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PREVANCE PROPERTY BRIDGING FINANCE | ADVANCING VALUES From short term loans, auction funding or bridging finance, Prevance offers it all. Prevance enables you to receive a cash injection of funds when it is needed most, eliminating waiting periods for monies that are determined and will be payable to you at a future date. Let Prevance give you access to the bridging finance you need. Contact Prevance today www.prevance.co.za
Cabarrus County Revaluation - Your Property Values - 2015
This video explains the role of assessors and how property value is determined in Cabarrus County. For more information call 704.920.2126 or visit cabarruscounty.us
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Residential property values up an average 6.6% in 2015
The Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer Mike Lonergan says 300,000 property owners are getting their value notices now. Residential property values are up an average of 6.6% in 2015. Find out which area of the county values went up the highest, and what the numbers mean for folks who are still underwater.
2015 Property Taxes & Property Values with Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor
http://themoneyhour.com Lloyd Hara is a veteran public official, currently serving as the King County Assessor. He has served as a Seattle Port Commissioner and was King County’s youngest auditor. He also served four terms as Seattle City Treasurer. In The Money Hour segment today, Lloyd shares updates from the Assessor’s office about valuations in King County and what’s happening with your property taxes in 2015.
Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Commercial Property Values
Todd Kuhlmann joins Michael at the National Association of REALTORS Annual Conference in San Diego to discuss the impact of interest rates on commercial real estate. #NARannual #CRE #NAR
Property Values August 2015
We caught up with Tim Lawless this week from CoreLogic RP Data this week to find out what happened with property values and rental returns nationally in the month of August. We also asked him a couple of questions to do with the effects that the recent ‪#‎APRA‬ changes were having on the market, and what his thoughts were on the current situation in China and whether that would have any effect on Australia.
(Real Estate Values - How To Pull Accurate Real Estate Comps)
(Real Estate Values - How To Pull Accurate Real Estate Comps) List Stacking Software =====https://goo.gl/NaXbNL Sites: - Zillow.com - depending on your market might not be to accurate - Realtor.com - Yahoo Real Estate - truilia.com - RedFin - realquest.com -eappraisal.com -findmycompsnow.com Importance of accurate real estate values? Comps, or comparables, are regarded as one of the single-best tools in determining a home's value. and sadly, that being said, not many investors know how to do it correctly. Its a common mistake for real estate investors to focus on one resource to pull their comps, whether it be a realtor, Zillow, Trulia, it's important for you to remember these are just references. For Example: - over-evaluate - YOU over-pay - under-evaluate - YOU lose money You still have to consider: - condition of your home - condition of competition - bought and sold in the last 90-180 days - type of real estate - lease option, short sale, wholesale, etc Real Estate Comps For Sale Properties - Local tax appraisal - good free reference - Service Companies - paid websites - send you reports - Court House searches - disclosures - texas = non-disclosure - Newspaper Listings - sometimes - Master the Area - Familiarize yourself with a specific zip code, or mapsco area. - Call owners of other properties for sale in area - Realtor/MLS - properties bought and sold in the past 90-180 days (Zip) - same criteria - Property type - house vs. duplex - same neighborhood - adjacent streets can differ in value quite a bit - $$$/sq. foot - compared to average of comps - # of beds and bath - age and style of home - 1 or 2 stories - condition of home - lot size - backyard - amenities - pool, storage house, etc.. - looking for average values - mls automatically does this - drive-by - if a competing property is similar in almost every way, but differs in price, you should check it out in person to see why - the yard - landscaping - exterior - paint and general repair - traffic and noise - by a street or not - garage or covered Note: Beware of comps pulled by some realtors. Unless you tell them exactly what you are looking for they may pull comps that benefit them more than you. Calculating Sales Price: After removing all inaccurate comps, take the remaining properties, average their $/sq.ft and multiply that number by the total sq.ft of the property you are interested in. This will be a good starting baseline. You might need to adjust based on your assessments of other 'for sale' properties in the area. Sites: - Zillow.com - not very accurate - Realtor.com - Yahoo Real Estate - Loopnet.com - commercial - RedFin -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Make 17k On One Deal Wholesaling Houses" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltXt3pYTUnU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- We Buy House Cash T -Shirt https://goo.gl/DJHg8G
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2015 FCC Farmland Values Report
Get valuable insight into provincial and national land values across Canada with this overview of the 2015 Farmland Values Report. • Each year, FCC releases its Farmland Values Report which highlights the changes in the price of farm property in Canada • As a whole, national farm property values have grown by 10.1% which follows the trend of rising land values over the last 20 years • While farmland values are increasing, the rate of growth is slowing down for a second consecutive year and varies greatly across the country • Even though the overall outlook is positive, you should still be cautious when planning your business’ future
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Location Drives Waterfront Property Values
In this segment, we explore the issue of Location as a Waterfront Value Driver. Location is always important when it comes to real estate, but it is important to understand how Location affects waterfront property values. The most important characteristic of Location for waterfront properties is the subject property's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Obviously, if a property has direct beach frontage on the Gulf of Mexico, I think it's fair to say that it doesn't get much better than that. However, from a boater's point of view, there simply aren't any boat docks on the beach, so a boater will want to own a property that is as close to the gulf as possible. Why? Why not! Having your boat in the back yard is about convenience, and close proximity to the gulf equals quick gulf access. A common question from waterfront buyers is, "How many minutes to the gulf by boat?" Boaters pay a premium for a shorter commute to the gulf by boat. Another value driver for boaters is proximity to open water whether that happens to be a bay or river. There is a pecking order for canal properties ranging from the lots closest to, and farthest from, open water. Most every boater would choose a property one lot in from open water as opposed to a lot that might be a mile up the canal. Buyers pay a premium for lots closer to open water. People love brand names whether they are buying shoes or waterfront property. The waterfront community you choose makes a statement about yourself and your perceived status. Have you ever heard of "Port Royal?" There are premiums associated with each different waterfront community brand name. If you are considering building a new home on the water, would you prefer a street where there are already several new homes? Or, would you prefer to be the first to build a new home on the street? There is a reason why those new homes have already been built, and yes, there is a premium for lots adjacent to those new homes. Surrounding neighborhoods also drive waterfront values. Would you be willing to pay more or less for a waterfront property with a manufactured home community next door? What types of properties do you pass on the way to your waterfront property? Some streets simply feel better than others. If you pay particular attention to the location details of a specific waterfront property, you will better understand the market value. Trae Zipperer, your Waterfront Authority, WaterfrontAuthority.com
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Updating Property Values
Go to: https://www.TrueRent.com Online Property Management Software built for Landlords and Property Managers. Fast, Free and Easy-to-Use. Simple accounting, collect rents online and more. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mytruerent Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/truerent Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TruerentSoft... Go to: https://www.TrueRent.com
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Understanding Property End Values
Let Susannah Cole walk you through the details of her latest Buy to Sell property investment. She breaks down the figures and explains how important it is to know the end value of your property. Susannah’s expert advice? Even though you may be certain of the value of the house you’re buying, you still need to always do a final check with the estate agents. She also talks about the advantages of open-plan living spaces when it comes to renovating a property before putting it on the market. If you want to learn how to make serious cash in property and get exclusive access to property training workshops and mentoring programs, be sure to visit http://www.thegoodpropertycompany.co.uk. Download our FREE 101 PROPERTY PACK: http://www.thegoodpropertycompany.co.uk/resources/100-lessons/
Real Estate Medford, Property Values Are Up, Again.
Property Tax Statement have been mailed, 120,000 of them. Hear how the county arrives at Real Market Value for your property and how new construction is valued. The answers might surprise you. Josh Gibson, county assessor also reports overall valuation for January 1, 2015 is 7% countywide with some places higher and some lower in value than a year ago. Josh and David talk with Pete Belcastro and Joe Brett for today’s show. For real estate or property evaluation information - contact us [email protected] 541 621 7036
08. Property values in Cypher Pattern Matching
Property values in Cypher Pattern Matching
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Marijuana legalization expected to increase rural property values - Feb 10th, 2015
For more, visit http://kobi5.com - Copyright KOBI-TV. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated. This material may not be downloaded, published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission.
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How to insert or update values to properties file dynamically using java
change value of properties file during program execution
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How Rental Income Affects Property Values
Today, Greg Harrelson explains to us the relationship between rental income and property value. Be sure to leave any questions you have about this topic in the comments below! Century 21 The Harrelson Group http://www.c21theharrelsongroup.com Myrtle Beach Area Real Estate Phone: (843) 903-3550 At Century 21 The Harrelson group, we are all about knowledge. Our agents take extensive training in marketing, working with sellers, working with buyers, and all around customer service at its best. Our website provides extensive photos and information on every community of homes for sale in the Grand Strand, and is always a work in progress. Founder Greg Harrelson spends his time studying the local market and training agents to be the best they can be for our clients.
Heritage Hill Historic District Property Values
1973 v 2010 Created by Emily Morgan & Chelsea Sturza
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Dallas, Texas Home Values Report for January 2015
Browse more Dallas, TX real estate reports @ http://dfwteamrealty.com/dallas-homes-and-real-estate/dallas-home-values/ Find out what Homes are worth in Dallas, Texas with the latest January 2015 market report from DFW Team Realty. See latest housing trends, foreclosures, recently sold properties and other important real estate data. For Dallas, TX Home Values info: http://www.dfwhomevaluesreport.com/dallas-homes-and-real-estate.php Use our Power Search and you'll get customized email alerts for homes in your area along with personalized home searches and the ability to save any homes you like. Visit http://www.dfwhomevaluesreport.com for more info. Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/DFWHomeValuesReport https://twitter.com/DFWHomeValues http://google.com/+Dfwteamrealty http://www.linkedin.com/company/dfw-team-realty/ For the latest real estate news, home values reports and home deals.
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WKMG Local 6 Interview - Property Values and TRIMs
Rick Singh, CFA, Orange County (FL) Property Appraiser is interviewed by WKMG Local 6's Mike Holfeld regarding the 2015 property values for Orange County, FL and the new information residents will get on their TRIM (Truth-In-Millage) notices.
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How the City Knows How Much My Property is Worth: Explained with Statuettes
How does the City know how much my property is worth? In order to figure out the value of your property, the city uses a process called "mass appraisal." City assessors start by reviewing sales data on all the properties that have sold in Edmonton in the previous years, and they sort that data based on the type of property. All the houses grouped together, all the condos grouped together and all the offices grouped together. Then, they use sales and property data on different types of properties to create a statistical model of property values, which lets them figure out how things like the size of the property, the neighbourhood it's in and what year it was built, affect its value. Then, assessors compare your property to this model to determine what your property would have most likely sold for on July 1st of the previous year. Finally, assessors review the results and make adjustments if necessary to make sure the model is working right. Think of it like a vintage store. To figure out the value of this super-fly ceramic pug statuette, the store looks at what different stores are selling ceramic dog sculptures for. Then, it compares the individual ceramic pug against the results, considering things like: How much have models of canines lovingly hand-crafted in clay sold for in the past, the quality of the pug in question and where exactly ‘ol Captain Snickerdoodle comes from, in order to figure out its—sorry, his—specific value. And again, to make sure the results check out, there’s someone who can come along and take another look. And that’s how the City uses mass appraisal to figure out how much your property is worth. For more information on property assessments and what a good boy Mr.Snickerdoodle, yes he is, visit http://edmonton.ca/assessment.
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Affordable Housing: Property Values
Having Affordable Housing next door to you will likely have no effect on property values. http://www.affordablehousingedmonton.ca
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Grubb Properties' History and Values
Grubb Properties Overview Video
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Real Estate Financial Modelling - Property Values
In this first lesson we will show you what the yield is and how to calculate the property values using it.
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Inside 'Zillow Talk': How Street Names Affect Property Values
Your address doesn’t just say where you live – it also says a lot about your home value. In their new book, "Zillow Talk: Rewriting the Rules of Real Estate," Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff and Chief Economist Stan Humphries uncover the most valuable street names in America. Find out more at http://www.zillow.com/zillowtalk/. The first hardcover of this book was published as Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate. ‘The New Rules of Real Estate®’ is a registered trademark of First Team Real Estate. See https://www.firstteam.com for more information about The New Rules of Real Estate.
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Accurate Property Values
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Metro residents have mixed feelings on increasing property values
For the first time in years, property values are going up in the metro. Subscribe to KCCI on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/QY3wuM Get more Des Moines news: http://kcci.com Like us : http://facebook.com/kcci8 Follow us: http://twitter.com/KCCINews Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kcci
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120,000 people rush to check Auckland's new property values
Auckland home owners rushed online today for their first glimpse of the council's three-yearly property evaluations. The average property value increased by 46 percent.
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Martinsburg Property Values - Berkeley County Home Values
http://www.MartinsburgPropertyValues.com Get a free home evaluation price report for homes in the Berkeley County WV area
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Listen to Laurie Gral speak at a meeting in La Habra Heights on Sunday February 15, 2015 about property values dropping if you live around oil sites.
Morgan Stanley Banker Says Property Values “Healthy”
Seth Weintrob, managing director at Morgan Stanley, joined REIT.com for a video interview at REITWorld 2014: NAREIT’s Annual Convention for All Things REIT at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Weintrob commented on the current level of property valuations and the implications for deal-making. “Property values are definitely healthy. The values of all assets these days are healthy, and in some sense, when you look at U.S. real estate, there’s a little bit of a Goldilocks environment from an investor standpoint,” Weintrob said. Factors behind the healthy property values include the state of the U.S. economy relative to other international economies, strong property sector fundamentals and expectations that interest rates will remain low for some time, he noted. “In many respects, we’re actually seeing more interest in real estate despite where valuations are,” according to Weintrob. “We’re seeing a lot of equity coming in, and the debt markets are better than they’ve ever been. So, in some respects, I expect activity to continue, if not increase,” Weintrob said. Weintrob also discussed the state of the mergers-and-acquisitions (M&A) landscape heading into 2015. “Our pipeline is probably as robust as we’ve seen it in a while,” Weintrob said. “It’s actually across a range of different sectors.” One area where M&A activity is likely to continue is the retail sector, following the planned merger of Washington Prime Group Inc. (NYSE: WPG) and Glimcher Realty Trust (NYSE:GRT), Weintrob noted. “Retailers continue to evolve in terms of managing the impact of e-commerce and a different sales environment from what we’ve seen in a while. I actually think that will drive continued consolidation (in retail), but, more broadly, I think we’re seeing it across asset classes,” Weintrob said. By Sarah Borchersen-Keto
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Cost Approach, Market Approach, Income Approach
http://prepagent.com for more videos, real estate exam questions and webinars to make real estate exam concepts easy. https://twitter.com/prep_agent https://www.facebook.com/realestateexam https://www.linkedin.com/in/joejuter
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Luton Properties - Our Vision, Mission and Values
Welcome to our Luton Properties YouTube Channel. As the largest privately owned real estate agency in Canberra. We offer our clients unequalled and consistent service from all of our nine offices, servicing Canberra and its surrounds.
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The Lombardi Files - Property Values
Help me out on Patreon! ▼Patreon▼ https://www.patreon.com/EastsideShowSCP Read along with me! ♣Read along: http://www.scp-wiki.net/property-values Social Media! ♣Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EastsideShowscp ♣Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eastsideshow Other ♣Music by Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com/ ♥Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe!♥
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Zillow: Rents Rising Faster Than Home Values
According to an analysis by online real estate platform Zillow, the cost of renting a home in the U.S. is increasing faster than average home values. While home prices have risen, mortgage rates have remained low enough to keep the cost of buying a home more affordable than renting, in terms of the percentage of gross income spent on housing—and that gap appears to be widening for the first time in two years. On today’s Real Estate Minute, find out why anyone with good credit and enough savings to afford a down payment should be shopping for a home to buy. Be sure subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest real estate tips and news: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=expertrealestatetips And for more of my real estate and personal finance tips: Read my blog: http://thinkglink.com See my tweets: http://www.twitter.com/glink Follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ilyceglink Here’s the URL for the Zillow report on rents vs. home values: http://www.zillow.com/blog/rents-vs-homes-values-176508/
How property assessment and taxation works
Find out how your taxes are calculated, based on the value of your home.
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HELLO FRIENDS, in this video i am going to explain the eigen values and eigen vectors of matrix and some important question of this which is very usufull for gate exam, if you like it than like ,comment and subscribe for notifications. for download pdf notes of this video visit https://www.gate2psu.blogspot.in you can also like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/onlinegatecoaching/
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School Bonds & Levies and Property Values
How do property taxes and changing property values relate to school bonds and levies? Watch this short video to learn more.
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Rochester Hills House For Sale, Rochester Michigan Home Values, Everett Drive
Rochester Hills, Search all available Rochester Hills homes for sale at http://www.micitysearch.com/oceola-township/ . Must see colonial located in Country Club Village of Rochester Hills with a great kitchen featuring maple cabinets, granite countertops and hardwood floor through out the main level. This four bedroom home has an open floor plan with a natural wood burning fireplace in the family room. Spacious bedrooms, a great master bath with jetted tub and dual sinks and a full walk out basement. For a showing of this or any Rochester Hills house for sale Call or Text 248-692-4755. To see your homes value click here: http://www.micitysearch.com/cma/property-valuation/ To search all available Michigan Homes Visit: http://www.micitysearch.com/
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Property Taxes 101
Property taxes are calculated based on the assessment values set by BC Assessment. This video provides a simplified explanation of the relationship between your assessment value and your property taxes.
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Home values expected to rise throughout 2015
First-time home buyers may be feeling a little stressed during their search. 22News is working for you in Longmeadow with information about the house buying market.
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City of Austin suing the state over how property values are determined
The City of Austin today sued the state and the Travis county appraisal district over the system that determines the value of property in the city.
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Impact of governance on Real Estate values
Welcome to Magicbricks Webinar Series, our endeavor to trigger a buy and bring back consumer confidence in the real estate market. We have initiated a series of Webinars conducted by industry experts to give you all a crisp insight of real estate industry. One of the recent webinar session conducted on 17th Dec, 2015. The topic of the session was Impact of Governance on Property Values . Our Guest speaker was is Mr V Suresh, Former CMD, HUDCO and Advisor, Good Governance India Foundation & Muncipalika. Along with him, we have E Jayashree Kurup, HEAD - CONTENT & RESEARCH, Magicbricks.
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Eng/Hindi/Nat The bubble seems to have burst in Bombay's real estate market. A booming economy and a shortage of available land have placed property prices in the Indian financial capital among the highest in the world. But in recent weeks real estate values in some parts of Bombay have fallen by more than a quarter. Bombay, India's financial nerve centre and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Tens of thousands of fortune seekers flock to this sprawling metropolis each year - and accommodating them is a business that rakes in billions for builders and developers. Prime location property in Bombay is often more expensive than in London or New York. The construction industry thrives on scarcity. Experts say the extraordinary rise in property prices has been fuelled by the opening up of the economy and a chronic shortage of available land. SOUNDBITE: (English) "In the process of liberalisation, the demand was obviously unleashed, particularly speculative capital investor demand. Now that caused prices to inflate to unheard-of levels - to the extent that, so I am told, months ago Bombay was seen as being the most expensive capital in the world for both residential and commercial. Now that clearly couldn't be sustained - it's totally unrealistic." SUPERCAPTION: Michael Thompson, Colliers Jardine, Real Estate Agents The bubble however seems to have burst. The last few months have seen a virtual shutdown in the real estate business. Property prices in some parts of the city have fallen by more than a quarter. Many investors believe prices have reached a natural ceiling. Builders argue the only problem is a temporary cash squeeze. SOUNDBITE: (English) "This recession has come mainly on account of cash crunch. There is lot of liquidity crunch in the market today. We do not have adequate supply of finance from financial institutions. It is not able to cope up with the demand." SUPER CAPTION: K.V. Satyamurthy, Builders Association Pans to tackle poverty are also being blamed for the property slump. The state government wants to build four million houses for slum dwellers. SOUNDBITE: (Hindi) "Poor people know that they are going to get houses for free. And because of this there is a definite fall in land prices in and around Bombay. But despite this fall, there are no buyers - and that is a real cause of concern. Millions of rupees have been invested in this industry - what will happen to it now " SUPERCAPTION: Prakash Mehta, Minister for Housing, Maharashtra State According to construction industry figures, almost half of the newly constructed flats on the outskirts of Bombay are lying vacant. Builders see no chance of the market recovering in the near future as all potential buyers are adopting a "wait and watch" policy - obviously hoping for the prices to fall further. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/ed6da1898350c0816f7aac146c064384 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Troy Michigan House For Sale, Troy Home Values, Hidden Ridge
Troy, Michigan. Search all available Troy homes for sale at http://www.micitysearch.com/troy/ . Hidden Ridge cul-de-sac nestles this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath colonial on a beautifully landscaped 77x282 lot! Located in award winning Troy school district, this home features a spacious living room with built-in shelving & fireplace. Kitchen has plenty of cabinet space and door wall leads to large deck overlooking park like setting that backs to open area framed by mature trees. Full, partially finished basement and large master with full bath will not disappoint. A little TLC will go a long way on this one, hurry before its gone! For a showing of this or any Troy house for sale Call or Text 248-692-4755. To see your homes value click here: http://www.micitysearch.com/cma/property-valuation/ To search all available Michigan Homes Visit: http://www.micitysearch.com/
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Ag Answers Australian Farmland Values 2015
The value of land underpins our farming businesses and rural communities. That’s why Rural Bank’s specialist insights division, Ag Answers, has produced the inaugural Australian Farmland Values 2015 report. View the report at https://www.ruralbank.com.au/for-farmers/ag-answers/farm-land-values
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#floydloans / Using Cap Rates to find Commercial property values
In this video, I explain how to value income property using a Cap Rate by Floyd Brown Produced by Michael Schindelheim [email protected]
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