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Marketing for Cultural Organizations – MOOC Managing the Arts
Starting in February 2015, this Mentored Open Online Course (MOOC) “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations” for practicing and aspiring cultural managers will be available worldwide for free interdisciplinary further training. Chris Dercon, Director of the Tate Modern in London, will guide this online course developed by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Leuphana University of Lüneburg. The basis of the curriculum consists of case studies from cultural institutions in Bangkok, Berlin, Budapest and Lagos especially produced for the course. For more information and subscription go to goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc
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Management as an Science & Art
Management as an Science & Art Lecture By: Ms. Madhu Bhatia, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Keynote by Chris Dercon “The Impact of Arts Institutions” – MOOC Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc #goethemooc MOOC MANAGING THE ARTS Keynote by Chris Dercon: The Impact of Arts Institutions In the future, art institutions will have to extend themselves beyond their own singular place through diverse networks and digital media. About the Course: Running from February - May 2015, the Mentored Open Online Course (MOOC) “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations” establishes a learning community of practicing and aspiring cultural managers worldwide. The course includes more than 70 video lectures by international experts and 4 extensive video case scenarios from Bangkok, Budapest, Lagos and Berlin. The MOOC Managing the Arts is provided by Goethe-Institut and Leuphana University.
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Art Business - How to promote your art business
http://www.evancarmichael.com/support/ - SUPPORT ME :) Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! "Hey Evan, I have been following for a while. I love the positive encouragement and the likeable social media you have created with sharing etc. I read and follow as much as I can. What I can't find and maybe you can help direct me to the right place is somewhere that I can find information that isn't as broad. I see many things about entrepreneurs, how to etc but it dosen't quite fit the mold of what I do. So many articles I have found talk about business will fail. Just toss it, rack it up as a learned experience and try again. Or help like find who your customers are. I know who they are by age, income, and all the other items that my insights and google tracking + my sales have told me, but I have a different case which I don't seem to be able to apply some of the methods. If my business fails, then I won't be starting a new one. I am a fine artist. What I sell is my artwork, gifts and merchandise based on my artwork, and eventually video tutorials on painting techniques etc. Only 2% to 5% of the population buys original art. My gifts and merchandise are aimed at home decor, office decor, jewelry and apparel to broaden the market of who will buy my products. Getting loans to open a store are not such a good idea as it takes time to build art clients. That's almost a guaranteed sink. If my business fails, starting a new one won't work. It's not like I'm creating a software app that may or may not hit, then in the next 6 months I'm trying opening a computer hardware repair business. It's not about choosing the right product, I am the product. Getting it right is detrimental to my business. There are quite a few artists who have landed the right path to financial success just like any other entrepreneur. It's a business. I create products, I look for licensing of my images, I create smaller items to purchase for those who don't fall into the 2 - 5 % category. I have to market, network, and promote just like any other business would. Add to that trying to build prestige, creating enough pieces for collections to show at galleries, attending festivals, and making public appearances. So why is it so hard to find information on how to for what I am doing? Information on where to look for Independent Sales Reps would be great. Or where / how to market for niche products? Even though I am more than dedicated and believe in my product / artwork 100%, I find that I am struggling to connect the dots. Most art business help books don't really seem to be geared to creating a large enterprise based on artist products. Instead they try to coddle and persuade artists to become organized as if we were addlepated helpless drooling idiots who can't manage to have a cohesive though. The business advise geared toward us is to take 2 and 3 jobs on top of the full time job we already have creating, promoting, selling, showing, and marketing what we create. I see artists like Tripp Harrison who's Florida gallery takes in over 2 million every year, or Guy Harvey who's products created from his artwork is in every gift shop along the cost in the US as well through the islands and cruise lines. These guys are raking it in. How do I reach that level of entrepreneurship where I am no longer a one person owned small business but instead have multiple employees, sell my products across the globe, and create the business that I see when I create my goals? The standard protocol dosen't seem to apply. Are there resources out there that you know of that you wouldn't mind pointing me in the direction to so that I can help myself progress? Thanks so much for you time, I appreciate it. Allison Richter - allisonrichterwildlifestudio.com" Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/DVel/
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The art of managing the arts - a new master from SDA Bocconi
To develop the managerial and leadership skills of those who work in the arts and culture sector SDA Bocconi is launching a new Master in Arts Management & Administration (MAMA). A program in English with partners such as the Philharmonic of Teatro alla Scala, the Arena of Verona and the Vatican Museums. In this video Alex Turrini, MAMA director, talks about the objectives and structure of the course.
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Lecture on Web Marketing - Online Master in Arts and Culture Management
Check out a free lecture from the Rome Business School's Master in Arts and Culture Management on "Creating and managing a website for promoting cultural businesses".
Social Media Marketing Mistakes, Myths & How Artists Can  Avoid Them
Social media has gotten competitive, so if you're trying to promote your artwork online, getting noticed can be difficult. So make sure you're off to a good start and watch this video to ensure you're not making any of these common social media mistakes! You can learn more here: http://aftrart.com/social-media-mistakes/ people’s understanding about social media has gotten a little dated, and it’s not just artists that don’t quite get it. Sure, back in 2010, managing an account and reaching your audience was pretty easy. All you had to do was post engaging content, often. And because everyone was still trying to figure out how to make it work, the high-quality accounts would attract followers like nobody’s business. But now, there’s so much competition that it’s easy to get lost amongst the noise. And creating strong relationships from an active audience is even more difficult to achieve. So before you find yourself in a social media mess, frustrated over why you can’t seem to grow an avid following, I’m going to share some social media myths, pitfalls, and mistakes, PLUS some ways that you can avoid or overcome them! Common Social Media Mistakes Artists Make: 1) Choosing the wrong social media platforms to promote your artwork: For social media to work, you need to use tools that makes sense for your artistic goals and that an audience exists for your work on the social media platforms you choose. 2) Using crossposting features to share the same content on multiple platforms: When you do this, your followers have to see your content repeatedly, which can become annoying. Plus, you're not optimizing your posts for each individual platform, so they'll end up looking bad and won't be effective. 3) Posting at the wrong time: You need to make sure that you're posting when a majority of your audience is online. You can learn your follower's behavior patterns by observing when they're posting, liking, and sharing OR you can set up a business account that will provide analytics. 5) Neglecting in-person promotion: I've noticed that people with larger social networks in real life typically have larger social media accounts. So if you're not letting people know about your Instagram account, YouTube channel, or Facebook page, then you could be missing out! 6) Paying for followers (or using social media bots to grow your audience): I know it's tempting to try and make it big on social media by making it look like you have a healthy following, but it could end up causing more damage than good. First of all, it's pretty annoying getting follows, likes, and comments from accounts that are obviously just trying to get me to follow back, but if you're leaving generic comments or following and then unfollowing a few days later, then you're putting yourself at risk for being marked as spam and getting your account shut down. 7) Posting infrequently: the only way to stay top-of-mind on most social media accounts is to post on a regular basis. This is especially true for feed-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. If you don't post enough, people will forget about you, and no one wants that! 8) Sharing low-quality content: Gone are the days where a blurry, unedited iPhone photo is acceptable. At the very least, you need to compose your photo well, and then do some editing afterward to make the image look appealing. Likewise, you need to write clearly so that people reading your posts understand the information you're trying to convey. 9) Not optimizing your posts: I see sooo many artists failing to optimize their posts. Tagging friends, pages, or organizations, sharing a location, including hashtags, and sharing all around good content will give you much more exposure! Big Social Media Myths & Misconceptions • Thinking that you need to be on every single social media platform: the best thin you can do is find a social media platform you enjoy using, so that you're not spreading yourself too thin. • Believing that "going viral" can happen naturally or organically in 2017: In order to go viral, you have to do some work nowadays. That might mean submitting to calls for art, curatorial Instagram accounts, online features, and more. • Thinking that you HAVE to be on social media: Everyone's so wrapped up in talking about social media that they don't realize it's not mandatory, even in 2017. You'll have to find other ways to promote your work, but you DO have other options! Follow aftrART! Email Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ch1Mfz Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aftrart Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/aftrart Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/aftrart Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500025 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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It’s All About Marketing Your Painting Business
Ultimately, marketing is the bottleneck for any growing business. You must have marketing! If you can’t hit your marketing goals week to week, you can’t hit your goals for the year. Sign up for painting leads from Painter Choice here: https://www.paintingleads.com Learn how to crush door to door marketing: https://www.paintingbusinesspro.com/course Download a goal setting worksheet and video here: https://www.paintingbusinesspro.com/goals
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Tim Marlow: The Gallery Business
How British art galleries work, making your work stand out and what galleries should provide young artists. For more info about Tim Marlow head to - http://noisefestival.com/festival/2014/curators/TimMarlow GET YOUR TALENT SEEN BY TIM MARLOW, ENTER YOUR FINE ART TO NOISE FESTIVAL 2014: 1. Create a NOISE Portfolio - https://NOISEfestival.com/user/register 2. Submit your work. 3. Get recognised by the best in the business. Recorded exclusively for the NOISE Festival 2014. More Info - http://noisefestival.com/festival/2014/about #NOISEFest14 Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/NOISEfestival Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/noisefestival
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PR and Marketing for the Arts
This workshop presents fundamental public relations and marketing tips for artists and arts organizations. Kathleen Stimpert, PR & Marketing Specialist for the Cultural Arts Division and Arts Commissioner Krissi Reeves review basic PR and marketing principles and present actionable plans for promoting artistic projects. For more information visit: http://Austincreates.com
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BACC Bangkok – MOOC Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ starts on 19 Feb 2015. Learn more about the course's four case scenarios dealing with real-life arts institutions. Watch this trailer and get to know the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC).
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CCA Lagos – MOOC Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ starts on 19 Feb 2015. Learn more about the course's four case scenarios dealing with real-life arts institutions. Watch this trailer and get to know the Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos.
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Managing Culture: Marketing and Audience Development Strategies
Who are cultural projects created for, and how can we support interest in them? The world’s leading audience development expert, Jackie Hay, will speak about the latest and most effective ways of working in this field. The world’s leading audience development expert Jackie Hay will speak about the latest and most effective ways of working in this field. Jackie Hay and Jo Hargreaves from MHM were giving lectures in February-March 2016 in the framework of Cultural Management Workshops Programme in 10 Russian cities. Cultural Management Workshops (CMW) Programme is an intensive educational course led by a British consultants (the Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM) Agency) for professionals working in the cultural sector of Russia. For more information please visit http://www.britishcouncil.ru/en/programmes/arts/creative-economy/cultural-management-workshop-en Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM), is an award-winning cultural strategy and research agency. 50 experts employed by the agency in the UK, Australia and New Zealand are always at the cutting edge of audience development and visitor research. The company partner with culture, heritage and charity clients on projects ranging from research, segmentation, marketing and audience development and evaluation to strategy, branding, capital projects, market appraisals and organisational change. Among their clients are some of the world’s leading museums, galleries, theatres, festivals and arts centres, as well as heritage organisations and charities. Special thanks to Garage Museum for cooperation. #2016cmw
How it works – MOOC  Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ starts on 19 Feb 2015. The Academic Director Nishant Shah and MOOC Facilitator Felix C Seyfarth will accompany the course community all along their MOOC journey. Watch this clip, get to know them and how they picture the MOOC's mechanics and objectives.
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Arts Marketing is Dead: Long Live the Audience - Part 1 of 7
Video clip from Andrew McIntyre's presentation on Monday, July 25, 2011 at the Arts Learning Xchange Metro-wide Forum. Andrew McIntyre is one of the UK's leading authorities on audience motivations, behavior and responses, and co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, a recipient of the Market Research Society's Research Magazine's Business Transformation Award 2008 for their work on visitor insight at the British Museum.
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Music Business 101 Bootcamp: Artist Management
ModCityMag.com's Music Business 101 Bootcamp Day 1:-Artist Management Notes: Tour Management: * Friend/ Band Member *Advancing *Routing *Road duties -Driving -Time management -Lighting & sound -Gear -Point of contact -Merch manager * % of show income *Must love to travel Day to Day Management: *Artist's right hand man (or women) *One person or team *Scheduling *Promoting *Career growth *Travel *Security *Babysitter/parent *% on all areas of an artist's career Business Management: *Money related matters *Career consultant *Career growth *% or flat fee Additional Resources:
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HAU Hebbel am Ufer – MOOC Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ starts on 19 Feb 2015. Learn more about the course's four case scenarios dealing with real-life arts institutions. Watch this trailer and get to know the HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin.
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Digital Marketing + Performing Arts
Paola Peretti, digital marketing strategist and visiting researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics, invites you to find out more about the Master in Performing Arts Management organized by Accademia Teatro alla Scala in partnership with MIP- Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro di Milano. The Master aims to promote stage arts as a fundamental social, political and economic asset, and live performances as a means for conserving and passing on to future generations a people’s cultural heritage and identity. More info: http://www.accademialascala.it/en/management/department.html Take part into the live streaming presentation, at 6pm on May 20, June 17 and September 9!
Trafó Budapest – MOOC Managing the Arts
www.goethe.de/mooc/ #goethemooc The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ starts on 19 Feb 2015. Learn more about the course's four case scenarios dealing with arts institutions from Hungary, Nigeria, Germany and Thailand. Watch this trailer and get to know the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest.
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Druidstone 2011: Essentials of Arts Marketing: Theatrical Management Association
http://www.hallaminternet.com ... Susan Hallam's search engine optimisation, email marketing and social media marketing training. Feedback from Edinburgh International Festivals, Welsh National Opera, Eastgate Theatre, and Dundee Rep Theatre.
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National Arts Marketing Project Conference: Closing Keynote (Sha Hwang) 2014
Sha Hwang loves making complex datasets and systems more human. Currently, Sha works as a designer and technologist with a team to help fix Healthcare.gov. A failed architect and an accidental entrepreneur, Sha has designed and built work for clients such as the New York Times, the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, CNN, MTV, Flickr, and Adobe. Previously, Sha worked at Stamen Design and cofounded the company Movity, which was acquired by the real estate company Trulia. Sha has also explored his interests in fabrication, digital art, and culture with companies like Meshu and Gifpop with his friend Rachel Binx. Sha will talk about data, its roles and responsibilities, and the ways to engage with the many futures of arts cultures online. All our keynotes will be webcast live, and archived, via our YouTube channel! Tell friends & colleagues to tune in, and ask questions using #NAMPC. See more at: http://www.artsmarketing.org/conference
Arts Marketing is Hard: Millennials
Register for the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, Nov. 9-12, 2018 in Seattle. Visit http://www.namp.americansforthearts.org/conference
Inside Sports Management
Four Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni discuss the risks and rewards of working in sports management, and what it has taught them about leadership. Read highlights from the video: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/inside-sports-management Featuring: Joe Lacob, Owner & CEO Golden State Warriors; Paraag Marathe, Chief Strategy Officer, San Francisco 49ers; Dave Kaval, President, San Jose Earthquakes; Ari Segal, COO, Arizona Coyotes; and George Foster, Professor of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Arts marketing - explained
Arts marketing is a promotional strategy, linking a company to the visual or performing arts. It might involve sponsorship of a symphony concert series or a museum exhibit. For example, Rolex has sponsored numerous art exhibitions and museum exhibitions since 1927. Reference: http://www.marketingpower.com/_layouts/dictionary.aspx - created at http://www.b2bwhiteboard.com
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Stop Managing, Start Leading | Hamza Khan | TEDxRyersonU
According to Hamza, managing millennials and knowledge workers the way we used to manage traditional factory workers can be disastrous. Speaking through his own experience of being managed and alternatively as a manager, Hamza makes the case that millennials must be lead, instead of managed and given autonomy to complete their tasks, so that they may grow and reach their full potential. If you ask Hamza Khan about his role as a manager, he’ll tell you his approach to managing is to avoid it altogether. Before his success as an award-winning digital marketer and entrepreneur, Hamza was a student struggling to find a practical outlet for his creativity while pursuing a degree in business and political science at the University of Toronto Scarborough. In his third-year of university, Hamza switched his major and received a Bachelor of Arts to facilitate a future career in creative multimedia and storytelling. Since graduating, he has worked as a graphic designer and marketer, and teaches social media strategy at Seneca College. He is also credited with making Ryerson University Canada’s leading university in online student engagement. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Instagram: Get followers as an Artist
In this video I talk about how I gained close to 180.000 followers on Instagram and how important being consistent is. These tips do not only apply to Instagram, they also apply to most other social media platforms such as Facebook, Deviantart, Youtube and life in general. As an artist it is important to have a profile that follows a specific theme, so that people know what to expect from you. Your profile acts as your portfolio and you want to avoid filling it with unrelated photos. Keep it nice and clean and try to serve a niche with quality content. Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you liked the video :) Oh and don't forget to keep drawing! Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/ericanthonyj Instagram - http://instagram.com/ericanthonyj DeviantArt - http://lean13.deviantart.com Tumblr - http://lean13.tumblr.com Music: For copyright issues, please contact me directly at [email protected]
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National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2014: The Future of Arts Marketing
This year, the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) Conference will be exploring All the Places We'll Go in Atlanta, Georgia! We asked a handful of our expert NAMP speakers what topics they want to bring to the table at this year’s conference as we dig deep into trends that are just over the arts marketing horizon. Join the conversation by registering today at www.artsmarketing.org/conference!
Arts and culture marketing
What is arts and cultural marketing: a brief overview...
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Master of Arts and Cultural Management
Learn about the business of the Arts in Australia with the Master of Arts and Cultural Management. Head of the Program Dr Kate MacNiell explains the depth of learning and the breadth of practice in the program which equips students for a wide variety of careers in the Arts and Cultural Sector. Current student Melissa McShane shares her experience of the huge diversity of subjects and the importance of industry connections. Melissa found a job in the industry after her first semester of the course.
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Master of Management in International Arts Management: Zannie Voss
For more information about the MMIAM program, visit: http://www.master-in-international-arts-management.com/. Zannie Giraud Voss (Ph.D., Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Aix-en-Provence) is Chair and Professor of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship in the Meadows School of the Arts and the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.
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Jessica Ballsley - Keep Calm and Teach Art: 10 Strategies for Managing the Art Room
In this fast-paced and entertaining presentation by the founder of www.theartofed.com, you'll discover insider secrets and essential classroom management strategies to use in your classroom right away! The talk was given at the Art Educators of New Jersey 2013 Conference in New Brunswick, NJ.
Music Management - What Does a Music Manager Do? (4 Reasons Why You Need a Manager) @CasiinoSmooth
A Music Manager acts as your guide in the music industry and creates a plan for your success or for you to make money. A music manager is going to use their existing relationships and establish new relationships that he thinks will work best for you as an independent artist. Below are a few reasons why having a music artist manager is important and explains some of what a manager does. 1. Gives Guidance from a different perspective 2. Reach Out and Establish Relationships 3. Organization and Business Minded Experience 4. Will Create a Business out of You and Your Brand. Need Music Promotion? Visit Our Site TODAY to get STARTED: https://paradymmusicgroup.com/contact/ IG @ParadymMusicGroup
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[PBP17] Defence Against the Dark Arts: An Intro to Games Marketing – Lauren Clinnick
"Defence Against the Dark Arts: An Intro to Games Marketing" presented by Lauren Clinnick (Managing Director, Lumi Consulting) Let go of your marketing-related sense of doom. In this talk, Lauren Clinnick from Lumi Consulting outlines how to create effective messaging for your game, plus efficient release strategy tips and tricks. Embrace marketing within your personal creative dev process, and begin identifying and collecting the audience that will love you, and your work. Learn high-quality, authentic yet cheap marketing skills and leave with a to-do list to get you started today.
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Performing Arts Marketing Video
A showreel of selected performances from recent years
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Want to be a Creative Director? What Does A Creative Director Do?
Many graphic designers and creative professionals aspire to be a creative director one day. But what does a creative director actually do all day? You might be surprised that it is not just judging design work and standing around cooling cool. There are many more skills and responsibilities that a creative director has in managing and running a design department. Want to get promoted? Listen carefully and start to focus on and develop the skills I discuss in this video. You will be on your way to being a creative director in no time! —————————————————————————————— This video is targeted to my channel’s audience of entrepreneurs, designers, creative professionals and anyone interested in brand strategy, business planning, design, trend, marketing and communications. —————————————————————————————— Philip VanDusen is the founder of Verhaal Brand Design, a strategic design and branding consultancy in the New York City metro area. He is an accomplished creative executive and expert in strategic branding, graphic design and creative management. Philip gives design, branding, marketing and business advice to creative professionals and entrepreneurs on building successful creative practices and brands. —————————————————————————————— VISIT MY WEBSITE: http://www.philipvandusen.com JOIN THE BRAND•MUSE NEWSLETTER: http://bit.ly/2e35adD FREE MINI-EBOOK DOWNLOAD: “9 Design Elements Your Brand Absolutely, Positively Needs” http://www.philipvandusen.com/direct-optin FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/philipvandusen SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd2J-PizcFDxWHBBfRkp38Q FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/philipvandusen/ LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Verhaal-Brand-Design-115957185470571/ GET TUBEBUDDY - THE BEST TOOL FOR YOUTUBERS: https://www.tubebuddy.com/philipvandusen RECOMMENDED BOOKS TO HELP YOU BUILD YOUR BRAND AND CREATIVE PRACTICE: Book on Design Thinking: “Change By Design”, Tim Brown http://amzn.to/2mTFDrz On Creative Inspiration: “Imagine”, Jonah Lehrer http://amzn.to/2mJpQe9 On the Freelance Economy: “Free Agent Nation” by Daniel Pink http://amzn.to/2mWlbpR My fav Design Career book: “Orbiting the Giant Hairball” by Gordon MacKenzie http://amzn.to/2noTnIL On inspiration: “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life’s Work” by Kevin Carroll http://amzn.to/2moisCu The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Al Ries + Laura Ries http://amzn.to/2noZGwd MY EQUIPMENT + TOOLS: Canon EOS 80D DLSR Camera: http://amzn.to/2nn4y4q Canon EOS 80D 18-55mm kit lens: http://amzn.to/2mnAAws Canon EOS 80D Yongnuo 35mm lens: http://amzn.to/2nniETh RODE NT2000 Condenser Mic: http://amzn.to/2mFoNvG ART Tube MP: Tube Mic PreAmp: http://amzn.to/2mFoVeE Rode Mic Boom: http://amzn.to/2nxNFmJ Mackie HR824 Studio Monitors: http://amzn.to/2nxQNz3 Sony MDR 7506 Headphones: http://amzn.to/2mFpsxa Screenflow 6.2: video editing software: http://amzn.to/2nxFLK3 LimoStudio Softbox Lights (x2): http://amzn.to/2n2u7KK Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: http://amzn.to/2nmX4hZ Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone: http://amzn.to/2n2xL7B OWC ThunderBay 4 0GB 4-Bay HD Enclosure: http://amzn.to/2npj7Va Toshiba 3.5-Inch 2TB 7200 RPM HD (x4): http://amzn.to/2mnWZtm TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/philipvandusen Adobe Creative Suite (2017 CC) Apple Logic Pro X Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6: USB Audio Interface *We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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UCA - The Business School for the Creative Industries
Here at UCA we are in the business of creativity. For more information about our courses visit: uca.ac.uk/business-school
The Book of Leadership and Strategy - Audio Book
The Book of Leadership and Strategy An atlternative look at leadership from an ancient Chinese prospective The subtle arts of management and leadership have been developed over thousands of years by the Chinese. The Book of Leadership and Strategy represents the Taoist culmination of this long tradition and is one of the most prestigious works of ancient Chinese thought. Collected here are insightful teachings on the challenges of leadership on all levels, from organizational management to political statecraft.
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Master Marketing Management - Tilburg University
The Master's program in Marketing Management at Tilburg University offers students who aspire a marketing career the opportunity to gain an internationally-respected qualification in marketing management. Offering exceptional scope and depth to the subjects studied, your new knowledge will span everything from branding and developing advertisements to setting up new distribution channels and managing communications. The program is characterized by expert lecturers and the constant link between theory and practice. Want to know more about this Master's program? Then check this video! You can find more information on our website: https://www.tilburguniversity.edu/education/masters-programmes/marketing-management/
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2014 National Arts Marketing Project Conference: Culture Track
Arriving at a critical moment for arts organizations, don’t miss the groundbreaking Culture Track 2014 – the largest national study on the attitudes and behaviors of U.S. cultural consumers. How are audiences redefining the role of cultural organizations? What are the primary influences and barriers that are driving and presenting audiences from participate in cultural activities? Come hear the stats, trends, and answers you need to know. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll gain insight into how your arts organization can stay relevant. See more at: http://www.artsmarketing.org/conference
National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2014: Technology
With the breakneck pace of changing technology, where should you focus your attention moving forward? How do you make tech really work for your organization in engaging your stakeholders? The National Arts Marketing Project Conference will dive into these questions and so much more. With three days of expert marketers sharing insight on technology trends and priorities, you’re sure to return home with ideas for your organization’s future tech strategy. So join us in exploring ‘All the Places We’ll Go’ this fall in Atlanta, Georgia!
Arts Marketing Assignment 2
Bournemouth University final year student.
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Strategic Marketing Arts, Inc., SMARTS, Video Compilation
Compilation of Strategic Marketing Arts, SMARTS, promotional videos. http://www.strategicmarketingarts.com
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Arts Marketing is Dead: Long Live the Audience - Part 5 of 7
Video clip from Andrew McIntyre's presentation on Monday, July 25, 2011 at the Arts Learning Xchange Metro-wide Forum. Andrew McIntyre is one of the UK's leading authorities on audience motivations, behavior and responses, and co-founder of Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, a recipient of the Market Research Society's Research Magazine's Business Transformation Award 2008 for their work on visitor insight at the British Museum.
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National Arts Marketing Project Conference 2014: Diversity in Arts Marketing
This year’s NAMP Conference will provide you with the tools, strategies, and conversations to strengthen your organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Hear case studies that will demonstrate how arts organizations around the country are transforming from the inside out by marketing to and welcoming new and diverse audiences. Join one of our intimate community-forum style discussions to talk about the role that audience diversification plays in the future of arts marketing. Or learn from a panel of experts what marketing professionals can do to make our organizations accessible for all. Register now at www.artsmarketing.org/conference!
Google Adwords Campaign Management and Bing Ads with Web7 Arts -Search Engine Marketing SEM
Google Adwords Campaign Management - Bing Ad Optmization with Web7arts - PPCSearch Engine Marketing - Digital Marketing Entertainment Lifestyle Web7 Arts Services Web7 ARTS offers a full suite of digital marketing services for the Entertainment and Lifestyle industry including social media marketing, public relations, mobile marketing, website development, graphic design, video development, and search engine optimization. Our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJuH7LyBG3NYAiky3FISr4g En : http://www.web7arts.com/en/search-engine-optimization Fr : http://www.web7arts.com/fr/Optimisation-referencement-moteur-de-recherche Nl: http://www.web7arts.com/nl/ SP: http://www.web7arts.com/es/ Pt: http://www.web7arts.com/pt/
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5 INSTAGRAM Tips & Tricks for ARTISTS 【Inktober & Drawlloween Drawing】
It's October and time for drawing challenges such as Inktober and Drawlloween, therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my top 5 Instagram tips and tricks for artists. For more information regarding popular and most commonly used Instagram art hashtag, check out this helpful blog post: http://creatingbeautifully.com/80-hashtags-artists/ ---------------------------------------------------- Drawing Materials used: Faber Castell Polychromos US: http://amzn.to/2fp6b24 DE: http://amzn.to/2hFPpwm Schmincke Watercolor set of 48: US: http://amzn.to/2vhLrgx DE: http://amzn.to/2vLfjF6 Caran D'Ache Luminance US: http://amzn.to/2vLjK2z DE: http://amzn.to/2vKRrlb Copic Skin tone set (Some colors not shown in video) US: http://amzn.to/2vBlw5Y DE: http://amzn.to/2ulzOYN Sakura Gelly Roll - White US: http://amzn.to/2vVj3zE DE: http://amzn.to/2ez9ALO - Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen (Black outliner) US: http://amzn.to/2kNozji DE: http://amzn.to/2kNjc3D Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink US: http://amzn.to/2x7mlVC DE: http://amzn.to/2fKhoL3 Daler Rowney A5 Fine Grain - Heavyweight paper US: http://amzn.to/2fIqSGy DE: http://amzn.to/2fHEnX1 Disclaimer: All links are affiliate links. These help me as a growing artist. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------- ➡ Follow me! Check out my vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxXbkVgAjYAfsZXoNsEV2Q 🌸 Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/brushesandbunnies 🌸 Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brushesandbunnies 🌸 Purchase an original or print https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrushesandBunnies 🌸 Email for business opportunities [email protected] Thank you and love you guys! 💜 Music: Little Heart (Jessica Williamson Mix) by Amarante https://amarante.bandcamp.com/track/little-heart-jessica-williamson-mix
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Managing Artists in 2017
Sol Guy, José Woldring of The Media Nanny, and Madeline Nelson of Heads Music sat down with Nick Sabine of Resident Advisor to discuss if there still exists a need for recording companies. Web Summit is the fastest growing technology conference in the world. Don't miss out on your chance to attend, buy your tickets here: http://news.websummit.com/YT_tickets
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Arts Marketing Australia
Arts Marketing Australia
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Building your audience through online and offline arts marketing strategies
Exceptional arts marketing has its place both online and offline. By thinking of your audience and your organization in terms building a relationship between two people, you are able to humanize your interactions and strengthen your interactions with your patrons.
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Xanadu Gallery's Art Marketing Minute | Why we Don't Hand out Photos or Brochures in the Gallery
Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs shares a technique for art sales follow up that is more effective than handing out brochures.
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