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Don't Finance Your Next Car Until You Watch This! (Car Loan Tips, No Credit)
Please, don't buy your first car from the dealership until you learn this tricky little technique. Bad Credit or Good, financing a car is a big step that requires the right mindset to get it right. Here's how car salesmen and dealerships don't want you to think. Learn how to finance a car with no credit. They want you to think basic. Watch and listen as I discuss my reasoning behind financing my car and choosing to pay it off in about three months all while having very little credit history. Car payments are a sin in my financial vision. After my other car broke down, I was forced to purchase another vehicle. Due to my lack of credit history, my interest rate was high. Nevertheless, due to my technique of buying a car I can afford I was able to pay the car note off which allowed me to save a lot on interest and build a small amount of credit history. Facebook Page: http://www.Facebook.com/RashaadRahh Snapchat me: http://www.snapchat.com/add/Rashaadrahh Intagram: @RashaadRahh Twitter: @Whorahh
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How to Calculate Car Payments
Watch more How to Buy a Car videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/399308-How-to-Calculate-Car-Payments You've just seen the car of your dreams, but you're not sure if the price is right. In a few steps, you can calculate your potential car payments and decide if you'll be able to afford a new ride. Step 1: Convert the interest rate percentage to a decimal Convert your loan's interest rate to a decimal number by dropping the percent sign and dividing the number by 100. Step 2: Divide decimal number by 12 Divide the interest rate on your car loan by 12. Write this number on a piece of paper. Step 3: Multiply by your car loan principal Multiply the number by the loan's principal amount -- the total amount of your car loan. Write this number down, as it will be used in your final calculation. Tip Remember to subtract any down payment you might make from the new car's purchase price when figuring out the principal amount. Step 4: Add 1 plus the interest divided by 12 Recall the number you got from dividing the interest rate by 12 in step 2. Add 1 to this number. Step 5: Multiply sum by itself, using number of payments as exponent Take the sum from step 4 raised to the power of the number of months included in the term of your loan. For example, if you will make 36 monthly payments, multiply the sum from step 4 by itself 36 times. Step 6: Calculate 1 divided by this sum Calculate 1 divided by the result from step of your multiplication. Tip Round this number to the nearest hundredths place to make it easier to work with. Step 7: Subtract sum from 1 Subtract this number from 1. Jot this number down for use in your final calculation. Tip Avoid the math by using car payment calculators found on many auto dealer and bank websites. Step 8: Divide the first number by the second Divide the number from step 3 by the number from step 7 for your final monthly car payment. Think about whether this will fit into your monthly budget. If so, you might want to ride off in that dream car. Did You Know? The Smithsonian Institute has been collecting cars since 1899, and has more than 60 cars in its collection, including a 1913 Model T Ford and a 1903 Cadillac.
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Bi-Weekly Payments 101
Does paying your car loan bi-weekly save you money? Watch Car Buying 101's Lawrence Alexander show you how to save thousands and how to shorten the time it takes to payoff your vehicle!
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Car Payments Are NOT OK
Warning: This is a rant about car loans. My sister Jackie has been told her whole life that having a car loan is a normal and acceptable. This video is me telling her it's not OK to make car payments if you don't have the money in the bank to pay cash for the car. UPDATE: Jackie accepted the challenge! Mission accomplished. More to come. UPDATE 2: Our friend Jim Collins liked this video so much he included it in his own MANIFESTO!! What an honor, thank you Jim. Check it out: http://jlcollinsnh.com/manifesto Check out our Personal Finance Masterclass: https://www.udemy.com/personal-finance-masterclass Disclaimer: I don't mean car payments are never an option. If you have the cash to pay for a car and choose to invest it somewhere else that's fine. Here's a video by Dave Ramsey that explains the "pay yourself car payments" a little more clearly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKyV8CTHeJ0 Sign up for monthly income, expenses, and net worth reports! http://newsletter.mikeandlauren.com Check out our blog: http://www.mikeandlauren.com Follow us: http://twitter.com/mikeandlauren
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How to Buy your First Car from a Dealer: Finance Method
How to Finance your First Used Car from a Dealership. Don't finance or buy your First Car until you watch this. It will stop you from getting ripped off and put in debt. I feel a lot of people don't understand how Crazy financing a used car is in a financial sense. The smart way to buy a Used Car from a dealership is by paying Cash upfront. If you're a first time car buyer, or are planning to buy your first car any time soon, this video will help you out the most! (READ The Rest of the Description For Detailed tips and Advice) – Here is what I do behind the scenes of my online business: https://youtu.be/_8I8B5eT294 When you go to buy a car at a dealer, there are two main ways to buy a car. The first way is by paying cash for the car. When you pay cash for a car, they sign over the car tittle (pink slip) and the vehicle immediately becomes yours. The second way to buy a car is by financing it. For the most part people finance a car when they don't have enough money to pay for the car at once. People put a down payment on a car and borrow the rest of the money from either the dealer, a bank, or any other auto loan company. I financed my car with the deanship. That is called in house financing. That is the dumbest way to finance a car because they will give you a high interest rate as you seen in the video when I showed the paper. Good thing I paid it off in one month. The smart way to finance a car is by going to a bank like Chase and getting a per-approved auto loan. If the bank approves you for a loan, when you find the car you want at the dealer the bank will pay for the car, but you will be in debt to the bank and you will pay the bank the car payments. The quickest way to stay poor is by going into debt for a car and then spending all of your money every month to pay the car note and insurance. Save yourself by just saving your money and buying a car you can afford. That means you can buy it all at once with cash. - How to Make Money in College: https://youtu.be/s1KMoD-Jpkc – Community College Vs. University The Differences: https://youtu.be/-QeVsADp8_A - How to Run Faster & Get in Shape: https://youtu.be/MmijyKZAhLg
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4 Ways To Get Lower Car Payments
In this video, I talk to you about 4 ways to get lower car payments. Many people want to lower their car payment or simply pay a lesser amount per month, but they don't know how to do it! This video is geared towards telling you exactly how to do it. There are 4 EASY ways that you get lower car payments, but the easiest 2 methods are putting more money as a down payment on the car or choosing a cheaper car! CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mikechimmy/ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=helpfuldiy FREE DIY ADVICE EBOOK: https://gumroad.com/l/vFujc Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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0% Car Loan Ok Or Do I Need To Pay It Off Now?
0% Car Loan Ok Or Do I Need To Pay It Off Now? Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveRamseyShow?sub_confirmation=1 Visit the Dave Ramsey store today for resources to help you take control of your money! https://goo.gl/gEv6Tj Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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How Much My Ferrari 488 Payment Is
Its the nature of the internet to wonder about things that aren't really their business. However since the number is irrelevant to me and allows me to talk about why any persons actual monthly payment is so subjective, lets chat. www.penfed.org (bank for loans) Make sure you're subscribed: Subscribe - https://goo.gl/XUI0eo Vimeo Downloads and Rentals https://vimeo.com/superspeeders/vod_pages Facebook https://www.facebook.com/superspeeders https://www.facebook.com/Super-Speeders-204571479556925/ Instagram - robferretti Twitter - @robferretti
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How Much $$$ is the Car Payment on my Lamborghini?
The contest for the drone giveway ends Feb. 8th at 11:59PST. To qualify, you must be Subscribed to my channel, TheStradman. To enter this Contest, follow the link and complete the instructions: https://gleam.io/inoD2/thestradman-dji-phantom-3-standard-giveaway Q&A: 2:30 When am I replacing the Gallardo? 4:21 When am I buying my new Daily Driver? 6:35 What modifications do I have planned for the Gallardo? 7:44 If you decide to leave Utah, where would you move? 8:45 What are your travel plans for 2017? 10:23 Do you worry that turning your passion of cars into a career will ruin your love for them? 12:20 What is your car payment on the Lambo? How much did you put down? 14:35 Do I have a girlfriend? If not, why? 16:32 What is your brand and business plan for 2017? Contest Official Rules: Must be over 13 to enter. Limit 1 free entry per person. Contest submissions accepted until 11:59PM PST on 02.08.2017. Winner to be announced 02.09.2017. Winner will be verified after selection. Cheating will result in a disqualification and an alternate winner will be selected. Winner will be contacted upon verification via the details provided at the above link.
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How Much Should We Pay For Our New Car?
How Much Should We Pay For Our New Car without over-paying? Visit the Dave Ramsey store today for resources to help you take control of your money! https://goo.gl/gEv6Tj Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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My Monthly Payments For My Jeep Trackhawk!! You Don't Wanna Know 🙉
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How to Get BEST DEAL on a Leased Car EVERY-TIME--- NO BS!!!!!!!!!
This is one of the best negotiation strategies (IMHO) to get the best deal on any leased vehicle every single time. This will save you time, hassle, buyers remorse and of course money. Remember it also about supply and demand too. Just listen to my video throughout cause this works every time at least for me. I don't claim to be a professional I am just passing along what I was taught many years ago and again it will save you hassle, headaches, inconveniences, BS, buyers remorse, lies, and of course the bottom line.... time & money! Note: when I mention down payment (upfront cost) this includes sales tax, registration, first month payment etc. Sorry if I was jumping around as i just winged this video. Plz comment below is guys need assistance. If this worked for you please sub and like. If you are a car salesman and say i am complete BS and this does not work then feel free to sub and dislike this video. Thank you. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ILUVTRADING TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VirgilForex How to get the best deal on buying a car every time: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=3CL0b5vkXHQ&video_referrer=watch keywords: how to negotiate car lease, best car lease negotiation, how to negotiate lease on a carr, best way to lease a car, used car, new car, msrp, invoice, sticker price, whats the best car deal lease, how to negotiate price, suv, how to get the best price for a leased car,
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How to save tons of money on your car interest payments
Just shared info with a client to prevent him from paying 1 car note almost TWICE - saving him just about $17,000 in interest payments! Dough Chasers don't settle. For free financial coaching visit www.blacklettuce.com. Learn more about our credit repair service here: www.witnessriches.com/700club/. Follow me on social media: - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrriches/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/witnessriches/ ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. Please watch my latest upload here: "Provide More Value | Episode 3 | Empire Building with Jason White" https://youtu.be/WPfC0EDbPX0 ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
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No more car payments: Money Monday
Today we talk about how to never have a car payment again. If you pay yourself instead of paying the bank, you can get better deals, and save money on interest. Plus, if you miss a payment to yourself, you won't have to worry about your car being repossessed...YOU OWN IT!!!! And Heather gives another money saving tip! Don't for get to subscribe!
Why car payments suck
http://whitneyhansen.com It's not that I dislike car payments, it's that I despise them....and here's why. (In a nutshell, I understand opportunity cost and value having a net worth over looking good at the stoplight.)
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Paying Off Car Loan Faster, One  to Two Payments Left, $4680 left
I am now down to one car payment or two to payoff my car. I have used coupons, worked at Macy's, trade shows, event setup, etc. I started paying in Sept 2014 and will be done by June 2016. You don't have to take 5 years to pay off a loan. Watch my videos to learn how.
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Your Car Loan Is Killing Your Wealth - Dave Ramsey Rant
Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy. Visit the online store today: https://goo.gl/GjPwhe Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveRamseyShow?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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CREDIT QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS CALL 1855-532-8453 OPT 1 - BUILDWORTH STRATEGIES LLC http://www.buildworthstrategies.com/ Contact Info: 1-(855) 532-8453 opt 1 Email: [email protected] Web: Keepingitrealwithcredit.net BUILDWORTH STRATEGIES LLC http://www.buildworthstrategies.com/ Contact Info: 1-(855) 532-8453 opt 1 Email: [email protected] Web: Keepingitrealwithcredit.net - When unexpected life events happen, it can cause you to no longer be able to afford your car payment. Or, maybe you realized down the road that the car you chose is way out of your budget. Whatever the reason may be as to why your payments are taking a toll on you, there are steps you can take in order to help your situation. It’s important that you take these steps quickly though, in order to avoid a missed payment or repossession. I’m going to tell you what steps you need to take in order to make your car expenses better fit your budget and hopefully, get back on track! - ADD ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/keepingitre...u FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/realwithcredit TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KRealwithcredit - For more information on your consumer rights visit: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/ - Why it all Started: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/miami-gardens/article166512782.html DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN OR CONSIDERED AS LEGAL ADVICE AS WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. IF YOU NEED LEGAL ASSISTANCE PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOU LOCAL CONSUMER ATTORNEY. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS AND DO YOUR RESEARCH! THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON BUSINESS AND PERSONAL FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE ON CONSUMER CREDIT. BUILDWORTH STRATEGIES LLC STRIVES TO PROVIDE AND INTRODUCE INDUSTRY EXPERTS AND INFORMATION TO HELP THE AMERICAN CONSUMER. RESEARCH IS ALWAYS CONDUCTED, AND TOPICS ARE CAREFULLY SELECTED BEFORE ANY VIDEOS ARE AIRED ON YOUTUBE. THANKS FOR WATCHING KIRWC
Monthly Payments & Insurance On My Lamborghini Huracan 610-4...
Sorry it took me so long to do this video. I have been really busy lately with my business and real estate endeavors, but I made time to shoot this quick video talking about the actually monthly payment on my latest Lamborghini and the insurance on the Lamborghini Huracan 610-4. Not as bad as you might think! To sign up for our real estate course coming soon go to http://willmotivation.com SUBSCRIBE to Will Motivation WITH NOTIFICATIONS ON! https://www.youtube.com/willmotivation?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willmotivation/ P.S. We plan on live streaming on Friday nights after 8pm! MUSIC By Mike G. - RaMu - www.blueherringent.com
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What To Do When You Can't Make Your Car Payments (James L. Paris)
http://blog.christianmoney.com/2010/05/what-to-do-when-you-cant-make-your-car-payment.html For those that can not afford their car payment there appears to be a new option; auto loan modification. The government is not involved (yet) and there is no special 800 hope number to call, but auto loan default rates are reaching levels where lenders are willing to make deals. James L. Paris http://ChristianMoney.com
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Car Finance: What Are Balloon and Residual Payments?
Car Finance: what are balloon and residual payments? In this edition of Buyer's Guide, we explore balloon and residual payments on car loans, and compare the pro's and con's of balloon payment agreements on auto finance. A balloon payment on an auto loan allows the buyer to settle an inflated lump sum at the end of the repayment period. This is an alternative to extending the repayment on the total cost of the vehicle. The borrower and loan provider agree that a certain percentage of the loan be extended to the end of the finance term.
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Truth about car payments exposed and How to drive a free car for life!
Let's exposes how car payments really impact your ability to build wealth potentially costing you millions over a lifetime. Also discussed is how you can help yourself drive a free car for life. The time is now if you are ready to win financially. We all have a right to build wealth! *courtesy of daveramsey.com
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17-months to No car payments:Paying off You Car Note Faster
Victory was achieved on May 3, 2016 I sent in my final car payment after 17-months on 60 month car note.Now I own the pink slip.Please watch my previous videos on tips for paying off car loan faster.I paid paid off the 22,714 car note in 17-months now learn some ways for you to do the same
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bi weekly car payments - explainer
Use our calculator https://www.okcalculator.com/bi-weekly-auto.html Understanding the methods for a biweekly auto payment calculation can save you a lot of money on interest and shave months off your term. In this video, we explain the process and method that will help you get ahead.
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We the People were made private bankers according to the law with the authority to issue notes to discharge lawful debts. This must remain in effect until money and the property is returned to We the People without any encumbrances. HJR 192: “Now, there-fore be it. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provision is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, page 133, defines a “Banker” as, “In general sense, person that engages in business of banking. In narrower meaning, a private person………; who is engaged in the business of banking without being incorporated. Under some statutes, an individual banker, as distinguished from a “private banker”, is a person who, having complied with the statutory requirements, has received authority from the state to engage in the business of banking, while a private banker is a person engaged in banking without having any special privileges or authority from the state. “ “Banking” Is partly and optionally defined as “The business of issuing notes for circulation……, negotiating bills.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, page 133, defines “Banking”: “The business of banking, as defined by law and custom, consists in the issue of notes ……intended to circulate as money…….. And defines a “Banker’s Note” as: “A commercial instrument resembling a bank note in every particular except that it is given by a private banker or unincorporated banking institution.” LEGAL TENDER DEFINED Legal tender under the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), Section 1-201(24) (Official Comment); “The referenced Official Comment notes that the definition of money is not limited to legal tender under the U.C.C. The test adopted is that of sanction of government, whether by authorization before issue or adoption afterward, which recognizes the circulating medium as a part of the official currency of that government. The narrow view that money is limited to legal tender is rejected.” In light of the holding of [Fidelity Bank Guarantee vs. Henwood, 307 U.S. 847 (1939)], a Federal US court of appeals ruled on Title 31 USC 5118. As of October 27, 1977, legal tender for discharge of debt is no longer required. That is because legal tender is not in circulation at par with promises to pay credit. Requirement of repayment of debt is against Public Policy, since legal tender was not loaned [nor in circulation] they can not demand payment in any [particular] form of coin or currency or legal tender and repayment [or payment] need only be made in equivalent kind; A negotiable instrument. How is credit created? VIA OUR SIGNATURE. Every time we sign our name to any promissory note, we have created credit. So, we must have a lot of credit. Are we using it? Or is some public entity using it? Every time we sign our name for any public purpose to any public entity, we are giving away our exemption. What are we getting in return? Please, dont forget to watch other video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAm_aChW1DI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB2lrQCjfNE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBY4QjCqsSo DISCLAIMER: This Youtube video contains the opinions and suggestions of the video creator who believe his conclusions to be true. He also study the Law, intensely so, but is not an attorney. His conclusions are presented as a sharing of knowledge. No representation is made that the information and ideas shown on this Youtube video are accurate or advisable due to one`s own ignorance if not accurately performed, and should be looked at as such. You must base your decisions solely on your own independent investigations and conclusions.
Ally Principal Payments
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Auto Loan Advice : How to Get Rid of Car Payments
Ways to get rid of a car payment include refinancing a high interest rate car loan at a lower rate or borrowing money from a friend or family member to pay off the debt. Knock out high monthly car payments by obtaining a second mortgage and rolling the car note into it with tips from a credit repair specialist in this free video on auto loans. Expert: Adriel Torres Contact: ultimatecredittoday.com Bio: Adriel Torres has been in the mortgage business for over a decade. He has owned two mortgage companies and is a licensed mortgage broker. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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How to refinance your car loan
Second to mortgages, car loans are one of the most expensive loans that most people get. This video talk about the importance of refinancing your car loan to get the lowest interest rate you can. Maybe you didn't have the best credit when you bought the car. Maybe you chose the wrong bank. Maybe you just didn't know you could do it. No worries. We can always see what other options are out there! SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! https://www.patreon.com/CommonCentsMike EMAIL: [email protected]
Upside Down In Car Loan - I Need Advice
Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy. Visit the online store today: https://goo.gl/GjPwhe Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveRamseyShow?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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#1 Wealth Killer 💰❌ (screw the latte. This is WORSE)
You think you’ve got it all figured out. You read the title of this video #1 Wealth Killer and you think you know exactly what this video will be about. Plus I’m at Starbucks ordering …..a Latte. For those that don’t know New York Times best seller David Bach talked about the Latte Factor in his bestseller The Automatic Millionaire. What the Latte Factor is, he would look at people’s spending, and identify things we spent money on each day. The basic deal is that you could take that money that you spend on little things each day and invest it instead. But, that is not the #1 Wealth Killer. I’m not gonna argue with David Bach, there is no question that we waste money on so many stupid things. Things like lattes, eating out, Uber rides, the lists goes on and on. But there is one thing, one payment that trumps ALL of this. This is not a little expense, it is a huge expense that so many of us are doing. I’m even going to go as far as to say - It is your fault. 🤦 So many of you have commented that you have to have this. 🚗🚗 It is your car payment. 🚗🚗 You all justify that with the ‘I need reliable transportation’ - do you really need a brand new car to get to your job? No. 🚘 It is reported that 107 million Americans have auto loan debt (about 43% of the adult population). Maybe you are one of those that think if you can afford the payment, is that really such a big deal? Well about 6 million people are 90 days late on their car payment. 🤦 Do you see why I am getting wound up about this? Ok, so let’s talk about the numbers...we are talking $1.1 Trillion in auto debt. The average monthly payment is $523/month with an average loan length of 67 months. How about a crazy idea….for those of you that think you need a car payment, does it have to be $500/month? What if you invested that $500 instead, or even got a lower priced car for $300-$400 and invested the remainder of that $500? 😀 So is there a rule of thumb that you can follow to see if you are on the right track? Yes. I created the car payment wealth-killer formula. Just so you can’t tell me I didn’t make it simple enough to understand, I have used some of my children’s toys to explain this formula. If your car payment is greater than your monthly savings, then you are destined to be broke for life. (Yes #brokeforlife) Chances are if you are watching this, you are one of the 43% of the population that is spending more on a car than you are saving. If you know someone, family, friend, or co-worker that is on pace to buy a new car - share this video with them so they don’t fall victim to this. ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/jeffrosecfp ★☆★ Want More Good Financial Cents? ★☆★ 💻 Check out my blog here: https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/ Listen to my podcast here: 🎙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/good-financial-cents-podcast-investing-building-wealth/id775107294?mt=2 Pick up my best selling book, Soldier of Finance, here: 📗 http://amzn.to/2xOH78V Connect with me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jjeffrose My most favorite inspiration T-shirt line, Compete Every Day: 👕 https://www.goodfinancialcents.com/compete
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How I Paid off My Car Note without Spending a Dime, a True Story   2018 02 14 By EeoN
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What Happens If  You Stop Making Payments?
Mesa Bankruptcy attorney Clint Smith talks about the repricutions of not continuing to make payments on your credit cards, car loan, etc...For more information or a Free consultation call 480-807-9300
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How to Lower Your Car Payments By Refinancing Your Auto Loan   2 Minute Finance
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How To Pay Off Your Car Fast | Velocity Banking
Check Out My New Website -Forms Can Be filled out on our website now- https://denzelrodriguez.com/ A $14,000 car loan paid off in 1-1.5 years… I know crazy right? Well, it is all possible with The Velocity Banking Method, and this video will prove it. One of the most annoying types of debt is a car loan. Between the fees and interest rates, whether they be amortized or fixed, car loans can end up feeling like they did more harm than good. By using the #VelocityBanking Method you no longer have to dread your car loan. With this method you can pay off your car, quick and in a hurry. Bye bye car note! The Velocity Banking Method allows you the ability to increase your cash flow, lower your expenses and raise your credit score, all while using your own income. In today’s lesson, we will be examining the $200,000 debt of one of our loyal subscribers. He is a 48 year old Spanish teacher. We will be applying this method directly to his car loan and will be killing his debt quickly! If you want to learn how to kill your debt quickly, then grab a pen and paper and tune in! If you show me how to pay off my car in half the time using my own income I'll buy you dinner LOL.:):) Seriously tho show me how to pay my car off really fast. Alright, watch this video and let's get started. Are you a Builder or a Contributor lets find out click below and join the Velocity Banking Patrons. https://www.patreon.com/DenzelRodriguez Building Business Credit https://www.businesscredit101.com/denzel Business Funding LOC https://www.urbizfunding.com/denzel Website to Buy GOLD https://www.karatbars.com/shop/?s=denzel17 https://affiliate.kcbank.io/?s=denzel17 - Important Resources FREE Small Business Advice https://www.score.org/find-mentor Car Buying Service https://www.autoadvisors.com/contact-us #VelocityBanking #FinanceGeek BY ACCESSING OR USING THIS WEB SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE THIS WEB SITE. Denzel Napoleon Rodriguez and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice the information presented on this web site is presented for information purpose only, and following the advice in this video is the responsibility of the viewer and not the video creator. By participating in this YouTube page, you agree to comply with the following guidelines. In any case, the information provided is “as is” with all faults and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall Denzel Napoleon Rodriguez, or any affiliate organization be liable for any damages, lost profits, or lost data even if we have been informed of the possibility thereof. https://www.whycashvaluelife.com/denzel/
How to record a loan payment - QuickBooks Online
This is a QuickBooks online tutorial showing how to a record a payment of a loan or note payable. I briefly go through the procedure to input the payment and then show how that transaction affects the financial reports. LINK TO VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO ADD ASSETS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg3nxGjh1MY If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. You can also email me at [email protected] . If you found this video helpful, please let me know by clicking the thumbs up button and commenting. Also be sure to subscribe to my channel to receive updates on more related content in the future. For more information on the services we offer and our blog please visit www.FirstClassTaxSolutions.com If you want to book a consulting session, visit www.QuickQuickBooks.com Please like our FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Class-Tax-Solutions-LLC/142896595918648
3 biggest mistakes when getting a car loan
Time and time again I see too many people making the same mistakes when it comes to getting a car loan. Lets learn not to make these and save ourselves thousands of dollars in the process!
Living Debt Free - Life With No Car Payments...ever!
A car lease or car loan can be a big obstacle in your debt free journey - don't let it be! You can live life without a car payment!
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We're Behind On Payments And Have No Idea Where To Start
Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy. Visit the online store today: https://goo.gl/GjPwhe Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaveRamseyShow?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to The Dave Ramsey Show like you've never seen it before. The show live streams on YouTube M-F 2-5pm ET! Watch Dave live in studio every day and see behind-the-scenes action from Dave's producers. Watch video profiles of debt-free callers and see them call in live from Ramsey Solutions. During breaks, you'll see exclusive content from people like Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan, Christy Wright and Chris Brown —as well as all kinds of other video pieces that we'll unveil every day. The Dave Ramsey Show channel will change the way you experience one of the most popular radio shows in the country!
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Monthly Payment on a Lamborghini!?
Ever wondered what the monthly payment is on a late model Lamborghini Gallardo? Check out this video. Also has a bit about how to be smart with your money if you are an investor! How Much Is The Monthly Insurance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYe0p-Le6J8 Many people asked how I got started in real estate and I have been recommending this book: http://amzn.to/2ledYwF Also please subscribe to my channel if you like this and want to see more! To Purchase The Millionaire Real Estate Investor book goto: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0071446370/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0071446370&linkCode=as2&tag=mossinteracti-20&linkId=20e6425cc10463ee0492f66b5ee03fc5
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How to Negotiate When Buying a Car
Watch more How to Buy a Car videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/436886-How-to-Negotiate-When-Buying-a-Car Step 1: Determine the amount Question your credit union about a loan before talking to a dealer to compare rates. Find out how much cash your credit union will approve. This helps you limit the price range of cars you look at and test drive. Step 2: Research invoice price Go online to research the invoice price -- the amount the dealer pays the manufacturer -- before starting negotiations. While you're at it, check out any rebate information and hidden incentives for the dealer. You gain the advantage by doing your homework. Tip The minimum dealer profit is usually around 3 percent. Step 3: Examine four-square numbers Don't be fooled by the dealer's four-square information -- a worksheet the dealer will present you with when you sit down to negotiate that maps out purchase price, down payment, monthly payment, and trade-in value. Doing your own math prevents them from fudging numbers. Determine the interest rate and loan term before you arrive at the dealership to accurately project your monthly payments. Step 4: Know what monthly payment means Resist negotiating based on monthly payments alone, without contemplating the swelling interest rate or stretched loan term. Monthly payment results from the down payment, loan term, and interest rate. Step 5: Play the game Play the game as well as they do. Be surprised that they can't give you a better offer, even if the terms and price are reasonable, just to see if you can move them. They want to create pressure to close you now, but you have time that they don't -- use it. Tip Don't tell one dealer what another's quote was. You need their respect -- demonstrate that you deserve it. Step 6: Drive the bargain Tell the salesperson you will discuss an acceptable trade-in price for your old car, but first must have a satisfactory price on the new car. Drive the bargain when negotiating, impressing upon them you can sell it yourself for more than they'll pay you. Step 7: Prepare to walk Prepare to walk out if you are not handled respectfully or the price is too outrageous. In fact, with some due diligence, cut to the chase and play hardball -- tell the dealer your price and expect a yes or no. Step 8: Expect fees Expect an onslaught of fees and extras just when you think you're done. Some fees are unavoidable, but many can be easily bargained down or avoided. Virtually all extras are unnecessary and overpriced. Throughout the negotiation process, use your knowledge and the research you've done to get the best deal. Did You Know? Preston Tucker started a new car company on the back of his 1948 Tucker model. This company manufactured just 51 cars before failing in 1949.
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Stupid Car Payments are Slavery
Please don't live for the banks. You are not design to be a slave to a slave master. Borrowing money is not the key to prosperity but rather a curse. Thanks for watching please comment rate and subscribe for future videos on the Walking Journey https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCAmaXfNQ6a5q6GodLVkCfCQ&ved=0ahUKEwjy5MqDpOzTAhWJ34MKHTUzA5AQFggdMAA&usg=AFQjCNGpMhJw67lGOlIU6E3Wlo2zsspFoQ&sig2=b_j2hq_IfttjWT0udY_O7Q Jesus Christ Loves you and is the only way to HEAVEN God is real and is alive Read the Bible Anthony Channel, Anthony, Anthony777, Walking Journey
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How to sell your car when you still owe money on it
Adam explains how tricky it van be to sell your car to a private seller when you still have a lien out on it.
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Video Response: Principal Payments
Hey guys I thought I would do a vid response to some of the comments on last weeks video. Once again yall rock!
How Much Are My Monthly Payments On My Charger..
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Making Payments on Your Car Loan - FederalAutoLoan.com
FederalAutoLoan.com Making Payments on Your Car Loan Once you've made the commitment to a car loan, you're legally bound to make a set number of payments, for a specific amount, at an agreed upon interest rate, for the term of the loan. Seems pretty obvious and most car buyers are perfectly prepared to meet these obligations in order to own a car. The stress on your budget from month to month may seem like you'll never have that car loan paid off. But, failing to make your payments can make life truly unbearable. First, make the right decision on a car loan. If you think you can own a $50,000 car with only $25,000 dollars to spend just because you can spread the payments out over 84 months, think again. Will you have the same income five years into that seven year loan? Will your car be accident free over that seven years? And, do you really want to pay all that interest over that seven year loan? The risks to a long term loan are pretty big and you should be thinking in terms of three or four years on a car loan and be mindful of your budget when you pick out a new car. Your credit rating is the first casualty when you start missing payments. If your finances are in chaos, make sure you have your priorities straight and meet your payments. You may have to forgo some luxuries, and it's important you think hard on what those luxuries are, to keep up the payments. Your lender may allow you to split your monthly payments into two payments. This can allow you some breathing room if your bi-monthly payments sync up with your monthly paychecks. Refinancing may be an alternative. Your lender may be willing to renegotiate your car loan to a longer term. While you'll be making smaller monthly payments, you'll be doing it for a longer period of time and paying more in interest. As noted before, there are a number of risks associated with a long-term car loan. But, it beats having your car repossessed, which will seriously damage your credit rating. Your financial life has it's ups and downs -- it's only natural. The point is not to panic if your financial woes interfere with you ability to meet the obligations of your car loan. Keep a cool head and look at the things you can live without -- then look a little deeper. Cutting back on nonessential items in your life can mean hanging onto your car and keeping your credit rating healthy.
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What happens if I stop making my car payments?
Bankruptcy Lawyer Edward D. Magauran explains what happens if you stop making your car payments.
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How much are my monthly payments for scatpack??
Overview on details and payments on my 2017 Dodge Charger Scatpack. Please like and Subscribe.
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