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Make Money with Free Public Domain Resources
http://tinyurl.com/kp7xnj Learn how to make money using free resources. Sensational training and free software and vidoes the best site online for Public Domain Product creation
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FALLOUT 76 - All 22 Public Workshop Locations - Unlimited Free Resources
⚡these workshops offer a variant of resources, I recommend sticking to the fusion cores, lead and junk extractors. ⚡its a constant supply of loot, and it also classes as a free fast travel on the map. ⚡This also gives you the option to build a bigger camp ⚡Adhesive Location Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dtjSH7XbjI ⚡Springs Location Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydQLWoPPar0 ⚡13 Watch Tower Locations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f7qvpHx_-U&t
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Permaculture - Free resources from public spaces
Public spaces within a city such as parks, green beltways, and beaches so far only serve aesthetic and recreational needs. In a time when food production could become critical, I propose that the excess biomass (wood, plants, mulch, soil, etc.) of these spaces be harvested directly by citizens who want to jump start their backyard food production. Free Compost video: http://youtu.be/6C9Nw-zwY9I Free Biochar/Charcoal video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsR-YFvKZCU Free Wood Chips video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnLTpyNpwY4&index=3&list=PLYZyyCcJyvQptYLhHI-ndAMCfZQPVJJGm
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TEACHERS: Free Resources for the Classroom
Free resources for Educators: bravenewfilms.org/educators SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1JUX3Xv SIGN UP for email updates: http://bravenewfilms.org/signup Set up a free screening or house party for any of our films free: http://www.bravenewfilms.org/screenings Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/BraveNewFilms Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/BraveNewFilms Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BraveNewFilms DONATE: https://bravenew.nationbuilder.com/donate WATCH OUR FULL FILMS FREE + NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK: http://bit.ly/1JUX3Xv ABOUT BRAVE NEW FILMS Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have scrutinized the impact of U.S. drone strikes; the prosecution if whistleblowers; and Wal Mart’s corporate practices.
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Public Goods and Common Resources
Public Goods and Common Resources lecture
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Ore deposits: Mineral Reserves, Resources and Estimation [Part 11]
Ore deposit is a natural concentration of one or more minerals within the host rock. 🔴 Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2xcAZYW About World Earthquakes: World Earthquakes is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which offers free public earthquake information services. It was founded on 11th of March, 2010, exactly one year before the Mw 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake. Get More World Earthquakes Live: Official Site: https://www.world-earthquakes.com Join Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldEarthquakesLive Join YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/worldethq "Earthquake" in other languages: 地震 aardbewing երկրաշարժ zəlzələ земетресение potres მიწისძვრა σεισμός gempabumi terremoto 地震 지진 земјотрес भूकंप cutremur แผ่นดินไหว deprem. This video is for education purpose only. #ore #deposits #minerals
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Free Homeschool Resources
In this video, I share my favorite free homeschool resources and websites that helped me when I first started my homeschooling journey. Free homeschool resource and website list: Ambleside Online: amblesideonline.org Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool: https://allinonehomeschool.com/ 1+1+1=1: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/ Confessions of a Homeschooler: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/ Check out all of our kindergarten homeschool curriculum on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2gbeF89 Check out all of our 2nd grade homeschool curriculum on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2bX9MC9 Check out my Homeschool Room On A Budget Supplies & Organization List here: amzn.to/2czo4Xd Let's take this relationship further and be friends on social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hrtorres/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/heathertorresnet Snapchat: @hrtorres Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/heathertorres/ How I make my videos: Camera-- Sony DCX/RX100 http://amzn.to/2ejzVr2 Tripod-- Gorilla Pod Tripod: http://amzn.to/2398Yho Apple IMac -- http://amzn.to/1UTXQ3w Editing: IMovie (free on Mac computers! YES! I love FREE!) About this video: In this video Heather Torres shares with you her favorite free homeschool resources and websites. As a homeschool mom it can be hard to find the quality websites for homeschooling your kids. These blogs and websites range from preschool through high school homeschooling. I love these ladies and I feel so blessed to be homeschooling in 2016 where we have access to all of these wonderful resources. DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Top Free Teaching English (ESL) Websites for Resources & Materials
Top TEFL Resource Websites to teach English for ESL teachers. islcollective.org Eslprintables.com Waygook.org ✰ Subscribe to TeamTeacherChina for Weekly videos http://bit.ly/TeamTeacherChinaSubscribe ✰ Check out our website www.teamteacherchina.com for more free teaching resources and content. ✰ExpressVPN= https://www.linkev.com/?a_fid=TeamTeacherChina ▼ ▽ FIND TEAMTEACHERCHINA ELSEWHERE Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/teamteacherchina/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/TeamTeacherCN Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TeamTeacherChina/ Tumblr - https://teamteacherchina.tumblr.com/ ▼ ▽ TeamTeacherChina We're a married ESL Teachers teaching children in public primary schools in Shenzhen, China. #ESLTeachingResources #ESLTeachingMaterials #TEFL
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How to use Public Resources to Start & Grow Your Business
Join us for a Webinar to hear about:  • Free public resources  • Industry & market research   • Public technology
Injustice Gau Version 3.2 Hacking Tutorial+Free Hacked Public Account(Unlimited Resources,No survey)
Pls Like, Subscribe and Share for more new content An Explained Tutorial For Hacking Injustice GAU Required Files: Lucky Patcher: https://www.mediafire.com/file/azq9iibqbq96xhn/Lucky-Patcher-Official-8.3.3.apk/ Game Guardian: https://gameguardian.net/download Music Used:
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Free Addiction Recovery Resources
Addiction Recovery Resources is a free public YouTube channel created by Amber Hollingsworth (the founder of Hope For Families Recovery Center). It is designed to provide answers to individuals and family members who want to defeat any addiction pattern. This channel gives actual answers to real questions. It's a great resource particularly to family members who want to help a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder. This channel provides answers to questions such as: what to do if your loved one is in denial what kind of treatment option should you be looking for how to handle treatment resistance how to know how severe the addiction to drugs or alcohol is do people have to stop using/drinking completely or can they cut back? You'll find the answers to these questions and many more! Subscribe now, to get free expert advice worth thousands of dollars. Free Addiction and Recovery Resources: Download Amber's Free Handbook For Parents: https://www.forfamilyrecovery.com/optinbfjpg49u Download Your Free Addiction Treatment Guide https://amber03dbee.clickfunnels.com/optine2zrzs7o Download Your Free Home Drug Screening Guide For Parents https://amber03dbee.clickfunnels.com/optinfj5x24v4 For more information on how to help yourself or a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol problem visit: https://www.hopeforfamiliesrecoverycenter.com For more information about the best recovery residence program for young men in South Carolina, visit https://www.greenvilletransitions.com
Chapter 11: Common Resources and Public Goods
• Public goods, such as national defense and fundamental knowledge, are neither excludable nor rival in consumption. Because people do not have to pay to use them, they have an incentive to free ride, and firms have no incentive to provide them. Therefore, the government provides public goods, using cost-benefit analysis to determine how much to provide. • Common resources are rival in consumption but not excludable (e.g. common grazing land, clean air, and congested roads). People can use common resources without paying, so they tend to overuse them. Therefore, governments try to limit the use of common resources.
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Allocation of Resources: private and public mechanisms (ECO)
Subject : Economic Paper :Theory of Public Finance
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Free Online Resources Engage Elementary Kids (Tech2Learn Series)
Fifth-grade teacher Nicole Dalesio keeps her class motivated to learn by encouraging them to create multimedia presentations and projects using technology tools on the web. For more resources from Mrs. Dalesio, check out http://www.edutopia.org/tech-to-learn-free-online-resources-video
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Part 1 - Public Records Resources
FLORIDA OPEN GOVERNMENT WATCH http://fogwatch.org/from-the-editor/new-public-records-video.html A new video series has been published by www.FOGWatch.org and is now available on-line. This video series “Your Right To Know: A Primer On Florida’s Public Records Act” is available free of charge and is intended to be a resource for citizens, the media, public agencies and government contractors. The series is divided into two sections (The Basics of Public Records Access and A Brief History of Public Records Access In Florida) and eleven parts for a total of just over 68 minutes. Section 1 The Basics of Public Records Access provides an overview of what the Public Records Act permits citizens and the media to have access to and the basic obligations of public officials in responding to a public records request. Section 2 A Brief History of Public Records Access In Florida discusses, among other things, important public records cases and how those decisions impact the public’s right of access. Section 1 The Basics of Public Records Access Part 1 - Public Records Resources (5:35) Part 2 – What is a public record? (7:10) Part 3 – What is an agency? (7:23) Part 4 – What conditions may be placed upon access to public records? (4:12) Section 2 A Brief History of Public Records Access In Florida Part 5 – The Legislature (4:26) Part 6 – The Voters (3:14) Part 7 – The Courts: Giving the Public A Hard Time (5:25 Part 8 – The Courts: Clever Tricks (6:19) Part 9 – The Courts: Let’s Be Reasonable (6:52) Part 10 – The Courts: Important Questions Answered (8:21) Part 11 – The Courts: Playing Games (9:59) Please feel free to use the videos as you wish and to share them with other folks who are interested in open government.
Factors of Production - Resources - Free Goods - Economic Goods
This video looks at the four factors of production in economics, land, labour, capital and entreprise / entrepreneurship. We look at free goods and economic goods, and what economic resources are. Understanding the economic factors of production is important for good understanding of A Level Economics. Subscribe to EconomicsALevel for more free, helpful study videos, tips and guidance for your Economics A Level: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwfPFxuHhaOf2D5lTjQnURA?sub_confirmation=1.
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Giveaway :) email:[email protected] Password:fadepub123
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Learning Quebec French  with free resources from the Ottawa Public Library
Hi everybody. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Ottawa was how big of a francophone community there is here; how everything, from buses, to stop signs, are in both English and French, how many job ads in Ottawa require bilingual (English and French) applicants , ... and so, how important it is to be able to speak, read, write and understand French (in addition to English) in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Since I don't remember much from my French classes in high school, I decided to go to the Ottawa Public Library branch closest to me, on a mission to find as many resources as I could in French (and in particular, Quebec French). On this video I show you the books and dvd I found at the Ottawa Public Library about learning Canadian/Quebec French.
Japanese Phonetics #7: Free Japanese Phonetic Resources
https://www.patreon.com/dogen https://twitter.com/dogen Pronunciation Website: http://www.gavo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/ojad/eng/phrasing/index Forvo: http://forvo.com Visual Pitch-Accent Dictionary (German). Thanks to Buddy! https://www.wadoku.de/entry/view/9648681 From P Chan: "For android users who don't mind 縦書き表示, I came across a 大辞林 dictionary that includes the pitch accent chart, although its admittedly not as easy to switch between dictionary entries and the chart. May be worth a look on Google Play. (Please note this isn't a free app) 大辞林|ビッグローブ辞書:縦書き表示&辞書をめくる感覚の検索" --- Additional Windows support from Youtube user Xavier: For Windows (and linux?) users: You may have noticed the J-J dictionary used in this video is スーパー大辞林. Lucky for you, that dictionary is also available in EPWING format and is viewable through a program called qolibri, with the pitch accent numbers available just as in this video. Here is a picture of it in action with the same 先生 example as in the video, with the pitch accent indicator: https://i.imgur.com/ywrs72r.png Unfortunately it is not nearly as convenient as the mac version - it's not built into the OS, it doesn't have the handy dandy waveform chart, and the most common definition+reading (せんせい) is not the first result. But unless you want to do Hackintosh or buy a Macbook it's a decent alternative. Qolibri can be found at https://osdn.net/projects/qolibri/releases/ If you need dictionary files for it, you can get a huge pack of them here, including the aforementioned Super Daijirin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/887cfqo0ly3flfh/Dictionaries.torrent The seventh episode of 'Japanese Phonetics', my new educational series dedicated to spoken Japanese--namely pitch-accent and pronunciation. In this episode I introduce several free resources you can use to supplement your Japanese pitch-accent / phonetic studies. Hope you guys are able to take a few things away from this episode! --- Note: I have made this video public as I am simply sharing various public Japanese phonetic resources. Episodes 4-6, and all upcoming Japanese Phonetics videos, will continue to be Patron exclusive. Thank you for your understanding! I'm hoping to make 'Japanese Phonetics' the internet's definitive guide to Japanese intonation / pitch-accent and pronunciation. If you like what you see here I would encourage you to check out the Patreon series! Thank you all for your continued support. Twitter: @YoutubeDogen Instagram: dogensensei Additional Video Sources: ・慶應義塾大学の日本語アクセント講座、当講座の資料 ・新明解日本語アクセント辞典第2版(監修:金田一春彦、編:秋永一枝、出版:三省堂) ・NHK日本語発音アクセント新辞典(編:NHK放送文化研究所) ・Apple Japanese Dictionary(スーパー大辞林) ・The Phonetics of Japanese Language: With Reference to Japanese Script (P.M. Suski)
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TEDTalk Videos in the Classroom, Free Resources to Help Teachers
7 Questions to Make Any TEDTalk Work in the Classroom Learn some universal questions that'll help your teens engage with any TEDTalk video. Print and use the free worksheet in class tomorrow! Great supplement lesson for larger units, flipped video homework lesson, and emergency sub plan. Lots of tips, tricks, and free resources for teachers at: https://laurarandazzo.com/ To grab a free copy of the worksheet shown in the video, go here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/TED-Talks-FREE-Worksheet-to-Use-With-ANY-TED-Talk-Public-Speaking-Grades-6-12-1348222 Music used with permission of Sing King: www.youtube.com/user/singkingkaraoke Video made with Adobe Spark Video and iMovie. Learn more at spark.adobe.com. “Thumbs up” icon from The Noun Project, designed by useiconic.com.
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Public Library Resources for Full Time RVers and Travelers
Aside from the obvious, books, the public library offers a wealth of resources for Full Time RVers and Travelers. Note: Some libraries might charge a fee for non-residents. You might be able to use an RV park address and/or utility bill to qualify for a free, local library card.
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How To Win Your Election - (free resources inside)
http://www.leadersean.com/strategic-advisor How to win - https://www.amazon.com/dp/0982678193?m=AAMWFQ0VRZFVC&ref_=v_sp_widget_detail_page how to win your election - how to win your political campaign, and how to win an election... Now more than ever, our State needs men and women with good ideas to serve in public office. Do you have something important to say about how government should be run? Do you want to bring your ideas and your leadership to the community as an elected official? Unfortunately, good people with good ideas don't always get the recognition they deserve... they don't always win their elections. You need help if you want to win your election. Here you will find the most effective political strategies, tools and tactics available for winning elections. You will learn step-by-step the techniques necessary to WIN your election. Whether you're running for a local race in your small city... or running to become the next Governor of your state... Leadersean's Political Elections Academy will help you win your election and advance your career. If you're NEW TO POLITICS - you'll learn valuable strategies on how to beat an incumbent by running an effective challenger campaign... If you are an ELECTED OFFICIAL - you'll learn the defensive strategies necessary to protect your office from challengers (both internal and external) in these increasingly polarized party times... If you're a PARTY LEADER - you'll discover the best ideas that you can use today to build your organization, increase your community reach and increase your level of funding.
UPSC free resources that i use.
For any help or suggestion mail [email protected]
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FREE Math Resources
The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning has free math resources that one can download from our site. Please view the video for a brief description of the resources and a discussion of copyright issues. In time we hope to create YouTube videos to support all of these resources. Over 3000 pages of free resources can be found at http://gonssal.ca/General-Public/Documents-Resources/ALPLocalResources.shtml If your organization is not a tuition-free Canadian learning institution but you are interested in using our resources, contact the Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning. Permission may be granted. This is generally the case with any tuition-free adult learning program or any public school program, regardless of your geographic location.
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Resources to Find Free Camping
A list of resources you can use to find Free Camping, to follow up on our video about What Dispersed Camping is (if you haven't watched that yet you can see that here: https://youtu.be/vODEikKD8ck ) Resources: 1. Freecampsites.net https://freecampsites.net/ 2. NFS Ranger Stations! 3. FS.FED.US https://www.fs.fed.us/ivm/index.html 4. BLM.gov https://www.blm.gov/visit 5. NPS.gov https://www.nps.gov/index.htm 6. Allstays Camp & RV App https://www.allstays.com/ 7. Campendium https://www.campendium.com/free-camping 8. ONx Maps (pay) https://www.onxmaps.com/ 9. US Public Lands App (available on Android and Apple) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twostepsbeyond.uspubliclands&hl=en_US I am not sponsored by any of these websites, I was not paid to mention or recommend any of these resources. __ If you'd like to support me and this channel: REDBUBBLE SHOP (Stickers, Shirts, Posters etc.): https://goo.gl/XMT6rs \ ETSY SHOP (Original Drawings, Paintings and some Postcards): https://www.etsy.com/shop/blindthistle Patrons get Early Viewing of Videos like These: https://www.patreon.com/blindthistle Or if you'd like to just buy me a coffee/ buy me a gallon of gas: https://ko-fi.com/asthemagpieflies Send me Letters & Care Packages: PO Box 220420 Milwaukie OR 97269 ---------------------- Follow me on Instagram: @blindthistle https://www.instagram.com/blindthistle/ Website: http://www.asthemagpieflies.com/ Matt's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/z1kwnderer/ Karl's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/karl.lipke/ ------- Huge thanks to my sponsors; Wolfman Luggage: http://wolfmanluggage.com/ Next Adventure: https://nextadventure.net/ Butler Motorcycle Maps: https://www.butlermaps.com/ #Camping #MotorcycleTravel
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Public Domain Resources
As teachers, we sometimes struggle to find resources to use for student projects that are not copyrighted. We want to practice good digital citizenship and by using resources that are in the Public Domain, we can be free from worry when using pictures, videos, and other forms of multimedia in projects. Here is a link to my Public Domain Resource page: https://sites.google.com/k12.sd.us/sfsdtechintegration/p-domain-resources
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FREE Notary Coach Webinar! Notary Hacks and Resources with April San Miguel
In this edition of the Peer Education Series, by Notary Coach, Denton County's Best Notary for 2018/19 is back again, sharing her heart, hacks, and resources, for making her business run smooth and efficient. Details From April San Miguel First – THANK YOU to everyone who joined the webinar, I’m so excited that lots of folks got motivated, learned new tips/tricks & are eager to learn more! Here’s my favs & what has worked for me – please keep in mind this may not work for all & I’ve learned all of this by trial & error, you tube video’s, facebook groups, local notary public’s, training classes – Sign & Thrive/Notary Coach (Bill is AMAZING & so inspiring) & more GOOGLE KEEP – https://keep.google.com • Note pad (LOVE this & use everyday – great for setting reminders, “canned” messages, add a picture to a note – tons of uses and it’s simple GOOGLE VOICE (GV) - https://voice.google.com/ • phone number for your business (I’ve had mine now for a year & I LOVE GV) • Forward Calls to personal number – now you know when your call is for a notary gig • Archive all calls, messages, voice mails to keep for reference • Text messaging – I use “canned” responses that I’ve set up in Google Keep where I copy and paste “Thank you for calling Denton Notary to GO What type of document do you need notarized today? What time and where? “ – keep it short & sweet GOOGLE MY BUSINESS (GMB) - https://www.google.com/business/ • Business “website” for google search & google maps **I don’t have a website that I pay for all the business I get is from GMB, networking, referrals, dropping off business cards o Verify your business o Post pictures (geo-tag to your business) & ask (Google encourages you to do this but don’t offer something “free” or discount if you ask for reviews – Yelp DOES NOT encourage you to ask for reviews) regularly (look at NP’s your area most typically don’t post pics or have many reviews – both of these help you rank higher SEO – you want to get in the “local 3 pack” “Thank you for choosing Denton Notary to GO today! Google (or YELP or Facebook) reviews help my small business grow. If you were happy (or not) with my services today & would like to write a review…..” - I sometimes put all three places I want reviews to give my customer’s choices b/c they may not want to write on Google but will on Yelp.. Other FYI’s • Keep good records of all your transactions – I just use an excel spreadsheet • Once I confirm an appt – I will send a text (GV) with the customer’s name, location, document type & fee so that I will have this as a record from GV in text messaging • For marketing – yes & no – my thoughts you will never know NO until you ask – drop off your cards to “tabo” places – banks, fed ex, office centers, office max/depot – why – because if any of these places are great at customer service they will always want to provide the best to their customers so if they can’t do a notary they want to make sure they can provide something to their customer 😉 • Take pics of you doing a notary for your social media and websites (cover all private info) so people will see the pic & realize oh notary’s travel? • Video’s are the buzz & not going away – record quick video’s (like Bill does 😊) – don’t worry about sound – most of us have ours turned off b/c we are at work ect – so make videos that you don’t need sound • Research, research, research – there’s tons of “experts” so take everything you see “with a grain of salt” These are the top three things I did when I started my mobile notary business & after that I was up and running learning along the way everyday 😊 #1 – Get GMB verified ASAP #2 – Get Google Voice #3 – market yourself – web, local, social, network #4 – HAVE FUN……. Your in this b/c you love customer service & by giving your business all that you got you will have loyal customers who want to rave about you & write reviews!! For more information, visit http://www.notarycoach.com
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Free Resources at your Calgary Public Library
Minister Brandy Payne is the Associate Minister of Health for Alberta and an avid reader. She recently brought her young family to Fish Creek Library. Her family, including her five-year-old daughter Zoe and her newborn daughter Cassidy, live nearby, and spend as much time as they can at Fish Creek Library exploring both the collections and the Early Learning Centre. Get your FREE Library card today to access our e-resouces: http://www.calgarylibrary.ca/card
AzLA VC 2019: Copyright Basics & Where To Find Free Resources
Confused about copyright, open access, open educational resources, and Creative Commons? This presentation will cover important aspects of copyright and how Creative Commons licenses, open-source software licenses, and items in the public domain enable free use of vast resources. More than 1 billion free images, ebooks, videos, music files, sound clips, audiobooks, textbooks, software code, 3D printing models, journal articles, and entire college courses are available online. Depending on the license, content can be revised, remixed, translated, and reshared. Some of it can even be used commercially by businesses. This presentation will review what library staff and customers should know about copyright, where to find free content, and how these resources can benefit students, teachers, lifelong learners, businesses, non-profits, anyone! Part of the AzLA 2019 Virtual Conference, "What You Don't Learn in Library School" Presented on April 4, 2019 by Cheryl Cuillier URL for presentation slides: https://www.azla.org/resource/collection/4FFD375A-051B-4402-8D78-3F671C224A11/ZDhPd366HdZMCPL6nD7aXpBb.pptx
4 alternative, free and well-curated resources for images, fonts and data
I passionately collect a special kind of media in a huge dropbox-folder: Resources that are free to use, not copyrighted and (in the best case) in the public domain. Why? Because i wanna ensure that i do not break any copyrights and respect the artistic property. Interestingly this led me to gigantic, precious resources that heavily influenced my work. In this video i share my most favorite sites for free images, fonts, datasets and APIs. Where do you get your material from? Post your favorite sites in the comments! http://metmuseum.org https://publicdomainreview.org/ https://github.com/awesomedata/awesome-public-datasets https://open-foundry.com
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Common Resources (Common Goods) in Economics
This video discusses common resources (aka common goods) in economics. A common resource is any resource which is nonexcludable and rivalrous. This means that there is a pool of scarce resources (e.g., a lake and the fish it contains) to which it is difficult to restrict access. The video discusses catching lobsters in the ocean as an example of how a common resource can be subject to overuse. The video also uses a graph to show how a negative externality is created when lobstermen continue to increase the number of lobster-catching boats beyond the quantity which is socially optimal. This occurs because each lobster-catching company considers only its only marginal private benefit and doesn't take into consideration the fact that any additional boats may only catch lobsters that another lobster company would have caught anyway. Edspira is your source for business and financial education. To view the entire video library for free, visit http://www.Edspira.com To like us on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/Edspira Edspira is the creation of Michael McLaughlin, who went from teenage homelessness to a PhD. The goal of Michael's life is to increase access to education so all people can achieve their dreams. To learn more about Michael's story, visit http://www.MichaelMcLaughlin.com To follow Michael on Facebook, visit https://facebook.com/Prof.Michael.McLaughlin To follow Michael on Twitter, visit https://twitter.com/Prof_McLaughlin This video was funded by a Civic Engagement Fund grant from the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at Washington University in St. Louis.
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Free Photo Image Resources - My Three Favourite Royalty Free and Public Domain Photo Websites
Free Photo Image Resources - My Three Favourite Royalty Free and Public Domain Photo Websites If you are looking to find images for your blogs, your presentations or your videos then why not check out these three royalty free public domain image resources that offer you free photos and images for you to use wherever you like. A warning and a caveat though is please please please please please check the license of the photo you want to use. As a side note, if you have found royalty free public domain image resources that you can use, it may be worth taking a note of where you got them from so that you can use that in the future if anyone questions where you got the image from. In this video, I show you my three favorite image and photograph resources. They are my go to places to check if there are any relevant photographs I can use, for free rather than buying a stock photograph from Dreamstime or Shutterstock. I hope you get some use out of these awesome image resources. Stay frosty Jackson Jones Here are some of our newest videos Fix Grammar & Spelling- Free Online Spell Check & Proofreading Tool & Browser Plug-in by Grammarly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKMZYDjvZQQ Free Dictation Software in Google Docs - Dragon dictation software alternative https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wjr44-GLLX8 free photo image resources royalty free public domain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_01Tiw6F-pY Free Photoshop Alternative Image Editing Software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t_xAQUS6-o and here is a selection of our most popular videos Microsoft Word Alternative - What is the Best Free Word Processing Software? On-line or Off-line https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFXJvkAKzx8 Free Presentation Software : Create PowerPoint Presentations, Free Alternative Create A Customised YouTube Channel Cover in Canva : customize your youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHCq5tiTHYQ How To Create Multiple YouTube Channels Under One Account : Take Note Video Marketing Managers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl5xILA3a9o Stay frosty JJ And here are some other videos that I think you will love from other creators on youtube, share the love... I found these following videos so inspirational and valuable I thought I would share them with How Incredibly Successful People THINK by Brendon Burchard https://youtu.be/0LfM9ZPGmVY Why we do what we do | Tony Robbins https://youtu.be/Cpc-t-Uwv1I Real Talk Summit Keynote Gary Vaynerchuk | Vancouver 2017 https://youtu.be/slt64S9Ioh0 Daily Habits of Successful People: It's All About Routine by Brian Tracy https://youtu.be/nu5I85_YAak Your body language shapes who you are | Amy Cuddy https://youtu.be/Ks-_Mh1QhMc Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban from wait but why https://youtu.be/arj7oStGLkU So I hope you like the three Free Photo Image Resources I give you here , stay frosty JJ
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Public Domain Resources
http://garvinco.pistolshot.hop.clickbank.net Create your own puiblic Domain products from free resources. This site is loaded with resources and video tutorials fo help you succeed.check out this link
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Free Resources for Non-Community Public Water Systems - Recorded on June 6, 2018
This webinar, recorded on June 6, 2018, introduces a free, 2-hour online course that helps owners and operators of non-community public water systems with a groundwater well better understand how to properly care for their water supply. The course curriculum includes the basic science of groundwater, well mechanics, and source water protection best practices. The webinar also features WaterOperator.org, a free resource portal for the public water system community.
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UK library access to Oxford University Press online resources: 2012
This short demo shows you how to get free online access to the Oxford English Dictionary and other leading Oxford University Press reference resources by using your UK public library card.
Open Educational Resources: Some Basics
In this digital age, free online educational resources are getting an increasingly high profile. Here’s a guide on what they are, why they’re popular, and what educators need to be cautious about in using them. For more check out http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2017/03/29/what-is-oer-5-questions-about-open-oer.html ____________________ Want more stories about schools across the nation, including the latest news and unique perspectives on education issues? Visit www.edweek.org. About Education Week: Education Week is America’s most trusted source of independent K-12 education news, analysis, and opinion. Our work serves to raise the level of understanding and discourse about education among school and district leaders, policymakers, researchers, teachers, and the public. Published by the nonprofit organization Editorial Projects in Education, Education Week has been providing award-winning coverage of the field for over 35 years. Follow Education Week: - Subscribe to our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=educationweek - On Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/edweek/ - On Twitter at https://twitter.com/educationweek/ - On LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/education-week To license video footage from Editorial Projects in Education please contact the Education Week Library at [email protected]
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In this video I wanted to talk about 5 free resources that make your videos better! Do you want to know how to get free stock footage or music? Do need a free screen recorder? Maybe you want to write a script but don't know how. I will explain some of my most used websites! Are you a beginner at YouTube or creating videos? Subscribe to my channel! I provide tutorials for creating videos on a tight budget. I also VLOG! TinyTake: https://tinytake.com/ Free Music Archive: http://www.freemusicarchive.org/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/home Internet Archive/Public Domain: https://archive.org/ Celtx Script Writing: https://www.celtx.com Instagram: meagan.belflower I'm on Flipagram as well
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How to Find Free Camping? | Boondocking & Dry Camping Resources | Fulltime RV Living & Van Camping
Want to know how to find free and cheap camping? In this video we discuss the resources we use to find the best camping spots! We're Kyle & Olivia, a young couple traveling the country full time in our 16ft vintage camper. We work from the road with our online Etsy shop, where we sell antique maps, prints, illustrations. We hit the road in September of 2015 and continue to share our experiences as we learn and grow. Our goal is to live a minimal lifestyle and connect with the world around us. Join us as we discover the joys and obstacles of life on the road! Sites mentioned: https://freecampsites.net/ https://www.campendium.com/camping/free-camping/ Join us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/drivinandvibin Support us for free! Shop Amazon with our affiliate link! http://amzn.to/2Dxt623 Buy our Album "Among the Giants" here! http://bit.ly/AmongGiants or Buy a signed copy of our album here! http://bit.ly/AmongTheGiants Limited edition Vibe Tribe T-Shirts! https://www.sunfrog.com/DrivinandVibin/NEW Check out our Blog! http://drivinandvibin.com Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/drivinandvibin Find us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/drivinandvibin/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DrivinVibin Subscribe to our Newsletter! - http://eepurl.com/ciZV5T GEAR Canon G7X Mark II - https://amzn.to/2ITkUff Benro Tripod - https://amzn.to/2HygpXH Small JOBY GorillaPod - https://amzn.to/2HwnQid GoPro - https://amzn.to/2H0Lnuw MUSIC LakeyInspired - https://www.patreon.com/lakeyinspired/posts AndrewApplepie - https://www.patreon.com/andrewapplepie/posts **Anyone reusing or redistributing videos from the " Drivin' and Vibin' " channel must have our permission**
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Introduction to Public Goods, Common Resources, and Club Goods
This video outlines the different types of goods that result from high and low excludability and high and low rivalry in consumption. For more information and a complete listing of videos and online articles by topic or textbook chapter, see http://www.economistsdoitwithmodels.com/economics-classroom/ For t-shirts and other EDIWM items, see http://www.economistsdoitwithmodels.com/merch/ By Jodi Beggs - Economists Do It With Models http://www.economistsdoitwithmodels.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/economistsdoitwithmodels Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jodiecongirl Tumblr: http://economistsdoitwithmodels.tumblr.com
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WorldTaiChiDay.org, a wealth of FREE resources for Tai Chi, Qigong
WorldTaiChiDay.org is a wealth of FREE resources for NOT ONLY Tai Chi, Qigong enthusiasts, teachers, and organizations … but for educators, health professionals, senior care professionals, penal institutions and professionals, and lawmakers worldwide. WorldTaiChiDay.org shows the science how mind-body practices like Tai Chi and Qigong (chi kung) can save global society trillions of dollars in saved healthcare spending, prison costs, senior care, and improve the education process worldwide. Tai Chi & Qigong teachers and associations are empowered to gain media attention, and provided with medical research, to use that media microphone to educate the public on these profound health tools, and about local classes worldwide. WorldTaiChiDay.org is a FREE public resource used by government, health ministries, health networks, prisons, schools and universities, and media worldwide as a source on Tai Chi and Qigong, and a vehicle to find local teachers worldwide. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day has reached ONE BILLION potential media viewers/readers, covered by CNN, FOX News, BBC Television, BBC World Radio, South China Morning Post, New York Times, Reader's Digest, and national media coverage from Egypt to Australia, Brazil to Canada. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day has been officially proclaimed by government bodies and officials worldwide. www.WorldTaiChiDay.org to learn more, get involved in this global health education project, and to enjoy our myriad free resources.
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Market Failures, Taxes, and Subsidies: Crash Course Economics #21
This week on Crash Course Econ, Jacob and Adriene are talking about failure. Specifically, we're talking about market failures. When markets don't provide a good or service efficiently, that's a market failure. When markets fail, often governments step in to provide those services. Stuff like public education or military protection are good examples of market failures. So, what are some of the ways governments address, market failures? Well, it's funny you should ask, as we also talk about that in this episode. We'll get into taxes and subsidies and externalities and a bunch of other important stuff this week on Crash Course Econ. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Mark, Eric Kitchen, Jessica Wode, Jeffrey Thompson, Steve Marshall, Moritz Schmidt, Robert Kunz, Tim Curwick, Jason A Saslow, SR Foxley, Elliot Beter, Jacob Ash, Christian, Jan Schmid, Jirat, Christy Huddleston, Daniel Baulig, Chris Peters, Anna-Ester Volozh, Ian Dundore, Caleb Weeks -- Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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Using FREE Resources to make RICH soil for spring!
The weather is finally glorious enough in this wet fall we've had for me to work on loading up my new free compost bin! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ #compostbin #composting #richsoil Snail mail: LittleFarmBigDreams PO Box 86 Strawberry, Arkansas 72469 **For any info on real estate please shoot me an email at [email protected] I would love to help you accomplish your homestead and home-ownership dreams! If you would like to know what wishlist items we would love for our homestead to further our education and self sufficiency skills you can check out our public wishlist on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/322D92MZCGL0V?ref_=wl_share Get my new eBook on "How to be a Work From Home Mama" in my ETSY Store!!! https://etsy.me/2O4woiI You can support our channel and gardening teaching efforts by grabbing your own Grow Food t-shirts! https://bit.ly/2PibIVG PAYPAL! If you want to help us grow our garden and therefore our channel you can graciously contribute directly via PayPal by sending donations [email protected] WHAT/WHO IS "LITTLEFARMBIGDREAMS": Author of "How to be a Work from Home Mama", Passionate Gardener & joy creator, based in the Ozark Mtns in Arkansas, Creator of #GrowFood, teaches YOU how to grow food wherever you are! Check out our LEARN TO MARKET GARDEN Facebook Group here: https://bit.ly/2MVUcVy ↓↓↓ CHECK US OUT IN OTHER PLACES ↓↓↓ Patreon: https://bit.ly/2Mc4sb8 Facebook: https://bit.ly/2nRZXsF Blog: https://bit.ly/2MUEx91 Pinterest: https://bit.ly/2Bn55OU Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Mw1xOE Twitter: https://bit.ly/2nN8H3e
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Water Resources
005 - Water Resources In this video Paul Andersen explains how water is unequally distributed around the globe through the hydrologic cycles. Seawater is everywhere but is not useful without costly desalination. Freshwater is divided between surface water and groundwater but must me stored and moved for domestic, industrial, and agricultural uses. Subsidized low cost water has created a problem with water conservation but economic changes could help solve the problem. Do you speak another language? Help me translate my videos: http://www.bozemanscience.com/translations/ Music Attribution Intro Title: I4dsong_loop_main.wav Artist: CosmicD Link to sound: http://www.freesound.org/people/CosmicD/sounds/72556/ Creative Commons Atribution License Outro Title: String Theory Artist: Herman Jolly http://sunsetvalley.bandcamp.com/track/string-theory All of the images are licensed under creative commons and public domain licensing: “Center Pivot Irrigation.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, August 20, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Center_pivot_irrigation&oldid=677028017. “Desalination.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, September 4, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Desalination&oldid=679383711. File:LevelBasinFloodIrrigation.JPG, n.d. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:LevelBasinFloodIrrigation.JPG. Hillewaert, Hans. English: Aquifer (vectorized), May 25, 2007. en:Image:Schematic aquifer xsection usgs cir1186.png. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Aquifer_en.svg. Ikluft. Aerial Photo of the California Aqueduct at the Interstate 205 Crossing, Just East of Interstate 580 Junction., September 11, 2007. Own work. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kluft-Photo-Aerial-I205-California-Aqueduct-Img_0038.jpg. Kbh3rd. English: Map of Water-Level Changes in the High Plains/Ogallala Aquifer in Parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, 1980 to 1995., February 27, 2009. Own work. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ogallala_changes_1980-1995.svg. moyogo, Water_Cycle_-_blank svg: *Wasserkreislauf png: de:Benutzer:Jooooderivative work: Water Cycle, SVG from Wasserkreislauf.png, November 13, 2011. Water_Cycle_-_blank.svg. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Water_Cycle-en.png. NCDC/NOAA, Michael Brewer. English: Status of Drought in California, October 21, 2014., October 23, 2014. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/MapsAndData/MapArchive.aspx. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:California_Drought_Status_Oct_21_2014.png. “Ogallala Aquifer.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, July 20, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ogallala_Aquifer&oldid=672198863. Plumbago. English: Annual Mean Sea Surface Salinity from the World Ocean Atlas 2009., December 5, 2012. Own work. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:WOA09_sea-surf_SAL_AYool.png. Rehman, Source file: Le Grand PortageDerivative work: English: The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, China., September 20, 2009. File:Three_Gorges_Dam,_Yangtze_River,_China.jpg. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ThreeGorgesDam-China2009.jpg. Service, Photo by Jeff Vanuga, USDA Natural Resources Conservation. Level Furrow Irrigation on a Lettuce Field in Yuma, Az., October 4, 2011. USDA NRCS Photo Gallery: NRCSAZ02006.tif. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NRCSAZ02006_-_Arizona_(295)(NRCS_Photo_Gallery).tif. Station, Castle Lake Limnological Research. Castle Lake, California, January 14, 2008. [1]. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Castlelake_1.jpg. Tomia. Hydroelectric Dam, December 30, 2007. Own work. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hydroelectric_dam.svg. USGS. English: Graph of the Locations of Water on Earth, [object HTMLTableCellElement]. http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/waterdistribution.html - traced and redrawn from File:Earth’s water distribution.gif. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Earth%27s_water_distribution.svg. version, Original uploader was Sagredo at en wikipedia Later. English: These Images Show the Yangtze River in the Vicinity of the Three Gorges Dam, September 29, 2007. Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Rehman using CommonsHelper. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ThreeGorgesDam-Landsat7.jpg. “WaterGAP.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, April 22, 2014. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=WaterGAP&oldid=605287609. “Water in California.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, August 31, 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Water_in_California&oldid=678801793.
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Free Resources for Non-Community Public Water Systems
This webinar, recorded on May 29, 2018, introduces a free, 2-hour online course that helps owners and operators of non-community public water systems with a groundwater well better understand how to properly care for their water supply. The course curriculum includes the basic science of groundwater, well mechanics, and source water protection best practices. The webinar also features WaterOperator.org, a free resource portal for the public water system community.
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Back-To-School: Nashville Public Library Has Free Resources For Kids And Parents
Back-to-school is in full-swing and it can be hectic and expensive. The Nashville Public Library wants to remind parents, they have free resources for families.
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A section of leaders accuse Gov. Joho of wasting public resources
The leadership of Mombasa county has locked horns over what has been termed as unnecessary, frequent trips abroad by Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. A section of the leaders have termed the trips as unwarranted and a waste of resources, while others led by the Governor have defended the trips saying they are necessary as most of them are used to source for funds needed for the development of the county.
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My Favorite Homeschool Curriculum Websites & Resources
In this video I share some great websites that I have found for homeschooling. Most of them are free and have helped me a lot in our homeschool journey. I failed to mention homeschoolreviews.com, a very useful website that offers an extensive list of various types of curriculum and reviews about those curriculums. MY TOP HOMESCHOOLING VIDEOS: My Preschool Curriculum Video: http://youtu.be/fbharZzRCoY My Geography Curriculum Video: http://youtu.be/iubZzjfcfTU My Spelling Curriculum Video: http://youtu.be/9ZoAVNJwraU Why We Homeschool Video: http://youtu.be/HFz62DZi5m8 WEBSITES MENTIONED: K12reader.com (Complete spelling programs by grade, sight words, grammer, etc.-Free) Quizlet.com (Tons of games and tests for various topics and types of curriculum such as Apologia-Free) Education.com (tons of printable worksheets and workbooks for all age groups-Paid) Ducksters.com (core subject information, quizzes and games-Free) Bigiqkids.com (spelling and vocabulary website that has games with a test at the end-Free with option to upgrade membership for more features) Youtube.com: Some of my favorite educational sites are: KidsTV123 Makemegenius Scholastic National Geographic Webenglishteacher.com (a very comprehensive source for reading, literature, poetry and grammar lessons-Free) Bookadventure.com (kids can read a book, take an online quiz and earn points to redeem for prizes like magazine subscriptions and books-Free) 50States.com (Complete and thorough information about the 50 United States-Free) KhanAcademy.com (Extensive videos, webinars and tests for all core subjects-Free) Starfall.com (for younger kids, a fun website with alphabet, reading and phonics games-Free and paid options) Confessionsofahomeschooler.com (lots of free curriculum printables as well as full curriculum that you can purchase from her. We have her Letter of the Week Pre K curriculum that you can see in my Preschool Curriculum video and we love it) Hsgames.us (quizzes and games about states and president-Free) Padfield.com (complete Bible curriculum broken up into Old & New Testaments for children and adults-Free) allinonehomeschool.com (complete curriculum by grade that includes core subjects, Bible and P.E., broken up by age with links and progress reports-Free) Favorite Homeschool Youtube Channels: Confessions of a Homeschooler https://www.youtube.com/user/EricasHomeschool A Farmhouse Full: https://www.youtube.com/user/AFarmhouseFull/feed Lilhomeschoolmama: https://www.youtube.com/user/lilhomeschoolmama The Unlikely Homeschool: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOl_vOGzYfiXgmJN6os92uA Shopping Links: Vitacost.com offers savings up to 50% off retail on healthy, natural and organic products. First time customers can use this link to receive $10.00 off your first purchase! http://goo.gl/WGWNPQ Ebates.com: ALWAYS use Ebates.com before you start shopping online to earn cash back! http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=wOb3nc7TNHqT538w96BbwQ%3D%3D Contact me: [email protected] www.facebook.com/aplacetonest FTC: Some links might be referral links.
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