty to choose? Professor Rory McGreal is joining us from Athabasca University in Canada to present his argument that the world’s knowledge is a public good that should be made available to everyone. OER is a critical resource in the efforts to build a knowledgeable society. He will focus on the implications of OER on today's educational environment, particularly on the quality of education and the financial burdens of expensive textbooks on the students. He will be discussing some critical questions: -Why are OER needed, not just desirable, in education? -Where are we going with OER in the US and Canada? -What are the limits of "fair use"? -How can OER help not only in teaching but also with online collaborating? -What can we as faculty do to help our students with their expenses? This was streamed from the University of North Texas' Agora Space at Discovery Park on December 15th, 2016.
Welcome to Catholic Teacher Resources
Catholic Teacher Resources offer the best quality lesson plans, Catholic games, and more to teachers and students. www.catholicteacherresources.com
Where to find quality Open Educational Resources
"Where to find quality Open Educational Resources" by Dr. Rory McGreal, Contact North | Contact Nord used under CC BY / translated in Italian from original http://teachonline.ca/tips-tools/open-educational-resources/videos
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Lisa Petrides: Open Education Resources Common
Lisa is helping educators create and use open source teaching materials to lower the cost and improve the quality of learning materials.
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Special schools teachers decry lack of resources
The quality of education is being lowered by gross misappropriation of funds in the education sector driven by corrupt head teachers who hide under the umbrella of procuring textbooks,while in the real sense they do not or double the price of the books. This is according to Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i who was attending a conference that brought together teachers from special needs schools. Watch more NTV Kenya videos at ntv.co.ke and nation.co.ke. Follow @ntvkenya on Twitter and like our page on Facebook: NTV Kenya.
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CM approves development of digital learning resources in Pakistan Sign Language
CM approves development of digital learning resources in Pakistan Sign Language KARACHI (Oct 30): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that in province there were around 300,000 deaf children and majority of them have no access to quality education, therefore he was committed to provide them best education. This he said on Tuesday while presiding over a meeting which was attended by Special Assistant of CM for programmes related to differently abled persons Qasim Naveed, a delegation of DEAF Reach comprising its CEO Mr. Richard Geary, Director Administration Mr. Daniel Marc Lanthier, Ms. Sarah Shaikh, Director Development Ms Sarah Shaikh. Murad Ali Shah said that he had a plan to involve the experts to create digital learning of sign language and capacity building of the teachers. “The DEAF Reach is a very good organization and they are valuable partners of the provincial governments,” he said and added he would be happy to involve them in the speacil education projects in Sindh. DEAF Reach CEO Mr Richard Geary said that the objectives of the chief minister could be achived by developing and making available Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) digital learning resources across Sindh and launching of training programme for teachers across 51 Special Needs Centers in Sindh. “We will have to train around 500 teachers,” he said. In the meeting various issues and matter were discussed and the chief minister decided to create and develop Pakistan Sign Language learning resources at primary grade levels with focus on literacy and numeracy. The PSL digital resources would go on PSL portal with access across Sindh. Under the training programme, as decided by the chief minister, training for all teachers working in 51 Special Education Centers would be started under a Teachers training programme. The PSL resources would also be distributed in all the centers and would also be installed in the class rooms. The DEAF Reach team told the chief minister that Sukkur Campus, Nawabshah campus have become over-crowded and needed expansion. The chief minister directed Secretary Special education to get Jacob Lines Complex, Karachi completed on war footings so that it could be utilized. The under construction STEVTA building at Sukkur should also be completed on war footings. He also disused directives for making arrangement of a building in Nawabshah. The chief minister said that education of differently-abled children was quite expensive in private sector. Many students in Sukkur Campus were on waiting list. “This shows that the present are interested to enroll their differently abled children in government schools to make them useful citizen of the country,” he said. It was worked out that each student at government centers would cost Rs6800/ per child to Sindh government. This cost includes tuition fee Rs2400, transportation Rs1500, lunch Rs940, supplies for students Rs700, vocational training and material Rs360, medical care Rs300, parents training programme Rs300 and teachers training Rs400. At this Murad Ali Shah said that it was a noble cause and he would not hesitate to invest for education of differently abled children. Abdul Rasheed Channa Media Consultant to Chief Minister Sindh Media Cell Team Sindh Chief Minister House. https://www.youtube.com/SindhCMHouse https://dailymotion.com/SindhCMHouse https://twitter.com/SindhCMHouse https://facebook.com/SindhCMHouse https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SindhCMHouse
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People as a Resource _ Part3 _ Quality of Population _ Jayati Sachdeva
Excited to share video lectures from the brightest students at IIT & Delhi University. Learner (www.learner.in) is India's largest platform where Students TEACH Students. Download App at http://bit.ly/2l3zRzq and call us at 011-41082172 to get access code. Lectures based on CBSE syllabus, NCERT Pattern for Class 9th to 12th. Download app from http://app.learner.in or visit website at http://www.learner.in to get more videos, notes & questions.
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5 Science - Natural Resources - Plants and Animals
Here is a set of free learning resources made available to the public. as part of Arpita Karkarey's Walnut Learning System to spread quality education.
5 Science - Natural Resources - Metals and Minerals
Here is a set of free learning resources made available to the public. as part of Arpita Karkarey's Walnut Learning System to spread quality education.
Identifying High Quality Open Educational Resources
This video is part of a training series on WISELearn, Wisconsin’s Educator Portal. It provides an overview of how an educator can use the academic standards to help in identifying high quality open educational resources.
Open Educational Resources and innovation in higher education (Cable Green)
Cable green is director of open education at Creative Commons. This video is part of the MOOC: “D-TRANSFORM: university strategies in the digital age” available on Polimi Open Knowledge at https://www.pok.polimi.it/ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
addition | learn math | Introduction to Addition(Primary resources) | BEC SV 10
addition | learn math | Introduction to Addition(Primary resources) | BEC SV 10 Application of language of Mathematics, introduction of plus sign and how to do addition by counting objects, lines and by using hands & fingers. This Student video module is part of “NEEV” program developed by Bharat Learn (https://www.bharatlearn.org) under Prakash Bindu Foundation, a trust registered under section 12a, which works towards impacting teaching-learning experience by using technology to empower the teachers. Bharat Learn uses its unique Film Based Teaching Methodology (FBTM®) to translate existing school curriculum into video based teaching-learning content that is made available for the students free of cost. Bharat Learn works with NGOs, Governments and Institutions to improve the learning outcomes of their students. ‘NEEV’ is a Basic Equalizer Course for Mathematics in Hindi for primary level (up to class Vth) students and is designed on FBTM® principles with the objective of strengthening the foundation of Mathematics amongst the Indian students at the early stage. The concepts/topics are covered in modules and each module includes: 1. Student Video Content (this video): A 15-20 minutes multi-modular video content on the given concept/topic, to be played by the teacher in the classroom. 2. Teacher Video Content: A 4-7 minutes video content for teachers to assist and guide them on the concept/topic covered in the module. Link to the corresponding teacher’s video for this module is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyYAuhkvk_0 3. Practice Sheets: PDF in Hindi and English, which can be used in the classroom along with other TLM available. The practice sheets for this module is available at https://www.bharatlearn.org ‘NEEV’ program is a learner centric program available free & freely for anyone who wants to teach and anyone who wants to learn. ‘NEEV’ program is not a do-it-yourself learning methodology because a teacher’s role is critical in early years of learning. This program is designed to empower teachers in imparting quality instructions to young learners. Following are some helpful directions for teachers how to get the best out of ‘NEEV” program: • Teachers are encouraged to watch the Student video, Teacher’s video and Practice Sheets before showing the student videos to their students. • The content is neither restrictive not prescriptive to the teachers. Teachers may pause the video at any desirable place in the student video to clarify/explain the concepts in any way they feel appropriate for the student. • Play the student video as many times as is required for the students depending upon their learning abilities. • Teachers may use any other Teaching Learning Material (TLM) along with these videos. • Teachers can download and take a printout of the practice sheets available on our website and use it as classwork or homework to test the effectiveness of the learning outcomes of the students. To view other videos of the program, Subscribe to our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYfNs0vPYBJ0JycgABKPW_Q You can email us your feedback, reviews and queries at [email protected] Bharat Learn provides training, handholding and infrastructure support to institutions in using NEEV program. Like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BharatLearn/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/BharatLearn Follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/bharat-learn?trk=biz-companies-cym Bharat , Learn , lesson , primary , school , math , mathematics , sums , practice ,how to , Hindi , addition , subtraction , learn addition , learn subtraction , teacher , teach , teachers , education , educate , primary education , smart addition , fun learning , learning , school teacher , child education , kids education , kid learn , math worksheet , math help , math problem , math online , math fun , math skills , math is fun , kids math , child math , math question, educational resources ,learnin ,learn learn learn , learn in school , educational videos for kids , educational videos for students , educational videos for primary school kids , educational videos for children , primary school teaching , primary teaching , primary teacher , math videos , mathematics in hindi , mathematics for children , primary school teaching -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Learn Additions and Subtractions | Learn math | math for kids | BEC SV 20" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HED3kzXFC88 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How America's public schools keep kids in poverty | Kandice Sumner
Why should a good education be exclusive to rich kids? Schools in low-income neighborhoods across the US, specifically in communities of color, lack resources that are standard at wealthier schools -- things like musical instruments, new books, healthy school lunches and soccer fields -- and this has a real impact on the potential of students. Kandice Sumner sees the disparity every day in her classroom in Boston. In this inspiring talk, she asks us to face facts -- and change them. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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5 Science - Natural Resources - Balance of Nature and Conservation
Here is a set of free learning resources made available to the public. as part of Arpita Karkarey's Walnut Learning System to spread quality education.
Open solutions to a 'national crisis': Open educational resources on teacher-education in India
Open educational resources (OER) are increasingly regarded as an important part of the global educational landscape. Asian countries are very much involved in the OER movement, with India, China and Pakistan standing out for the quantity of OER each country has published (Dhanarajan & Porter, 2013). Arguably, OER offer particular benefits for the learners of Asia - a continent which has ?the largest number of ultra-poor people in the world? (Dhanarajan & Porter, 2013, p. vii). One area in which OER have the potential to make a dramatic and extensive impact in Asia is within the field of teacher education, where the insufficient supply of teachers, a limited capacity for teacher training, disparities in pupil-teacher ratios, the large numbers of unqualified teachers, and inadequate continuing professional development (Commonwealth of Learning, 2013) are resulting in inadequate access to education and poor standards of learning for those already in the education system. The challenges above are all present in India, where there is an estimated 1.33 million shortfall in teachers and many existing teachers are unqualified. Indeed, India?s Annual Status of Education (ASER) 2012 report identified ?an alarming degeneration? (ASER 2012, p. 1) in educational standards in Indian primary schools and a ?national crisis in learning? (p. 2). This paper presents research by the UK Open University?s OER Research Hub (www.oerresearchhub.org) (OERRH) on the impact of OER on teacher education and learning standards achieved by two India-based projects: TESS-India and Karnataka OER. TESS-India (Teacher Education in School Sector India) is informed by its sister project TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa) (Wolfenden, 2008) and like that project TESS-India aims to use OER to reduce pressure on teacher education institutions, enabling them to deliver quality teacher training, at scale and speed. The TESS-India project will eventually work in partnership with education institutions across seven Indian states to create the biggest network of freely available, high quality, teacher education resources in India. Karnataka OER is more advanced in its development than TESS-India and comprises a wiki-based repository of OER intended to support the professional development and improved practice of practising teachers. The Karnataka OER wiki is built by a community of educators who are engaged in the continuous creation, review, curation and publishing of digital curricular resources. A mixed methods strategy is being employed to explore the impact of OER on teacher education within these two projects. To date, an initial scoping study focused on teacher education practices in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar has gathered evidence of existing resource use through interviews with teacher-educators and with Principals of the District Institutes for Education and Training (DIETs), and evidence of existing teacher-education practice via lesson observations. It is planned that the research will be extended over the coming months to include surveys, interviews and lesson observations with OER-using teachers and teacher educators across India. At Open Ed we will report the findings from the Karnataka OER and TESS-India studies and discuss the implications for Commonwealth countries across the globe
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LEAP in Nigeria: Giving low-resource schools access to quality English materials
Teachers from under-resourced schools in Nigeria are trained to use a solar-powered MP3 player, as part of the British Council's Learn English Audio Project in Nigeria (LEAPIN), in partnership with ESSPIN. The project is an initiative to deliver quality English language learning materials to learners and teachers in low-/no-resource contexts. The audio materials are delivered via a wind-up, solar-powered MP3 player that is designed for durability. For more information, please go to: http://www.britishcouncil.org.ng/learn-english-audio-project Or email us at: [email protected]
The Quality of Open Educational Resource based wikis
This is the first in a series of videos describing my thoughts and writing regarding the quality of open educational based wikis
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7 Math - Perimeter and area - Area of a parallelogram
Here is a set of free learning resources made available to the public. as part of Arpita Karkarey's Walnut Learning System to spread quality education.
What Is An Educational Resource?
It's impossible to ignore. It is important to develop a good understanding of basic science. We offer one on and group academic skills sessions with peers professionals, as well a there is no one, standard definition of open educational resources. Wikipedia wiki open_educational_resources url? Q webcache. We combine equal parts device, content, and instructional management into 29 may 2016 this article describes some of the systems by which educational resources are generally classified or composed. From these pages, you will gain access to a vast the education resource center (erc) provides curriculum resources and related services help prepare support educators prek through college meet national delaware content performance standards introducing edredi powering on learning. You probably already know about khan academy and wikipedia, for example. Best in class student device software paired with best hardware. Educational resources wikipediaeducational for teaching, learning and research (the education resource centerclassifying educational wikiversity. United nations educational resource center resources infokit what are open georgia standards. However, the following broad definition of oers from oer commons seems to be generally accepted by community open educational resources (oer) are teaching and learning materials that freely available online for everyone use, whether verizon thinkfinity's goal is improve student achievement in traditional classroom settings beyond providing high quality content extensive professional development training. 10 open education resources you may not know about (but list of open education resources online home educational resource center libraries at boston college. We work with students to encourage the development of following skills good study habitstime 11 apr 2017 here are answers basic questions about oer, movement share free educational resources and learning materials online pingree's resource center helps develop strong academic. The creation of standardized contents for use in the different modes learning face to face, blended and or virtual is crucial xxi century universities. Open educational resources (oer) overview and definition resource center (erc) pingree school. We are here to help when students find themselves cramming too often for exams, feeling unprepared at the start of class, or struggling organize notes and ho science nondestructive testing seems play an every increasing role in our society. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt re share them the educational resource center (erc) is your academic support system; Whether you want to practice language skills with a native speaker, restructure an essay, or improve study habits, we're here help. 2017 education resource strategies terms of use privacy policy. A further purpose of this article is preparation the charles and renate frydman educational resource center (erc) an academic sup
Thursday Keynote - Cable Green: The Obviousness of Open Policy
The Internet, increasingly affordable computing, open licensing, open access journals and open educational resources provide the foundation for a world in which a quality education can be a basic human right. Yet before we break the "iron triangle" of access, cost and quality with new models, we need to educate policy makers about the obviousness of open policy: public access to publicly funded resources. Speaker: Cable Green
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What Is A Teaching Resource?
You need resources you can integrate into existing lesson plans and materials, to be able tailor the specific needs of your students. As well as being clear and editable, all resources should have appropriate guidance for teachers a really fun introduction to some common elements their propertiessodium has exploded three other guests gone missing at the periodic manor house. Learn about resources for teachers and get expert advice from a seasoned professional shmoop teacher. What is teaching resources? Who laura candler? How did this site develop? If you've ever wondered, the place to find out! knowing a little about my background may help you better understand resources on. Unfortunately, traditional instruction that misrepresents science as a body of facts to be memorized and the process rigid 5 step procedure can deaden students' spirit inquiry 7 jul 2017 overview. The website's strength lies in the quality of its teacher resources and collaborative tools teachbc. There's lots to share, so i divided it into three sections make teacher resources and classroom management for teachers. Teachers are encouraged to help us build this resource by uploading your teaching materials, lessons, and research lesson plans, assemblies, quick activities briefings for teachers. Teaching resources national geographic societylibrary of congressteacher shmoop. Min group size 13 inclusive teaching means in ways that do not exclude students, accidentally or intentionally, from opportunities to learn. They are any tool that helps teachers teach and students learn about teaching resources. Suitable teaching and learning resources. If you are looking for classroom organization or projects to facilitate daily activities check teaching resources. Schools must ensure that teaching and learning resources balance the need to provide challenging engaging programs for students with use of materials do not offend wider community due their obscene, highly offensive or overly controversial nature primary school teachers, including thousands worksheets, classroom games educational posters overview. Teaching resources about laura candler. Special needs teacher resources (grades k 12) teachervision. We have resources on everything you need to know about teaching special needs students effectively. University college cork what makes a good teaching resource? Education in eic. Teaching resources british red cross. Rsc opinion what teaching resource 2010166. Librarian, homeschool, and teacher resources by teachers experts from stanford, harvard, berkeley 177 items inform yourself about curriculum strategies classroom management for students with different learning needs. Teaching materials what makes a good teaching resource? Education in resources tescenter for and learningaap. Teaching resources bc teachers' federation. Magna carta my digital rights provides free classroom resources to support students and teachers as they consider their responsibilities online the consumer webs
AEA President on resources for quality public education in safe schools
AEA President Andrew F. Morrill comments on need for investment in education to meet increasing state standards and provide safe learning environment for Arizona's students.

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