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Signals intelligence
US Army MOS 35N - Signals Intelligence Analyst Training Information Basic Training: 9 weeks + 1 week of reception AIT = 18 weeks, For Huachuca, AZ ASVAB Score Required: 101 in aptitude. Your analytical abilities will enable you to work with the latest in communications receiving and analysis equipment to meet the intelligence and security needs of this large Australian organisatio. Signals intelligence (often abbreviated as SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence— abbreviated to.
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Air Intelligence Analyst - Signals Intelligence
Your analytical abilities will enable you to work with the latest in communications receiving and analysis equipment to meet the intelligence and security needs of this large Australian organisation. Learn More: http://goo.gl/xyNxr
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Signals intelligence
Signals intelligence (often abbreviated as SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence— abbreviated to COMINT) or from electronic signals not directly used in communication (electronic intelligence— abbreviated to ELINT). Signals intelligence is a subset of intelligence collection management. As sensitive information is often encrypted, signals intelligence often involves the use of cryptanalysis to decipher the messages. Traffic analysis—the study of who is signaling whom and in what quantity - is also used to derive information. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Mission creep: the privatisation of GCHQ UK signals intelligence with Alex Thompson
7:25 use of Huawei 'secure' internal telephony by GCHQ! This week we're joined by Alex Thompson who appears regularly on the UK Column live stream run from Plymouth by former Royal Navy officer Brian Gerrish. Ales gives us some background about himself then goes on to explain some of his concerns about the 'banking culture' which is invading all levels of the civil service, particularly from his own area of work which is in signals intelligence at Cheltenham's GCHQ. He talks about the use of G4S security, who wer found to be lying and incompetent in the run- up to London's 2012 olympics and the Public-Private Partnership which was used to construct the 'Doughnut' in Cheltenham, also how it was not really a suitable design for the job. We discuss the question of whether secure communications are actually possible in the age of supercomputers to crack encryption, and even whether people should be able to expect to be able to communicate in private. Alex was at an NSA briefing where the concept of 'Total Information Awareness' was introduced but due to the bad press it had received it didn't go down very well amongst the US and UK signals intelligence staff. Alex Thompson & Tony Gosling www.dialectradio.co.uk - 12th June 2018
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Army - Communications, IT and Intelligence Careers
From relaying orders and pinpointing the enemy positions, to handling highly classified material, the Army depends on people within the Communications, IT and Intelligence category to meet its objectives. Whether you're a Signals Corps Officer, a Intelligence Analyst, a Telecommunications Technician or Communication Systems Operator you're responsible for the Army's communication and intelligence requirements both in Australia and around the world. Click here to find a role in Communications, IT and Intelligence that's right for you http://goo.gl/bNe3r
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America's Most Secret Agency Documentary | National Security Agency NSA History Documentary
America's Most Secret Agency Documentary is about the inner workings of National Security Agency or NSA. The National Security Agency (NSA) is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense, under the authority of the Director of National Intelligence. The NSA is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes, specializing in a discipline known as signals intelligence (SIGINT). The NSA is also tasked with the protection of U.S. communications networks and information systems.[8][9] The NSA relies on a variety of measures to accomplish its mission, the majority of which are clandestine. Originating as a unit to decipher coded communications in World War II, it was officially formed as the NSA by President Harry S. Truman in 1952. Since then, it has become one of the largest U.S. intelligence organizations in terms of personnel and budget. The NSA currently conducts worldwide mass data collection and has been known to physically bug electronic systems as one method to this end.[12] The NSA has also been alleged to have been behind such attack software as Stuxnet, which severely damaged Iran's nuclear program.[13][14] The NSA, alongside the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), maintains a physical presence in many countries across the globe; the CIA/NSA joint Special Collection Service (a highly classified intelligence team) inserts eavesdropping devices in high value targets (such as Presidential palaces or embassies). SCS collection tactics allegedly encompass "close surveillance, burglary, wiretapping, [and] breaking and entering".[15][16] Unlike the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), both of which specialize primarily in foreign human espionage, the NSA does not publicly conduct human-source intelligence gathering. The NSA is entrusted with providing assistance to, and the coordination of, SIGINT elements for other government organizations - which are prevented by law from engaging in such activities on their own.[17] As part of these responsibilities, the agency has a co-located organization called the Central Security Service (CSS), which facilitates cooperation between the NSA and other U.S. defense cryptanalysis components. To further ensure streamlined communication between the signals intelligence community divisions, the NSA Director simultaneously serves as the Commander of the United States Cyber Command and as Chief of the Central Security Service. The NSA's actions have been a matter of political controversy on several occasions, including its spying on anti-Vietnam-war leaders and the agency's participation in economic espionage. In 2013, the NSA had many of its secret surveillance programs revealed to the public by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor. According to the leaked documents, the NSA intercepts and stores the communications of over a billion people worldwide, including United States citizens. The documents also revealed the NSA tracks hundreds of millions of people's movements using cellphones metadata. Internationally, research has pointed to the NSA's ability to surveil the domestic Internet traffic of foreign countries through "boomerang routing". Please SUBSCRIBE & SHARE. Thanks.
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Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate | Greg Gage
Neuroscientist Greg Gage takes sophisticated equipment used to study the brain out of graduate-level labs and brings them to middle- and high-school classrooms (and, sometimes, to the TED stage.) Prepare to be amazed as he hooks up the Mimosa pudica, a plant whose leaves close when touched, and the Venus flytrap to an EKG to show us how plants use electrical signals to convey information, prompt movement and even count. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Signals intelligence
Signals intelligence Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence—abbreviated to COMINT) or from electronic signals not directly used in communication (electronic intelligence—abbreviated to ELINT).Signals intelligence is a subset of intelligence collection management. =======Image-Copyright-Info======= Image is in public domain Author-Info: Matt Crypto Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Menwith-hill-radomes.jpg =======Image-Copyright-Info======== -Video is targeted to blind users Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA image source in video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpcoqu2Xlyg
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Signal and Military Intelligence
Become one of the Guard's information and communication specialists, and help maintain and operate the world's most advanced technology and intel team.
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Signals intelligence
Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) Signals intelligence is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people or from electronic signals not directly used in communication .Signals intelligence is a subset of intelligence collection management.As sensitive information is often encrypted, signals intelligence in turn involves the use of cryptanalysis to decipher the messages.Traffic analysis—the study of who is signaling whom and in what quantity—is also used to derive information. ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- About the author(s): Matt Crypto License: Public domain Author(s): Matt Crypto (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Matt_Crypto) ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- This channel is dedicated to make Wikipedia, one of the biggest knowledge databases in the world available to people with limited vision. Article available under a Creative Commons license Image source in video
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1N2X1 | Signal Intelligence Analyst Intelligence
Capturing information such as troop locations, battle tactics, or other secrets, helps the U.S. military to better plan our national defense strategy. As a Signals Intelligence Analyst, you will assess the U.S. aerospace vulnerability to communications collection and exploitation by adversaries. You will also intercept, identify and analyze information traveling between foreign militaries in order to gain useful knowledge, and it will be up to you to determine what information is threatening and where it came from.
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The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence
The Spiritual Heart -- is in a way a little like a smart phone, invisibly connecting us to a large network of information. It is through an unseen energy that the heart emits that humans are profoundly connected to all living things. The energy of the heart literally links us to each other. Every person's heart contributes to a 'collective field environment.' This short video explains the importance of this connection and how we each add to this collective energy field. The energetic field of the heart even connects us with the earth itself. The HeartMath Institute (http://www.heartmath.org) is helping provide a more comprehensive picture of this connection between all living things through a special science-based project called the Global Coherence Initiative (http:///www.heartmath.org/gci.) They hope to help explain the mysteries of this connection between people and the earth...and even the sun. Scientists at the HeartMath Institute (HMI) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition. Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community - we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. Increasing individual awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating a sustainable future, a future that we can be proud to have helped create. To learn more about this research please visit https://www.heartmath.org/about-us/videos/the-hearts-intuitive-intelligence/.
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First Rivet Joint Signals Intelligence Aircraft Delivered to the UK [HD]
The first of three Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint signals intelligence (SIGINT) platforms being procured for the Royal Air Force (RAF) under Project Airseeker has been delivered to the UK. UK Ministry of Defence video (edited by Lincolnite)
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Signals Intelligence
Cord Killers fan art www.cordkillers.com
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Communication = Intelligence?
Ben Wilson's multimedia presentation
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MOS35N Signals Intelligence Analyst (35N)
SSG Pham, Jack CELL: (443) 306-0297 OFFICE: (540) 786-9849 https://www.facebook.com/jack.t.pham https://mobile.twitter.com/ssgphamjack https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYw4kcy0fVHslTyttDnoFPQ UNITED STATES ARMY CAREERS CENTER 4300 PLANK ROAD FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22407 Overview A signals intelligence analyst examines foreign communications/activity and relays that information by producing combat, strategic and tactical intelligence reports. Job Duties Organize intercepted messages and isolate valid intelligence Identifying the target and operational patterns Maintain analytical working aids and databases Assist in the emplacement, camouflage and recovery of surveillance systems Prepare technical and tactical intelligence reports Requirements Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you. Training Job training for a signals intelligence analyst requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 18 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and in the field. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: Target identification and operational patterns Analyzing communications information using technical references Preparing technical and tactical intelligence reports Helpful Skills Interest in working with radio equipment Enjoy finding clues that help answer questions Ability to remain alert doing repetitive tasks Required ASVAB Score(s) Skilled Technical (ST) : 101 Learn more about the ASVAB and see what jobs you could qualify for. Compensation Total compensation includes housing, medical, food, special pay, and vacation time. Learn more about total compensation. Education Benefits In the Army, qualified students can earn full-tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses. Learn more about education benefits. Future Civilian Careers The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career in certain government agencies such as the National Security Agency, as well as jobs in private electronic/communication companies. PARTNERSHIP FOR YOUTH SUCCESS (PaYS) Program Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment, after the Army, by enrolling in the Army PaYS program. The PaYS program is a recruitment option that guarantees a job interview with military friendly employers that are looking for experience and trained Veterans to join their organization. Find out more about the Army PaYS Program at http://www.armypays.com. AAI CORPORATION CONCURRENT TECHNOLOGIES GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS LOCKHEED MARTIN URS
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Air Force - Communications, IT & Intelligence
Find out more about these roles: https://goo.gl/jtp7MY
Communicating With Deep Space - How It Works | Video
ESA employs 130 ton satellite dishes, dispersed in key areas all over the world to monitor the skies for transmissions. They boost faint signals from spacecraft and in reverse create high energy transmissions to relay commands. Credit: ESA
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Advanced Military Communication and Intelligence
The importance of communication and the need for multiple technologies.
What Is Military Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)?
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SIGINT-Signals Intelligence (IMINT) Imagery Intelligence-Space Weather 1 of 3
(View the video from different distances from a screen larger than a cell phone) There is no Photoshop involved. The truth can not be covered up.There should be time no longer. Signals Intelligence continuations (February 2, 2012 to February 5, 2012) . I am still here without real time satellite access. Patriot act terrorism is real.(the last link shown in the video is for Behance, if the video does not play there, read the previous sentence)The link for the You Tube continuation of this video is http://youtu.be/v2mLDdVuVK8 See my tweets & who I tweeted (you think they where able to see anything?) https://twitter.com/IAmNotTheClone :THESE ARE ADDRESSES AND DATES OF E-MAILS THAT I SENT THROUGH MY E-MAIL ADDRESS AND I PRETTY SURE THAT THE PATRIOT ACT TERRORISTS HAVE INTERCEPTED THEM, EACH E-MAIL HAD AN ATTACHMENT OF MY SPACE OR THE URL FOR MY SPACE PAGE. [email protected] anti-terrorism 11/19/11 [email protected] anti-terrorism‏ 11/19/11 [email protected] anti- terrorism‏ 11/19/11 [email protected] anti-terrorism‏ 11/19/11 [email protected] anti-terrorism‏ 11/19/11 [email protected] civil rights and terrorism‏ 9/16/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 9/10/11 [email protected] (No Subject)‏ 9/10/11, [email protected] (No Subject)‏ 9/10/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 8/13/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 8/12/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 8/10/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 7/07/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 7/05/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 7/04/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 6/29/11 [email protected] civil rights violated by terrorists‏ 6/29/11 [email protected] civil rights violated by terrorists 6/24/11 [email protected] FW: civil rights and terrorism‏ 6/23/11 [email protected] civil rights and terrorism‏ 6/23/11 [email protected] civil rights and terrorism‏ 6/22/11. THESE ARE THE FAXES THAT I SENT AND I AM PRETTY SURE THE PATRIOT ACT TERRORISTS HAVE INTERCEPTED AND MANIPULATED THEM. EACH FAX HAD A PRINT OUT OF MY SPACE PAGE. SEPTEMBER 23/ 2011 4:02PM 12128677086 [email protected] SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 8:22AM 12128677086 [email protected] SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 8:40AM 16507213390 CONDOLEEZZA [email protected] SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 8:50AM 12128677086 [email protected] SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 9:00AM 12128677086 [email protected] SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 9:41AM 17032436790 DARPA SEPTEMBER 29/ 2011 9:58AM 17035283655 DARPA OCTOBER 14/ 2011 11:27AM 17035283655 DARPA OCTOBER 14/ 2011 2:57PM 17035283655 DARPA OCTOBER 15/ 7:47PM 17195546013 AIR FORCE SPACE COMMAND OCTOBER 15/ 2011 8:03PM 16507213390 CONDOLEEZZA [email protected] OCTOBER 15/ 8:17PM 17032436790 DARPA. THE PATRIOT ACT IS HELPING THE TERRORISTS. Also see and read http://youtu.be/trUWfG--DIk
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Electronic Warfare Operator - Roles in the Army - Army Jobs
As an Electronic Warfare Operator, you use hi-tech devices to listen in on the enemy and block their communications. You work alongside combat teams to deliver reports based on your findings. It’s highly sensitive work, and you could find yourself helping the Intelligence Corps on confidential missions or supporting bomb disposal teams. Find out more about this, and other jobs by visiting http://www.army.mod.uk/join
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Astronomers Detect Intelligent Laser Communications Between 234 Alien Star Systems
Even more intriguing is the fact that the signals come from Sun-like stars. A team of Canadian astrophysicists working with Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) telescopes have discovered unusual activity in 234 star systems that could be interpreted as signs of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). The data gathered by the scientists suggests the signals originate from the stars themselves, which means the senders must be advanced enough to divert and manipulate the energy output of their parent star. This indicates that the rise of Type II civilizations on the Kardashev scale in our galaxy might be much more common than previously thought. In a recently-published paper, Professors Ermano F. Borra and Eric Trottier of the Laval University in Quebec argue that the unusual character of the light pulses coming from 234 sun-like stars could be the result of broadcasts intended to crisscross interstellar space. SOURCE: https://undergroundscience.net Support my Channel: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CZ3B9NDMUP2NE&source=url Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBQ8Zo9Eqa3gu9-og-oj2vg?sub_confirmation=1 SUBSCRIBE - SHARE - LIKE SUBSCRIBE : https://www.youtube.com/strangethingschannel?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ReptilianRaceNWO/ Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/StrangeThings16 ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is non-commercial, transformative in nature, uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video's purpose, and does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on its market. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. - Strange Things - Thanks for watching !!!
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35N Signals Intelligence Collector
Be a part of the Team with one simple mission, win. Contact us (402) 421-1226 for more information or stop by our office at 1501 Pine Lake Rd, Suite 22, Lincoln, NE 68512.
Denise Herzing: "Dolphin Communication: Cracking the Code" | Talks at Google
Scientists have struggled to understand dolphin vocalizations, but new computer tools to both track dolphins and decode their complex vocalizations are now emerging. Dr. Denise Herzing has been studying Atlantic spotted dolphins, Stenella frontalis, in the Bahamas for over three decades. Her video and acoustic database encompasses a myriad of complex vocalizations and dolphin behavior. Dr. Thad Starner works on mining this dataset and decoding dolphin sounds, and has created a wearable underwater computer, CHAT (Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry), to help establish a bridge for communication between humans and dolphins. Starner and Herzing will present this cutting-edge work and recent results, including perspectives on the challenges of studying this aquatic society, and decoding their communication signals using the latest technology. Dr. Denise Herzing has spent three decades researching and communicating with wild dolphins in their natural setting and on their own terms. Denise comes to Google to present this cutting-edge work and recent results, including perspectives on the challenges of studying this aquatic society, and decoding their communication signals using the latest technology.
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NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, Signals Intelligence, Electromagnetic Weapons abuses. obamasweapon.com
I discuss phreaking, how electromagnetic emanates from all sources that use electrons, which can all be read and tapped into remotely via satellite and other remote sensors by the US government. They can tap keyboard, monitor, DVI, internet and communication cables/equipment, and monitor human brains and thoughts remotely. TEMPEST/ECHELON is the classified codename for the system that allows this. I also describe my torture and abuse by the US government with these weapons, which also include directed energy and microwave weapons which can remotely assault, induce psychosis, and remotely control nerve/brain function. More details about this abuse in the NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice's document on my website, which lays out the abilities of Signals Intelligence. General Michael Hayden developed these systems for global remote surveillance and spying on Americans, while running human experiments on mind control and sabotage between 2001-2009. He was the highest ranking general at the US Air Force, while he also headed the NSA and CIA. Today, President Barack Obama is directly responsible for my abuse and slaughter with these weapons systems. Psychologists evaluation, Cathy Meadows, saying I am not psychotic, and was targeted for trying to expose the illegal use of this technology at the Oregon State Hospital by the State of Oregon, Central Intelligence Agency, and US Department of Justice in 2008, before they attacked me, and tried to murder me with this technology. I was a victim for trying to blow the whistle, for trying to expose these abuses. http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/Cathy-Meadows-Psychology-Evaluation.pdf Dr. Suckow evaluation from 2007. He protected me from OSH, and properly diagnosed me as not having psychosis (pg 6): http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/drsuckow-osh-dxadhd.pdf my story in this 700 page pdf: http://oregonstatehospital.net/d/9-4-2013-latest_complaint_sent_to_us_doj_civil_rights_division.pdf nsa signals intelligence/remote neural monitoring information: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/d/russelltice-nsanrmebl.html website: http://www.obamasweapon.com/ twitter account: http://www.twitter.com/toddgiffen donation drive: http://www.oregonstatehospital.net/donatetothecause.html
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Radio signal sparks alien life speculation
CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Miles O'Brien about a signal from a sun-like star, sparking speculation of alien life.
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(SIGINT) Signals Intelligence (IMINT) Imagery Intelligence- There should be time no longer
(View the video from different distances from a screen larger than a cell phone) Yes I am still without real time satellite access. You can read the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebouls discourse to Solomon about the things in heaven "wilt thou see the heavenly dragons, how they wind themselves along and drag the chariot of the sun" (Breakdown: Heavenly Drag Ons) [SINCE 2005 I HAVE BEEN PRAYING DIRECTLY TOWARD WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CALLING THE SUN. I SAY ALLAH, THE GOD, THE CREATOR OF ALL LIFE, THE SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WORLD. I DO NOT WORSHIP ANY IMAGE OR IMAGES.] Since 2009 I have been acquiring images on a daily basis from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and the Solar Dynamics Observatory after they were available online. Every single image is not released publicly so I have been receiving images with time gaps from 10 to 30 minutes or more at times. I modify/demodulate every image that I receive, which improves the physical understanding and forecasting capabilities. Patriot act electronic deception /communications deception/email blocking = treason. Space weather has become increasingly important in U.S. national security. Space weather events can cause immediate and severe degradation to satellite command and control, intelligence operations, precision navigation and strike operations, and defense communications systems. The U.S. Air Force relies on space weather warnings to protect over 40 satellites that provide strategic and tactical support for the armed forces. I have information that is of high importance and part of national security but the Patriot Act is helping the terrorists commit treason.Imagine the size of an up-to-date video, that I did not upload. & This has been on my Facebook since July 8, 2013 at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201475623481955&l=5892264948848079498 Also see and read http://youtu.be/trUWfG--DIk
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ASX™ Airborne Signal Intelligence
QinetiQ's high performance signal processing techniques and experience has led to the development of our ASX™ series of COMINT/direction finding systems, supporting multiple airborne surveillance platforms. The ASX™ range consists of AS3™, AS4™ and AS5™ which are built on scalable and modular receiver and antenna architectures.
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Communications, IT & Intelligence jobs in the Army
Use state-of-the-art technology and communication systems to keep the Army up to date and operating smoothly. Discover a future-focused career in Communications, IT and Intelligence: https://goo.gl/ckGFWS
A Journey Through the Bizarre and Shadowy Secret World of Global Eavesdropping (2005)
ECHELON, originally a secret government code name, is a surveillance program (signals intelligence/SIGINT collection and analysis network) operated on behalf of the five signatory nations to the UKUSA Security Agreement—Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, also known as the Five Eyes. The ECHELON program was created in the late 1960s to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War, and was formally established in 1971.[5][6] By the end of the 20th century, the system referred to as "ECHELON" had allegedly evolved beyond its military and diplomatic origins, to also become "…a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications." Alleged examples of espionage conducted by the members of the "Five Eyes" include: On behalf of the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service of Canada spied on two British cabinet ministers in 1983.[53] The U.S. National Security Agency spied on and intercepted the phone calls of Princess Diana right until she died in a Paris car crash with Dodi Fayed in 1997. The NSA currently holds 1,056 pages of classified information about Princess Diana, which has been classified as top secret "because their disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security ... the damage would be caused not by the information about Diana, but because the documents would disclose 'sources and methods' of U.S. intelligence gathering".[54] An official insisted that "the references to Diana in intercepted conversations were 'incidental'," and she was never a 'target' of the NSA eavesdropping.[54] U.K. agents monitored the conversations of the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.[55][56] U.S. agents gathered "detailed biometric information" on the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon.[57][58] In the early 1990s, the U.S. National Security Agency intercepted the communications between the European aerospace company Airbus and the Saudi Arabian national airline. In 1994, Airbus lost a $6 billion contract with Saudi Arabia after the NSA, acting as a whistleblower, reported that Airbus officials had been bribing Saudi officials to secure the contract.[59] As a result, the American aerospace company McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) won the multibillion-dollar contract instead of Airbus.[60] The American defense contractor Raytheon won a US$1.3 billion contract with the Government of Brazil to monitor the Amazon rainforest after the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), acting as a whistleblower, reported that Raytheon's French competitor Thomson-Alcatel had been paying bribes to get the contract.[61] In order to boost America's position in trade negotiations with the then Japanese Trade Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto, in 1995 the CIA eavesdropped on the conversations between Japanese bureaucrats and executives of car manufacturers Toyota and Nissan.[62] At least one non-commercial journalist has already suggested that technologies likely connected with ECHELON might be used illegally, for unhuman treatment of politically repressed people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON
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ELTA-ELI-7077 & 7099CL CELINT - Cellular Communication Intelligence
ELK-7077 - GSM Off-the-Air Interception and DF system Main Capabilities: Intercept off-the-air GSM 900/1800 traffic in a passive manner Integrated A5.2 Decipher module and Third Party A5.1 Decipher Unit Automatic set-up for full coverage of interception area, supports target priority-based decisions at all processing stages Large scalable channels capacity Long and scalable traffic recording capabilities Wide Band monitoring enables recording and monitoring traffic simultaneously Provide High Probability of Interception with a scalable large targets providing large variety of target parameters. Compact, self-contained system that may be deployed in remote operation Main Advantages: Fully passive and portable system Enhanced RF features designed to eliminate GSM RF multi-path, fading and frequency-reuse interferences. Wide Band interception enables to record the covered traffic while monitoring selected calls. ELK-7099CL - Satellite Cellular Interception System ELTA's EL/K-7099CL system is a state of the art strategic COMINT system for intercepting and monitoring GMR-1 PCS (Personal Communication System) satellite global mobile phone traffic. The EL/K-7099CL enables the simultaneous monitoring of duplex calls as well as the means for logging and recording multiple targets. The CDRs (Call Data Record) is available for access to multiple operators. The system is deployed with fixed C-Band sensor, multiple L-Band sensors and a central production and analysis system, operated by an administrator and operator workstations. The system performs an automatic and optimal mapping between downlink L-Band and downlink C-Band channels to provide full duplex monitoring of every user session and user network activity. This technology is covered by patents granted to ELTA. The system has an on-board deciphering capability. The system features proprietary technology and it incorporates ELTA's vast experience in developing and manufacturing cutting edge COMINT systems.
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ProSync Language / Intelligence Analysis Services
ProSync's Language & Intelligence Analysis service embodies an array of capabilities: SIGINT (COMINT, ELINT), FISINT, MASINT, Collection, Mission Management, Translation/Transcription & more.
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World’s First Intelligence Satellite - NRO History Declassified
GRAB Satellite Declassified - NRL Built and Deployed First Reconnaissance Satellite System. GRAB, or Galactic Radiation and Background Satellite was the world’s first intelligence satellite, designed to collect Soviet air defense radar signals. Watch this historical video by the National Reconnaissance Office with former Naval Center for Space Technology director, Pete Wilhelm. A U.S. Navy electronic intelligence (ELINT) satellite system became operational in July 1960 and was operated until August 1962. The heretofore classified mission was to obtain information on Soviet air defense radars that could not be observed by Air Force and Navy ferret aircraft flying ELINT missions along accessible borders in Europe and the western Pacific. The ELINT satellite system was proposed by the Naval Research Laboratory in the spring of 1958. In parallel with exploratory development by NRL, the Office of Naval Intelligence obtained endorsements for Project Tattletale from elements of the executive and legislative branches. With positive recommendations from State, Defense, and CIA, President Eisenhower approved full development on 24 August 1959. By then, the project had been placed under a tight security control system with access limited to fewer than 200 officials in the Washington DC area. Development and interagency coordination proceeded as the GRAB (Galactic Radiation and Background) experiment. After NRL completed development of the GRAB satellite and a network of overseas ground collection sites, a first launch was approved by Eisenhower on 5 May 1960, just four days after a CIA U-2 aircraft was lost on a reconnaissance mission over Soviet territory. The GRAB satellite got a free ride into space on 22 June 1960 with Navy's third Transit navigation satellite. GRAB carried two electronic payloads, the classified ELINT package and instrumentation to measure solar radiation. The SolRad experiment was publicly disclosed in Department of Defense press releases on this and subsequent launches. Four more launches were attempted, and one was successful on 29 June 1961. The Director of Naval Intelligence exercised overall control. Data recorded on magnetic tape was couriered back to the NRL, then evaluated, duplicated, and forwarded to the NSA at the Army's Fort Meade, Maryland, and the Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, for analysis and processing. SAC's processing was aimed at defining the characteristics and location of air defense equipment to support building the SIOP (single integrated operations plan), a responsibility of the Joint Strategic Targeting Staff at Offutt AFB. In searching the tapes for new and unusual signals, NSA found that the Soviets were already operating a radar that supported a capability to destroy ballistic missiles. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara formally established the NRO on 14 June 1962 by a top secret directive, and the GRAB technology was then transferred to the NRO. NRL has a 75-year history in science and technology development. NRL pioneered naval research into space, from atmospheric probes with captured V-2 rockets, through the direction of the Vanguard project -- America's first satellite program, to such projects as the Global Positioning System and more recently the Clementine mission. NRL produced the first satellite communication system by using the moon as a reflector and receiving the returned signal on the Earth's largest parabolic antenna; this was a first step toward artificial satellite communications. Since the late 1950's, Laboratory scientists have designed, built and launched more than 80 satellites. The GRAB space program announcement is indicative of the many contributions of NRL's scientists and engineers in support of the Navy's and National interests.
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welcoming TaMe Sigint | Signals Intelligence ep.1
here is my welcoming video for TaMeClan please leave a like and or a comment this is also the first ep of the seires that i am going to be starting -TaMe Sigint THIS IS NOT MY SONG!!!!!!
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Stanley Coren - Animal Communication: How to Speak Dog
Since the time of Darwin scientists have been trying to understand how animals communicate. Today, psychologists know enough about this process so that it can be applied to allow you to understand the language of your pet dog, or even your pet cat (who speaks a somewhat different dialect). Stanley Coren is a psychology professor and neuropsychological researcher who has become best known to the general public for a series of books regarding the intelligence, mental abilities and history of dogs. Through television shows and media coverage that has been broadcast in Canada and the United States as well as overseas, he has become popular with dog owners, while continuing research and instruction in psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.
FDR's Secret Involvement in Intelligence and Espionage Operations (2002)
Ultra was the designation adopted by British military intelligence in June 1941 for wartime signals intelligence obtained by breaking high-level encrypted enemy radio and teleprinter communications at the GC&CS at Bletchley Park. About the book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0375761268/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0375761268&linkCode=as2&tag=tra0c7-20&linkId=e5c10a428fa38bc04103154f936b1233 Ultra eventually became the standard designation among the western Allies for all such intelligence. The name arose because the intelligence thus obtained was considered more important than that designated by the highest British security classification then used (Most Secret) and so was regarded as being Ultra secret. Several other cryptonyms had been used for such intelligence. British intelligence first designated it Boniface—presumably to imply that it was the result of human intelligence. The U.S. used the codename Magic for its decrypts from Japanese sources. Much of the German cipher traffic was encrypted on the Enigma machine. Used properly, the German military Enigma would have been virtually unbreakable; in practice, shortcomings in operation allowed it to be broken. The term "Ultra" has often been used almost synonymously with "Enigma decrypts". However, Ultra also encompassed decrypts of the German Lorenz SZ 40/42 machines that were used by the German High Command, and the Hagelin machine[a] and other Italian and Japanese ciphers and codes such as PURPLE and JN-25. Many observers, at the time and later, regarded Ultra as immensely valuable to the Allies. Winston Churchill was reported to have told King George VI, when presenting to him Stewart Menzies (head of the Secret Intelligence Service and the person who controlled distribution of Ultra decrypts to the government): "It is thanks to the secret weapon of General Menzies, put into use on all the fronts, that we won the war!" F. W. Winterbotham quoted the western Supreme Allied Commander, Dwight D. Eisenhower, at war's end describing Ultra as having been "decisive" to Allied victory. Sir Harry Hinsley, Bletchley Park veteran and official historian of British Intelligence in World War II, made a similar assessment about Ultra, saying that it shortened the war "by not less than two years and probably by four years"; and that, in the absence of Ultra, it is uncertain how the war would have ended. Since Ultra was revealed in the middle 1970s, historians have altered the historiography of World War II. For example, Andrew Roberts, writing in the 21st century, states, "Because of the invaluable advantage of being able to read Rommel's Enigma communications, Montgomery knew how short the Germans were of men, ammunition, food and above all fuel. When he put Rommel's picture up in his caravan he wanted to be seen to be almost reading his opponent's mind. In fact he was reading his mail". There has been controversy about the influence of Allied Enigma decryption on the course of World War II. It has also been suggested that the question should be broadened to include Ultra's influence not only on the war itself, but also on the post-war period. F. W. Winterbotham, the first author to outline the influence of Enigma decryption on the course of World War II, likewise made the earliest contribution to an appreciation of Ultra's postwar influence, which now continues into the 21st Century — and not only in the postwar establishment of Britain's GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters) and America's NSA. "Let no one be fooled," Winterbotham admonishes in chapter 3, "by the spate of television films and propaganda which has made the war seem like some great triumphant epic. It was, in fact, a very narrow shave, and the reader may like to ponder [...] whether [...] we might have won [without] Ultra." Debate continues on whether, had postwar political and military leaders been aware of Ultra's role in Allied victory in World War II, these leaders might have been less optimistic about post-World War II military involvements. Knightley suggests that Ultra may have contributed to the development of the Cold War. The Soviets received disguised Ultra information, but the existence of Ultra itself was not disclosed by the western Allies. The Soviets, who had clues to Ultra's existence, possibly through Kim Philby and Anthony Blunt, may thus have felt still more distrustful of their wartime partners. The mystery surrounding the discovery of the sunk U-869 off the coast of New Jersey by divers Richie Kohler and John Chatterton was unraveled in part through the analysis of Ultra intercepts, which demonstrated that, although U-869 had been ordered by U-boat Command to change course and proceed to North Africa, near Rabat, the submarine had missed the messages changing her assignment and had continued to the eastern coast of the U.S., her original destination. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra
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Signals Intelligence
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Line 26a30 Military Communication Frequencies ECHELON Interception System  WOW SETI
http://alienspacesciencenews.wordpress.com/ line26a30 of 100 videos there are more videos after this one #170 wont upload., #206 wont upload i'll post all then update the #. Math Equation Wow Seti 1977 radio signal alien WOW SETI 1977 Radio Signal Alien 1 1 14 1/1/14=0.0714 Google 1 1 14 Google 0.0714 frequency bands, military communications, 4 Ghz, 81 Ghz, satellites, X band, SHF - 3-30 Ghz, Ka-band (EHF - 20-46 Ghz), ECHELON Interception System , Misawa Air Base Security Operations Center (MSOC) ,UKUSA Community , intelligence community, Interception of communications and other signals (SIGINT), Satellite photography or imagery (IMINT), Reports from human sources (HUMINT), Measurement and signature (MASINT), keyword research line 26 wow seti data July 8 2012 Quotes from blog The frequency bands used for military communications lie in the range between 4 Ghz and 81 Ghz. The bands typically used by military communications satellites are X-band (SHF - 3-30 Ghz) and the Ka-band (EHF - 20-46 Ghz). http://cryptome.org/echelon-ep-fin.htm Quotes diagrams wiki: ECHELON Interception System Misawa Air Base Security Operations Center (MSOC) UKUSA Community The intelligence community gathers intelligence from various sources. These are typically classified as: • Interception of communications and other signals (SIGINT) • Satellite photography or imagery (IMINT) • Reports from human sources (HUMINT) • Measurement and signature (MASINT) Project Echelon Intercepting Global Communications http://www.character-education.us/echelon.htm 24 Apr 2014 My thoughts Interesting I have seen a white globe thing like this by the usa canada border in buffalo new york, USA across from Fort Erie ontario Canada? I wonder if that's what it is... Data continues next video
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Signals Intelligence (2002) by Christopher Adler
Composed by: CHRISTOPHER ADLER Performed by: UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE: KYLE FORSTHOFF, BRIAN ARCHINAL, RYAN NESTOR, TIM WILBURN, DAVID HUTTER, JON DESHETLER, AARON GRAHAM, LOGAN WELLS, ANDREW BLISS http://finearts.uky.edu/music/percussion Directed by: JAMES CAMPBELL http://finearts.uky.edu/music/faculty-staff/james-b-campbell Performed at PASIC 2007
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National Guard MOS Library / series Signal & Military Intelligence
For questions, call me at 562 900-0575 or visit http://www.iguardcalifornia.com or my blog at http://www.iguardcalifornia.blogspot.com Become one of the Guard's information and communication specialists, and help maintain and operate the world's most advanced technology and intel team. To find out more visit www.iguardcalifornia.com Training Job training for Soldiers in the Signal and Military Intelligence career field consists of ten weeks of Basic Combat Training Basic Combat Training: Basic Combat Training (BCT) is a 10-week course of intense physical and mental training, during which recruits develop essential Soldier skills, discipline and values. plus 7-44 weeks of Advanced Individual Training Advanced Individual Training: (AIT) Following Basic Training, Soldiers attend AIT to learn a military job skill. Depending on the specialty, training ranges from 1 month to 1 year., depending on your specialty. Training in the Signal field ranges from installing, operating and maintaining computer systems, various types of communication systems and communications security devices, to creating graphic illustrations and film/video productions. Military Intelligence agents and specialists train in methods of intelligence gathering, reporting and analysis, as well as foreign communication, counterintelligence and security operations. For some specialties, foreign language training may require a course lasting up to 12 months. Civilian Related The skills you learn in the Signal career field can be put to use in the civilian workplace as a network support technician, data processing technician or computer programmer with nearly any company that uses or designs communications and electronic equipment. You could also pursue a career with telecommunications and cable companies or communication networks as an equipment repairer, mechanic or installer. Your illustration experience could lead to a future as a graphic designer or web designer, and the experience you gain with film and video production could help you move toward a career in broadcast news, industrial or feature film editing and production. Skills gained in the Intelligence field can steer you toward a career with investigative or information agencies; as a business research and planning specialist; or as a translator for embassies and foreign companies.
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Why mass surveillance costs lives - part 2 of 3
When it comes to surveillance, whistleblower Bill Binney knows more than most. Carrying out Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) operations and research for the NSA for 36 years, he oversaw the development and construction of the first technologies used for the bulk collection of Internet communications. Binney left the NSA shortly after the 9/11 attacks when the agency greatly expanded its surveillance programmes. Here he warns that why the bulk collection of data is actually costing lives and failing to prevent terrorist attacks. Part 1 of 3. Interview by Eric King from Don't Spy On Us. . For more info: https://openrightsgroup.org/join/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Binney_%28U.S._intelligence_official%29 https://openrightsgroup.org/campaigns/investigatory-powers-bill-campaign/
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"intelligence" and strenghts in communication
the different way in which this generation communicates
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Navy Cryptologic Technician – CT
What we don’t know could hurt us. That’s why America’s Navy has Cryptologic Technicians gathering intelligence every minute of every day. Play a key role in deciphering communication signals, decoding recordings, conducting radar surveillance, jamming guided weapons systems or using state-of-the-art technology—all to ensure cybersecurity. This is not a realm many can inhabit. If you have what it takes to battle with mental muscle, cryptology is your domain. Our videos are provided by the Department of Defense, and NATO TV. https://www.facebook.com/usmilitaryvideos/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102343196153151704862/+3rdID8487/posts https://www.instagram.com/militaryvideos/ https://twitter.com/3rdID8487 Hope to see you around!! Please subscribe to our channel, we post new videos on a regular basis! We have more videos than any other military channel and growing weekly!
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