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Essequibo Agro Trade Expo
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Agro Products By East India Exporters, Salem
[http://www.indiamart.com/eastindiaexporters/ ] EAST INDIA EXPORTERS is an International trading company specializing in Export worldwide and wholesale suppliers in India ."EAST INDIA EXPORTERS"is the most prominent exporters located in Chennai,Tamil Nadu (INDIA). We are most trusted for over 3 generations owing to our high quality standards ethical trade practices easy payment modes and wide distribution of networks enabling prompt delivery and the best relationship between farmers and millers providing transparency at all discrete levels of production
Russia beats sanctions with locally produced food
(31 May 2018) Four years after Western food was banned in Russia, Moscow markets are loaded with locally-produced meat, cheese and fish. Government sanctions against European Union imported goods have done much to boost the local market. "Since we couldn't import meat or cheese anymore, and meat from certain countries became prohibitively expensive and only affordable to really rich people, a lot of farms started developing much faster and started producing much better-quality product", said food critic Andrei Muchnik. The US and European Union countries led the way in imposing sanctions on Russia in 2014 when it annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The sanctions focus on individuals close to Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as major companies in the energy, defence and banking sectors, which have largely been cut off from global deal-making. Russia responded in August 2014 with bans on fresh food imports from the US, EU and other Western countries. Public destruction of smuggled food was shown on state television. Since then, food prices in Russia have risen sharply, while domestic agriculture and fisheries sectors have boomed against the backdrop of much-reduced competition. Putin's government has pledged to encourage domestic production, and offered loans and subsidies for the agricultural sector. Russia has become the world's largest grain exporter and it also has become a major supplier of meat to world markets. The depreciation of the ruble also helped expand exports. Oleg Sirota, former programmer, seized his chance to fulfil his dream of becoming a cheesemaker. He's become a darling of Russian media with patriotic gestures such as a wheel of cheese inscribed with Putin's name - to be collected in person, Sirota insists. Demand is so huge that Sirota plans to build two more farms in order to increase production. He even feels confident enough to compete with European producers. "This year we will try to enter the European market. Now we will be testing our cheese on football fans who are coming to the World Cup", Sirota says. "I hope that even the most sophisticated clients will not be able to tell our cheese from European one." Sanctions have reduced foreign competition in some sectors of the Russian economy, helping entrepreneurs like Sirota to expand rapidly to fill the gap. Often heavily in debt, many would struggle to survive if sanctions are removed. Sirota, who's borrowed large sums from banks and relatives, and took government grants, predicts that the removal of a Russian ban on food imports from many Western countries would flood Russia with cheap milk imports, sweeping away businesses like his which still need more time to establish themselves. However, Russia seems unlikely to lift the ban on Western imports as long as there are no prospects of the EU removing sanctions against Russia. Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102011028589719587178/+APArchive​ Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/0a64f923918f47358d15c1819ff11fc2
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Hakan Agro DMCC 2013
Hakan Agro DMCC The Bridge between East and West
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20 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas
Here are 20 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas. Farming business ideas to started in 2017. These businesses you can start with small investment. Hope you all enjoyed these farming business ideas. Thanks for watching! Born For Entrepreneurs 20 Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas
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2017 Meet the Farmers Conference (MTFC)
Meet the Farmers Conference (MTFC) is first of its kind in Dubai and the Middle East. An agro conference that aims to connect large scale agro commodity producers to buyers alike. Stakeholders from Africa and GCC came together during a 2 day event to network, collaborate, and form potential business partnerships across borders. Most importantly, African farmers, participants, exhibitors, and delegates at this event were able to leverage the business opportunities available to them in Dubai and other GCC countries. Also, participants were able to gain insights into a wide range of topics such as agro commodity trading in Dubai and GCC, import and exports requirements, laws and policies, financing, shipping, insurance and etc.
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Nassar Al Refaee - Company Video
Discover Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company (NRTC), one of the Middle East's leading importer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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History of International Trade | The Atlantic Slave Trade
This video illustrates the history of international trade, silk route and also the beginning of human slavery (beginning of the Atlantic slave trade). --- Fill this feedback form for a better learning experience https://goo.gl/vrYPBw --- Click here if you want to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealSengupta
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UAE: Top Destination for US Exports in the Middle East
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a delegation of companies with AmCham Abu Dhabi in Washington, DC. The featured guest speakers, Mr. Talal Al Kaissi, Chief of Staff with the UAE Trade & Commercial Office, and Mr. Dan Mullaney, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Europe & the Middle East along with Gregory Golden of AmCham Abu Dhabi, all offered insights into the significance of the US-UAE economic relationship and increasing opportunities in a variety of sectors for American companies in the United Arab Emirates. For more information on the US-UAE trade relationship, please visit: http://www.uaetrade-usa.org/index.php?page=uae-us-relations&cmsid=67 Select Photos Courtesy of Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC
How to Start Exports from India
This video is developed by the Office of the Additional Director General of Foreign Trade, Bengaluru as part of an initiative under the Niryat Bandhu Scheme of Government of India. We explain here the preliminary steps that any entrepeneur must take when they decide to start making exports from India. Disclaimer :: The videos are for information and educational purposes only . For detailed procedure you should refer to the Foreign Trade policy and the Handbook of Procedures available on http://www.dgft.gov.in
Agro Invest
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Logistics Hub to Facilitate Trade
Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo are headed for better trading relations following plans by trademark east Africa to set up trade logistics hub in Gulu district. According to Moses Sabiti, the Trademark East Africa Country Director, the eight million Dollar project will streamline trade activities among the three countries and reduce trade barriers.
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Meet The 28 Year Old Who Runs A Garri Processing Plant in Nigeria
While on tour in Nigeria, I was privileged to visit a garri processing plant operated by 28 year old Olawale who is making significant impact in the Agriculture sector. He is also an Agric consultant, an advisor to government leaders on agriculture and an international speaker. The Plant currently provides employment for 40 people.
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Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company
DADTCO owns the unique and patented mobile cassava processing technology to unlock the commercialization of cassava across Africa. "If the farmer can't come to the factory, let's take the factory to the farmer!" www.dadtco.nl
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Magships Resources  Exporters of Agro Products
Magships Resources Exporters - Traders - Suppliers of Agro Produce from India. Exporting Rice - Basmati & Non-Basmati Exporting Spices - Whole, Ground & Blends Exporting Onions - Nasik & Lasalgaon Origin FMCG Distribution - Channel Partners for Brands and Companies Are you trading in Basmati Rice or Onions? We are Manufacturers & exporters of Agro products from India. We are shipping Basmati Rice to USA, Europe, South East Asian, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, UAE and African Countries. Nasik Onions - Middle east and Fareast For quick quotes write to us Magships Resources Ajeet Singh - +91 9930510590 [email protected] http://www.magships.com/rice-exporter-india/ http://www.magships.com/exporting-rice-onions-worldwide/ http://www.magships.com/exporting-agro-produce-india/ http://www.magships.com/rice-exporter-india/
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Industries in India - Part 01 - Types of Industries
Industries of India – Part 1 Primary Industries This industry Uses natural raw material as its final product. For Examples Hunting, pastoral activities, fishing, forestry, agriculture etc. Secondary Industries It Makes complex products using the material obtained from primary industry for example : Steel → Automobiles, Railway engines Wooden Pulp → Rayon Secondary Industry can be sub classified into Heavy Industries Light industries Tertiary Industries It is not a branch of manufacturing sector but sells the product of primary and secondary industries via transport, trading, wholesale & retailing Basically it includes Service providers. For ex : tourism, education, entertainment, advertisements, consultancy, Administration, healthcare etc. Various Factors responsible for the location of industries Availability of Raw Material Power Resources Availability of water Labour Transportation Availability of Market Capital Government Policies Indian Industries The agro based industries totally contribute approx. 17.32% to Indian GDP Cottage Industries It provides jobs to large segment of population and it can be started with low investment Helps to earn additional income for rural people Use local raw material ensures Optimum utilization of national resources Generate seasonal as well as perennial employment for Labour Play significant role in our national economy Timber industry Near raw material Dependent on bamboo, softwood E.g. South Gujarat, Odisha, MP Near market Kolkata → Raw material brought from North Eastern States, cheap labor, coal, water available Lucknow → Depend on bagasse (from sugar mills rags) wheat bran & Sabai grass brought from Tarai region Cotton and Textile Industry Cotton as a raw material is lightweight & non-perishable Cotton changed to yarn/textile Hardly incurs any weight loss Therefore, proximity to raw material site is not essential factors become more important in industrial location viz. nearness to market nearness to water body (for dyeing, bleaching) Energy to run power looms and textile machines cheap Labour supply & availability of capital/finance In dry climate, the cotton-threads will break quickly during spinning. So, cotton textiles were setup near coastal areas. Major Cotton Industry location in India is in Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Coimbatore. Silk Industry India has vast Labour & market to match silk farming India grows all important varieties of silk viz. Mulberry, Tasar, Oak Tasar, Eri and Muga Mulberry silk → Mainly in Southern states (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh) + WB + J & K Non Mulberry → Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha + North East Jute Industry West Bengal (India) Raw material 90% of Jute is cultivated in the Kolkata hinterland Jute is the only crop that can withstand flooding of this region Water Jute processing require large quantity of water for washing, bleaching & retting Easily available from Hubly river Labour Jute-processing is Labour intensive Cheap Labour available from Bihar, Odisha, W Bengal Sugar Industry Nature of Raw material Sugar mills are located near sugar growing areas, because of two factors Perishable → Sugarcane contains sucrose & once you cut the sugarcane, the sucrose content starts to decline. Hence raw material must be quickly transported. Weight loss → Sugar accounts for only ~10% of the bulky sugarcane and therefore it is prohibitively expensive to transport sugarcane over long-distance in its original form. Tea plantation Industry Labour availability Weeding, manure, pruning and plucking → tedious job + need skill + patience Cheap Labour force is essential Since tea has to be grown in hill slopes, mechanization is not possible Even while drying, rolling, fermentation, grading and packaging of tea, skilled manpower needed Therefore, tea plantation is done near areas with high population density Raw material Tea leaves to tea, involves considerable weight loss Hence tea processing is done in the estate/plantation itself Further blending/repacking could be done at break of the bulk location Climate Frost damages the leaves & Very long winter retards plant growth hence decreases yield Topography Doesn’t like stagnant water Hence, has to be grown on highland or hill slopes for e.g. hills of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) & Nilgiri (Tamil Nadu)
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Firm-Farm Relationships, A case of the matooke trade in Uganda
Strengthened firm- farm relationships between matooke traders and matooke farmers in Western Uganda, facilitated through the "Participatory Agro-Enterprise Development Methodology (by TRIAS in Uganda) has resulted into a vibrant and resilient value chain, increasing market access for rural poor farmers, improving livelihoods, and strengthening value chain actor relationships, based on trust and mutual respect.
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Organic Fertilizer Raw Material by Hifield - AG Chem. India Private Limited, Aurangabad
[http://www.hifield-ag.in/]Welcome to Hifield - AG Chem. India Private Limited Manufacturer & Supplier of Agro chemicals We are an ISO certified company, incepted in 1994, at Aurangabad. Good financial position & TQM help us to cater East Asia & Middle East. Agro Tech Services & Karnataka Agro Corp are some of our prestigious clients and we are backed by Total client satisfaction & Easy payment modes. We offer a wide array of Seaweed Extracts, Amino & Gibberellic Acid. Our Folic & Fulvic Acids are in huge demand across the global markets. N-6-Benzyl Adenine Tech & Potassium Humate 95% Crystals offered by us are extremely reliable. Our Super Potassium Humate 95% Flakes & Potassium Humate Shiny Bullets are a class apart. We also provide Humic Acid 60% Shiny Balls, Humic & Amino Uniform Balls that are nothing but the best solution for all your needs. Along with that we offer Potassium Humate & Seaweed Flakes that are widely appreciated in the market.http://www.hifield-ag.in/
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How to Find vegetable Buyer UAE Market| 100% genuine |import directory| EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS
EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS CHANNEL: Youtube recently changed the way they monitize my content. my channel now need 500 subscribers so it would be awesome if you could show your support by both wathcingmy videos and subscribing to my channel if you haven't already done so. monitizing my videos allows me to invest back into the channel with new equipment so a small contriburtion from you goes a huge way for me. many thanks for supporting me disclaimer:this video will not recommend any activities. EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS helps small and startups exports and imports enterprise. To see the smile in exporter faces we help them. if you want any help from us about exports, imports, where to trade,how to trade,best place for trading for your products... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the link for Import directory is: https://ouo.io/qZDkdt8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH THIS VIDEOS ALSO: 1.BEST EXIM BUSINESS TIPS EVER: https://goo.gl/SiSLwY 2.How to Find vegetable Buyer UAE Market| 100% genuine |import directory| EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS : https://goo.gl/FbDXzw 3.WHAT IS "HS CODE" AND HOW IT WORKS? | GET ALL HS CODES IN PDF FILE | EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS: https://goo.gl/1T4PZf 4.HOW TO FIND IMPORTER BY THIS WEB PORTAL | EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS | santanders trade (part-1): https://goo.gl/agTGWg 5.How to Find vegetable Buyer UAE Market |export directory| EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS: https://goo.gl/J43FhF 6.How to Find Buyer in International Market | import directories | EXPORT AND IMPORT BUSINESS: https://goo.gl/CXorHP 7.export and import all playlist: https://goo.gl/FAmNrc 8.checkout to our channel also: https://goo.gl/NZUZSm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you are happy please like and subscribe for more update ====================================================== "PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE(https://goo.gl/qwtMwS)" ======================================================You can also message us for any query you have regarding the same on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EXIMBIZZ) ======================================================follow our BLOG: http://zipansion.com/3O4pf To promote on our facebook group: http://zipansion.com/3NAFY follow us on facebook: http://zipansion.com/3O4vI follow us on tumblr: http://zipansion.com/20301885/tumblr follow us on twitter: http://zipansion.com/20301885/twitter
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We are manufacturers of cream biscuits, wafers , butter cookies ,glucose biscuits in all flavors -Lemon, Coconut, Strawberry,Orange,Chocolate,Vanilla,Pineapple .DANA is a very renowned supplier of Wafers and biscuits .High quality biscuits and wafers are exported from Indian manufacturing factory to different parts of the world majorly Middle East, Asia and Africa.DANA wafer biscuits are manufactured in state-of the art HACCP,ISO22000:2005 & FDA approved facilities in INDIA.We deal in chocolate,vanilla,strawberry,orange & hazelnut flavors. Our offerings are follwoing:- 1. Cream Sandwich Biscuits in 100 grams-Pinepalle biscuit, orange biscuit, Chocolate Biscuit, Bourbon Biscuit 2. DANA Twin Bite -- Cracker Biscuits 3.DANA Choco Delight biscuits 4. DANA WAFERS- 125 grams—Pineapple, Vanilla, Hazelnut,Strawberry 5. BUtter Cookies -- DANA DANISH Butter cookies- Premium assortment of cookies in 340 grams in attractive round tin packing Terms & conditions Origin :- INDIA Shipment :- Within 30 days of order confirmation Payment terms :- 50% advance and balance against BL copy Brand :- DANA OR CUSTOM MADE ON ORDER Kindly let me know which size you will require and in what quantity.I am looking forward for your valuable feedback.Kindly let me know if you are in requirement of any other related food and agro item.Best Regards Meenu Yadav/Ankur Singh/PARAMPREETSINGH +91-8826713010(INDIA)/+919868970587 +00971-50-7983153 (U.A.E) Business Development Manager For DANA Group (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) Indian Works :- SP-297/297A,Chopanki Industrial Area,Bhiwadi [Rajasthan] -- INDIA Jaipur Office:- B-52 Shakti Nagar Tonk Road Jaipur Delhi Office :- RZ-12,B-Block,Kailashpuri,Palam Colony,New Delhi (011-25391543) UAE Head Office :- Suite no 513,Lootah bulding,Nasser Square Deira,Dubai-UAE Website:- http://www.danagroups.com Email:- [email protected]
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Multibagger#Technical & Fundamental Pick (Long Target Rs.3000)
1982 promoted by Indian Fine Black Limited, Bijon Nag and others is a reputated Public Limited Company. The company has various consumer oriented products both for domestic & export markets. The corporate office of the company is situated at EM Bypass, Kolkata, West Bengal. IFB Agro Industries is one of the largest producers of alcohol in eastern India, having 6 large captive bottling plants situated in Bengal, Orissa & North East. The company is also engaged in the production of Carbon Dioxide Gas & processing of Marine Products for Export as well as for the Indian market. Different business divisions of the company: Alcohol Division Distillery Noorpur- situated at the bank of the river Hooghly, near Diamond Harbour at South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, IFB Agro commenced their Noorpur Distillery in 1987 creating a landmark in the industrial resurgence of West Bengal with an installed capacity of 60,000 liters per day based on Molasses. Apart from its existing molasses based distillery, IFB Agro has also set up a new state of the art Grain Distillery based on the latest technology in distillation with a capacity of 60,000 liters per day. The distillery ensures captive power and confirms to zero discharge norms. The usage of Multicolumn Multipressure Distillation Technology removes all impurities from the Alcohol to ensure a perfect rich bouquet of taste and flavour. The IMFL Division of IFB is housed at Maheshtala (South 24 Pgs.) West Bengal. At present, the operations of the division are concentrated in West Bengal and the North Eastern States, primarily Assam, Meghalaya and Orissa. The company has targetted business expansions in neighboring states in the near future. All 25 UP & 50UP products are made from Grain Spirit which is sourced in house. The marine division exports prawn to USA, Europe, Japan, Australia & South Africa. Domestic : IFB Royal Prawn are ready to cook hygienically processed, headless, peeled and deveined and economicaliy packed in consumer friendly packs of 100 & 200 grams. The product is available from exclusive outlets in the city of Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai. IFB Prawn POPS and Breaded Fish Fillets are ready to fry and are available from consumer friendly outlets at Kolkata. IFB Agro is the largest distributor of C.P. Feeds (Thailand) in West Bengal. It also supplies farmers with various types of soil and water probiotics and supplements for healthy and sustainable grow of shrimps.
Dana Mart Hyper Market LLC
DANA MART ( DANA Group UAE’s Retail venture) to be operational soon Dana Group has unveiled its new retail project: Danamart in Al Jurf, Ajman. Danamart shall be spread across 100,000 square feet area and will service the needs of residents from Ajman. Al Jurf Area was a strategic choice based upon the very high footfall of customers in the area and lack of organized retail chains. Danamart is part of the retail expansion plan of Dana Group and Danamart shall be fully functional by Q2 of 2014. “Dana Group’s investment focus has been based upon strong fundamentals and we see that FMCG, retail sector shall be promising for UAE in the long term”, says Dr Dana, group chairman of Dana Group Dubai (www.danagroups.com) Dana Group has been a major player in the steel and construction industry in the UAE and the decision to foray into retail has been based upon studying long term trends of the market and strong fundamentals of Dana Group investment thesis, the management said. Dana Group chairman, Dr Dana further continued “We are very excited about the variety of opportunities UAE has to offer. Dubai won the Expo 2020 bid recently and we think this is the right time for us to enter FMCG sector”. Dana Group has already been very strong in food stuff and agro-commodities trading and distribution in the Middle East and North Africa. The “Dana” brand has been synonymous with “quality” and with the help of a retail arm, Dana Group shall take a step forward to reach the end customer directly.
The importance of Farmers Producing Company and food processing at Itanagar
On the importance of Farmers Producing Company...how forward linkages can become effective and trading of agro-commodities across the globe can become easier.
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Meet The Farmers Conference Kigali 2018
The Rwanda Edition of Meet the Farmers' Conference held on 5th October 2018 at Radisson Blu Convention Centre, Kigali. Our goal was to bring together Agribusiness Stakeholders in the ecosystem to discuss, learn and create a vibrant synergy between farmers, off takers, investors and stakeholders in Africa and the Middle East. We had a beautiful time with our dynamic and experienced group of speakers/panelists shared critical information about pressing issues in the Agriculture sector, as well as, actionable and practical solutions bordering around Agro-Commodity trading between Rwanda and the UAE. From our feedback so far, the conference was described as a very insightful and profitable networking experience. Be part of the conference, visit www.mtfc.crenov8.com
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esos burritos
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Olam Brazil - An overview of our business
We commenced operations in 2002 with our cashew trading business and have since expanded into 8 different agricultural products, operating across the whole of Brazil. Our business aims to sustainably feed and clothe present and future generations through its country-wide operations. We are headquartered out of our office in Sao Paulo and operate across the supply chain, from seed-to-shelf. Our products: - Cashew - Coffee - Cotton - Spices - Cocoa - Grains - Peppers - Dairy Products - Risk Management Solutions For more information visit: http://olamgroup.com/locations/south-america/brazil/ Email us at: [email protected]
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Stock Market in Manipur on AIR Imphal - AAA
We have been missing last 37 yrs of investment opportunities in Indian Capital Market since we don't have any institution or orgn in Manipur where we could go and consult about the same. Now, AAA is here formed by the professionals and industry experienced team for any kind of information about investment in different kinds of investment instruments say - Mutual Funds, SIP, Stock Market, Health Insurance, General Insurance and Life Insurance ect. Welcome to AAA, Opp. Kwakeithel Bazar. Mob: 70051 72719
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Agro-processing and value addition is a key economic driver in Mombasa . We will continue to empower and encourage entrepreneurship in this sector
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Ira Epstein's End of the Day Agriculture Video 4 17 2017
Ira Epstein reviews the days trading in the agriculture markets. For more information and access to Ira's free offers for commodity traders, visit http://www.iraepstein.com. Commodities, Ira Epstein, Linn & Associates, Futures Trading, Online Trading, Technical Analysis, Corn, wheat, soybeans, soybean oil, soybean meal, lean hogs, hogs, cattle, live cattle, feeder cattle, sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton, commodities, derivatives, futures, CBOT, Chicago Board of Trade, Finance, Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg, Charting, Sales: 866-973-2077
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Sanwaria Consumer Ltd Result 2018 Analysis - What to do Next?
Sanwaria Consumer Ltd Result 2018 Analysis - What to do Next?. Sanwaria Consumer is fmcg company and posted good quarterly financial result for March 2018 and net profit. Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share Note: This is for general educational purpose only and follows all guidelines. Please consult your financial advisor or do your own research before investing in any stock.
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#inFocusRW: Focus On Manufacturing Business in East Africa
In this episode, Eugene Anangwe host a panel comprising of:- Lilian Awinja- Executive Director, East Africa Business Council Laban-Cliff Onsario, business Journalist from Kenya Director for Productive Sector at EAC Secretariat,Jean Baptiste Havugimana and Caludine Mukeshimana, the Executive Director, Rwanda Association of Manufacturers on the just concluded 2nd East Africa manufacturing business and Exhibition Summit held in Rwanda. Focus is on impact of the summit, challenges affecting manufacturing sector in the region, face out of importation of 2nd hand clothes among other issues. SUBSCRIBE
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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Visits Oba Of Benin
Former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo today assured the Oba of Benin, Omo N’oba N’edo Uku Akpolokpolor, Oba Ewuare, The Second of his readiness to assist Edo State to develop in Agro Allied Industries.
Agro Food Products Traders and Exporters   P & G International
We are traders and exporters of a wide variety of agro based products that are consumed for daily sustenance. We offer harvest fresh onions, red chillies and maize to clients in various countries of the Far East. Procurers of our organization, P&G International, are very particular in sourcing these consumables from reliable growers/ vendors. We operate out of Dindigul, Tamilnadu. India. To Know More : http://www.pandginternational.com/products.php
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East African states discussing protocol on free movement of livestock
The Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is holding consultative meetings in Entebbe to agree on a protocol to allow the free movement of livestock and human across the borders of member states. IGAD member states include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit http://www.ntv.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Opening Show of Philippine Trade Fair
Shanghai Wellzoom International Trade Co., Ltd. Is a professional trade company established in 2003. We are specialized in the import and export of mechanical and electric products. We have particular strength in products such as general machinery (gasoline/diesel engine, gasoline/diesel generator, electric motor, air compressor, welding machine etc. ), agricultural machinery (oil and rice processing machinery, water pumps and their accessories etc), hardware (electric tools, hand tools etc.), auto and motorcycle parts, bearing and transmission, etc. We have a shareholding factory who is specialized in small power generators, engines, power water pumps and some other small power installations. We have our own brands, such as "DOMIYA","KUNBAO","OHATSU" and we could also supply OEM services to our clients. Our products have attained CE, EPA, SON CAP certificates and have been exported to more than 20 countries and areas in South Africa, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Latin America.
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Prospects of Meat Production and Livestock Trading Within Eastern Africa
Brian Perry is renowned livestock expert. Having been in Kenya for 30 years he knows where the biggest growth potentials for livestock trading are - in regional trade - and where the greatest but mostly futile aspirations lie - in export to the EC or USA.
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Shade Nets and Agro Films by Ira Agrotech & Research Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur
[http://www.iraagro.com/] Welcome to Ira Agrotech and Research Private Limited, Offer Shade Nets, Agro Films and Allied Services. We are an ISO 9001:2008, CIPET and Ecotra certified company, incorporated in 2010, at Nagpur. We have spread our wings to Indian Subcontinent and Middle East. Chief Conserver of Forest and Panchayat Samiti are some of our esteemed clients. We are backed by free sampling policy and Excellent logistics support. UV Control, Shade & Agro Shade Nets are some of our Products and Services. We offer a vast range of Shade and Agro Shade Nets that are best in the industry amongst others. Green Sun Shade Nets and Shade Net Houses offered by us are a class apart. Our U V Control and Agro Films are widely appreciated in the market. We also provide Planting, Nursery and Garbage Waste Bags that are some of our best selling products. Along with that we offer Poly Houses and Construction Services that are nothing but the best solution for all your needs.
CALATA CORP. IPO Listing Date @ Philippine Stock Exchange
Tips- Philippine Stock Market: http://tipsphilippinestockmarket.blogspot.com/ Initial Public Offering - IPO, Listing date of CALATA CORPORATION, is now listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange under the symbols of CAL. Calata Corporation (CAL) was originally incorporated as Planters Choice Agro Products, Inc. on July 23, 1999. On February 22, 2010, the SEC approved the change of its corporate name to its present one. The Company is a combined distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and other agricultural products coming from manufacturers or business partners such as, San Miguel Corporation for B-Meg Feeds and veterinary products, Syngenta, Bayer, Jardine, Dupont, Sinochem, for agro-chemicals, East West Seeds, Monsanto, Planters Products for its agricultural seeds and Swire, Viking for fertilizers. CAL currently distributes the following types of products: a) animal feeds - exclusively distributes San Miguel Foods Inc.'s BMEG; b) fertilizers - distributes almost all brands of fertilizers in the market, headlined by the Swire and Viking brands; c) agro-chemicals - distributes almost all brands of agro-chemicals in the market, with exclusive distributorship agreement with Syngenta Philippines; and d) seeds and other products. My Facebook Add Me : https://www.facebook.com/edw.baynosa My Twitter Follow Me : https://twitter.com/edwbaynosa SUBSCRIBE for more update video : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=papercoinagevideo
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Happy Holi - Magships wishes you a very happy holi
Magships Resources Exporters - Traders - Suppliers of Agro Produce from India. Exporting Rice - Basmati & Non-Basmati Exporting Spices - Whole, Ground & Blends Exporting Onions - Nasik & Lasalgaon Origin FMCG Distribution - Channel Partners for Brands and Companies Are you trading in Basmati Rice or Onions? We are Manufacturers & exporters of Agro products from India. We are shipping Basmati Rice to USA, Europe, South East Asian, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, UAE and African Countries. Nasik Onions - Middle east and Fareast For quick quotes write to us Magships Resources Ajeet Singh - +91 9930510590 [email protected] http://www.magships.com
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Meet The Farmers' Conference Nigeria
The Nigerian Edition of Meet the Farmers' Conference held on 10th October 2018 at Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria. Our goal was to bring together Agribusiness Stakeholders in the ecosystem to discuss, learn and create a vibrant synergy between farmers, off takers, investors and stakeholders in Africa and the Middle East. We had a beautiful time with our dynamic and experienced group of speakers/panelists who shared critical information about pressing issues in the Agriculture sector, as well as, actionable and practical solutions bordering around Agro-Commodity trading between Nigeria and the UAE. The conference was as a very insightful and profitable networking experience. Be part of the Grand Finale in Dubai, visit www.mtfc.crenov8.com
Profiles of Purpose: Yes She Can
Elsie Dogbeah, owner of Home Fresh Foods, an agro-processor of African ethnic foods, shares her passion for creating a woman-centric business. In this series, meet the entrepreneurs behind the Seed Transformation Program. They are filled with passion and purpose—equally committed to growing their businesses and improving their communities, continent, and world. Their stories of struggle and success embody Stanford Seed’s mission. Watch the Profiles of Purpose series and be inspired. Seed, the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies, is a Stanford Graduate School of Business-led initiative that’s working to end the cycle of global poverty. By supporting established entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses and create jobs, STP—a 12-month intensive leadership program—is making an impact on companies and lives. Seed also inspires Stanford students to become globally engaged leaders through internships at STP companies and supports critical research that can lead to breakthrough solutions.
China or Turkey - Which one drives markets :)
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Nursery Ad  Annapurna Agro Plantec
Annapurna Agro Plantec India (P) Ltd was incepted in the year 2004 in West Bengal under the enterprising headship of Mr. Arup Kumar Nag(CMD).The Company has been scaling new heights in the business endeavor. It is a name of trust among the producer of Horticulture and Bio products. Encouraging the commercialization of Bio products to decrease the level of pollution in the crops for the Benefit of mankind & environment throughout the year company maintaining their standard and sustainable business growth to make "India Green". Annapurna Agro Plantec India (P) Ltd is one of the oldest horticulture and bio-products in agricultural manufacturing company. Started in the year 2004 and in 2007 the company became private limited company. It started as a trading company and now it is manufacturing and yielding products too. Annapurna Agro Plantec India (P) Ltd is a reputed name in the field of hybrid producer of high quality bio--products using best of technology.