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Crypto Currency- Pre ICO Karat Bank Tokens Some Exchanges that the Karatbars Coin going to be traded on . Open free Coinbase- https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a23177b14bbc80209a77ed8 Free Binance account - https://www.binance.com/?ref=15816572 Huobi- https://www.huobi.pro/ Hitbtc- https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5aac700c10724 Kraken https://www.kraken.com/en-us/login Poloniex  https://poloniex.com
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Pre-ICO Hustle - Day 02 & 03
🗽SUBSCRIBE ► CryptoJay 🗽 📢 Join The FREE CHAT ROOM: https://discord.gg/eeKDtjx 🚀Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoJunkiesCO //Pre-ICO Hustle Series (these are the coins I have bought and amounts so far)// 😃TEX ( bought 1100 coins) http://cryptojunkies.info/texio 😃AreszCoin ( bought 1206 coins) http://cryptojunkies.info/arez 😃LoanCoin ( Confirmed 1066) http://cryptojunkies.info/loancoin
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khmer Crypto Currency PRE-ICO more Makert Exchang
Please Click Subscribers And Like Videos My Channel Pisey Majun KhmerCrypto Public https://t.me/khcoin ======================== Web Bitcoin Wallet https://blockchain.info https://www.coinbase.com/join/57f28e9beac883317b661180 https://account.xapo.com https://www.coinpayments.net Website TPC Earn Money Click Ads http://geobux.com/?ref=piseyphoung http://nationclix.com/?ref=piseyphoung https://www.neobux.com/?r=piseyphoung Websit Free Bitcoin http://freebitco.in/?r=2640969 http://btcclicks.com/?r=82562e0e http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=b8b20dd342ad http://bitfun.co/?ref=238EFD8DB4E3 http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=CED8E8A9C78C WebFree LiteCOin And DogCoin http://moonliteco.in/?ref=db63166893c3 http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=1e01bb68868f http://freedoge.co.in/?r=802505 Website Earn Money and Bitcoin https://bitconnect.co/?ref=majun2222 https://hashflare.io/r/E899CB7 https://golden-tea.com/?ref=363345 https://www.eobot.com/user/699606 https://www.genesis-mining.com Trading Coin https://poloniex.com/ https://livecoin.net/?from=Livecoin-UY2rTuxP Web Buy And Sell Bitcoin https://remitano.com/kh?ref=piseyphoung2 https://localbitcoins.com https://www.alfacashier.com/ https://paxful.com/ https://www.bestchange.com/ Makert Crypto Currency Coin https://coinmarketcap.com/ ======================== pisey majun, bitcoin mining, bitcoin explained, bitcoin mining 2016, bitcoin in hindi, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin zee news, bitcoin miner, bitcoin documentary, bitcoin, bitcoin account, bitcoin app, bitcoin address, bitcoin atm withdrawal, bitcoin android
PRE ICO Cryptaur   Pre sale of tokens! Cryptocurrency!
ATTENTION! THE MAXIMUM BENEFITS! PRE-ICO Cryptaur - only until 31.10.2017! 40% discount for the purchase of crypto currency (CPT tokens). Referral program! Super income! Cryptaur is a decentralized applications store with a mission to transform and ultimately allow for the implementation of a reinvented shared economic system. Rooted in its mission to bring person to person interaction to the forefront of consumerism, Cryptaur’s platform is grounded in blockchain, a technology that can be employed to hone in on the benefits of decentralization while bringing it to mainstream audiences. Cryptaur’s ecosystem curates products and services for enhanced consumer and community driven trust. Do not miss your chance! Before the start of sales there is very little time left! Discount 40% Registration PRE-ICO Cryptaur on favorable terms, pre-sale of tokens (CPT) here: https://wallet.cryptaur.com/syndicates/join/eb3dcd66/
WHATS UP GUYS. In this video, we are proud to provide an update on TAGZ. "Cryptocurrency is a very fragile and volatile market and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have begun to evolve into mainstream adoption providing for Futures Markets to arise with Derivative Trading as well as Traditional Crypto Markets. This is where TAGZ aims to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ in an effort to solve this problem by creating an environment where Regulation, Security and Liquidity is paramount and both markets on one platform is also achieved. We call this a Dual Gateway Exchange (DGE)which allows for both traditional trading of cryptocurrencies while also offering futures trading in form of derivatives, all whilst being 100% regulated and eliminating any risk to users.." ENJOY THE VIDEO! Email Inquiries Contact: [email protected] Telegram Inquiries Contact: https://telegram.me/professorcryptoico ________________________________________________________________ ▶️ WEBSITE: https://tagz.com/ ▶️ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tagzexchange ▶️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tagzexchange ________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, staking, lending and investing in Cryptocurrency. Professor Crypto does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Professor Crypto does not give financial advice. No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Professor Crypto does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video.
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They Did It! 📈 $850m Raised By Telegram Pre-ICO
Subscribe to my DTube channel and earn cryptocurrency rewards for your best comments at: https://d.tube/#!/c/marketingmonk and https://steemit.com/@marketingmonk Click on a video and then click 'subscribe'. All of that after I tell you that today’s episode is sponsored by Ledger: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/d1da A company that designs and makes the Nano S a security device that protects my cryptocurrency from hackers and from myself, meaning there are verification steps so I don’t make a mistake and send it to a hacker voluntarily. ---------- Market Roundup And Correction According to https://onchainfx.com/ DGD which is DigixDAO is the biggest winner of the day up a good 30%. I said recently that this was a gold backed crypto which one of you corrected in the comments by saying that was not true. As we see from the official website: https://digix.global/ under the heading of ENGINEERED ANTIFRAGILITY we discover that I was in fact incorrect and the viewer is correct. The DigixDAO token is DGD. This is the token for the decentralised autonomous organisation which governs the network and earns quarterly rewards based on platform fees. The Digix Gold token is DGX. Each of these tokens represents 1 gram of vault stored Gold. The DGX does not yet show up on CoinMarketCap and it still says on the Digix website the Gold backed token is due for release in the first quarter of 2018 so I take from that, that the Digix Gold tokens have not yet been released. So that’s that corrected. While we are on the subject of crypto backed by precious metals… While I was in Mexico I came across an exhibition stand for LODE https://lode.one/ This uses a very similar model to Digix, except using Silver rather than Gold. The reason this got more of my attention than normal is because David Morgan from The Morgan Report is involved in this project. David Morgan is one of the worlds most well known experts on Silver. [see section showing the two coins] The idea is that you ship your Silver bullion to their vaults and then you get LODE tokens in return. These are for the founding members of the platform that help establish the Silver reserves. The LODE tokens earn rewards based on platform fees. Then the AGX coin will be the Silver backed crypto people will trade and spend. I’ll put a link to a 36 minute podcast of David talking about this in the show notes. This was released just 2 days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSYWUZx0xRc ---------- Telegram Declare To SEC They Have Already Raised $850m In Their Pre-Sale So you know how you are browsing the SEC website and doing a bit of light reading of financial regulations? What’s that? Oh you don’t do that. Must just be me then. Anyway, on this particular occasion I came across this: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1729650/000095017218000030/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml That’s actually a joke. Shoutout to BTC Manager.com for tipping me off about this. Credit where credit is due. https://btcmanager.com/telegram-sets-record-initial-850-million-pre-ico/ Back to the SEC website then, we find a filing that relates to Telegrams private pre-sale. If you are a regular viewer of The Cryptoverse you will remember this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4i6xr_PlEU And this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odcvSDpIaWM In which I spoke about the organisation behind Telegram messenger using that as a front end interface to a blockchain platform they intended to build. This filing has a few important details. [red] 1 The company is based on the British Virgin Islands, no surprise [orange] 2 They decline to disclose their revenues [yellow] 3 They specify a federal exemption under rule 506(c), which we’ll come back to in a second [green] 4 It says they have sold the entire offering of $850m [cyan] and it says they sold to 81 investors, making the average investment over $10m [purple] oh and then they specify that none of the money raised is going to the directors listed on the form So what is this rule 506(c) then? Well... https://www.sec.gov/fast-answers/answers-rule506htm.html [yellow] Basically if all your investors are accredited and if you have taken reasonable steps to identify and verify those investors are accredited, you are allowed to continue your offering. Unfortunately the email from Telegram inviting me to contribute a minimum of $10m to their private pre-sale went into my spam folder so I missed out on this. Yeah right, that’s another joke. So ladies and gentleman, it looks like the game is on. The public sale is supposed to be going live in March 2018 that us plebs can get a few crumbs from the table. You know I get annoyed when there is this kind of elite private pre-sale business, but at the same time I understand that it’s just makes business sense. Not that, that makes it right, I am just saying. So let me know in the comments for today's show. Do you intend to participate in the Telegram public sale?
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ICO: Crypto Scam or Future of Fundraising?
ICO: Crypto Scam or Future of Fundraising? You'll receive $10 in free bitcoin by signing up with this link http://bit.ly/2oesV41 Bitcoin & Etherum Storage Wallet: http://bit.ly/2o7BmgW Exchange cryptocurrency at the best rate: http://bit.ly/2yOUg1U Book Recommendations: http://amzn.to/2pv7kF4 Get One-to-One Consulting https://clarity.fm/ameerrosic Blockchain Training: http://bit.ly/2nGhdn0 What is An Initial Coin Offering? ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since 2013 ICOs are often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies. The pre-created token can be easily sold and traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges if there is demand for them. With the success of Ethereum ICO are more and more used to fund the development of a crypto project by releasing token which is somehow integrated into the project. With this turn, ICO has become a tool that could revolutionize not just currency but the whole financial system. ICO token could become the securities and shares of tomorrow. The Initial Coin Offering phenomenon has started to play a significant role in the crypto-startup world. Lately, more and more experts are looking to decentralized crowd-funding methods with interest. But, the absence of legal guidelines in the operation of these ICOs has resulted in more than a few scams. This is hardly abnormal for an entirely new, unregulated field; but, would-be investors, nonetheless, find it difficult to discern potential opportunities from grab-the-money-and-run schemes. My name is Ameer Rosic, and I'm a serial entrepreneur, investor, marketing Strategist and Blockchain Evangelist Blog http://www.Ameerrosic.com Blockgeeks: http://www.blockgeeks.com Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/ameerrosic Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/ameerrosic InstaGram http://www.Instagram.com/ameerrosic
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7 TIPS for NEW ICO Marketing Campaigns + 1 REAL TIP THAT MATTERS
🚀 Get the iPhone App! ► http://cryptoyum.com ★ Here are a few things that might help you make the most of your ICO marketing efforts! // GET STARTED 🚀 Become a Cryptonaut - Support us on http://patreon.com/pub 💻 Join us at the PUB! - http://thebitcoin.pub 💰Get a Coinbase Wallet! - http://dctv.co/dctv-coinbase - Sign up! // WE DO SOCIAL 🔑 Decentralized Newsletter - https://dctv.co/dctv-news 📔 Twitter - https://dctv.co/dctv-twitter 📔 Facebook - https://dctv.co/dctv-fb 🔑 Instagram - https://dctv.co/dctv-instagram 💻 Google+ - https://dctv.co/dctv-googleplus ✏️ LinkedIn - https://dctv.co/dctv-linkedin 💻 Medium - https://dctv.co/dctv-medium Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member! Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!
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COINLOAN.IO PRE-ICO: https://coinloan.io/?r=0316965589 COINLOAN.IO WHITEPAPER: https://d22bh5hhp3xpt1.cloudfront.net/CoinLoan_WhitePaper_v0.1.pdf
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Pre-ICO: Pundi X - Menghubungkan cryptocurrency kepada semua orang
Website - https://pundix.com/index_id.html White paper - https://pundix.com/pdf/PundiX_WhitePaper_INA_FinalVer1.pdf Pundi-pundi - https://www.pundi-pundi.com PundiXLabs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIf6WeLEzZi3DQxzenTZeA/videos
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THERE IS THIS INCREDIBLE PRE ICO SALE OF HOWEYCOINS! www.howeycoins.com The travel coin that will become the mainstream cryptocurrency. SEC approved and traded on NYSE. What do I do? Full-time independent stock market analyst and researcher: https://sven-carlin-research-platform.teachable.com/p/stock-market-research-platform Check the comparative stock list table on my Stock market research platform under curriculum preview! I am also a book author: Modern Value Investing book: https://amzn.to/2lvfH3t More about me and some written reports at the Sven Carlin blog: https://svencarlin.com Stock market for modern value investors Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernvalueinvesting/
Smart Trade Coin ICO: New crypto currency just started its pre sale phase
The Smart Trade Coin is a new crypto currency and it just started its pre sale phase. Investors can buy it right now with a discount. "Customers can connect with our software directly to all the exchanges they are listed to. That's a very big benefit“, says CEO Daan van Koelen. Watch the video for more details. More information on www.SmartTradeICO.io
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EROSCOIN https://eroscoin.org/ обеспечит плавную, плавную и безопасную оплату при одновременной поддержке одноранговых, бизнес-операций и транзакций от пользователя к бизнесу. Они будут строить онлайн-платежные шлюзы и предоставлять веб-и мобильные кошельки для хранения средств. Сделать международные платежи проще и безопаснее - также главная цель команды. Надеемся, что они также упростят обмен валюты. https://eroscoin.org/ https://eroscoin.org/whitepaper.pdf https://twitter.com/eroscoinnews?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/eroscoin/ Данное видео является информационным и не служит призывом к действию,помните о рисках,которые сопутствуют любому высокодоходному проекту в криптовалюте,соблюдайте баланс.
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Crestonium Pre-ICO Review - 0% Fees Decentralized Crypto Bank
Today I will be diving into Crestonium, which has been getting some hype after their 500k Airdrop. Is it worth investing in? Let's find out! Sign up for for the pre-sale with 25% discount at: http://bit.ly/crestonium My top 3 PRE-ICO picks for March 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kRyrsYSaE8 Follow me on Twitter and learn how to find the best pre-ico's and become a Crypto Bounty Hunter: https://www.twitter.com/BountyCampaigns If you have ANY questions, please drop ‘em down in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and turn on push notifications! Thanks for watching! Follow me on Bitcointalk: https://goo.gl/1qXpfn
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#cryptocurrency #platform #ICO #blockchain #crypto #nodvix #ndvx #nodes #p2p #decentralized #bounty #ethereum #eth #bitcoin #btc #trade #trader #crowdsale #tv#stream #blog #blogger #video #broadcast #advertisement #new NODVIX it's the world's first 24-hour, decentralised, broadcasting platform built on the Ethereum blockchain! NODVIX is highly resistant to censorship, self-regulates content and is designed to provide an honest distribution of revenue to video content creators, publishers, and advertisers alike. Join us for our PRE-ICO commencing on October 11, 2018! Create the future now, not tomorrow, and let’s do it together! ______________________________________________________________ NODVIX – это первая децентрализованная медиа-компания с безграничной масштабируемостью! Платформа NODVIX – самая открытая медиа-платформа, не имеющая центральных серверов и центрального органа управления. Отказоустойчивость и безопасность достигается благодаря распределенной базе данных на основе блокчейн. В пару кликов вы попадаете в эфир и получаете доход напрямую от рекламодателей с минимальными техническими сборами. Website: https://www.nodvix.com White paper: https://goo.gl/QCCUuT NODVIX MVP Demo: https://goo.gl/byPxu9 Follow us on social media: Reddit: https://new.reddit.com/r/NODVIX Twitter: https://twitter.com/NODVIX Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NODVIX/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3vynj_q4XEljwyVCal9slA Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nodvix Telegram: https://t.me/NODVIX + https://t.me/NODVIX_Announcements Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nodvix_platform/ GitHub: https://github.com/Nodvix Medium: https://medium.com/@NODVIX/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nodvix/ Email: [email protected] #nodvix #ndvx #cryptocurrency #crypto #platform #blockchain #nodes #p2p #decentralized #bounty #ethereum #eth #bitcoin #btc #trade #trader #crowdsale #tv #stream #blog #blogger #video #broadcast #advertisement #new #preico #ico
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Обзор Pre Sale Paycent Как Купить Токены PYN ICO Paycent? ▼СМОТРИТЕ▼ Где взять адрес кошелька Pre ICO Paycent? ✅ Сайт проекта Paycent ➽ https://ru.paycent.com/ ✅ Сайт Token Sale ICO Paycent ➽ https://contribute.paycent.com/ ✅ Проверить транзакции ETH ➽ https://etherscan.io/address/0x7A4DE0ca9d9E60E1CCa8e53E0890A4bBa9d9bc10 ✅ Обзор ICO Paycent смотрите ➽ https://ycnexsistem.com/ ✅ Мой канал TELEGRAM @YcnexSistems ➽ https://t.me/YcnexSistems ✅ Как создать онлайн кошелек Ethereum ➽ https://ycnexsistem.com/kak-sozdat-onlajn-koshelek-ethereum.html 12 октября стартовал этап Pre-ICO Paycent, который продлится до 21 октября. Всех участников токенсейла на этом этапе ожидает бонус в размере 33%. Это означает, что к сумме купленных вами токенов будет добавлено ещё 33% в виде бонуса. Стоимость одного токена PYN составляет 0.001667 ETH и максимальная CAP на этот период запланирован в размере 22,500 ETH. Этап основного ICO Paycent пройдёт в период со 02 по 30 ноября 2017 года. В период основного ICO вас также ожидают бонусы: в первые 48 часов бонус составит 27%, в течении с 3 по 5 день токенсейла ваш ждёт бонус 18% и начиная с 6 дня по 10 — 12% Для участия в предварительной продаже токенов PYN вам нужно зарегистрироваться на сайте ICO Paycent: https://paycent.com/ Ссылка на это видео ➽ https://youtu.be/tCB9SQPvSUU Возможно вы искали: #PYN #ICO #Paycent #Paycentos #PaycentICO #cryptocurrency #presale #tokensale #обзорico #preico =============ДИСКЛЕЙМЕР================= Данное видео несет исключительно обозревательный характер и не является финансовым советом или призывом к инвестированию. Автор канала не несет ответственность за возможные убытки и лишь транслирует свое субъективное мнение либо мнение других экспертов. Убедительно прошу зрителей и подписчиков учитывать все возможные риски и проводить собственное изучение проекта/ICO/монеты/инвест.проекта перед непосредственным инвестированием. Дмитрий Медведев
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Aphelion Pre-Ico and Alladin of Crypto-World
SUBSCRIBE it's FREE → https://goo.gl/5R4yhY 👑Join The Best Cryptocurrency & Steemit Discord Group Today: http://bit.ly/2wrUjm8 ⭐️Interesting Links⭐️ ►Donations To This Channel: Your Likes, Comments, and Social Shares are the only donations that I need! :) ►Buy Bitcoin in Coinbase and receive $10 in Bitcoin using this link: http://bit.ly/2qMGeuf ►Follow US On Social Media: Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dineroconopcione Mi Twitter Personal: https://twitter.com/thek1ng33k FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DineroConOpc... TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dinero2017 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dineroconop... CANAL DE TELEGRAM: t.me/DineroConOpciones EMAIL: [email protected] Related Search Terms: cryptocurrency trading | clif high | how to buy ethereum | crypto | invest | trading | investing | investment | ico | investments | altcoin | altcoin investing | cryptocurrency | cryptocurrency investing | 2017 | news | crypto trading | august | bitcoin investing | cryptocurrency news | altcoins | bitcoin investment | how to buy bitcoin on coinbase | altcoin trading bot | crypto investing | altcoin trading | how to buy bitcoin | altcoins to invest in 2017 | trading bitcoins | how to invest in cryptocurrency | how to buy ripple | ameer rosic | potcoin | maidsafecoin | what is blockchain | dash | money | cash | jerry banfield | suppoman udemy | nem | xem | amp | bitcoin | forex | make money | how to make money | gemini | kraken | poloniex | bittrex | coinbase | ark | coin | bitconnect | iota | trade | litecoin | waves | make money online | ethereum | stock | stocks | token | tokens | cryptocurrency invest 2017 | cryptocurrency mining | cryptocurrency market | cryptocurrency mining explained | cryptocurrency crash | cryptocurrency bubble | cryptocurrency millionaire | cryptocurrency investing advice | cryptocurrency investing mike | cryptocurrency investor | cryptocurrency investment strategies | cryptocurrency investment course | cryptocurrency investing 101 | cryptocurrency investment club | cryptocurrency investment 2017 | cryptocurrency investing tips | cryptocurrency investments | cryptocurrency investments 2017 | cryptocurrency buying | cryptocurrency buying and selling | cryptocurrency buying platform | cryptocurrency buying guide | how to invest in cryptocurrency 2017 | how to invest in cryptocurrency ico | how to invest in crypto coins | how to invest in ethereum | how to invest in stocks | how to invest in real estate | how to invest in penny stocks | how to invest your money | how to invest in the stocks market | how to invest in for beginners | how to invest in mutual funds | how to invest in gold | how to invest in cryptocurrencies in australia | how to invest in cryptocurrency in canada | how to invest in bitcoin for beginners | how to invest in bitcoin 2017 | how to invest in bitcoin and make money | how to invest in bitcoin growth funds | invest in bitcoin now | altcoins | altcoins | altcoins to buy | altcoins to watch | altcoins to buy now | altcoins to watch 2017 | altcoins trading | altcoins trading strategy #CryptocurrencyTrading #Crypto #Altcoins #Tutorial #Bitcore #BTX ►Disclaimer: I'm not a financial adviser, nor a trader, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. My videos may contain affiliate links to products I believe will add value to your life.
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MyKrops pre-ICO Review (Sponsored Video)
The World's First Agriculture Marketplace Crypto Equity ICO Website: http://www.mykrops.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyKropsApp/
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WEBSITE : https://www.srcoin.info/ ANN THREAD : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2433046 WHITEPAPPER : https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/381b09_723c6738f73843a9a0cb079e961f46c3.pdf SRCoin is a decentralized health information platform Using blockchain technology, distributed and subscribed massage chairs are connected to decentralized network hubs that build health data platform, providing useful health information to patients, medical institutions, and research facilities.
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BMJ Pre-ICO Rating & Review: Membrana
Bitcoin Market Journal & Media Shower present the Pre-ICO rating & review of #Membrana, featuring senior analyst Jessica Ridella. SUBSCRIBE: FREE Bitcoin Market Journal Newsletter - https://bit.ly/2RjMbQx ICO SUMMARY: Blockchain technology has introduced a large number of new crypto assets to the market, but many individuals do not have the expertise to safely manage and trade these assets. Membrana wants to help investors by creating a blockchain platform for concluding mutually beneficial and secure contracts between investors and traders for trust management of cryptocurrency assets. The platform itself will act as a transparent, decentralized, and secure system that will control the process of concluding and executing a contract up to the point of revenue gained by both parties. Membrana has an algorithm that will solve the need for involvement of an intermediate party who guarantees the safety of funds and provides trust between both parties. There are several projects out there that are focused on connecting investors and traders, making this a very saturated market. The whitepaper is very detailed in terms of platform development and use cases, and while it does address the competitive landscape, we did not see any major differentiators from the competition. There is no indication that the Membrana algorithm has been patented; thus there is no further indication of differentiation. However, we are impressed with the working beta and user-friendly website that lists weekly developments to the platform. The team is also very impressive, with a large group that have verified bios, expertise, credentials, and strong track records. The team also features strong partnerships as well as experienced advisors. The token will be a utility token where holders get free access to trade, find investors, and conclude contracts. There are additional features to the platform that will only be available for token holders with larger amounts. Users do not spend their tokens, but only hold them in their accounts. We are also impressed with the amount of marketing and press that the platform has. There are already over 3,000 registrations, and the project lists several events on the website where users can meet the team and learn more about the platform. Additionally, the project has two big venture capital firms backing it financially. Ultimately, Membrana has a strong team, great transparency, and great marketing. Where it can improve is differentiating its platform from competitors to help it capture the market. WEBSITES: https://membrana.io/ https://bitcoinmarketjournal.com https://mediashower.com DISCLAIMER: WHEN INVESTING IN ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, YOU MUST PERFORM YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE AND INVEST USING FUNDS YOU ARE FULLY PREPARED TO LOSE. Bitcoin Market Journal nor its parent company, Media Shower Inc., provide financial, accounting, investment, tax, legal or other services and in no event shall its website, the services or any content be deemed financial, accounting, investment, tax or legal advice. Neither use of our websites or content, (including this video), nor the provision of services creates, nor is intended to create, any professional relationship between the company and any user of our websites or the services, and is not protected by the attorney-client or other privileges. Your use of our websites, content, and services is at your own risk. #ICO #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
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BitJob has a Pre-ICO starting August 2nd, 2017
BitJob is a Decentralized P2P Students Marketplace for Online short-term Jobs, Powered by Ethereum Blockchain. BitJob has created a cryptographic token called Student Coin or STU for short which can be purchased with other crypto currencies or fiat money. This provides many advantages including the ability to hire contractors and students without paying the significant transaction fees that we see with existing services. BitJob participants or freelancers will have a reputation assigned to them to enable them to access renumeration appropriate to the skill level, this provides for a fair and predictable cost base for potential employers.
ICO Telegram open network TON and GRAM cryptocurrency
ICO Telegram open network (TON) and GRAM cryptocurrency Investment pool pre-ICO - www.antares.capital
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Coinloan Pre ICO
fulltime researching in the crypto realm finding gems to share. To participate in the ICO https://coinloan.io/?r=7164846060 btc tip jar 16hzb1hsgPhhy5YPyz7ANLEdQA6P1Be9qt where to buy bitcoin upto 5k https://www.independentreserve.com?invite=LQKTRJ
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Wild Crypto Update (PRE-ICO SPECIAL)
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USI TECH Launches Pre ICO
Step #1 - Register For USI Tech: https://ee87b9b9.usitech-int.com/ Step #2 - Take the username & password and sign in here for new website: https://usitech-int.com/ Step #3 - Purchase ICO Package with Bitcoin. Comment below with any questions USI Tech is a forex and cryptocurrency trading company that also does cryptocurrency mining. You can start with as little as 50 euro in bitcoin They pay on average 1% daily for 140 working days (Mon - Fri) That's your original purchase price back plus 40% profit! remember to invest what you can afford to lose. Do your research and your own due diligence before investing anywhere. to your success. token sale ico usitech techcoin prelaunch
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Crypto Kingz | ICO Pre-Sale Alert - Interview w/Stash Cryptocurrency CoFounders
Crypto Kingz | ICO Pre-Sale Alert - Interview w/Stash Cryptocurrency CoFounders Crypto Links: https://linktr.ee/cryptokingz_pup Website: www.cryptokingz88.com PUP Music: http://bit.ly/2DeebtT Stream single online - Spotify, GooglePlay, Itunes, Amazon & more. _________________________________________________________________ SOCIAL MEDIA: STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@cryptokingz FB: Crypto Kingz IG: @cryptoking_PUP Twitter: @cryptokingz88 _________________________________________________________________ DONATIONS: Bitcoin: 17HTEuUr9LeBgCdGTmS86xmDZaiMgrC6vu Dash: XynEdLzrd9dUM8vbW3Cnh31pDetFqPFsAe Eth: 0x1a7da9645355aa40c036fae392555b953e736be9 Litecoin: LbGzSEC7NLjJeLggr3ubfxEMDFGJxwudTq _________________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: The content in this video is not to be considered financial, legal or tax advice. This video contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link, I will receive a small commission. This helps to support the channel and allows me to continue making videos like this. Thank you for the support family.
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GOT A HOT ONE TODAY GUYS. In this video, we are proud to introduce GLOBAL TECH. Education, Social network, Trading funds and Artificial Intelligence. Global Tech is a crypto trading community, for the people by the people. We are a group of savvy professionals who have a passion for blockchain technology and how cryptocurrency can benefit the entire world. Their platform will connect cryptocurrency traders across the globe, from novice investors to elite strategists, to allow everyone to benefit from the next generation of financial investment technology. They do this by providing industry-leading training to GTH holders through online trading courses, their social community platform and live worldwide training seminars. In addition, they manage investment funds for our coin holders to contribute to. Global Tech Features: Worldwide seminars and training Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education Virtual Trading Platform Real-world Trading Platform Social network built into the platform Trading Investment Funds ENJOY THE VIDEO! Email Inquiries Contact: [email protected] Telegram Inquiries Contact: https://telegram.me/professorcryptoico ________________________________________________________________ ▶️ WEBSITE: https://www.gttrade.io/ ▶️ WHITEPAPER: https://www.gttrade.io/assets/home/images/global-tech_whitepaper-2.pdf ▶️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/globaltechexch ________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, staking, lending and investing in Cryptocurrency. Professor Crypto does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Professor Crypto does not give financial advice. No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Professor Crypto does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video.
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✅ Top ALTCOIN APRIL (2019) Cryptocurrency backed by REAL 24K GOLD 💰 BEST ICO 2019. [CRYPTO NEWS]
Register FREE for KCB GOLD backed CryptoCurrency here: http://Register-for-KCB.com Receive 12.5% BONUS coins now until May 21st, 2019. Text "INFO" to 240 513-8030 for more information. Exclusive offer from Karatbars International 📈 #April (2019) Pre #ICO #Altcoin backed by real 24K GOLD 💰 Bullion 999.9 quality for under $0.14 cents per coin. KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL 🌎 ✅ In business since 2011 ✅ Licensed to operate in 131 Countries ✅ Partnered with FedEx to ship GOLD through customs ✅ Partnered with Master Card to pay 550,000+ affiliates weekly residual income ✅ First Crypto Currency backed by real physical 24K GOLD bullion 999.9 💰YOU will receive a FREE referral link & earn weekly residual income sharing this video. Get your FREE AFFILIATE referral link here: http://GetFreeReferralLink.com 📈 Register for pre ICO of KCB Cryptocurrency here: http://Register-for-KCB.com Learn more about Karatbars here: https://lp2.kb-universe.com/?referer=assetwealth #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #Top5 #news #btc #ethereum #eth #cryptocurrency #litecoin #altcoin #altcoins #eos #forex #money #best #trading #bitcoinmining #invest #trader #cryptocurrencies #top #investing #entrepreneur #business #success #investment #finance #bitcoins #motivation #coinbase #stocks #wallstreet #investor #ico #wealth #bullish #cryptolive #millionaire #Top10 #April #2019 ***NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL, OR TAX ADVICE! JUST OPINION! I AM NOT AN EXPERT! I DO NOT GUARANTEE
The first eToro of cryptocurrency !!! | Covesting preICO review
I forgot to answer the question, Am i going to invest in Coinvest ? Answer: YES Covesting pre-ICO: http://bit.ly/2yWmr3H For passive investment lovers: ******* MY RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT PROGRAMS ******** BITCONNECT / Low-Med Risk / 30% Per Month Join Bitconnect: http://bit.ly/2hey1PS Bitconnect review: http://bit.ly/2h5Bkcf Bitconnect Referral PR: http://bit.ly/2z8H8so Chain Group/ Med/High Risk / 70% Per Month Join Chain Group: http://bit.ly/2iUZlDa Chain group review: http://bit.ly/2hx7mLa HEXTRACOIN / Med to High risk 40% profit per Month Join Hextracoin: http://bit.ly/2yoda3Q ETHCONNECT/ Med to High risk 40% profit per Month Join ETHCONNECT: http://bit.ly/2A9qTZJ Laser / High Risk / 40% Per Month join Laser: http://bit.ly/2jjz9lO ******* ICO ******** JOIN FALCONCOIN ICO: http://bit.ly/2gX3GBE JOIN GOLDREWARD ICO: http://bit.ly/2A2Yq6Y JOIN UCOIN CASH ICO :http://bit.ly/2iOg3jT JOIN ESCROCO ICO: http://bit.ly/2lL1mCN SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://bit.ly/2yoV166 where to buy bitcoins/Etherium Coinbase - Get $10 worth of Bitcoin when you sign up under me http://bit.ly/2lFcL7c Donations are always appreciated: Bitcoin: 1NEwJfUZMHLiNGiZQe3who2Jsv7TWdc7LQ Etherium: 0x0D7f0759bFde10aD585a046913a8007f38e81226 DON'T FORGET, ALL THIS PROGRAMS INVOLVE HIGH RISK SO DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE INVESTING MONEY!!!! Bitconnect Site Bit connect Bitcoin Chain Group Hextracoin CryptoHero
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Watch: How XS Coin is linked with Cryptocurrency ICO Development  and Blockchain Technology Wallet
Cryptocurrency is weaving its magic all around the world and this market was created to serve a highly political intent. This service can be used anytime and from anywhere. XS coin is based on cryptocurrency and its team will develop their wide range of services around the assets. XS coin is based on the relevant blockchain technology which includes modern and relevant technologies. Information Of XS coin Total Supply : 60 Millions Pre ICO Sale : ( 5 Millions) Pre ICO Sale End Date :25 Jan 2018 XS Coin is a hybrid coin and works on POS and POW. To know more about XS Coin from the core and how it works and about its journey, So watch this video.
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BMJ Pre-ICO Rating & Review: Aidus
Bitcoin Market Journal & Media Shower present the Pre-ICO rating & review of #Aidus, featuring senior analyst Jessica Ridella and junior analyst Kevin Kelly. SUBSCRIBE: FREE Bitcoin Market Journal Newsletter - http://bit.ly/2SgngcW ICO SUMMARY: Despite the rise of ICOs and increased interest in tokenomics, three major limitations have delayed the global adoption of cryptocurrencies for global asset management companies. These include the absence of basic fundamentals in cryptocurrency, the price volatility of a speculative market, and the absence of future value for use in the real economy. The AIDUS platform is a decentralized fund market based on the Ethereum network. It is designed to serve as a professional asset management platform in which global investors and asset management companies can use blockchain technologies and smart contracts to safely and transparently create and settle into peer-to-peer fund agreements. The project’s unique token model is designed to protect investors by: (1) creating value for the coin by enabling its use in asset management, (2) providing a decentralized fund market service with free access for the signing and redemption of global fund items, and (3) providing high-yield, safe global fund portfolios. Investors can use the Aidus token as real cash to access global funds. Asset management companies can gain free access to the most powerful fund platform. This is a market that faces fierce competition and is entirely dependent on the success of the crypto space. While the team has strong professional and academic track records, the project lacks partnerships and users for the platform. Aidus does not reveal when the MVP will be released. The token will act as a single fiat currency with coin fundamentals, but it is unique in that users can choose between the method of value they get from it, whether it is from yield fund rate or coin value profit. This is a very saturated market space, and our biggest concern here is that it is tied to demand in investing in crypto. The whitepaper does not include any information on when the working platform will actually be released, which is very concerning to us. WEBSITES: https://aidus.io https://bitcoinmarketjournal.com https://mediashower.com DISCLAIMER: WHEN INVESTING IN ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, YOU MUST PERFORM YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE AND INVEST USING FUNDS YOU ARE FULLY PREPARED TO LOSE. Bitcoin Market Journal nor its parent company, Media Shower Inc., provide financial, accounting, investment, tax, legal or other services and in no event shall its website, the services or any content be deemed financial, accounting, investment, tax or legal advice. Neither use of our websites or content, (including this video), nor the provision of services creates, nor is intended to create, any professional relationship between the company and any user of our websites or the services, and is not protected by the attorney-client or other privileges. Your use of our websites, content, and services is at your own risk. #ICO #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
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Shard | New ICO | Proof of Stake | POS | Pre Sale in 6 Hours | Cryptocurrency | Review
Shard - ICO - Proof of Stake - POS Get a Shard Account today This is my Affiliate Link https://shardcoin.io/account/register.php?r=Michaelvb30 Website: https://shardcoin.io/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shardcoin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shardcoin Telegram: https://t.me/shardcoin Discord: https://discord.gg/AHfZRPY Join a new ICO that offers Proof of Staking. Subscribe to my channel and support us
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Telegram ICO Scam or Legit/ Telegram Pre ICO token sale Live/ Red Flags detected/
http://gramtoken.io/ https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/scam-alert-theres-something-funny-telegram-ico/ DISCLAIMER- These videos are for Information , Education and Entertainment Purpose and my personal Opinion . None of them should be considered as Investment Advice or Suggestion. Participating in token sales is risky, please do your research before contributing. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/crypto_india12 Twitter -https://twitter.com/shivcryptoindia Steemit - https://steemit.com/@shiv123 Join www.facebook.com/groups/cryptoindia Buy Ledger wallet on a safe link https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/167c Join Binance through the Link and Support the Channel https://www.binance.com/?ref=10270593 Download Crypto Control to manage your Crypto Portfolio If you wish to support the channel , you can do so here. OMG 0x0f9d78339C583e02b44f248A0E532B87B0A5b70D Bitcoin 15jRXvUnqgLsewuBwejsVPXAS64jVfiEbs Bitcoin Cash 16ApmN4HL6VNzVxi3w5gqoqCpMHu6rDquu Dash XwX96iqeoHVhZBbdhWqTixqKEkEHFTPhh1 ETH 0x0f9d78339C583e02b44f248A0E532B87B0A5b70D Litecoin LU3qTiFVsAS6BWwF9bGN2mzwzd72xxFoyD https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/167c
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How to Launch a Simple ICO on Ethereum
How to Launch a Simple ICO on Ethereum https://blockgeeks.com/guides/initial-coin-offering/ There's a ton of questions and hype around ICOs in the blockchain world. Are they good? Bad? Who cares? Whatever your feelings are about them, it's important that they're launched in a smart and safe way. So join Jack for a quick explanation of what ICOs are, and a live coding demo of the best way to launch a simple crowd sale ICO. For more blockchain guides, content, and videos; visit us over at blockgeeks.com If you need a smart contract audited or if you want to make crypto auditing smart contracts, visit our sister site at bountyone.io. What is An Initial Coin Offering? ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since 2013 ICOs are often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies. The pre-created token can be easily sold and traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges if there is demand for them. With the success of Ethereum ICO are more and more used to fund the development of a crypto project by releasing token which is somehow integrated into the project. With this turn, ICO has become a tool that could revolutionize not just currency but the whole financial system. ICO token could become the securities and shares of tomorrow.
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✅ - https://ico-samsung.org/?ref=146983
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MuviesChain продажа токен Pre sale  ICO
MuviesChain продажа токен Pre-sale ICO MuviesChain проект компании TVZavr сильный продукт :онлайн кинотеатр https://www.tvzavr.ru/ работает с 2010 года Проводит начинает продажу монет TVZ время проведения ICO до 16 июля 2018 г 🌐 Website: https://www.movieschain.io/ 🌐 Whitepaper: https://www.movieschain.io/whitepaper/ 🌐 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2954653 🌐 Telegram: https://t.me/movieschain/ My contacts 🌐Bitcointalk username: lavara 🌐 bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1043162 теги : ico,blockchain,bitcoin,tvzavr,preico,биткоин,пресейл,crypto,ethereum,cryptocurrency,btc,криптовалюта,фильмы,сериалы,мультфильмы
what is ICO - Cryptocurrency in Hindi & Urdu - Cryptocurrency explained
Get Crypto Trading News and Signal Join Here : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEHzDkuyW82a10U2kg what is ICO - Cryptocurrency in Hindi & Urdu - Cryptocurrency explained in this video i will try to explain you about ICO how it was working and many more think watch till end. *My Social Media Links: -Main channel: http://bit.ly/1VwgOLW -Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adi.khan.71404 -Like My FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/Adilkhanbiz-... -Join My FaceBook Group :https://www.facebook.com/groups/15484... -Follow me on Tweeter:https://twitter.com/adilk0870 -Follow me On Google Plus :https://plus.google.com/+ADILkhanNetw... ------------------------------------------------ *Contact Me Skype Adilk0870 [email protected] ------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching This Video Wish You Luck , Adil khan (Adilk0870 - Adil khan)
This ICO is slated to be the biggest and most expensive ever. I usually don't invest in ICO's but I lay out some compelling reasons why Telegram TON could already be winning, even before the initial coin offering phase. It is slated to be the biggest ICO ever at $2 billion. Pre-ICO sales have already begun and plenty of TON tokens, called GRAMS, are being sold for millions. ___________________________________________________ Sign up and become a Patron to help us grow and reap invaluable rewards: https://www.patreon.com/thetravelingcrypto Free Bitcoin! Sign up for Coinbase here and get $10 in free Bitcoin! https://goo.gl/mpnBY5 Sign up to Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=21758606 The charting site I use, Coinigy: https://www.coinigy.com/?r=ecce2479 Sign up to KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7Paay8 Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/Xshg9dd https://www.instagram.com/thetravelingcrypto/ ___________________________________________________ The Telegram ICO date isn't distributed yet but it is slated to raise $2 billion and will surely be the biggest ICO in cryptocurrency initial coin offerings history. I'll keep you posted on more info regarding the ICO and the ICO date. Here's the article about Telegram channels being shut down: https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/02/telegram-and-instagram-being-restricted-in-iran/
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Ever Heard Of ICO? Start-ups Are Using ICOs To Sell Cryptocurrency For Cash | CNBC
Start-ups have raised billions of dollars through initial coin offerings this year, but regulators are starting to crack down. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Ever Heard Of ICO? Start-ups Are Using ICOs To Sell Cryptocurrency For Cash | CNBC
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KCN Xinfin opens pre ICO token sale
Partner: Cryptopia - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/ https://steemit.com/@kcnnews XinFin starts its pre-ICO sale of tokens. According to newsbtc, it comes along with the release of XinFin's new institutional financial market. The company builds a blockchain platform aimed at achieving real world enterprise grade integrations. The system, backed by XDC tokens, leverages all the benefits of cryptocurrency systems through integration of smart contracts among investors, sellers and buyers. Info: Bitcoingarden - https://bitcoingarden.org Coinidol - https://coinidol.com/ To add subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCWN9FtDP3d-jfJu83pGARxw Do you like our video?
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(Part 2) How to Get Into ICO Pre-Sales for Bigger Discounts on Crypto
FREE Financial Freedom Resources: http://www.mikevestil.com/start-here/ I've invested into a total of 9 icos on the pre sale level. Find out exactly how i am getting into the ICOs before they even hit the ICO stage. My Favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange: https://www.binance.com/?ref=15623886 Mine Bitcoin DAILY with HashFlare: https://hashflare.io/r/D4047730 Easily Buy Bitcoin: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a3b79d0590ce10232f07b4c Subscribe to Get Notified for Next Live Stream: https://goo.gl/DVEiJj (a.k.a. smash the notification bell) My Background Story: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncOVM5nSqRM How to Make Money Online Playlist: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZxYJMvowLgvuRlJ7gAdc5AOCqeAOsWg Affiliate Marketing Playlist: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZxYJMvowLgETtaHAvwo572OUpbmdDVC Shopify Dropshipping Playlist: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZxYJMvowLgq8ocIlZ4-zgq2ZuqjHmhQ Best of Mike Vestil Playlist: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZxYJMvowLjjA1kt0mFfDhGjCNIKbUE- WATCH ALL THE VLOGS FROM EPISODE 1: ↪︎https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLZxYJMvowLiFboleINIKkKEa6GhHhNs4 **DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor and anything that I say on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and my personal experience. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investment. Music: Track: CØDE - Duck Face [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/-cWkoBJuu-k Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/DuckFaceYO
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What's the bonus system during pre ICO & ICO? 💥💥💥 Pre Ico will start on 15 Februar 2018
What's the bonus system during pre ICO & ICO? 💥💥💥 Pre Ico will start on 15 Februar 2018 https://www.concertvr.io concertVR english Follow us:: 👉 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/concertvr/?r... 👉 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simplybethere/ 👉 Telegram: https://t.me/concertVR 👉 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ConcertVR 👉 Twitter: https://twitter.com/simplybethere concertVR concertVR coin concertVR english, buy concertVR token sell concertVR coin concertVR ico, concertvr pre ico, new cryptocurrency 2018 new cryptocurrency with potencial, concertvr scam, top cryptocurrency 2018 under 1€ konzerte live 2018 virtuel reality rvtrecnoc concertvr start cryptocurrency under 1 cent cryptocurrency undervalued cryptocurrency 2018 predictions “Imagine you could enjoy concerts from all around the globe in real-time without leaving your home!“ statement: Audiences attending concerts and festivals are reaching record highs and are expected to generate in 2017 sales above 1,1 bn USD in Germany alone. As venue capacity is limited, concerts of particularly popular artists are sold out in hours if not in minutes. Additionally, access to live concerts is limited by several further factors. Concerts are dominantly performed in selective large cities and economically sound countries leaving fans in rural areas or non-popular countries behind. 18,200 concert tickets for the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden were sold out within 30 seconds. Over 600,000 tickets for his "Believe" North America tour were sold out within an hour. U2s Joshua Tree Tour in 2017 sold 1.1 million tickets for their tour within 24 hours. The 29 market world tour of Harry Styles was sold out in two minutes, setting a new world record. The Rolling Stones „No Filter“ tour sold out in Germany in 4 hours. However, tickets were still available on the resale market for astronomical prices. (Eventim) Impressum ANGABEN GEMÄSS § 5 TMG: Goodstuff-Media Ug (haftungsbeschränkt) Kaiserdamm 111 14057 Berlin VERTRETEN DURCH: Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Sebastian Deyle KONTAKT: E-Mail: [email protected]
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ICO Evolution - Pre-sale process, VCs, Pools. Strategy. Ep8.
A look at the dynamic evolution of ICO fundraising, diving into the current state with involvement from pools and VCs and how the investor might adjust his strategy. The views represented in this video are my own and intended for educational purposes. They should not be treated as financial advice. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenesisFork Please Subscribe and feel free to comment below. TimeLine: 00:00 Intro. 01:29 ICO vs Equity raise. 03:18 ICO Evolution. 05:50 ICOs - what to avoid. 07:42 ICO Deep Dive - what to look for and why? 12:07 ICO Strategy options. 13:51 Why good ICOs are struggling? 16:40 Pools/Syndicates. 19:50 VC Involvement + offloading to pools. 21:39 Pool/Syndicate Evolution. 22:55 Investor Strategy Conclusion. Links in the video: Crypto Gurus - https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperMorphSuitMan/featured Binance CEO - https://cointelegraph.com/news/binance-ceo-calls-icos-necessary-and-100-times-easier-than-traditional-venture-capital Startup funding Infographic - https://blog.adioma.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/how-funding-works-infographic.png TopICOs alltime - https://freestartupkits.com/infographics/top-icos-of-all-time-as-of-2018-infographic/ Astronaut Capital - https://medium.com/astronaut-capital/are-public-token-sales-a-thing-of-the-past-15c89efefa1a ICO Analytics - https://twitter.com/ICO_Analytics SSRN - https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3182169 ICO Scams - https://www.ccn.com/ico-scams-have-raised-more-than-1-billion-report-claims/ HoweyCoins - https://www.howeycoins.com/index.html ICODrops - https://icodrops.com/ Operation CryptoSweep - https://news.bitcoin.com/sec-chairman-applauds-operation-crypto-sweep/?utm_source=OneSignal%20Push&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=Push%20Notifications 421FakeCryptos - https://cointelegraph.com/news/chinese-govt-study-detects-421-fake-cryptos-outlines-key-features-of-fraud?utm_source=Telegram0&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=crypto-exchanges-etoro--bitpanda-press-f FCA - http://www.blockchaincompany.info/post/7325884/uk-watchdog-running-dozens-of-probes-into-cryptocurrency-firms 15month boom-to-bust - https://cointelegraph.com/news/chinese-report-blockchain-projects-go-from-boom-to-bust-in-15-months?utm_source=telegram0&utm_medium=social Kucoin special treatment - https://news.kucoin.com/en/special-treatment-area-for-all-tokens-not-complying-with-kucoins-quality-standards/
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Инвестируй с умом ! Обзор ICO Nodvix !
24-часовая радиовещательная платформа PRE - ICO [2018-10-11 - 2018-10-31} ICO [2018-11-22 - 2019-02-09} 🔹Web: https://nodvix.com/ 🔹Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y90UMsa0fKWAs7J2gG7gNnZFEqlfVJf4/view 🔹Telegram: https://t.me/NODVIX 🔹Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047860 🔹Twitter: https://twitter.com/NODVIX 🔹 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NODVIX 🔹 BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047855 🔹 Reddit : https://github.com/Nodvix 🔹 Мedium : https://medium.com/@NODVIX Цена PreICO 1 ETH = 24 000 NDVX Цена 1 ETH = 8000 NDVX Мой профиль на Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247454;sa=summary Мой бумажник 0x2D620A92EB2C6523efb44272cE9fb66db077cB71 #NODVIX #bitcoin, #ethereum, #blockchain, #exchange, #dex, #crypto, #cryptocurrency #nodvix #Bountynodvix #обзорICO #ICOnodvix #Токеныnodvix #Bitcoin #Altkoin #ICO #cryptocurrency #СтартICO #бесплатныетокены #Баунти #бесплатнаяраздачатокенов #Биткоин #Токен #Token #blockchain
StreamReward and Advertisingcoin Token Pre-ICO sale - $40 purchase - April 2019
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Spotcoin Pre-ICO Update
Timothy Gick, CEO Spotcoin - update on the Pre-ICO.
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THE WORLD MOST TRUSTED EXCHANGE PLATFORM. TOKEN SALE NOW LIVE PRE-ICO 30% BONUS WEBSITE: https://ico.lccx.io/?ref=563a360 WHITEPAPER: https://www.lccx.io/lccx-onepager.pdf YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/VpTvBK5kpF0 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lccxofficial FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lccxofficial/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/lccxico LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lccx/ MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@lccxproject BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2365709.msg24124494#msg24124494 ------------------------------------------------------------ My Info (Md Faruk alam) Facebook profile link https://www.facebook.com/faruk400 Twitter User name @STMairdrop Twitter profile link https://twitter.com/STMairdrop Bitcointalk profile Link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=854945 Bitcointalk user name faruk40 Telegram user name @faruk40 LinkedIn profile link https://www.linkedin.com/in/md-faruk-alam-86842b118/ ETH address 0x9e14Fe1E57Ff05aE1cb51396E2342Dcb21daF7f1
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MINIERA ICO - Cryptocurrency Mining [Video Teaser]
The Miniera Mining Company is located on a historical site. Almost a century ago, the Dutch State Mines (DSM) started their coal mining operation here and the site was named 'Maurits', a Prince of the House of Orange. It was the biggest coal mine in The Netherlands and mining operations continued until 1967. Now, more than 50 years later MMC will commence crypto mining on this site using the Neblio Blockchain platform and our own Ethereum miningpool. We will introduce our 'Miniera I' Mining Rigs representing state of the art technology to achieve the highest and most transparant hashrates. Future investors and token holders will be able to pay a visit to our mining location which will make tangible for all our miners. The Miniera Mining Company has an experienced team specializing in cryptocurrency mining, technical development, trading, marketing, influencers and advisors. Become a part of Dutch coal & crypto mining history by particpating in our ICO (starting on May 1st) and go back to the future with us!
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