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Using momentum trading crude
This video is for a couple of customers I've been chatting with in the past few days - you'll know who you are. 1 - Struggling a bit with the Cut & Reverse drill 2 - Questioning the concept of letting a market turn first and then entering (equating it to chasing the market). Sometimes it's easier to show & tell, so I put he screen recorder on. The first trade is a reversal trade entering AFTER the reversal has occured or rather when we've got additional confirmation. The second trade wasn't what I was looking for - but welcome anyway - a pre-breakout trade from the same area we took the reversal trade earlier. In both trades, momentum was the trigger. Seeing one side push a little and entering based on that. Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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Learn to trade order flow with Jigsaw Tools
In this video, I'd like to talk about getting started with Jigsaw Tools. Part of the focus will be on traders that do not currently use order flow at all. Those that need to learn the tools and learn to trader order flow. For traders moving from a product like XTrader, it will probably take just a few hours to get up and running with Jigsaw Depth & Sales. We will also discuss some of the tools uniqe to Jigsaw such as the reconstructed tape and power meters. For traders with no experience with order flow, there are 2 separate skills you need to acquire 1 -- Reading the order flow 2 -- Using order flow to make a trading decision It would be a mistake to attempt to try to do both at the same time. You need to first focus on reading the order flow. Being able to actually read and absorb the information that is being shown. You need to set aside specific time to doing this and we will explain how shortly. What you should not do is to run the tools and immediately use to compliment your trading. You should also not try to scalp the market on SIM. You need to be focused only on reading the DOM. If you have charts up, or other screens that you currently use, your focus will gravitate towards them. It's more comfortable to look at the things you currently use than this new set of tools. If you enter SIM trades, you will suddenly have a bias and you initially need to do this without bias. Later on, when you get past the "learning to read it" stage, it is a good idea to have a bias and a good idea to SIM trade.   Thick markets and thin markets do move differently. Thin markets are markets like Crude, DOW, Gold that usually have less than 100 contracts at each level on the market depth. Thicker markets are those like the E-mini S&P 500 futures, Eurostoxx 50, US Treasuries that have 100's or 1000's at each level on the DOM There is certainly an argument that says for trade confirmation, the Depth and Sales is more useful for thick markets than thin markets. Areas tend to hold to the tick and you aren't looking at action that occurs over so many prices. Similarly, you could argue that the Tape tools and power meters are more useful on thinner markets. They have less trades going through overall and the changes in pace and exceptional size is easier to see. With this in mind, we have Crude traders using just depth & sales and we have emini S&P500 traders using just the power meters and the reconstructed Tape. The fact is that some tools suit some people and that will be a major factor in which you get the most use from. So, for now, just keep an open mind.   First Steps... The first thing you need to do is relax. Look at this as something fun you are about to start. Do not put pressure on yourself by trying to SIM trade or live trade as you go through this process. That will make it a frustrating activity and not a fun activity. You are going to make progress that can be measured in hours -- following this plan you are going to start seeing things in the first few days. Allocate no more than 60-90 minutes per session to this. Any more and you will lose focus. One or 2 times per day only. Focus on one market or spend a few days at the start to select a market -- just go through a few, pull up Depth & Sales, see if one seems to make more sense. Do this at peak times, not when the market is dead but also not during crazy times like news announcements. Focus. • 2 Columns only -- current trades -- Size executing at each level -- Size executing at bid vs offer -- Changes in size -- Changes in the speed it ticks up/down -- How 'easy' it ticks up down -- Prices it seems to stick at -- Prices it seems to gravitate back to -- Prices no-one wants to trade • And that is all. -- Ignore the depth, it is secondary -- Right now, you may have a perception that people that read this are looking at all of the numbers all of the time and so the numbers concern you. -- This is not true -- we look at other information there sometimes but a lot of reading order flow is just the way price moves up and down and the numbers themselves are secondary. -- Don't try to do math in your head, trying to tally up total trades either side as it moves. The difference will be obvious or it wont be important. -- After about 5 or 6 of these 60-90 minute sessions, you will start to see things occurring More tutorials here: http://www.jigsawtrading.com/learn-to-trade/free-order-flow-analysis-lessons/
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Introduction to Order Flow Analysis for Day Trading - 2014
Those that know Jigsaw or took a look at our website know that we sell a set of tools for reading order flow. Those tools look at order flow in the very short term. This is NOT what we will be discussing today. We are going to keep this with the sphere of applying order flow to daytrading but be looking a little longer term. We are going to look at the Theme or Theory or the concept or the principles behind all order flow tools. Remove any remaining confusion about the theory behind order flow. Why are we doing this? I have come across many people that use one order flow tool but have no clue how to use others. A good example would be someone that trades CD divergences mechanically but is lost when it comes to footprint charts. They don't fully understand the underlying theory behind these tools. The tools are simply a different view of the same information FOR THE SAME REASON. It is my belief that understanding the theory behind such tools will make the use of the tools more productive. After this session, you should understand the mechanics of price change and be able to understand ANY order flow tool. Now -- that doesn't mean you'll be able to use any order flow tool immediately. These tools are a bit like reading a book or riding a bike. It takes practice. Just one thing -- we are going to discuss the merits of a number of order flow tools -- that does not mean I use them all and it does not mean you should do to. You'll end up with analysis paralysis if you try to use all of them to trade off. Finally, this session will give you actionable information that you can take away and start using in your trading. http://www.jigsawtrading.com/blog/1699/
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Introducing daytradr, a new stand-alone trading platform from Jigsaw Trading
Presented by: Peter Davies @ Jigsaw Trading, topics include: - Jigsaw daytradr: The new stand-alone trading platform from Jigsaw Trading - daytradr features: what it does - daytradr features: why it's different - Performance profile - Trader statistics dashboard, leaderboard - Stat sharing - getting recognized - Education overview Discussion thread for Q&A: https://futures.io/trading-reviews-vendors/14307-jigsaw-trading-daytradr-www-jigsawtrading-com-25.html#post657651 Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars and strategies.
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Jigsaw Tools V4.0
An introduction to the features of Jigsaw Tools Version 4.0
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Setting up Jigsaw Tools
Here's how I setup my Jigsaw tools. I do give some explanations about what some of the data means, which is a repeat of the intro video. But, I also dive into the settings I use for both CL and ES.
Jigsaw Tools Version
A quick introduction to the new version of the Jigsaw tools due for release on June 2nd. In this release, we have some changes to Depth & Sales to support TD Ameritrade Data through NinjaTrader as well as adding 2 new "Turn Power Meters" For more info - go to http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Trading the Chop w/Jigsaw Trading Tools
BMT is now futures.io. Follow our new channel https://www.youtube.com/c/futuresio?sub_confirmation=1
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Jigsaw Tools V5.2.9.1
In this release, we have added a new feature to move orders. This was mostly to help one of our customers who is scalping Crude and needed very rapid order movement. For more information on Jigsaw Trading go to http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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How to customize Jigsaw Trading Dom
In this video I go over how I customized my Jigsaw Trading Dom.
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Improve your Trading with the Follow the Depth Drill
Follow the depth drill is best done on a lively market that is moving around a lot.... Not because it works on some markets better than others but because it's more interesting doing drills when there's an opportunity every few minutes as opposed to every 15 or 20. This drill helps you understand the relationship between price movement and market depth. Which 9 out of 10 trading educators have upside down! This won't give you a one rule trading system but it will give you something to incorporate int your trading. Do no more than an hour a day and track the progress over time. The goal is an improvement first in your understanding of the market and then in your ability to time the market. You can take this skill to help with your entries or to help you manage your trades. Layering in one skill at a time as you get to and past profitability. For more - go to http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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The Trader's Dilemma - The Jigsaw Solution
Bringing Clarity to Traders, Jigsaw Provides Tools, 100% Free Education and access to a large community of traders. Find out why over 4,000 traders chose Jigsaw Today. For more, visit: http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Jigsaw Tools for S5 Trader/OEC Trader
This video shows how to get up & running with the beta version of Jigsaw Tools for S5 Trader-Open Ecry. Many thanks to the testers
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Jigsaw Trading - RapidTraderPro Standalone Tools now available
Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars and strategies. This webinar takes a look at the Jigsaw Tools in a stand alone environment. Historically, the Jigsaw tools have been plug-ins for existing trading platforms. Now it is being transitioned to a stand alone platform. In effect, the goal is to plug gaps that traditional charting platforms ignore without turning Jigsaw into a traditional charting platform! This will be the first webinar where we discuss the architecture of the product, the unique features and take a look at where Jigsaw is heading in the future. - One size fits all platforms vs specialization - The plug-in isn't dead! New platforms supported - Standing Alone. The benefits to users and Jigsaw - Traditional platform 'bug bears' and why we avoided them - Exit strategies - Intelligent orders - Exchange Traded Spreads - Volume Stops - What's coming next? - How will this impact the existing 3000+ users? Stocks, futures and options can be charted the same way but trade execution tools are massively different between them. Traditionally we have mostly seen charting platforms and execution platforms combined. In our opinion that's like combining your toaster and your lawnmower. Charting is absolutely important but execution can no longer take a back seat.
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Volume Analysis Trading - Jigsaw Order Flow: Explaining Long Signals On Absorption
Learn and receive volume analysis trading strategies, trading tools and see analysis in real time with the MDA premium trading program visit http://www.danielstrading.com/mda to learn more. This week's Introductory to MDA webinar I cover the Trading Mindset, revisit the market basics of the 2 phases a market is in and how/why we trade them differently and then lastly cover the Power of the Volume Profile Scanner. In addition to advanced live streams of charts, using volume profile analysis and order flow, large volume analysis. I host a more beginner introduction focused weekly webinar. The goal of the MDA Weekly live introductory webinars are to help new traders, or experienced trader understand my approach to trading futures and tools I use. I also highlight the tools, education and analysis included with the Market Dimensions Advisory program. Where I provide traders Tools, Education, Analysis, Action. If you are a new trader, or a struggling trader learning to learn and take control of your own trading this YouTube page is right for you. Make sure to subscribe and ring the alert bell to be notified of all future live streams and videos. Andrew Pawielski, 11+ year commodity trading broker and WeTradeDesk Trading room instructor provides his real-time analysis of the futures markets. These videos highlight professional and retail trading tools that assist in locating and exploiting market trends, imbalances through the use of volume analysis, technical analysis and order flow. In addition to these FREE streams, the MDA Premium program has a bundled subscription product that provides 10+ hours of trading education, the TAS Profile Trading tools used and the private trading room with private live streams. ✔️ Follow me on Twitter: @MDA_SnapShot ✔️ Join me in the MDA Premium Room: https://bit.ly/2veTwnk Questions? Comments? 📧 Email: [email protected] 📞 Phone: +1 (312) 706-7634 | Local / Int'l +1 (800) 958-9571 | Toll Free Learn more about MDA Premium: https://www.danielstrading.com/mda https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/live-webinars-videos https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/snapshot-futures-alerts https://www.danielstrading.com/mda-video-recaps https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/course/jigsaw-trading https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/tas-market-profile https://www.danielstrading.com/premium-live-stream-recasts https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/course/tas-marketprofile https://www.danielstrading.com/mda/course/grow-2018-course https://www.danielstrading.com/webinar-series/mda-snapshot-chart-analysis-tas-tools https://www.danielstrading.com/webinar-series/mda-snapshot-order-flow-analysis-jigsaw-trading https://www.danielstrading.com/about-us/futures-brokers/andrew-pawielski
Jigsaw Tools V5.2.3
Details of the new Jigsaw Release
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Introduction to Price Action Trading and Jigsaw Tools
This video describes the very basics of Jigsaw Trading Tools. There's so much more to them than is contained in this video. But, this video is meant to provide some degree of context for my other videos and setups, not provide detailed training on the tools.
Jigsaw Tools Version 5.2.9 - with PriceSquawk Integration
A quick look at the new features in Jigsaw Tools V5.2.9 with PriceSquawk Integration. http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Group Therapy -  Pushing  a Setup to the Max, High Volatility Order Flow (live demo)
Thanks to all those that attended yesterdays Group Therapy Session. Due to the high volatility, we covered 2 topics yesterday. Part 1 - Pushing your edge In this section, we take a look at implementing a setup. It's not as straightforward as "give me the rules and I'll execute" and in fact, going that route almost guarantees failure. In this part, we explain why that is. We do a recap of the first 4 steps that we've discussed before and then we go onto Step 5 - the part where we really push the limits of what a setup can give us. As this is group therapy, it's an interactive session, so there's plenty of questions along the way Part 2 - Handling the volatility In this part, we take a look at the current high volatility in the markets and we take a look at how common this level of volatility is historically. We then look at strategies to handle this as an experienced and beginner trader. We then switch to the live market and discuss entry techniques you can use at this time and show the entries on a live market. For more information, go to https://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Professional Trader Merrit Black - Context + Order Flow = Success
Merritt Black is the Head Trader of SMB Futures Trading Desk. Merritt trades predominantly intraday, with a focus on Crude Oil futures, and has been trading for over a decade. Since graduating with a B.S. in Finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Merritt has worked for Merrill Lynch, been a partner at a CTA, and has traded for multiple proprietary trading desks. As a proponent of Auction Market Theory and Market / Volume Profile, Merritt relies heavily on understanding the current market condition in order to frame context. Inside of that context, Merritt fine tunes his tactics by using short-term volume and order-flow tools. Merritt works on a daily basis with both Managing Partner Mike Bellafiore as well as world renowned trading psychologist Brett Steenbarger, as they work to build a world class futures trading desk. In this webinar, Merritt Black will shows us several of SMB Futures best practices: "Context + Orderflow = Success" • Having great levels is not enough on its own. • Having a great read on orderflow is not enough on its own. • Combine the two to form powerful R/R trades and more consistency. • Learn specific tools SMB uses on our desk for both context, as well as orderflow. Attend this one and join our extended Q&A. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk with the Head of the Futures Desk at a leading New York prop firm. For more info, go to https://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Jigsaw Tools V5.2.9.2
A brief overview of the changes in Jigsaw
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Jigsaw Tools 5.3 Beta 5 release
This video is to show the features of the fifth beta release of Jigsaw Tools with auction vista. This version will be released on Monday, 11th April First let's look at the visual differences. We have changed the appearance of the circles, to make them easier on the eye. They are now more 3 dimensional. The meaning and content is the same though. The current trade market is now colored blue if the last trade was a buy and red if it was a sell. In addition, we can now see orders, positions and alerts on the vista chart. To see these click the triangle here to enable the trade information pane. This pane can be resized by just dragging on the separator line. We have enabled trading from the AV chart. Unlike D&S, where the bids are on one side and the offers on another, we have the offers above the bids. Because of this, we decided to use SHIFT plus left click to buy and shift plus right click to sell. The trade size and order type still follows the order window up here. You can click on an Order to change it. You can drag an order to move it and you can right click an order to cancel it. Positions appear as a + for longs and a - for shorts. We can also see the alerts, in this area alerts that are keyed in on Depth and Sales will be shown here on the left. We are now moving into the final phase with vista which includes adding settings screens and templates as well as adding the tool to the Jigsaw product manual. Please keep sending your issues to us as we plan to ensure they are all fixed in the final release.
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What the Chart Doesn't Tell You
Order flow can sometimes clue you in on key price points in areas that are not obvious on the chart. In this example, you can see exactly where price may turn and plan your trade ahead. I use order flow and Jigsaw’s Auction Vista to find an area of resistance which setup a successful fade trade. … Price Action Order Flow produces futures market educational trading videos based on observed market behavior. I use order flow tools, like Jigsaw Trading, to observe market behavior. Help support this absolutely free resource by using the affiliate resource links below: Jigsaw Trading Tools: https://bit.ly/jt-try-buy … Price Action Order Flow videos are for education purposes only. Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Investors should understand the risks involved in trading and carefully consider whether such trading is suitable in light of their financial circumstances and resources. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
Jigsaw Tools 5 4
This is quick video to go over the feautures of Jigsaw Tools version 5.4 This is available on NinjaTrader 7, NinjaTrader 8, S5 Trader and all other white label version of OEC Trader platform. Note that MultiCharts.NET will be released next week. The Auction Vista Heatmap is no longer in beta mode. So any remaining issues with Vista will be handled via the regular support channels. not the beta forum. We have some changes to make to vista but in terms of stability and performance, we have it where we want it. In this version we have made improvements on the threading, fixed some issues to do with screen positions on vertically stacked monitors and also fixed a couple of issues from the 5.2 g version. In this version, we are happy to announce integration to JS Services Price Map application. JS Services have been providing market analytics to professional traders for over 30 years. John started this service on the trading floor, handing out the results of his analysis on paper. Now that same analysis is available on the JS Desktop application which provides both market state information, expectations as well as the price levels or price map. It's these levels that we have available on the Jigsaw Depth and Sales & Auction Vista. You will need the JS Desktop application installed to use this. Simply click on the setting screen and you can download the levels for the day as well as decide which levels you'd like to see. For more information on JS Services take a look at their web site. We've also taken the opportunity to integrate to the latest version of Pricesquawk a unique "audio" version of time & sales with many more features. This means you can use the PriceSquawk functionality but with the filtering and trade consolidation from the reconstructed tape. For more information about Pricesquawk, go to the web site here. On the topic of websites, note that the Jisgaw Product manual is no more. We have moved it all to help.jigsawtrading.com For more information go to http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Jigsaw Trading and ES on 2000t Chart - fbo
Jigsaw Trading tools clearly show a failed breakout (fbo). The 2000t chart was in a range and broke to a new high. Order flows show the breakout failing, with price eventually reversing down to the opposite range extreme.
Jigsaw Tools Version 4.1
Overview of the changes being implemented in Jigsaw Tools version 4.1
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Pre breakout trade & Pullback trade video
In this video we go over 2 trades: Trade 1 - Pre Breakout Trade - trying to get into the market before it breaks down on the expectation of a decent run on the break Then about 6 minutes at 20 seconds in: Trade 2 - The classic Pullback Trade - This is one that a lot of people have requested, what to look for when the market pulls back. This is one type of pullback entry - where the market pulls back weakly and just runs out of momentum For more, visit http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Trading the Chop w/Jigsaw Trading Tools
Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars. This webinar was originally uploaded to our old BMT channel on Jul 17 2014. Bullet points include: - Introduction to the tools we'll be looking at - Benefits of scalping the summer chop - Range Trading vs Trend Trading - Trade locations - Refining Entries - Managing the trades
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Improve your trading with market correlations w/Jigsaw Trading and Cannon Trading
Presented by: Peter Davies @ Jigsaw Trading & Sponsored by Cannon Trading, topics include: In this session, we will reveal both the reasons these correlations exist and how to make use of them in very practical terms. We’ll be giving you actionable information. Information you can implement and measure the improvements. Information that requires no leap of faith. In particular, we will focus on: - Arbitrage - the glue holding markets together - The illusion of complexity - Why using correlated markets looks complex but isn’t - Market State - essential in selecting trade strategy as the trading day develops - Trade Confirmation/Refinement - using correlations to avoid bad trades, get better prices - Trade Management - in with the good, out with the bad - Short term value - Trading without price! - Using Charts vs DOMs - Choosing the right tools to track correlations - Thinner/Thicker correlated markets Discussion thread for Q&A: https://futures.io/traders-hideout/45604-webinar-improve-your-trading-market-correlations-w-jigsaw-cannon-trading.html Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars and strategies.
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Jigsaw Daytradr - Pushing Your Trading Edge From Multiple Angles | Peter Davies
-Discover Jigsaw Daytradr, a new stand-alone trading platform -Cover a broad number of areas of trader development -Look at the Jigsaw platform and related tools -Why these tools exist, where the edge is in the features, and how they will improve your trading Investor Inspiration delivers unbiased investment information by providing a platform for top tier investors to both educate you and inform you about their products. Our primary method of delivering investment information is is through webinars featuring multiple industry leading speakers. Find your inspiration today by joining us in our next live webinar or viewing one of our on demand webinar sessions. Register Now for Our Next Live Event - http://bit.ly/youtube_ii Stay up to date with Investor Inspiration by liking our Facebook page - http://on.fb.me/1wzMN1H
AXIA Futures - Using Analytics to Improve Trader Performance - At all Trader Levels
In this video, we hear from Alex Haywood, founder of AXIA Futures, a proprietary trading firm with offices in London and Poland. Axia Futures implemented Journalytix in mid 2018 and use it on a daily basis across the firm. We recently asked them to put together a video, outlining the ways they use and benefit from the tools. What we got back was a lot more than we thought we’d get – this excellent 8 minute video that not only outlines the way they benefit from the tools but also reveals some of the innovative ways they approach trader improvement. On top of that, it looks at the way they keep on top of market changes – because not all changes in performance come from a change on behalf of the traders. Their improvement process isn’t just for their less experienced traders at the start of their trading journey. At one point, Alex discusses a trader looking to increase his clip size (max position size) to 1,000 contracts and how he’s using Journalytix to help in that endeavor. In another part, Alex discusses how they use the tools when market volatility shifts, something we all experienced at the end of 2018. As these shifts occur, AXIA traders are looking at the performance to see which techniques/instruments/times etc. saw improved or degraded performance. Instead of just looking at overall P&L when the market has shifted, AXIA zoom in to see the impact of this shift, so they can defensively reduce exposure to area where losses have increased and aggressively focus on areas where the conditions boosted performance. Alex also discussed the general lack of decent analytics in the marketplace and how prior to Journalytix, they were really trying to move forward with few data points. How many in the proprietary (and retail) trading space are trying to optimize their trading operation with a single data point – P&L. There’s more in there too and Alex just focuses on a few areas of the product. It’s an excellent insight into the way smart Proprietary firms like AXIA Futures are improving their performance.
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Jigsaw 5.3 - Auction Vista - Order Flow Heatmap
We are happy to announce the release of Jigsaw 5.3 with "Auction Vista" Historical Order Flow Heatmap. This additional functionality is available completely free of charge to existing customers. As usual, the software can be downloaded from the product downloads page on our members site: https://members.jigsawtrading.com Note that all support for this version while it's still in Beta Mode will be via the Jigsaw Beta Forum. (http://forums.jigsawtrading.com/). If you are not registered, you will be asked for a code to register and that is: dqwerjhere82w34j2e13k123dsw9478*Tdsj1 Have a great New Year and I hope to see you on the Beta Forum. http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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JIgsaw Tools Release
A short video showing the new features of Jigsaw scheduled for release on 7th May. The main changes are the ability to show historical market depth and a new histogram on the depth. For more information go to http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Using Order Flow to find Turning Points
Jigsaw Trading and ES on the 2000t Chart I look for trades that continue a prior trend. As a result, I'm always wondering whether a key area will be a turning point for me or not. Today, I found that order flow could have provided clues to strengthen my setup. Looking at the activity of buyers versus sellers at key areas can foreshadow prime turning points.
Pro Trader Merritt Black - Essential Skills of Great Traders
Here's the recording of our recent event with Merritt Black from SMB Futures. Merritt is head of trading at SMB Futures, a prop firm based out of New York. Merritt himself trades crude oil futures, primarily intraday, using Market Profile and order flow tools. In this webinar, Merritt will used his extensive experience working with traders to present what he feels are the Essential Skills of Great Traders. He presented what he feels are the Essential Skills of Great Traders. This was a great event with great Q&A. Enjoy. More here: https://www.jigsawtrading.com
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Crude Oil Futures with Auction Vista
In this video, I’m going to take a look at using the Jigsaw tools on thinner markets like Crude, Gold and DAX futures. As many of you know, I personally prefer to trade more liquid markets like the index futures, but the same concepts apply in all markets. What tends to happen in thinner markets like crude is that you see the same things but often occurring over a series of prices instead of one. In this video, we’ll take a look at some of the action from 27th January. There’s nothing special about this day, I just put the screen recorder on and then came back later to take a look at the action. As usual, we are going to pay most attention to where the most volume trades. In Jigsaw, the large trade circles show us where exceptional volume trades. The circles are sized relative to each other, so larger circles indicate more trade. The amount of red and blue in the circle shows the balance of trade. What we are going to look at first is where we get clusters of circles. As mentioned, we see things happen across a series of prices. Just like footprint charts, we are very interested in areas of high volume as we can see here. We print exceptional volume at this price and the sellers won out. We can see that bidders were spoofing the bids here because as soon as price approached that bid, they moved out of the way. http://www.jigsawtrading.com/
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Jigsaw Tools Release 5.3 beta 3 - Auction Vista
The third Beta release of Auction Vista Order Flow Heatmap has now been released. This release primarily focuses on performance and bug fixes. We did plan to make it more efficient at the end of the development cycle but people were having issues, so it should now be very fast. NinjaTrader 8.009 brought in some code breaking changes, which basically means they tweaked the programming language and some of the things we were using no longer worked.  We have added a "Depth Tuner" in this version which allows you to tune out the less significant depth. As usual, the software can be downloaded from the product downloads page on our members site: https://members.jigsawtrading.com
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Order Flow Software for Day Trading Powers Ahead with Jigsaw 5.2
Jigsaw Software is proud to announce version 5.2 of the Jigsaw Order Flow Software Tools for Day Trading. In this release, amongst general improvements, we introduce the Jigsaw Power Meters. These Power Meters give a graphical representation of the "3 gears" of the market - Trade Execution, Market Intent, Market Manipulation. First Gear -- Trade Executions. As the market turns, the flow of orders switching from one side to the other is clearly presented. Execution information can be reset as the market moves towards a level of interest, allowing traders to focus on the reaction of the market to that level. An 'auto reset' can trigger when a trade is placed. Trade management can be refined based on order flow on side or against immediately after entry. The Trade Execution view can be tuned to show all traders or just the large institutional traders. There is, after all, no benefit in siding with the small players. Meter resets can be across all instruments with a single click for those that trade multiple correlated markets. Second Gear - Market Intent. This meter graphically presents selected bids and offers. Bids will outnumber offers in a move up until price reaches a resistance area. If the bids outnumber the offers by a huge amount, bidders are trying to make the market appear very strong to sucker others into buying. This often signals the end of a move up. Having the Market Intent meter on your side is good but having it on your side and totally overwhelming the opposition -- that's a time to stand aside. Third Gear - Market Manipulation. This more volatile meter gives a visual representation of the adding and cancelling of orders on the buy and sell side. This is especially useful when the market pauses at a level or if you suspect a 'flip trade' is being executed. People that put in spoof orders to fool others will stand aside when the market moves towards them. This meter clearly shows that activity. In addition, it also shows when other traders come in on your side and start adding orders. In fact, the meter algorithm is intelligent enough to know that both often happen at the same time and has the smarts to figure out how to present that graphically. Jigsaw Trading appreciate that many retail traders don't realize how widely used these concepts are in the professional day trading world, especially in proprietary trading shops. Jigsaw have the best publicly available order flow educational resources on line for aspiring traders both on their public lessons page and the Jigsaw blog. The content on the blog contains webinars, live trade videos and content from Jigsaw customers. Take a look around http://www.jigsawtrading.com/ today.
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MultiCharts, Jigsaw and Order Flow
A look at the built in Order Flow features of MultiCharts, how the Jigsaw Tools are integrated to MultiCharts and the benefits and features of the Jigsaw Tools on the MultiCharts platform.
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Jigsaw Strength Meter
Introduction to the Jigsaw Trading Strength Meter. This simple but effective tool is the latest in Order Flow Analysis from Jigsaw Trading.
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daytradr V2 – Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ with NinjaTrader
A quick look at the new daytradr V2 with the Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ between daytradr and NinjaTrader 8. For more on the benefits of using Jigsaw, visit our web site: Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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Market Dynamics - Trade Location w/Peter Davies @ Jigsaw Trading
Presented by: Peter Davies @ Jigsaw Trading, topics include: - What exactly is it we are trying to do as traders? - What are we trying to take advantage of that occurs intraday? - What are moves in the market and who is dominating? - What is the 'smart money' doing? - Where should we look to enter the market? - Is it the same every day? Discussion thread for Q&A: https://futures.io/traders-hideout/41946-webinar-market-dynamics-trade-location-w-peter-davies-jigsaw-trading.html Visit https://futures.io for more futures trading webinars and strategies.
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Jigsaw Trading Order Flow by Peter Davies and Carley Garner
www.DeCarleyTrading.com - Trading Webinar Description: Confidence in trading comes from knowing when you are right AND when you are wrong about a trade. Many traders use order flow to refine or reject their trade entries and to manage their trades. In this webinar, we take a look at Order Flow theory and practical application. We’ll start at the basics of why order flow is important in the first place. What exactly is it telling us? Then we’ll look at the different types of participants (from institutional investors right down to HFTs), how they impact price and when they are active. • The benefits of using order flow in trading • The mechanics of price movement – why and how price moves • Liquidity and liquidity consumption • How apparent weakness in a market is actually strength • The impact of different marker participants • The components of a reversal At the end of this webinar you will have the foundational knowledge to understand ALL order flow tools as well as have actionable information you can start using in your trading. Peter Davies (Speaker Bio): Peter Davies entered the world of trading in the mid 2000's. After becoming disillusioned with the results attained by fund managers and financial advisors on his own portfolio, Peter figured that even losing money himself would be better than paying someone to lose it for him. Peter set about creating tools that presented Order Flow information in a more logical manner. After sharing these tools with friends, he was convinced to go commercial and Jigsaw Trading was born. These tools are now rated the number one financial software product on the independent review site Investimonials. Peter is also the creator of Jigsaw's Order Flow Foundation course which is widely recommended by prop shops, trading educators, and trading rooms.
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Jigsaw & MultiCharts Beta Trial - How to Get Started
An introduction on how to get up & running with the Jigsaw Tools on MultiCharts
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Jigsaw Trading and CL on 800t Chart - Early Exit
Sometimes, order flow can be used to enter trades, sometimes it can be used to avoid traps. I'm awesome at getting into traps. So, I'm hoping that the Jigsaw Trading tools will help me avoid them, or at least, minimize my losses when I am trapped. Here's an example from today where I had a perfectly good setup to go long, only to find that it was a trap. The order flow gave an early warning signal.
Jigsaw Trading and CL on 800t Chart - NFP Aftermath
This video describes some of the challenges trading a lower liquidity contract like CL. Trading using Jigsaw Trading tools is different on CL versus larger volume contracts such as ES. We'll also review a 2nd entry short setup and watch as the big traders come in to push the price in our favor.
Jigsaw Trading and CL on 800t Chart - Pre-News
This video shows order flow using Jigsaw Trading tools on the CL chart just prior to crude oil numbers. You can see the buy pressure build just before a small spike up in price.
Live trading 6E future using Jigsawtrading tool.
TopStepTrader evaluation - Day 7 This is a good example of how not to trade. Live trading euro future using Jigsaw daytradr DOM tool. Leader is also used to execute trades in GC. Multistreaming with https://restream.io/
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9 New to Jigsaw Tools
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ES trade on Jigsaw Trading DOM - New execution platform
This is a trade I made a few weeks ago on the Jigsaw Trading depth and sales platform which is the DOM I now use. I think it's a great platform and wanted to show it in action.
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