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5 Ton army truck update 1
2 of the newer M925's and M923's on the farm.
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Tuff Truck-U.S. Army M813 5 ton@ Clark County Fair 2018
Aug 11 2018 Ridgefield,Wa.
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5 Ton army truck update 2
Checking out the rest of the trucks we have.
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basic 5 ton operation
basic operation for m923
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M813 6x6 5 Ton Military Cargo Truck
Fully Reconditioned M813 Military Dump Truck. View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/1/4263/M813-C-200-69 Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com
M923 5-ton 6X6 Military Truck
Here is a quick rundown of the 5-ton. I am selling this one for 8K. Has extremely low miles on it brand new fluids and everything new filters I also installed a spin-on oil filter kit so you don't have to have the old canister style. This is one nice truck at a very very good price.
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BMY Harsco M925a2 5 ton military truck
This video is about m925green
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Military Five Ton B.O.V.
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Sublimity Harvest Festival Tractor pull 2014 - m923a2 5 ton 6x6 445 foot pull
1993 BMY m923a2 doing a full pull plus all the way to the fence in sublimity oregon
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Driving around a 5 Ton 6X6. Model M923A2
Driving around a 5 Ton 6X6. Model M923A2 Military Cargo Truck. The M939 series 5-ton 6x6 truck is a family of United States military logistical transportation trucks which was designed in the late 1970s and remains in service.
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5 ton army truck cold start
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Checking on a atver that crossed the lines and looking for a path to get to him and his quad.
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M820 6x6 5 Ton Military Truck Expansible Van
Fully Reconditioned M820 Military Truck with Expansible Van. View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/1/4287/M820-Expansible-Van-Military-5-Ton-Truck-C-200-48 Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com
M923 5 Ton In the Woods
"How the Fauk did you get that up in here?" Well by driving through the trees. Or over the trees. I preferred to drive over anything less than 7 feet rather than let it rake down the sides. Don't want to scratch it right?
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M62 5-Ton Wrecker
US Army Training Film TF 9 2218, Recovery Equipment M62 Medium Wrecker (5-Ton). Produced in 1956, this TF shows several field situations where the crane and winch capability of the M62 is employed to recover a stuck vehicle or the M62 itself.
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Epic Low Miles M923A2 5 Ton Military Truck by Diesel Joe
A cherry-picked MONSTER in museum-quality shape! This ‘95 BMY 5 Ton Cargo and Troop Carrier truck was decommissioned in March 2014 and is awaiting its first real owner! It is fully road-worthy, has a Virginia title, registration, and is insured. A Red River Army Depot complete rebuild, top-to-bottom in 2009, this truck saw near zero use afterwards. Yes it is used, and you can’t expect it to be perfect, BUT, Super-low miles (475) and hours (211) indicates this truck is like new and never endured a hard life to begin with. Search the internet high and low, shop all you want, you WILL NOT find another 5 Ton with this small amount of use. This truck is a rare find indeed! Under the hood is the bigger MORE POWERFUL and most sought-after Cummins 6CTA 8.3 Liter In-Line 6 Cylinder Turbo-Supercharged Diesel engine. The powertrain is an automatic Allison MT654 (sweet!) 5-speed transmission and a 2-speed Rockwell transfer case. The full-time 4X4 switches to a 6X6 with a small lever in the cab. Weighing in at 21,500 lbs, this THOR of a truck can carry 10,000 lbs. (5 tons) in the bed, plus tow a military trailer with 5,000 lbs. (2 ½ tons). 14’ dropsides allow for easy loading, and you could lower the troops seats (never before used) to haul friends and family to previously inaccessible hunting grounds or flooded areas. Squeaky clean interior, quiet engine, power steering easy enough to turn with a finger, and smooth shifting makes driving this BEAST a pleasure. Highway speeds up to 65 mph allows a surprisingly good 10-11 mpg. This hard-core truck also sports creature comforts such as in-cab heater to keep your toes toasty warm in the winter. Extra features just added include locking door handles, anti-theft and safety devices, and even brand-new Interstate batteries (6 Ts). DC Metro traffic gives you an unusually wide berth and scampers out of your way as you cruise along. You get a clear view ahead since the truck stands at just over 10’ tall! Other drivers get a clear view of the massive 48” tires, high clearance of the undercarriage. The nimble ABS brakes allow the truck to stop on a dime, and give change. Equipped with a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), a push of the button allows you to regulate the tire pressure and go across any terrain, sand, or mud. This TORQUE MONSTER can power through the toughest off-road conditions and go anywhere – it would be almost impossible to get this truck stuck! This truck has a cool pedigree, belonging to 3/319 AFAR in 1st BDE, 82ND Airborne. All The Way! Sports a Chaplain bumper number thanks to its current owner  No warranties express or implied, this truck is for sale “as-is” with no promise as to condition or working order, or mechanical soundness (Legal speak for “once you buy it, it is ALL yours, including any problems that might crop up later, and you won’t get mad at me if something breaks or is already non-functional). Contact Diesel Joe for an appointment to see this beast in action…no joyrides, Class B CDL or CDL permit needed to drive. We started with the cleanest stock 6X6 M923A2 Drop Side Cargo Truck from the military that we could find. We cherry-picked this super-clean truck off the lot! You won’t find a 5 Ton locally or on the internet that has such low miles and hours as this truck. This truck could fetch a ransom, but we want to pass along the fine heritage, prestige, and provenance to a collector who will baby this truck. Be prepared to stand out in any military reunion, hunting trip, fair, parade, truck show, wedding, off-road rally, or night on the town. This is one of the most rugged, go-anywhere work or play trucks that you will find! After a day in the mud with this truck, get your hose out, spray it down and as soon as it dries, valet park it at the nicest restaurant in town and have a nice dinner. I guarantee that it will be left out front waiting for you after dinner - both for the attention it will draw AND for the fear you'll see in the valet's eyes at the thought of trying to park it! Clear Virginia title, registration, and inspection in hand, this bad boy is street-ready. NOTE THAT THE BOTTOM OF THE CARGO BED IS A WHOPPING/SHOULDER-STRAINING 59" (4 Foot 11 Inches!!) OFF THE GROUND!! PERFECT FOR GROCERIES;-) Army Navy Air Force Marines Deuce Jeep Camouflage
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5 ton desert chase  (HD 1080p)
This was my short film submission for a video contest at infowars.com.
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Modified 5-Ton U.S. Military Truck
Here is a very serious piece of Military hardware! A 1970 Keiser/Jeep manufactured 5 ton truck..It has Rockwell 5 Ton axles and a PTO driven 10 ton winch,and it used to be a wrecker but was Modified to have a shortened transport bed fitted to it...It runs and drives great.....watch my next video to see us drive it!!!
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5 ton Army truck crushing Hyundai.
My buddies M923 running over a Hyundai sonata. Just testing it out before the zombie apocalypse.
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M929 6x6 DUMP TRUCK 5 Ton Military Truck Army Vehicle
Fully Reconditioned M929 Military Dump Truck. View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/2/4831/ Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com
5 Ton Army Dump Truck Hauling Home Trees for Future Projects
We had the opportunity to hual home a load of trees for future projects like fencing or making timbers on the sawmill. #essentialmountainhomesteading #homesteading #ruralliving #cabinbuilder #homebuilder #diyhomebuild #howtobuild #cabinliving #mountainliving
5 Ton Army Truck .. Tries to Conquer Bounty Hole.
5 Ton Army Truck .. Tries to Conquer Bounty Hole with a young man driving and his dad navigating down the deep bounty hole at iron horse. Videoing some of the Baddest to the Bone Mud & Mega Truck Slinging Swamp Mud and Mega Truck Racing.
Views: 12505 Mudd Boggin in Florida
M925 5-ton drive driving on interstate
1985 AM General M925 out for a drive.
Views: 3495 Chris Cary
Army 5 ton Wrecker recovery
owner parked at top of hill to let his dog out . He claims the truck rolled down the hill and into the ditch . No plates no title no insurance . Count allowed the owner to pay the bill and I dropped it off at his house 100 feet down the road . 3 Hours round trip for me . I did not realize it was a wrecker until I pulled it up on the road . The boom was buried in the bank and you couldn't see it . m I thought it was pulling hard when I tried to walk it out of the ditch . Go figure it was 12000 lbs heaverier then a flat bed army truck . What a beast . Owner got over $1800 dollars in fines and was told the truck was never to be on the highway again until it was legal .
5 ton Tough Truck
Views: 98953 Dan Vaupel
5 ton army truck pull
Video from nesredna74
Views: 2714 Josh Andersen
5 Ton Military Truck Crushes Car
5 Ton Military truck having some fun crushing cars. Gets stuck on a tiny Honda and blows a tire.
Military M923 5 Ton 6x6 Car Crusher: The Affordable Zombie Apocalypse Truck ( Part 3 )
The military M923 5 Ton 6x6 truck is a monstrous off-road machine. It can tackle gnarly terrain, but it can also serve as an everyday car crusher. The last part is a joke, but folks at Plan B Supply did crush a car in a controlled environment. Please don't try this at home. This was done in a closed area with a professionally prepared car. ( http://www.planbsupply.com ) Please Visit for More information Check us out on: Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/tfltruck ) Twitter: ( https://www.twitter.com/tfltruck ) and now even Truck Videos on YouTube at: The Fast Lane Truck ( http://www.youtube.com/user/tflcar ) and classic cars as well at: TFLClassics ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ClassicsUnleashed )
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5 Ton Army Truck Crushing Soft & Crunchy Things | Try Not To Get Satisfied
Join Tony as he crushes soft & crunchy things with a 5 ton ARMY TRUCK! It's ridiculous :D also 1 like = 1 cookie Join the Alliance► [http://bit.ly/SubscribeToTCTN] Check out the FULL playlist for 200+ videos► [http://bit.ly/2kiuEEL] ----------------------------- ► So what happened in the video? Well.. It started out with me explaining what will be happeningi n the video. Crushings things with a tire has been done before, even I did it a few days ago, crushing soft & crunchy things with a car, a normal sized car tire to be precise. So today I wanted to spice it up a notch, and I got a friend to lend me a 40 year old, 5 ton army truck, that we can use to tire crush things, make a short satisfying video for a second channel I will be opening. But I used that opportunity to make a little behind the scenes vlog, where you can see what is actually happening while recording this type of Satysfying videos! If you read this, write "Banana" in the comments ----------------------------- ► TCTN Social Media: Instagram [http://instagram.com/tonytctn] Twitter [http://twitter.com/TCTNGaming] Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/TCTNGaming] Steam Group - [http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TCTNGamingFans/] ----------------------------- Background music: Kevin MacLeod - [http://incompetech.com/] JayMan - [https://ourmusicbox.com/] Danijel Zambo - [https://soundcloud.com/danijel-zambo] Mitchell Miller - [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8UHxPqt79eYdo1fsz7zYA] Plasma3Music - [https://www.youtube.com/user/Plasma3Music/videos] ----------------------------- Copyright • TCTNGaming 2018
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Shifting Gears: Military 5 Ton Dump Truck
Driving it back to the shop from a close jobsite
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M816 6x6 5 Ton Military Wrecker Truck
View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/4/2502/M816-5-Ton-6x6-Military-Wrecker-Truck-WR-400-14 Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com
5 ton m818 army truck
5 speed
Views: 3354 OCEAN CRUSH
5 ton Texas army truck m923a2 6x6
Mudding in the 5 ton
Views: 9866 timothy hopp
Modified 5-Ton Military 4x4 truck
After washing and semi detailing my friends Modified 5-ton military truck,I found the bed cover and installed it for him....Now I think it looks as cool as it ever did..It is an awesome piece of US Army history and will be around in Chucks family for years to come....Hope you enjoyed this?.
Views: 20945 sum12see
Military 5 Ton 6X6 Dump Truck Hauling Mud
few clips of the general hard at work on its first job
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M929A1 6x6 5 Ton Military Dump Truck AM General
Fully Reconditioned M929A1 Military Dump Truck. View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/2/2536/M929A1-5-Ton-6x6-Military-Dump-Truck-D-300-83 Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com
M931A2 5 Ton- hooking up gooseneck
Hooking up the 30 ft gooseneck to the 5 ton, getting ready to haul
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Army 5 ton  tow
I din't get the last bit of the tow on my first vid . This is after winching the truck up on the road . I flat towed it for about 30 feet to get the rear axles out of the ditch . After pulling it up on the road I realized it was a rotating boom wrecker . The wrecker unit was buried in the bank and we couldn't see it . I should have been able to walk the truck right out of the ditch if it had been a flat bed army truck . Add the extra 4 tons of weight and it pulled a lot harder then I expected .
Military Deuce & A Half (2.5 Ton) & 5 ton Trucks W/Snow Plows
A collection of video's & photo's of Military Deuce & A Half trucks (2.5 ton) & Military 5 ton trucks with snow plows.
Views: 10102 Chris Maynard
1952 M62 5 Ton Military Wrecker for Sale atthe.com
1952 M62 5 Ton Military Wrecker. AWD 6x6. 10 Wheel. 12 Speed (6 with splitter) Continental 6 Cyl. Turbo Diesel. Air over hydraulic brakes. Wayne Austin Hydraulic Boom with 360 degree swing. Front & Rear winches. Tow Bars. A frame boom support. Outriggers. Authentic OD & Military Markings. Runs excellent. Email [email protected], call 603-724-6945 or visit our website at www.atthe.com
Views: 12236 Sales Department
M923A2 5-Ton 6x6 Cummins 8.3L Tubo Diesel
For Sale my totally awesome 1990 M923A2 6x6 Cummins 8.3L I-6 Turbo Diesel Just over 28,000 miles on this go anywhere truck! Starts easy, drives easy, and gets lots of waves, thumbs up, and honks everywhere you go! Runs perfect and leaks no fluids at all.
Views: 50241 pearljamfan99
M923A2 6X6 Military 5 Ton Doomsday Truck
M923A2 6X6 Military 5 Ton Doomsday Truck
Views: 8158 Eric Lashley
M929A1 6x6 DUMP TRUCK 5 Ton Military Vehicle AM General
Fully Reconditioned M929A1 Military Dump Truck. View more info on this truck here: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/2/2537/M929A1-5-Ton-6x6-Military-Dump-Truck-D-300-84 Or View our full inventory of Military Vehicles at http://www.oshkoshequipment.com

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