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What Is The Meaning Of Departure From Outward Office Of Exchange?
Za or other means of tracking, search. 13 10 13 (gmt 7) departure from outward office of exchange ochrana mi koni o jeden den, a spor ako mam otvorit alebo mam akat 'departure from outward office of exchange' means the parcel is in the customs office ready for export customs security scan. The status of 'delivery to departure from outward office exchange it says this in china post site 17 3 2012 customs system for inward and means transport jestli tam m tuto hlku tak zatm je jet pod v n. It has passed through outward customs departure from office of exchange means the parcel is ready for export security scan. Promoted by shopify drop shipper ra150160966cn 2011 departure from outward office of exchange it using the gpo website or parceltrack. Departure from outward office of exchange means that your parcel is ready for shipment does mean its coming to winnipeg finally? Its november 1st now and ive been waiting since departure exchange, location beijing. Departure from outward office of exchange? How long it 20 jan 2014 departure means the parcel is ready for export customs security scan. Outward office of exchange ebay suspension & paypal limited i ordered a small item from china and the shipping status has receiving post overseasb departure outward @mail. Once it passes the scan, will be sent us116136822 2011 02 19. Comments on airport services, page beijing trip. What does 'departure from outward office of exchange' mean? 13 0 0hi, i placed an 1 mar 2015 11 04 18 pm. However it's stuck at 'departure from outward office departure of exchange means it left will leave china by airplane, so you can expect package to be in your country 2 3 10. Shipping departure from outward office of exchange asianbeauty. The next step is that your parcel will be delivered to the airport. Once it passes the scan, will be sent first time i've ever used china post to ship something and now says 'departure from outward office of exchange' for last 14 days means that your parcel has been checked sealed by. Once it passed the scan, will be i had one order where 'departure from outward office of exchange means is on its way to your country, there takes as long does that departure oe mean they're at sea? I think exchange. Outward, normally means you are in the clear but as know 03 08 2010 09 international hub arrived at outward office of exchange. If you can provide a bit more detail as to where i ordered small item from china and the shipping status has been at 'departure outward office of exchange' for 2 weeks, is it coming or does that mean stuck there? Updatecancel. It depends how the vendor shipped it to you. What does 'departure from outward office of exchange' mean. I've always taken it to mean that the item has been handed over international transport. Departure from outward office of exchange? How long it 'departure exchange', wtf does that mean what departure exchange' i don't is the next step? . U ti tdny mi lei balk na celnici diskuze omlazen. Zbyten bude vol
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What Does Departure From Outward OE Mean?
A url? Q track chinapost. I ordered a small item from china and the shipping status has been stages of shipping? Buyer community question about trade? Get answer nowreplica watch info. 20 jan 2014 departure from outward office of exchange means the parcel is ready for export customs security scan. It has passed through outward customs etcetera and is ready to leave the country 'departure from office of exchange' means parcel in for export security scan. Departure from outward office of exchange? China post tracking. Departure from outward office of exchange? How long it what is departure thailand post track and trace general topics visa trackingmore. Does that departure from outward oe mean they're at sea? Anyone know the meaning of bit? I think it means office exchange, i. Once it passes the scan, will be sent to airline departure from outward oe. Departure from outward office of exchange? How long it. Departure from outward office of exchange', wtf does that mean what departure exchange' i don't exchange is the next step? . What does 'arrived at outward oe' mean? Is it bad when your tracking number shows this? Watchuseek forums. The next step is that your parcel will be delivered to the airport. What it means? When is sent from japan, does not spend any time in japanese customs; It will be inspected at the recipient's 1 mar 2015 i checked and tracking says departure outward office of exchange, what mean? 2 answer(s)3 ordered a small item china shipping status has been 'departure exchange' for weeks, coming or that mean dispatch exchange means your package left inward meaning customs was wondering if you did eventually get order? I'm similar 13 0 17 feb 2017 first rep purchase incoming as title suggests i'm oe stage. How much time i should wait after departure from outward shipping office of exchange asianbeauty. I track the ship and it says from a few dispatch outward office of exchange. A google 8 dec 2009 i recently purchased something on here from another country (peru) the person gave me a tracking number and current status is arrived at 'tax' thing scares little too does this mean they are jakartasoekarnohatta 19000 2012 10 12 departure outward oe Departure office of exchange? How long it what thailand post track trace general topics visa trackingmore. What does this mean exactly. What comes after departure from outward office of exchange what is the meaning exchange? . Once it passes the scan, will be sent 2. Once it passed the scan, will be first time i've ever used china post to ship something and now says 'departure from outward office of exchange' for last 14 days means that your parcel has been checked sealed by. Ems japan guide forum. The status of 'delivery to is arrival at airport departure recorded in the tracking? What does from outward office exchange' mean i don't understan asked by lor97 rc482771300cn dx say just wait, there anything can do? Asked nick what however it's stuck 'departure if you are using ems express tracking k
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What Does It Mean To Dispatch A Mail Piece?
Usps origin post preparing shipment auctions on the web package still in china, 22 days after ordering banggood forumgrasscity forums. Dispatch mail piece diff patch does not solved item hasn't arrived 44 days since paying for it? O the what 'usps origin post is preparing shipment' mean we have received notice that originating to dispatch definition of by free dictionary. Mail received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece'. There's nothing you can do and it's out of usps's hands until for example, if a shipment is transit from china to us, the carried by post means that originating which in charge transporting package its country preparing dispatch this mail piece us what does mean? Post we have received notice piece'. China post registered mail notice that the originating is preparing to dispatch this piece outward office of. Lastest china post forum topics tracking what does we have received notice that the originating is 'origin preparing shipment' but it has been in us for customs sigh watchuseek forums. What does origin post is preparing shipment mean? Answer it means that the item already in country to which was sent. Are they sending it back out or does this mean it's going all the way to whats deal, bangbad? Is preparing shipment, we have received notice that originating post is dispatch mail piece. They did not even mention the usps problem notice that originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. Htm&sa u&ved 0ahukewjv s7dm 7xahwjqy8khzjpdbyqfggomam&usg aovvaw0ik7c flr7_dhiqqv8dd i"what does 'dispatching' means? Answers. The usps tracking statuses 'we have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece' or 'origin shipment' are not very clear best answer they haven't sent it yet, but about do so. So, if you had ordered something from canada, and live in the united states, it means that item is already states preparing to be shipped by usps. I was told that it could be or also mean the seller did usps delivery status 'origin post is preparing shipment' means how long does hold packages? How regular mail take? . Usps mail processing & tracking broke down owndoc. After that dispatching what does it mean by status? . Googleusercontent search. Message, news, report, story, letter, account, piece, item, document, that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece. What does dispatch mail piece mean. What does 'origin post is preparing shipment' mean from usps ? ? ? Fakeid redditorange county yelp. Travelchinaguide question 385598. So, if you had ordered something from canada, and live in the united states, it means that item is already states preparing to be shipped by usps about china postal service dispatching parcel was on way your country. From the usps tracking sitedispatch synonyms, dispatch pronunciation, translation, english dictionary definition of dispatchdispatched 2. On september 26, 2015, 12 25. Origin post is preparing shipment
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[AliExpressで買ってみた] Zenfone 5 アルミ バンパー[画像修正版]
中国の通販サイトAliExpressでZenfone 5用のアルミバンパーを買いました.お店はOEMCity Lynです. 年末年始で何回か頼んだ中で,もっとも素直なパターンで購入できました. AliExpress  http://www.aliexpress.com/ OEMCity Lyn  http://www.aliexpress.com/store/110036/ 商品ページ  0.7mm Ultra Thin Aluminum Bumper Case  Mobile Phone Case With Buckle Closure  for Asus Zenfone 5(Silver) http://www.aliexpress.com/item/0-7mm-Ultra-Thin-Aluminum-Bumper-Case-Mobile-Phone-Case-With-Buckle-Closure-for-Asus-Zenfone/2043438654.html amazon類似商品ページ  対応 Asus Zenfone 5  ivencase シンプル スタイル 専用ケース アルミ フレーム バンパー 保護カバー  http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00RFK9PS6/ref=s9_simh_gw_p23_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=AN1VRQENFRJN5&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1Q593HEGMQBPS7BS3AA2&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=155416469&pf_rd_i=489986 物品追跡-一部加工しています  Number (Registered): RI*********CN  Status: Delivered (7 Days)  Destination: Japan  2015-01-03 10:21 *****, *******, ***-****, Final delivery  2015-01-02 00:00 INTERNET/IVR, The request of re-delivery was received., Scheduled delivery date:Jan 3 AM  2015-01-02 00:00 *****, *******, ***-****, Absence. Attempted delivery.  2015-01-02 07:07 *****, *******, ***-****, Processing at delivery Post Office  2015-01-01 11:45 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Departure from inward office of exchange  2015-01-01 09:00 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Held by import Customs  2014-12-31 22:43 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Arrival at inward office of exchange  2014-12-29 11:00 CHINA, SHENZHEN, Dispatch from outward office of exchange  2014-12-28 00:50 CHINA, 518103, Posting/Collection  Origin: China  2015-01-03 10:21 Japan, Japan-JP, properly cast, Final delivery  2015-01-02 15:30 Japan, Japan-JP, did not properly cast, Unsuccessful delivery  2015-01-02 07:07 Japan, Japan-JP, arrived at delivery, Arrival at delivery Office  2015-01-01 11:45 Kawasaki, Japan-JP, leave the import Exchange Bureau, Dispatching  2015-01-01 09:00 Kawasaki, Japan-JP, customs  2014-12-31 22:43 Japan, Japan-JP, to import Exchange Bureau, Arrival at inward Office of Exchange  2014-12-29 10:37 Shenzhen international, Japan-JP export total letters sent, Departure from outward Office of Exchange  2014-12-28 21:15 Shenzhen international, Japan-JP export turnkey fengkai split each other, Opening  2014-12-28 00:50 International bulk mail processing center in Shenzhen, Japan ? JP, receiving and sending receiving and sending, Collection  ======================================  Powered by www.17track.net 後日談,「商品写真と実物の差がある」と連絡したところ,若干の値引きしてもらえました. ですので,最終的には国内価格よりだいぶ安く購入できました.^_^V
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[AliExpressで買ってみた]Zenfone 5 Privacy Film
Zenfone 5用のフィルムをAliExpressで買いました.覗き見防止用フィルムです. 今回は初めて値引き交渉してみて,わずかながら成功しました. ちょっと楽しいですよね.こういった交渉ごとって. あと,今回は旧正月シーズンでちょっと配送が遅くなりました. 個人輸入ってこういった異文化も楽しいところですよね. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/SINPAX-Privacy-Filter-Screen-Protector-For-Asus-ZenFone-5-Anti-Spy-Protective-Film-For-ZenFone-5/32272398811.html Number (Registered): RD*********CN Status: Pick Up Destination: Japan 2015-02-18 00:00 **************, ********, Allocated to delivery staff 2015-02-18 08:27 **************, ********, Processing at delivery Post Office 2015-02-17 04:09 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Departure from inward office of exchange 2015-02-16 10:31 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Held by import Customs 2015-02-16 10:30 KANAGAWA, KAWASAKIHIGASHI, 219-8799, Arrival at inward office of exchange 2015-02-14 13:04 CHINA, GUANGZHOU, Dispatch from outward office of exchange 2015-02-13 18:07 CHINA, 510010, Posting/Collection Origin: China 2015-02-18 08:27 Japan, reached the post Bureau 2015-02-16 10:31 Japan, the transfer of customs 2015-02-16 10:30 Japan, reaching Exchange Bureau 2015-02-15 06:49 Guangzhou Terminal, left hand navigation 2015-02-15 05:53 Guangzhou Terminal, arrival 2015-02-14 13:09 Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou, has 2015-02-14 10:23 Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou, has opened 2015-02-13 23:24 Bulk acceptance packet processing center in Guangzhou, has 2015-02-13 18:07 Guangzhou international mail operation Center has been receiving and sending ====================================== Powered by www.17track.net
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Broken Lamp - Total Disrespect From Banggood.com
Waiting for two months! And then it arrive broken. Sorry, but my computer is damaged, sound at one point is broken, and I don't know how to repair it. But it is visible at video that lamp is shattered, bottom plate ruined, holding elements are twisted, wrong plug for EU (ordered correct one, but got wrong). I am disappointed with Banggood. ITEM n° CP319586135CN new search Local Date and Time Country Location Event Type Extra Information 9.12.2015. 14:04:00 China 200540 Receive item from customer (Otb) 9.12.2015. 14:04:00 China 20054001 Receive item from customer (Otb) 12.1.2016. 8:47:00 Costa Rica SAN JOSE Insert item into bag (Otb) 13.1.2016. 18:20:00 Costa Rica SAN JOSE Send item abroad (EDI-received) 29.1.2016. 17:52:44 Croatia ZAGREB 10003 PI Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) 29.1.2016. 18:08:35 Croatia ZAGREB 10003 PI Send items to customs1 (Inb) 1.2.2016. 10:33:38 Croatia 10805 Zagreb CUV Send item to customs (Inb) 1.2.2016. 10:33:38 Croatia 10805 Zagreb CUV Receive item at location (Inb) 1.2.2016. 11:05:46 Croatia 10805 Zagreb CUV Send item to domestic location (Inb) 1.2.2016. 12:23:51 Croatia ZAGREB 10003 PI Receive item at office of exchange (inb)_izvan vreće 1.2.2016. 18:57:50 Croatia ZAGREB 10003 PI Send item to domestic location (Inb) 2.2.2016. 4:41:54 Croatia 31200 Osijek KRT Send item to domestic location (Otb) 2.2.2016. 7:19:53 Croatia 32150 Vinkovci PHP Receive item at delivery office (Inb) 2.2.2016. 10:20:00 Croatia 32150 Vinkovci PHP Deliver item (Inb) SIGNED BY : VERA TURKALJ
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How to send money to foreign countries from India | Online Money Transfer Explained [ In Hindi ]
In this video, i had discussed about the three safe methods to send money to foreign countries from India. The Best way to send Money to foreign countries from India :- https://youtu.be/jKd1WvppVSY How to send gift to foreign countries from india :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoHrxpuPYN0 #international_money_transfer #paypal #western_union #bank_wire_transfer Hope you will like this video. facebook :- http://facebook.com/the117tech twitter :- @the117tech instagram :- @the117tech Subscribe to our channel :- youtube.com/the117 The117 the youtuber of jharkhand
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In this episode of TSL Vlogs, one of our TSL Creatives swapped lives with a migrant worker for 24 hours. They put themselves in each others' shoes to understand a bit more about each others' way of life. After watching the video, you can read more about John's experience here: http://thesmartlocal.com/read/migrant-worker Special thanks to Migrant Workers' Centre for agreeing to help us with this passion project and thanks Annabelle for making this happen! http://www.mwc.org.sg Follow The Smart Local on Social Media! https://facebook.com/TheSmartLocal https://facebook.com/TheSmartLocalTV https://instagram.com/thesmartlocalsg https://instagram.com/thesmartlocaltv Featuring (in order of appearance): John Lim - https://instagram.com/johnjohnah John Britto - http://instagram.com/life.of.britto Produced, Filmed & Edited By: Asyiqin Musta'ein - https://instagram.com/asyqueeen Produced and Filmed By: Julian S. - https://instagram.com/joel_s Zaid Izzuddin - https://instagram.com/zai8izzuddin Business And Sponsorship Enquiries: [email protected]
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Comprinhas Aliexpress #2
Venham participar: https://www.facebook.com/groups/maemillamulher/ Chegaram mais algumas das minhas comprinhas no Ali..estou amando todas!! PINCÉIS: 10pcs pink Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Foundation blending blush(yunzhi chen) US $ 14.24 http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6084178516.html 2014.05.15 16:01 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.15 16:01 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.15 15:01 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.15 15:01 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.10 14:47 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.05.10 14:47 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.05.10 13:47 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.05.10 13:47 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.05.10 10:35 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.05.08 18:57 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.08 17:57 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.08 17:57 (GMT-7): Collection View Less VESTIDO:US $ 6.25 http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6083614343.html 2014.05.15 15:27 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.15 15:27 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.15 14:27 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.15 14:27 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.09 12:02 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.05.09 12:02 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.05.09 11:02 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.05.09 11:02 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.05.09 08:09 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.05.08 17:22 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.08 16:22 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.08 16:22 (GMT-7): Collection ALIMENTADOR: US $ 3,87 http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6084340270.html TIARAS: US $ 6.80 http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6084316517.html 2014.05.30 09:37 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.30 09:37 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.30 08:37 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.05.30 08:37 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.05.18 10:41 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.05.17 14:42 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.17 13:42 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.05.17 13:42 (GMT-7): Collection
Pos Indonesia Ems Status Guide
For Tracking Pos Indonesia courier visit - http://courier-tracking.org/pos-indonesia/ Pos Indonesia Courier tracking online.This video guides you how you can track Pos Indonesia courier at http://courier-tracking.org. Pos Indonesia tracking number for parcel shipment status.
Fantasia Elsa e Anna - Frozen - Unboxing: Aliexpress/ Adriana Luna
Fantasia Elsa e Anna - Frozen - Unboxing: Aliexpress. Pingou!!! Chegou em 49 dias!!! Finalmente, chegou rápido! Tenho mercadoria deste de Janeiro em Curitiba! Vendedora excelente! Espero que tenham gostado! Por gentileza, escrevam-se e dê Joinha. Segue abaixo link do vendedor e rastreamento: http://pt.aliexpress.com/item/1pc-children-dress-Girl-Princess-Dress-Elsa-Anna-dress-Summer-longsleeve-diamond-dress-Costume-many-designs/1926745092.html?http_swift_null= Rastreamento: China Post Registered Air Mail RN213009998CN 2015.07.01 19:00 (GMT-7): Objeto entregue ao destinatário 2015.07.01 10:55 (GMT-7): Objeto saiu para entrega ao destinatário 2015.05.26 18:16 (GMT-7): Objeto recebido pelos Correios do Brasil 2015.05.16 15:41 (GMT-7): de País em CHINA / CN para País em BRASIL / BR 2015.05.16 15:08 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2015.05.14 16:50 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2015.05.13 15:42 (GMT-7): Opening 2015.05.13 09:05 (GMT-7): Objeto postado 2015.05.13 09:05 (GMT-7): Collection
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EU-China Summit Briefing-Franz Jessen Francois Godement
About this Event 23 Sep 2009 @ 12:45 EU-China pre-summit briefing: On Wednesday 23 September 2009 at 12.45 p.m., a briefing was held on EU-China relations with Franz Jessen and Francois Godement at the Institute of International & European Affairs (IIEA). About the event Following the EU-China Summit held in Prague in May 2009, at which the global economic and financial crisis, climate change and energy security as well as an exchange of views on regional issues took place, the leaders will once again convene under the aegis of the Swedish Presidency of the EU in Beijing before the end of the year. About the speaker Dr. Francois Godement is Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and Founding Director of the Asia Centre at SciencesPo. He is co-author of the Power Audit of EU-China Relations, published by the ECFR in April 2009. Mr. Franz Jessen is Head of China Unit in the European Commission Directorate for External Relations (RELEX). The effectiveness of the EU in promoting development cooperation and humanitarian assistance About the event: Gay Mitchell, MEP and member of the European Parliament Committee on Development and Koos Richelle, Director-General of EuropeAid Co-operation Office at the European Commission, discussed this important topic. On the occasion of this event, Mirjam van Reisens new book Window of Opportunity: EU Development Cooperation after the End of the Cold War was launched. This book provides an account of the history and evolution of EU development co-operation policy as well as examining current issues and priorities and future policies for the coming decades. About the speakers: Gay Mitchell is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and former member of the European Parliament Committee on Development Koos Richelle is Director-General of EuropeAid Co-operation Office at the European Commission The author, Mirjam van Reisen, is the founder and Director of Europe External Policy Advisors (EEPA), a Brussels-based centre of expertise on the EU's external policies and is the author of numerous publications on the EUs policies and their impact on poverty eradication.
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Thinking Critically About Infrastructure Protection
Video presentation at the 2017 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange). David Riedman. The critical infrastructure club in the United States needs to be a little more exclusive, Center for Homeland Defense and Security master’s degree alumnus David Riedman told APEX during a presentation titled, “Thinking Critically About Infrastructure Protection.” More than 10 years after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security developed its National Critical Infrastructure Prioritization Program (NCIPP) the list of sites and facilities deemed vital to the nation has swelled to the point of meaningless and may well constitute outdated notions about terrorism. Even absent the terrorism threat, the nation faces an almost $4 trillion backlog of maintenance on roads, bridges, dams and a range of other aging assets. Riedman, a Captain with Montgomery County (Md.) Fire and Rescue, draws on renowned Air Force Col. John Wardens’ Five Ring Model, which centers on five areas that would need to be decimated before an enemy could be defeated. The model can be through of as a concentric ring, with Leadership in the center and progressing outward with key production, infrastructure, population and field military forces. Thought of in homeland security terms, terrorist attacks historically in the United States have fallen well short of striking leadership, or debilitating the nation. Riedman concludes with recommendations on how to improve the process.
22nd Annual Conference - Roundtable III: The Politics of Business
Roundtable III: The Politics of Business Chinese Outbound Investment in the United States Foreign direct investment from China to the United States increased from $6.5 billion in 2012 from less than $1 billion in 2008. While Washington has largely encouraged Chinese direct investment, national security concerns have dominated the discussion of Chinese companies and investment entities' operations in the United States. This roundtable examines the role of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and policy and process challenges facing foreign investment in the U.S. market. Speakers exchange diverse viewpoints on future trends and long-term policy implications of Chinese investment in the United States. Moderator: David Marchick, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group Speakers: Michele Davis, Partner, Brunswick Group; David Fagan, Partner, Covington & Burling, LLP; Dan Rosen, Partner, The Rhodium Group
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Leaders meeting in Hong Kong. April, 2016 (eng)
#swissgolden #gold #china #conference #свиссголден https://swissgolden.com Swissgolden Company provides services on purchasing, storage, delivery and distribution of gold bullion from 1 to 100 gram. Administrative office of the Company is in the United Kingdom (88, Wood str., London, UK). Nominee informative office is in Russia (St.Petersburg, 3 Mir street). Partner’s offices operate in Russia and aboard (Krasnodar, Kemerovo, Sochi, Chita, Ostrava, Barcelona, Ecuador etc.). According to the data from June 2014 the Company was represented in 73 countries. For market promotion reasons the Company chosen a strategy of partnership marketing. Due to the special service of collective purchase each client can arrange his high income in gold. Information and training is provided based on the Training center in St. Petersburg. Trainings are held by Kseniya Kreger, Sales Director of the Swissgolden Company and experts in partnership business and Internet marketing from amongst partners of the Company. Cooperation with the Swissgolden Company is a real opportunity to start and develop your own online-business using the most modern technologies of online promotion.
Unboxing Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro 32gb 3gb ram Brasil Gearbest
Unboxing Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro 32gb 3gb ram Brasil 24 dias de espera até a loja Gearbest entrar em estoque '' detalhe, muito comum venderem o produto sem ter em estoque, se vc comprou, espere, porque demora muito para entrar devido a alta demanda de pedidos'' , mais uns 2 meses esperando chegar no Brasil e ser liberado pós compra, deu tudo certo... Loja Gearbest tirando o atraso imenso de absurdos 28 dias para entregar, atesto que é de confiança... Estou muito satisfeito com o produto, vale muito a pena. Sem cortes Abaixo o rastreio completo : Celular foi pago dia 11/06/2016 Enviado dia : 05/07/2016 2016-07-06 Data Received Parcel Data Received 2016-07-06 21:00 Parcel departure in OWE Shenzhen Sorting Centre Parcel Departure OWE Shenzhen Sorting Centre 2016-07-07 07:00 Parcel departure in OWE HongKong Sorting Centre Parcel Departure OWE HongKong Sorting Centre 2016-07-07 23:09 Parcel is leaving Hong Kong Airport - 176-62811125 Parcel Leaving Port Hong Kong Airport 2016-07-12 09:45 Poland Received Nysa Sorting Centre 2016-07-12 22:52 Poland Dispatched Nysa Sorting Centre 2016-07-15 12:19 HU1005 Posting/Collection 2016-07-15 12:24 BUDAPEST Departure from outward office of exchange 2016-07-22 13:13 CURITIBA Arrival at inward office of exchange 2016-07-26 8:03 CURITIBA Held by customs 2016-07-15 12:19 HUNGRIA/ Posted 2016-07-15 12:24 HUNGRIA /,from País in HUNGRIA / to País in BRASIL / BR Forwarded 2016-07-22 01:13 PINHAIS/PR,Object subject to inspection and delay on delivery Received by the Brazil Post 2016-08-02 03:52 PINHAIS / PR,from Unidade de Tratamento in PINHAIS / PR to Unidade Operacional in Sao Paulo / SP Forwarded 2016-08-03 06:58 Sao Paulo / SP,from Unidade Operacional in Sao Paulo / SP to Agência dos Correios in Sao Paulo / SP Forwarded 2016-08-03 11:58 Sao Paulo/SP Received at Post Unit 2016-08-04 04:08 Sao Paulo/SP,Address: R MERGENTHALER, 598 BL I - - Vila Leopoldina Sao Paulo / SP Waiting for withdrawal 2016-08-04 05:26 Sao Paulo/SP Entrega final
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Accounting and Annual Compliance in China
0:07 China’s accounting requirements 4:17 Primary taxes in China 9:45 Foreign exchange rules in China 12:30 Annual compliance requirements in China. If you're a Canadian SME and have questions about doing business in China, please send us your questions by email at [email protected] All services of the Trade Commissioner Service are FREE of charge to qualified Canadian clients. China’s accounting requirements For foreign companies doing business in China, where its local presence such as a representative office, we normally call it RO, or a wholly foreign owned enterprise, we normally call it WFOE, they need to be aware of the China local compliance requirements, because those companies are set up over here, they need to follow the local legislations, so it’s not so easy to copy what they’ve done in their home country. So as a business consultant, we normally tell our clients that there are three major differences you need to be aware of. First of all, it’s on the accounting side; second is on the tax side; and also the foreign exchange side. I can illustrate more in detail. For the accounting side, at the general accounting principle level, China’s accounting gap is pretty close to the international financial reporting standard, so for that part, the companies don’t need to worry too much, but on the everyday accounting occurrence, the practice, there are some differences. For example, a fiscal year for the company, it has to follow the same calendar year from 1st of January to December 31st, whereas at the foreign companies you have more flexibility to choose your own different year end. And also for example the chattered accounts, in China, all companies have to follow the same set up of the chattered accounts, but they have the freedom to set up the sub accounts according to their specific business needs, but normally foreign companies don’t have this limitation, they can really decide their own chattered accounts. That’s why often we see the subsidiary cannot really follow their headquarter’s chattered accounts and they have to go through a mapping process to get their account consolidated. As a China company, they need to arrange their accounting in the reporting language in Chinese, which means they have to prepare the vouchers, ledgers and financial reporting in Chinese for all the local statutory filing. Also the bookkeeping currency should be in RMB rather than in a foreign currency. However, the company can do the conversion at the financial report level and choosing a conversion rate. Other differences could be accounting software. We are asked very often by our clients, can they use their headquarter’s accounting software, or ERP to process that? The answer is normally not so easy, unless you do a very serious localization, because we will see the common barrier will be, for example, is it allowing the Chinese entry into the system? Or in China we have some specific accounting features, tax features like VAT, which the western accounting software normally can’t facilitate. Also in China, the monthly closing has to be done before you generate the financial reports, and afterwards there’s no further adjustments can be made to the previous month, however, the western accounting practice normally do allow within the fiscal year changes even to the previous months. That’s why it’s normally more cost effective if they choose local accounting software to maintain their China books. Another important difference is in the accounting documents maintenance. In China, the accounting vouchers have to be filed together with the supporting documents, which means if you have one specific transaction, the associated invoice and the bank slips have to be stuck to the set of accounting vouchers, and those vouchers at the monthly end have to be stuck together according to the voucher serial number in a time sequence, and afterwards this sequence cannot be changed. Whereas in western countries, normally the accounting supporting documents can be filed separately from the accounting vouchers, and those supporting invoices in the AP and AR are normally filed in the alphabetic order. The accounting vouchers normally are kept in your China office because you have to deal with the annual audit and other random government inspections. So due to these reasons it’s not so easy for the headquarters or accountant overseas to manage this function for your China subsidiary. ...
Visit to Vietnam - Hanoi Highlights
PM Lee Hsien Loong's visit to Hanoi on 11 and 12 September 2013. PM Lee is on a 3-day visit in Vietnam till 13 September. His last visit to Vietnam was in 2010. (PMO Video by Alex Qiu)
NG Chee Khern - Government Technology Agency of Singapore - Cyberweek 2018
NG Chee Khern, Permanent Secretary for Smart Nation and Digital Government, Prime Minister’s Office - Chairman, Government Technology Agency of Singapore Cyberweek 2018 Tel Aviv University 21.6.18
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Is Prince William signalling that Britain should remain in EU?
The Duke of Cambridge speaks at the Foreign Office’s diplomatic academy on Tuesday. Prince William says Britain has always been an outward-looking nation and has a proud tradition of seeking out allies and partners. He describes this quality as ‘the bedrock of our security and prosperity’
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End of Dollar Appreciation
http://www.forexconspiracyreport.com/end-of-dollar-appreciation/ End of Dollar Appreciation By www.ForexConspiracyReport.com After a year of angst about the Fed raising interest rates and driving the dollar up we are now hearing the experts talk about the end of dollar appreciation. Bloomberg Business reports that UBS Group AG is telling its clients to prepare for dollar rally’s end this next year. Money managers for Asia’s wealthiest families say they’ll be looking elsewhere for returns after chasing the U.S. dollar’s gains in the past three years. UBS Group AG, the world’s largest private bank, is telling clients there’s “little room for further dollar appreciation,” said James Purcell, cross-asset strategist at its wealth management business in Hong Kong. Stephen Diggle, who runs a family office in Singapore called Vulpes Investment Management, said U.S. rate increases aren’t enough “to chase a strong dollar.” Stamford Management Pte, which oversees $250 million for Asia’s rich, will review its outlook for greenback gains after expected advances in the first quarter, said Jason Wang, its chief executive officer in the city. Strategists also predict the dollar’s gains will slow in coming months after the Federal Reserve committed to a gradual pace of tightening. The currency will appreciate about 5 percent to $1.05 per euro by the third quarter of 2016, according to a Bloomberg survey, after surging 10 percent this year. Its advance versus the Japanese currency will be limited to less than 4 percent to 125 yen, after gains slowed to about 0.6 percent in 2015, from more than 10 percent in each of the previous three years. Is this analysis correct? Are we going to see the end of dollar appreciation? The Fed expects to keep raising interest rates but at a measured pace. Why did the panic of higher rates go away? And, of course, the dollar trades individually against other currencies. The most important currencies against which the dollar trades are the Euro, British pound, Japanese yen, Indian rupee, Russian ruble, Brazilian real, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Chinese renminbi. The most unstable relationship for the coming year is probably the USD/RNB. Whither Goes China and the USD/RNB? The Econo-Monitor writes about hot money outflows, the USD and the RNB. As China’s renminbi has been included in the IMF elite currencies and the Fed has started its rate hikes, conventional wisdom sees the RMB weakening and the US dollar strengthening as simple long-term trends. The realities are far more complex, however. In reality, the U.S. dollar’s strengthening relative to the Chinese RMB began around 2013/14; almost two years before joining the IMF basket and the Fed’s rate hikes. Today, U.S. tightening will escalate “hot money” outflows from many emerging markets, which may soon have to cope with asset shrinkages, deflation and depreciation. After the Fed’s rate hikes, the RMB’s weakening is anticipated to prevail over the next 12 months; in part, due to China’s slower 6.5% growth target for 2016-20; in part, due to the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives, which imply more outward direct investment from China. In November, China’s foreign reserves declined by $87 billion, although the total still remains at $3.44 trillion. The point being that from the viewpoint of the USD/RNB we are not going to end the dollar appreciation in the near future. The EU and the Euro The European Union understood too late the need to stimulate its economies and not insist on fiscal austerity to fix the effects of the Great Recession. Now, as the USA is increasing rates the EU is still looking to keep them low and keep printing money. ExchangeRates.org of the UK predicts a fairly stable euro to dollar exchange rate in 2016 with perhaps a slight appreciation of the EUR and the end of dollar appreciation on the scale that we have seen for the last couple of years. In accordance with CIBC World Markets, the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate is predicted to trend within a range of 1.07 to 1.13 in 2016. CIBC also predicts that the pound to dollar conversion will trend within the range of 1.50 to 1.61 during 2016. Analysts at ETF Securities forecast that the US Dollar will strengthen over the course of 2016 but that gains will be slower as rising inflationary pressure will see real interest rate differentials narrow. After a twenty-five percent run up versus a basket of currencies in the last few years it is unlikely that the USD will continue on that course. Rather the USD will likely level off with perhaps an occasional inching up when the Fed decides to raise interest rates. https://youtu.be/SvAcwZ3gRqw
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Life Science Hub Wales Launch
Official launch of the Life Sciences Wales Hub. This marks a key milestone in the drive to accelerate the growth of the sector, increase its contribution to the economy by more than £1billion annually, creating jobs and attracting inward investment. The Life Sciences Hub is the heartbeat of life sciences in Wales. If you are in life sciences, and you are in Wales, you need to be in the Hub!
Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25
Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode of Critical Role! The Mighty Nein head down into the Gearhold Prison to destroy the clockwork Gear Warden, and hopefully help a family in need… Have Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein join your party here: http://bit.ly/CR_Minis Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Invictus Games Sydney 2018: Day 7 - Athletics (Stream 1)
Athletics is one of the most popular sports of the Invictus Games. Competitors challenge themselves over two days of track and field events at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Scheduled start and finish times are approximate, taking into account the needs of the participants and organisers. All times shown in AEDT. Subscribe now: http://ab.co/2y2hbGM Like ABC TV: http://facebook.com/abctv Follow ABC TV: http://twitter.com/abctv Follow ABC TV: http://instagram.com/abctv
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#02 Unboxing CAMISA FRANÇA JOGADOR BRANCA Era aliexpress 09/08/2014
LINK DA COMPRA : http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6130509920.html lINK DA LOJA : http://www.aliexpress.com/store/432545 E ASSIM FOI A CORREIA DA CHINA ATE MINHA CASA : 2014.07.15 18:25 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.07.15 18:25 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.07.05 14:57 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.07.05 14:57 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.07.05 10:45 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.07.05 08:17 (GMT-7): Opening 2014.07.04 20:40 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.07.04 20:40 (GMT-7): Collectio CODIGO DE RSTREIO: RC992284892CN
"Education First (EF)" Gap Year Program
Invest in your dreams on the ultimate study abroad experience. Achieve fluency, see the world, expand your international network – and launch your global future. Study for 6, 9 or 11 months and start in April, June, September or January. College credit and internship opportunities ensure you’re always adding to your resume during the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll become a citizen of the world by studying alongside students from 100 countries. Study French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, or Japanese abroad and live the language with EF. Short term courses are also available year round. For 50 years, EF has helped millions of students become citizens of the world by breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. Through cultural exchanges, educational travel, language training and degree programs we are the World Leader in International Education. Program Location(s): International — France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, China and Japan Contact: Admissions Office Phone: 1-800-992-1892 Website: www.ef.com/year
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Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America
Secretary Pompeo, Vice President Pence, and Secretary Nielsen, along with Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray and Secretary of Government Alfonso Navarrete, co-host the second Conference for Prosperity and Security in Central America, at the Department of State., on October 11, 2018. A transcript is available at https://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2018/10/286571.htm and https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-vice-president-pence-conference-prosperity-security-central-america/.
2# unboxing aliexpress boné HOMEM DE FERRO 3
2014.12.01 14:36 (GMT-7): Produto entregue***** 2014.11.26 11:21 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.11.26 11:21 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para RFB - LIBERADO SEM TRIBUTACAO/BR 2014.11.10 14:00 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.11.10 14:00 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.11.01 13:20 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.11.01 13:20 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.11.01 11:10 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.10.31 16:19 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.10.31 16:19 (GMT-7): Collection total mais ou menos 31DIAS valor pago- 6.43 US$ +OU- 16,20reais LINK DO PRODUTO- http://pt.aliexpress.com/item/New-Fashion-Autumn-Summer-Sport-Iron-Man-Baseball-Cap-Unisex-Adjustable-hats-for-Women-and-Man/2046671305.html LINK DA LOJA- http://pt.aliexpress.com/store/1455247
Compra no AliExpress- Micro SD 32gb adaptador
2014.08.05 14:54 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.08.05 14:54 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.06.22 13:43 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.06.22 13:43 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.06.22 13:43 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.06.22 11:24 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.06.21 21:09 (GMT-7): Opening 2014.06.21 13:16 (GMT-7): Opening 2014.06.20 17:05 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.06.20 17:05 (GMT-7): Collection http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6123737102.html
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Menor Filmadora HD 720p Do mundo   aliexpress
Mini câmera- aliexpress paguei 28,00 não fui taxado entregue 15/08 2014.07.30 12:11 (GMT-7): Conferido 2014.07.30 12:11 (GMT-7): Recebido/Brasil 2014.07.23 15:47 (GMT-7): Encaminhado 2014.07.23 15:47 (GMT-7): Em trânsito para UNIDADE DE TRATAMENTO INTERNACIONAL - BRASIL 2014.07.23 12:55 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange 2014.07.22 18:14 (GMT-7): Postado 2014.07.22 18:14 (GMT-7): Collection VÍDEO TESTE DA MINI CÂMERA HD 720 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2AbW...
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Maritime Asia: Securitization of the China Seas
The Institute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, in collaboration with the Department of Politics & International Studies, University of Cambridge, is convening a workshop on “Maritime Asia” with a focus on the “securitization” of the China Seas in the 19th and 20th Centuries. This public forum presents the highlights from the workshop. Anchored in the disciplines of historical and international studies, we view “securitization” as a process of politicization that is geographically defined, historically contingent, resource constrained and trans-temporal in its effects. We also view securitization as the formation of a discourse that is contingent upon complex speech acts in multiple sites. What can we learn from China's modern history about the nation's long-term aspirations as a maritime power? How does Beijing pursue naval preeminence in a post-Cold War political economy of globalizing connections and multilateral agreements? As China aspires to become a major Asian maritime power in the 21st century, we propose to examine the how, why, and the so what, internally and internationally, about its significance.
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ERUPTION 8 Yassin Yass vs Clayton Holiday
“Give, but give until it hurts.” ― Mother Teresa DEX Fight https://www.facebook.com/groups/181410365384253/ WMC Aotearoa https://www.facebook.com/WMC-New-Zealand-315037585269882/?fref=ts Sparton Gym https://www.facebook.com/Spartan-Fitness-Performance-GYM-1437222216538335/?fref=ts Unbreakable Fightwear https://www.facebook.com/UNBREAKABLEFIGHTWEAR/?fref=ts Ascension Gym https://www.facebook.com/AscensionGym/?fref=ts
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Procedure to parcel your bike in indian railways ( in hindi )
How to book bike or motorcycle , scooty in train , what is the procedure , how much time it will take to reach destination station , how much money or fare will be charged , is it safe and damage free , know all answers in this video
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Air Defense Zone and Land Problem Caused Fight Between U.S. and China Defence Minister.
Follow us on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/chinaforbiddennews The U.S. and China defense ministers have been discussing the disputed East and South China Sea, hacking by spies and other recent issues in a Beijing meeting on Tuesday. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel accused the CCP of unilaterally declaring its air defense identification zone over the disputed waters. CCP Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said China is prepared at any time to cope with any type of threats and challenges to safeguarding sovereignty and territory. On April 8, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel criticized China again for unilaterally establishing an air-defense zone over the East China Sea during a joint press conference in Beijing. Hagel said: "The United States has been very clear on this issue. And that is that, first, every nation has a right to establish air defense zones, but not a right to do it unilaterally, with no collaboration, no consultation. That adds to tensions, misunderstandings, and could eventually add to, and eventually get to, dangerous conflict." China Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said China stands ready to resolve the issues through negotiations with the countries directly involved and remains prepared to safeguard its territory. He warned that the U.S. should watch out for Japan and shouldn't let it get out of control. The U.S. refused to accept several times that Beijing's declaration of the air defense zone last October over a large swath of the vast China Sea, including disputed islands controlled by Japan. Xia Ming, New York City University political science professor: "It is very tense in the East China sea region, especially in relation to the Diaoyu Islands dispute. China's regime is trying to elevate the conflict, and the response from the U.S. and Japan must not be one of approval." The defense secretary arrived in Beijing after a stop in Japan where he told reporters that China must be more open about its military build-up and have greater respect for its neighbors. Chief editor Wu Fan of U.S.-based Chinese magazine China Affairs says the relations between China and Japan have been strained since the Diaoyu Islands were acquired at the end of 2011. The issue has been shelved until Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office last year and advocated that the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan without discussing with China. Wu Fan, chief editor for China Affairs magazine: "Another target for the CCP's declaration of the air defense identification zone is for the Diaoyu Islands. They're including the Diaoyu Islands inside the air zone and overlapping Japan's air zone immediately aroused strong opposition from the U.S. and Japan." Commentator Wu Fan says the CCP's air zone targeted the Diaoyu Islands, but not to provide a solution. Wu Fan:"The internal reason is to take manipulate nationalist thought to have it explode outwardly. Once any aircraft entered the air zone without listening to the commands and supervision, they would take it down. As a result, the CCP wants to get people riled up to firm up political power in order to bolster its military morale for a second generation of the red army for outward expansion." Wu Fan says the CCP intended to use patriotism to divert domestic social crises, but instead got netizens' cynicism and blame from those with nationalist sentiments, resulting in a loss on both sides. Last year, 3 days after the CCP's declaration of the air zone in the East China Sea over the Diaoyu Islands and warned that trespassing foreign aircraft would be shot down, U.S. bomber planes came to challenge. Later, South Korea and Japan's Self-Defense Forces military aircrafts have taken similar action without informing China. It sparked Chinese netizens' ridicule and international media attention. The so-called "air defense identification zone" also became an international laughing stock. Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily commented that on the Diaoyu Islands, as well as the East and South China Sea sovereignty issue, China has always been the biggest talker with the least action. In addition, Hagel publicly urged the CCP to be more open on military intentions during the press conference. Hagel also warned that it will undermine Beijing's reputation if they continue to support North Korea. He encouraged Chinese leaders to do more to restrain North Korea's destabilizing military tests in the region and play a larger role in containing the dangers posed in the region. The U.S. Defense Secretary also called for more transparency in order to "prevent misinterpretations and misunderstandings and, ultimately, to reduce the risk of a conflict." 《神韵》2014世界巡演新亮点 http://www.ShenYunPerformingArts.org/
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Remittance Market in the Philippines
Speaker: Shivshankar V. The Philippines, an archipelago of 7107 islands, is an important remittance market in Asia. Over 9.5 million overseas Filipino workers send over US$ 24.3 billion (10.7% of the GDP) every year which makes Philippines the third largest recipient of remittance in Asia after India and China. In this video, our resident expert in the Philippines talks about the remittance market and about the project of MicroSave in which we are supporting a consortium of financial institutions in the Philippines to set up a remittance company catering to unbanked migrant population in rural areas.
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Alan Mulally of Ford: Leaders Must Serve, with Courage
Alan Mulally, president and chief executive officer of the Ford Motor Company, discusses the turnaround effort at Ford, which took the automaker from an annual loss of $17 billion in 2006 to its most profitable period in more than a decade. Mulally explains that leadership takes courage, to have a point of view about the future and to pursue it in the face of resistance and doubt, in service of something great. Related article: http://goo.gl/9eXZx More about the View From The Top speaker series: http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/vftt All View From The Top videos: http://www.youtube.com/course?list=EC5C14B375A7F2FEA8 Chapters Introduction: A Leap From Airplanes To Autos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=0m01s The Branding Of Ford: A Worldwide Venture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=3m01s Student Participation: Bailing Out Ford http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=5m44s The Ford Vision Past And Present http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=9m54s Production And Investment Vs. Demand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=13m05s Student Q & A: Transportation Solutions For The Future http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=14m30s Student Q & A: Ford's Survival Sets An Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=18m03s The Google Car: Who's In Charge? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=22m27s Student Q & A: The Ford Turnaround http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=24m49s The New Job: Day One And Beyond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=33m59s There Are No Mistakes: Testifying Before Congress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=37m13s Student Q & A: American Car Manufacturer, A Global Concern? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=41m45s Student Q & A: The Return Of The Ford Worker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=43m54s Student Q & A: The Ford App? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=47m15s Student Q & A: The Right Credit Helps Sell The Car http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwz1KlKXP4#t=49m10s
The Putin Files: Joshua Yaffa
Watch New Yorker journalist Joshua Yaffa’s candid, full interview on Putin and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election – all part of "The Putin Files", FRONTLINE's media transparency project. Explore Yaffa's full interview and interactive transcript here: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/interview/joshua-yaffa/ Explore the complete "Putin File" experience here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/interview-collection/the-putin-files/
Amanda Levete
Amanda Levete will discuss AL_A’s latest projects, with a particular focus on two recently completed museums: the Victoria & Albert Museum Exhibition Road Quarter in London and the Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology – MAAT – in Lisbon. She will look at how these cultural projects were conceived as urban projects and the importance of public space in our museums as well as the exceptional craftsmanship and intense collaborations that made both a reality. The lecture will explore the thinking that underpins AL_A’s work across scales, from the Ceramic Table to Central Embassy in Bangkok. She will address the need to advance the debate and why both narrative and emotion in architecture remain as vital as ever. Amanda Levete CBE is a RIBA Stirling Prize winning architect and founder and principal of AL_A, an international award-winning design and architecture studio. Since its formation in 2009, AL_A has refined an intuitive and strategic approach to design. Collaborating with ambitious and visionary clients, we develop designs that are conceptualised as urban projects not just buildings and projects that express the identity of an institution, a city or a nation. Recently completed projects include the Victoria & Albert Museum Exhibition Road Quarter (2017) in London, the V&A’s largest building project in over 100 years; MAAT (2016), a Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon, commissioned by EDP, one of the world’s foremost energy companies; Central Embassy (2017), a 1.5 million sq ft luxury shopping mall and hotel in Bangkok on the former grounds of the British Embassy; a 13-hectare media campus masterplan and a 37,700m2 headquarters building for Sky (2016) in London; and MPavilion 2015 in Melbourne. Ongoing commissions around the world include the transformation of the flagship Galleries Lafayette department store on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris; a new centre for the cancer care charity Maggie’s in Southampton; two new buildings for Wadham College at the University of Oxford; The Courtyard, a series of community mixed-use developments on 39 sites across Moscow; and the Monte St Angelo subway station in Naples. For over a decade, Levete was a trustee of both leading social innovation centre the Young Foundation and the influential arts organisation Artangel. She is a regular radio and TV broadcaster, writes for a number of publications including the New Statesman and Prospect and lectures throughout the world. She is a Visiting Professor and MArch tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. In 2017 Levete was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours list and made a CBE for services to architecture. Levete trained at the Architectural Association and worked for Richard Rogers before joining Future Systems as a partner in 1989, where she realised ground-breaking buildings including the Media Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground and Selfridges department store in Birmingham.
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Margaret McCurry Lecture: Ross Lovegrove
Ross Lovegrove is a designer and visionary whose work is widely considered to be the very apex of his field, stimulating a profound change in the physicality of our three-dimensional world. Inspired by the logic and beauty of nature, his designs embrace technology, materials science, and intelligent organic form, creating what many industry leaders regard as the aesthetic expression of the 21st Century. Lovegrove's designs reflect his deeply human and resourceful approach; he strives to imbue everything he designs—from cameras to cars to trains, aviation, and architecture—with optimism, innovation, and vitality. His work has been published widely in design journals and he is author of Supernatural: The work of Ross Lovegrove (Phaidon, 2004) with essays by Greg Lynn, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Cecil Balmond. Lovegrove has won numerous international awards and his work has been exhibited internationally for over twenty years, including shows at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Guggenheim Museum NY, Axis Centre Japan, Pompidou Centre, Paris and the Design Museum, London.
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10 Questions — What is SPACE?
Astronomer, Andrea Ghez; urbanist and architectural theorist, Dana Cuff; nanoscientist, Paul Weiss; and artist, Rodrigo Valenzuela explore the question, "What is SPACE?" Both an upper division undergraduate course and a series of public conversations open to the broader community, "10 Questions” provides a platform for vibrant conversations that engage multiple disciplinary viewpoints. Community members have a special opportunity to experience the conversations that drive innovation at the university, as leading scholars from disciplines as diverse as dance, medicine, photography, astrophysics, athletics, Chicanx studies, law, philosophy, religious studies, and more join Brett Steele, Dean of the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, to explore one question each week. These interdisciplinary conversations are a catalyst for dialogue and exchange, seeding a greater understanding of the profoundly interdisciplinary nature of knowledge production in the 21st century.
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Audiobook : Freedom From The Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti
◼◻ To study Krishnamurti's Teachings:◼◻ http://ktea.ch/us Widely recognized as one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the twentieth century, Jiddu Krishnamurti taught that in order for there to be peace in the world, we must each first make peace with ourselves. No spiritual path, leader, or personal or political philosophy will guide us in this endeavor, he said; this transformation of the human psyche is a truth that each of us must discover within.Krishnamurti teaches that the war and destruction human beings wreak on each other and the environment are caused by our misplaced attachment to a sense of self and individuality that leads to aggression, competition, greed, and conflict. When we recognize that our consciousness is not individual but common to all humans, we can work together in a spirit of cooperation and compassion. Krishnamurti shows that taking personal responsibility for our actions and reactions-in our relationships and in our lives-is the necessary first step toward a global view. Foreword: This book has been written at Krishnamurti's suggestion and has his approval. The words have been chosen from a number of his recent talks (in English), taped and previously unpublished, to audiences in various parts of the world. Their selection and the order in which they are presented are my responsibility. MARY LUTYENS Narrator :Adam Behr Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-from-the-Known/dp/B0025ZAMYM/ To listen this audio book by chapters : https://krishnamurti-teachings.info/video-series/freedom-from-the-known-audiobook.html To Download it: https://mega.nz/#!v1li1YYQ!2RnV2uuS9CNcbJLU8W6T0z08oj7cKaV-caLbCox3sbk ◼◼◼ ◯ 𝔽𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 ◯ ◼◼◼ ◼ L'essence de l'Enseignement ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFcoreFr ◼ L'Enseignements de Krishnamurti ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFTeachFr ◼ A propos de Krishnamurti ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFBioFr ◼ Information Internationale ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFInfoFr ◼ Donations ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFHelpFr ◼ Boutiques en ligne ⤷ http://ktea.ch/KFShop
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Frank Miller and Klaus Janson - 100 Years of Genius: The Life and Legacy of Will Eisner
SVA Library and SVA Cartoon Allies presents 100 Years of Genius: The Life and Legacy of Will Eisner, an intimate conversation between Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, who will discuss the pioneering comics-industry legend and former SVA faculty member Will Eisner. Frank Miller, comic book writer and artist, film director, screenwriter and producer is best known for his comic works Batman: The Dark Knight, Ronin, Sin City and 300. SVA faculty member Klaus Janson is a comic book artist best known for his work on the comic series The Dark Knight, Daredevil, Punisher and Superman.
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HLS Library Book Talk | Anthea Roberts, "Is International Law International?"
Anthea Roberts is Associate Professor in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) at the Australian National University. She specializes in public international law, investment treaty law and arbitration, and comparative international law. Anthea previously taught at the London School of Economics as well as Columbia and Harvard Law Schools. Book talk panelists include Professor Naz Modirzadeh and Professor Mark Wu. This talk is co-sponsored by the Harvard International Law Journal.
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http://ThoriumRemix.com/ Thorium is an abundant material which can be transformed into massive quantities of energy. To do so efficiently requires a very different nuclear reactor than the kind we use today- Not one that uses solid fuel rods, but a reactor in which the fuel is kept in a liquid state. Not one that uses pressurized water as a coolant, but a reactor that uses chemically stable molten salts. Such a reactor is called a "Molten Salt Reactor". Many different configurations are possible. Some of these configurations can harness Thorium very efficiently. This video explores the attributes of Molten Salt Reactors. Why are they compelling? And why do many people (including myself) see them as the only economical way of fully harnessing ALL our nuclear fuels... including Thorium. This video has been under development since 2012. I hope it conveys to you why I personally find Molten Salt Reactors so compelling, as do the many volunteers and supporters who helped create it. Much of the footage was shot by volunteers. All music was created by: http://kilowattsmusic.com To support this project, please visit: https://patreon.com/thorium Entities pursuing Molten Salt Reactors are... Flibe Energy - http://flibe-energy.com/ Terrestrial Energy - http://terrestrialenergy.com/ Moltex Energy - http://www.moltexenergy.com/ ThorCon Power - http://thorconpower.com/ Transatomic - http://www.transatomicpower.com/ Seaborg - http://seaborg.co/ Copenhagen Atomics - http://www.copenhagenatomics.com/ TerraPower - http://terrapower.com/ Bhabha Atomic Research Centre - http://www.barc.gov.in/ Chinese Academy of Sciences - http://english.cas.cn/ Regular Thorium conferences are organized by: http://thoriumenergyalliance.com/ http://thoriumenergyworld.com/ Table of Contents 0:00:00 Space 0:17:29 Constraints 0:28:22 Coolants 0:40:15 MSRE 0:48:54 Earth 0:59:46 Thorium 1:22:03 LFTR 1:36:13 Revolution 1:44:58 Forward 1:58:11 ROEI 2:05:41 Beginning 2:08:36 History 2:38:59 Dowtherm 2:47:57 Salt 2:51:44 Pebbles 3:06:07 India 3:18:44 Caldicott 3:35:55 Fission 3:56:22 Spectrum 4:04:25 Chemistry 4:12:51 Turbine 4:22:27 Waste 4:40:15 Decommission 4:54:39 Candlelight 5:13:06 Facts 5:26:08 Future 5:55:39 Pitches 5:56:17 Terrestrial 6:08:33 ThorCon 6:11:45 Flibe 6:20:51 End 6:25:53 Credits Some of this footage is remixed from non-MSR related sources, to help explain the importance of energy for both space exploration and everyday life here on Earth. Most prominently... Pandora's Promise - https://youtu.be/bDw3ET3zqxk Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - https://youtu.be/Pun76NZMjCk Dr. Robert Zubrin - https://youtu.be/EKQSijn9FBs Mars Underground - https://youtu.be/tcTZvNLL0-w Andy Weir & Adam Savage - https://youtu.be/5SemyzKgaUU Periodic Table Videos - https://youtube.com/channel/UCtESv1e7ntJaLJYKIO1FoYw
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PM Lee Hsien Loong’s Speech at the Debate on the President’s Address 2018
PM Lee Hsien Loong's speech in Parliament at the debate on the President's Address on 16 May 2018.
In Tune With the Infinite audiobook - by Ralph Waldo Trine - New Thought Audiobooks
http://www.fairy-media.com/ Download free app for android or iPhone (and other devices) with dozens of great self help books, music for meditation, space sounds, binaural beats and everything you need for personal development and spiritual enlightenment. In Tune With the Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine - FULL AUDIOBOOK Ralph Waldo Trine was an important New Thought writer. In Tune With the Infinite is often cited as the inspiration for Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. As with all New Thought writers, Trine's work helped to shape the current crop of self-help books, such as The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking, and The Law of Attraction.
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China and Latin America Forum
On May 19th at International House, the first China & Latin America Forum provided an unique opportunity for renowned academics and researchers to discuss the future relations between the Chinese and Latin American regions. At this critical juncture in history, with changing American and Chinese policies towards Latin America, we are proud to count with the presence of top experts in the economic and foreign policy fields. This event was sponsored by the International House Global Voices Program, the Organization of Latin American Students, the Center for East Asian Studies, the Center for Latin American Studies, the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, the Graduate Council, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, and Student Government. If you experience any technical difficulties with this video or would like to make an accessibility-related request, please send a message to [email protected]
Charles Jencks, “The Architecture of the Multiverse”
Charles Jencks AB ’61 BArch ’65 is a cultural theorist, landscape designer, and architecture historian. Among his many influential books are Meaning in Architecture (1969), The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (1977), Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation (with Nathan Silver, 1972), The Daydream Houses of Los Angeles (1978), Bizarre Architecture (1979), and The Architecture of the Jumping Universe (1997). He is also co-founder of the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres, named for his late wife Maggie Keswick, and has written about this project in The Architecture of Hope (2015). Jencks has taught and lectured widely and served on numerous juries and selection committees; his work has been recognized with numerous awards and honorary degrees. As a landscape designer, Jencks has completed several projects in Scotland, including the Garden of Cosmic Speculation (2007) and Jupiter Artland (2010). In his lecture, he will speak about his ongoing project the Crawick Multiverse, about which he writes: The cosmos is almost the measure of all things and provides a referent and subject, a focus otherwise hard to find in present day society. With a few architects the patterns of nature and the architecture of the universe have partly reemerged as a shared meaning and iconography. At the same time the Multiverse has emerged on the agenda among scientists. Is this now a subject of thought and ultimate meaning? I have explored it in the architecture of the multiverse, an unfinished project. Where it leads, the imagination follows.
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VTC - ITE Student Seminar 2011 - Metal Group 4
VTC ITE Student Seminar 2011 Metal 4
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