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Leverage Browser Caching
Leverage Browser Caching
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Leverage Browser Caching - Increase Your WordPress Site Load Time
We all want a fast website. Caching your website is one of the easiest way to make your coded or wordpress site faster. This video will show you how to edit your .htaccess file and enable caching as well as how to do it using the WP Fastest Cache Plugin. Full Article: http://www.new2html.com/website-optimization/caching-your-webpages/ Keywords: Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Cache Web Cache Site Speed Cached Websites
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Expires Headers Leverage Browser Caching | Optimise Webpage Speed | 08 |
I'm back with new best ever tutorial videos | How to Optimise your Site | We all knew in today's tech world we have to keep trying to be much faster likewise The Importance Of Webpage Speed is in the heart of the Website World. This Tutorial Video Series help you Optimise and make your site faster Speedy. If you create your webpage by installing CMS called WordPress. This videos helps you in that too. If you create your site using php or other programming languages, you may stick to these, it helps you lot. There are different ways to Optimise your Site, You get all discussed here like Image Optimise, Page Optimise, database Optimise So Speed up Your Site......Watch this Tutorial Video Series. Thanks for Watching. You Can visit -: http://gtmetrix.com for Analysing Your Sites. Thanks !
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I/O BootCamp 2011: Optimizing your Web Performance for Success
Speakers: Richard Rabbat, Andrew Oates, and Shawn Ligocki The Page Speed API will be introduced with special focus on mobile web optimization. Page Speed is a performance optimization tool. We'll describe how to build automated monitoring of web pages with the API and make performance part of your development regression suite and to learn of new optimization best practices as they relate to your site serving for desktop and mobile. We will then walk you through how to install and configure mod_pagespeed on an Apache server, and the effects it has on a web site on the site, its HTML, images, CSS, and Javascript.
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