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How to Book the Best Hotel Room for Your Money
Watch more How to Have a Great Hotel Stay videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/183709-How-to-Book-the-Best-Hotel-Room-for-Your-Money You've spent all year saving up for your dream vacation. The last thing you want is to end up in a hotel room that ruins the whole trip. Step 1: Before you begin looking, decide what your dream hotel room would be. Do you want a great view in a high rise, or would you prefer the ground floor of a cozier establishment? Do you need room service? A pool? A location in the middle of a city, or near the airport? What is your price range? Tip Join the loyalty program of any hotel you are considering. Step 2: Check the web sites of hotels in the area for their advertised rates. Then go to travel web sites and check their hotel rates, which are often cheaper if you are booking a room well in advance. Typically, you should find rates that are at least 25 percent lower. Step 3: If you find a few hotels you like and they all seem similar, check travel web sites to read customer feedback. Still undecided? Choose the newest or most recently renovated hotel – just make sure any renovations have been completed before your trip. Step 4: Before you book online, call the hotel and speak to a reservations agent, who might be able to offer you an even better deal, especially if your dates are flexible. Tip If the hotel's part of a chain, don't bother with the toll-free number, which probably connects to a centralized call center rather than the particular location you're interested in. Step 5: Ask the representative for a discount or an upgrade, mentioning clubs or organizations you belong to that might entitle you to discounted rates. Step 6: Consider the hotel's amenities, and whether they might save you money. A rate that’s slightly higher than a competitor's might be worth paying if the hotel includes an airport shuttle, wireless internet or a business center, or breakfast. Step 7: If you're unsatisfied with the offered rate, use your previous research. If you found a cheaper rate online from a competing hotel, mention it and ask if they'll match it. Step 8: Before you reserve, be clear on exactly how much the room will cost, including taxes and any other fees. Then, book away! Did You Know? The Hotel del Coronado, near San Diego, Calif., has hosted 10 U.S. presidents, beginning in 1891 with Benjamin Harrison.
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Attraction & Dating Tips : How to Make a Hotel Room Romantic
Making a hotel room romantic can be as simple as packing a few candles, dimming the lights and playing soft music. Find out how to make a hotel room romantic without spending any money with advice from a dating coach in this free video on romance. Expert: Donna Barnes Contact: www.donnabarnes.com Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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How to Know How Much to Tip at Hotels
Watch more How to Tip in Every Situation videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/217923-How-to-Know-How-Much-to-Tip-at-Hotels Do you have to tip every person who touches your luggage during a trip? We've got the answer to that question, and other travel quandaries. Step 1: Carry small bills Keep a lot of dollar bills on hand when you travel so you never have to choose between stiffing someone and over-tipping them. Step 2: Tip the luggage handlers Give the skycap – the person who helps you with your luggage at the airport - and the bellhop – the person who carries your suitcases to your hotel room - $2 for the first bag and $1 for each additional suitcase. Step 3: Tip for transportation Slip the doorman a dollar for hailing you a cab. If there’s a parking attendant, give them a dollar or two whenever they bring your car around. Step 4: Leave something for the housekeeper Leave $2 to $5 per day for the cleaning staff. If there’s no designated envelope, ask the front desk for plain ones or wrap the cash in a piece of paper with 'housekeeper' written on it. Tip Tip bellhops, valets, housekeepers, and other hotel personnel about the same in most places around the world. The exception is Japan, where tipping is not only not expected – it’s considered rude! Step 5: Check the room service policy Check the room service policy before you add a tip to the bill; many hotels tack on a gratuity. Step 6: Compensate the concierge Don’t feel you have to tip the concierge unless they do something special, like arrange tickets to a sold-out show. No need to tip them for giving you directions or making a dinner reservation. Did You Know? Twenty-six percent of American travelers polled say they avoid the bellman and the skycap to avoid having to tip them!
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Make More Money as a Housekeeper with Toilet Paper Origami
Based on the book "Toilet Paper Origami" by Linda Wright at http://www.tporigami.com, this video introduces a trendy way for housekeepers to increase their income using a simple supply that is always at hand. Tune in now to find out how! Linda Wright is also the author of "Toilet Paper Crafts", released May 2010 at Amazon.com. Linda Wright is also the author "Toilet Paper Crafts", available at Amazon.com.
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How to Get a Time-Share
Watch more How to Have a Great Hotel Stay videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/195385-How-to-Get-a-TimeShare Step 1: Examine your motives Examine your motives for wanting a time-share. If you’re looking for a vacation spot that you can return to year after year—or trade for spots in other locations—this is for you. If you’re looking for a good investment, try something else. Step 2: Examine your options Examine your options carefully. When you buy a time-share you can buy a fixed time in a fixed place; a floating arrangement, where the dates you use your time-share are flexible; or an arrangement where you can choose between different locations and times using points. Step 3: Consider hotel time-shares If you buy a time-share affiliated with a large hotel chain, you know you’ll be getting a certain level of elegance, cleanliness, and reliability. This is almost like having an annual pre-paid hotel room. Tip Hotel time-shares also provide you with a large number of people to trade with and are often easier to sell, if you decide to do so. Step 4: Talk with a salesperson If you’re visiting a hotel that has a time-share program, there’s often a time-share salesperson in the lobby. Hear what they have to say, but never buy without thinking about it for a day or two. Step 5: Consider condominium time-shares If you aren’t interested in a share in a hotel chain, look at condominium time-shares with large networks. Again, this will provide you with a certain amount of reliability, as well as a larger group of people to trade with. Step 6: Know the facts Know the facts before accepting a free vacation offer from a time-share company. Read the fine print: they will probably have age and income requirements; there might be an advance deposit that isn’t refundable under certain circumstances; and there might be hidden fees. Tip It’s always wise to see your time-share before buy it. Step 7: Check blackouts Know what the policy on blackout dates is. Some time-shares will only be available to you at certain times of the year, so if you’re looking to vacation during a particular holiday, you’ll want to confirm that it will be possible before buying. Step 8: Call the BBB Whether you’re planning to buy or planning to take a 'free vacation,' always call the local Better Business Bureau to see what sort of information they have about the time-share company. Step 9: Read time-share laws Before buying, request a copy of local time-share laws from the resort, or from the local government. Make sure you understand them. Step 10: Consider a time-share resale Consider buying a time-share resale from an owner. It’s usually a much cheaper option. Tip If you buy a resale, chances are you’ll have to pay in cash. Step 11: Take the plunge If you’ve done all of your homework and have found the place for you, go ahead and take the time-share plunge. Bon voyage! Did You Know? The first time-share surfaced in the 1960s—it was a ski resort in the French Alps.
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How to Know How Much to Tip in Restaurants and Bars
Watch more How to Tip in Every Situation videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/217924-How-to-Know-How-Much-to-Tip-in-Restaurants-and-Bars Don't get indigestion trying to figure out who to tip the next time you dine out. Rely on these guidelines from etiquette experts. Step 1: Know the general rule Remember that tipping is voluntary –you are under no obligation to reward bad service. On the other hand, don't forget that many workers rely on tips to supplement low hourly wages, so don't stiff someone for no reason. Step 2: Take care of your server Tip your server 15 to 20 percent of the bill before tax – less if your service was unsatisfactory. If a sommelier helped you choose wine, tip them 10 percent of the cost of the wine or $20, whichever is less. No need to tip at a buffet unless a server brought you something, in which case 10 percent of the bill is sufficient. Tip Don't penalize your server for problems with your meal caused by the kitchen. Voice your concerns to the restaurant manager instead. Step 3: Don't try to bribe the maitre d' in the hopes of getting a table without a reservation or cutting the line; it's considered bad manners, especially if you're obvious about it. But you can slip them a little something to try to ensure good service. And it's perfectly fine to reward the host with a $10 or $20 "green handshake" on your way out. Tip The trick to greasing a palm is to pass a folded bill, with the denomination visible, out of the sight of other patrons. Step 4: Tip the attendants Give $1 per coat to the coatroom attendant unless there's a fee, in which case there's no need to tip. Tip the restroom attendant at least 50 cents for each visit. Step 5: Take care of your bartender If in a bar, tip the bartender or cocktail server $1 per drink or 15 percent of the tab, whichever is less. Tip a bit more if the bartender had to make drinks involving blenders or shakers. And tip even if it's an open bar. Step 6: When in Rome… When traveling outside the U.S., check what is customary before dining out. Some countries automatically add a service charge to restaurant bills; others expect far less than the 15 to 20 percent that is the norm in the U.S. And in a few places, like Japan, a tip is downright insulting! Did You Know? One theory on the origin of tipping is that the word "tip" is an acronym for the phrase, "to insure promptness," and comes from the 18th-century practice of leaving a few coins on a restaurant table before placing an order.
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Beware of Bad Electrical Outlets in Hotels They can Burn up Plugs
http://www.hobotraveler.com/mobileoffice/index.php - A hotel has an unusual amounts of electrical items plugged and unplugged into their electrical outlets. This video shows how a plug melted because of a sloppy or loose connection. "Join HoboTraveler. A Social Network Connecting Travelers" Discover new places, organize meetups, find travel partners and live abroad with the Hobo Travel Community Members save 1000's of dollars by joining https://www.hobotraveler.com/ and posting specific travel questions to people who are there now, or who have been there. Andy Lee Graham needs your financial support, it costs money to make these videos. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham Donate - Patreons, - Consulting https://www.hobotraveler.com/donate/ Buy cool Hobo products on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/pc85f97 Support, Andy become a "Patreon." https://www.patreon.com/hobotraveler Be on the "Ask Andy Show," Send a selfie video question to: hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com "The Hobo Way," we have escaped from the resort; Join Hobo Traveler to live anywhere https://www.hobotraveler.com Buy Andy's Book, "The Rules of Travel" on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y8xjc5l6
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Financial Crisis On Hotel Industry - Bloomberg
Interview and discussion with the Chairman and CEO of Four Seasons Hotel Isadore Sharp. He says that the business suffer like any other hotel company in the world. (For the Record)
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is your business a home marketing mlm network or a hotel meeting adventure?
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Dubai Burj Al Arab Knows How To Make Money FAST ... learn how
My name is Raymond Aaron. I wrote the book DOUBLE YOUR INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. I also wrote the book BRANDING SMALL BUSINESS FOR DUMMIES. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about wealth creation by clicking here: http://YouTube.com/user/raymondaaron Download a copy of my bestseller DOUBLE YOUR INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE at no charge by clicking here: http://IncomeBookGift.com. Also, you may wish to find out who Raymond Aaron really is on the inside, in his personal life. Subscribe to "Raymond Aaron Friends" here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4xo5073wZ6NWLQoXnSsV2A Share my channel on social media by clicking the links on the YouTube page. Most important, attend one of my amazing wealth-creation workshops held around the world, by clicking here: http://2DayTycoon.com Finally, submit your QUESTION in the COMMENTS section so that I can answer YOUR OWN question too.
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Making a Budget : How to Prepare a Budget
To prepare a budget, collect every expense receipt in an accordion file for 30 days, sit down at the end of the month, and figure out exactly where the money is going. Prepare a budget after analyzing expenses with information from an insurance and financial planner in this free video on personal finance. Expert: William Rae Contact: www.hbwfl.com Bio: William Rae has been licensed in the insurance and financial fields for more than 30 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Housekeeping: Laundry Operations
http://www.ahlei.org The best techniques and laundry procedures save time, money, and potential injuries. This video provides a comprehensive, narrated training program covering all aspects of laundry operations, including preparation, gathering dirty laundry, sorting, washing, drying, folding and storing. http://shop.ahlei.org/Housekeeping-Laundry-Operations-_p_2199.html
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Martin Lewis on Top secret cheap hotels
You can stay in five-star luxury at seriously cut-price rates. Never assume hotel or hostel prices are fixed. Book right and massive savings are possible on UK and worldwide rooms. Read the full hotel guide http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-hotels on how to beat the system.
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How To Identify A Hotwire Hotel Before Purchasing
http://www.hoteldealsrevealed.com Hotwire Help: Example of how to identify a Hotwire hotel prior to reserving the hotel on Hotwire. Uses HotelDealsRevealed.com's Hotwire Hotel List to match up hotel amenities to identify a Las Vegas hotel.
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Scandic -The worlds smartest hotel chain...
Look for more info at www.scandichotels.com Brand presentation of the hotel chain Scandic.Scandic is the Nordic region's leading hotel chain, with 151 hotels in ten countries. We have a total of 6,600 team members ready to make travelling both accessible and comfortable for as many people as possible. Our guests come from across the globe and visit us on holiday and when travelling on business. Our business concept "By developing and operating hotels in Europe under our Scandic brand, we help people recharge with our easy and accessible services." Our aim is to help Scandics guests to recharge their batteries and to reinvigorate them by having an uncomplicated approach and by offering simple and accessible accommodation. We achieve this by simplifying our procedures, offering hotels in locations where many people travel to and taking account of our guests various needs. Our vision "Creating value by being the place and inspiration for conscious people in a better world" We want to be more than just a hotel. We want to be a place where people can come together, meet others and be inspired, whether they are visiting Scandic on business or for pleasure. We want to be a source of inspiration for conscious people and we want to help make a better world. We believe that people are going to become increasingly conscious of the choices they make and we want those conscious people to opt for Scandic because we are a good choice in every way economically, socially and environmentally. Our values As we proceed towards our vision, we measure Scandics progress in three different dimensions we call this our compass for sustainable development. The financial result shows how well we manage our stakeholders money and create financial value. The environmental result shows to what degree we succeed in reducing Scandics environmental impact. The ethical result shows how much we contribute as a committed member of society
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How long Will it take to make Money - Commercial Financing
http://www.commercialfinancingtraining101.com learn how to buy and finance commercial real estate in less than 2 months. Get paid from and commercial financing system. Realistic 6 figure income.
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Start A Home Business Travel The World Make More Money
http://www.rahmanmosby.com Rahman Mosby Discover best home based business letting you travel the world, stay in 5 star hotels free, and get tax breaks of the wealthy. Make $50,0000 a month following a simple proven system. Start a home business with low start up and learn how to start a home business the best way. Use the Network marketing industry to create freedom
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How to E-mail the President
Watch more Politics 101 videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/281833-How-to-Email-the-President Do you have a passionate point of view on a particular issue? Or maybe just a story you need to tell? Well, POTUS is all ears. Step 1: Plan your e-mail Plan what you have to say ahead of time, whether it's a personal story or a political opinion. Step 2: Make your salutation respectful Begin with "Dear Mr. President" or "Dear President So-and-so." This conveys the proper respect due the office and the title. Step 3: Use proper punctuation and spelling Use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. The President is not your IM buddy or your follower on Twitter. Treat your message as an important document. Tip Compose in a word-processing program so that you can spell-check and proofread it before you send it. Step 4: Go to whitehouse.gov Go to whitehouse.gov when you are ready to send your e-mail message. Click on the Contact us icon. Step 5: Fill out the form Fill out the required fields in the contact form that appears. Copy and paste your message into the message box if you've written it. Otherwise compose it now. Step 6: Decide Decide whether you want a response to your message and whether you want your comments to remain private. Check the appropriate boxes. Step 7: Click Submit Click Submit when the form is complete, and your message will be sent. Did You Know? In the early 1800s, mail from New York to San Francisco traveled by clipper ship around the southern tip of South America, a journey that took over three months.
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How to Make Red Velvet Cake
Watch more Cake Baking, Frosting, & Icing videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/139827-How-to-Make-Red-Velvet-Cake Bake a red velvet cake whenever you want to serve a dessert that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Step 1: Preheat oven Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour the cake pans. Step 2: Combine flour Combine the sifted flour and salt in a bowl. Step 3: Color the cocoa Pour the cocoa powder into a small bowl, add the red food coloring, and whisk until smooth. Tip You can use the juice from one 15-oz. can of beets in place of the food coloring. Step 4: Cream the butter and sugar In a large bowl, beat one stick of butter and sugar by hand or with a mixer at medium speed until fluffy. Then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Step 5: Add the flour Switch your mixer speed to low and add the flour a few tablespoons at a time. Alternate mixing flour with adding the buttermilk, vanilla extract, and dyed cocoa paste. Mix the ingredients until all the batter is the same red color, but do not overbeat. Step 6: Mix in the vinegar In a small bowl, stir the baking soda into the vinegar, and then fold it into the batter with a wooden spoon. Step 7: Bake the cake Divide the batter evenly between the cake pans and bake until a toothpick comes out clean, about 30 minutes. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes; then invert the layers onto a rack to cool completely. Step 8: Make the frosting Make the frosting by beating the cream cheese with one stick of butter until creamy. Beat in 1 tablespoon of vanilla. Gradually beat in the powdered sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy. Step 9: Apply a crumb coating When the cake has cooled, place the first layer on your cake plate or stand, spread frosting on top with a spatula, add the next layer, frost the top of that, and so on. Once you’ve added the final cake layer, spread a thin coating of frosting over the entire cake to contain crumbs, and then refrigerate it for 15 minutes. Step 10: Finish frosting Finish frosting the cake by spreading the frosting on top and on the sides. Decorate the top with pecan halves if you like. Did You Know? Tradition has it that a chef at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel invented red velvet cake in the 1950s. But it is also rumored to be a southern, Civil War-era invention.
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Milockie gives you a warning about hotel room safes on holiday
Warning for all travelers about hotel-room-safes in hotels and resorts and cruiseships worldwide. Watch this movie and you know why we give you this warning. Please also warn other people and send them this video Please send this video to your friends and warn them also
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How to Pack Lunch for a Dollar a Day
Watch more How to Manage Your Money videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/262324-How-to-Pack-Lunch-for-a-Dollar-a-Day Brown-bagging is one of the easiest ways to save money, especially if you stock several key items. Step 1: Have breakfast for lunch Have a bowl of homemade oatmeal, a slice of whole wheat bread, and a piece of fruit. Or bring a couple of hard-boiled or deviled eggs. Who says lunch can't be breakfast food? Tip Buy fruits that are in season – and therefore less expensive – or on sale. Step 2: Bring leftovers Dedicate one lunch per week to leftovers by making a little extra of a favorite dinner dish – one that transports easily and tastes just as good or even better reheated. Step 3: Have homemade soup on hand Collect vegetable odds and ends until you have enough to make a vegetable soup. Freeze it in individual portions that you can take to work, along with bread. Step 4: Go vegetarian Make a stew out of lentils, carrots, and sweet potatoes, three budget-friendly foods that are also really good for you. Step 5: Have salmon cakes Mix canned salmon with an egg and whole oats to make fish cakes. Or use leftover mashed potatoes instead of oats. One can makes about four fried patties – more if you use more filler. Take one to work and freeze the rest for later lunches. Tip Canned salmon can be pricey; wait for it to go on sale and then stock up. Step 6: Have a pasta day njoy a homemade pasta lunch once a week; it's cheap, versatile, and can be mixed with whatever you have on hand – cheese, veggies, leftover chicken, a small can of tuna – even peanut butter for a cold noodle dish. Did You Know? Did you know? The average American spends $5.60 a day on lunch.
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Hotel Management School
PCI has revolutionized culinary and wine education by creating programs that give you the skills and experience needed to successfully begin the career of your dreams in less than a year. Now, we have created a hotel and hospitality management degree program that puts you on the fast track to your dream job in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality business. We've combined the European philosophy of impeccable service and hands-on training with the most up-to-the-minute technologies in education. Plus, we've incorporated our award winning culinary and wine school programs so that you'll have the most well rounded education possible. How does PCI deliver a University level education so quickly? It all starts with a world-class staff of seasoned industry experts with years of real world, on the job experience. Unlike teachers with only academic knowledge, our staff knows the real story about what you need learn to truly excel in today's hospitality job market. Also, PCI is full time, five days a week, five hours a day so you can graduate and start earning money sooner. PCI's Artisense method of culinary instruction has become the bellwether of educational excellence, and this hands-on approach is the key to making your hospitality education so effective. In addition to the hands on experience you will receive in our state-of-the art teaching kitchens and when studying in PCI's renowned wine program, you'll get the ultimate educational advantage; By turning theoretical information into in-class, hands-on, roll playing activities, in which students enact real-world scenarios, you'll learn much faster and absorb the material much more thoroughly and permanently. As the "piece de resistance," to your hospitality management education, you'll create a complete business plan for your own hotel, restaurant, or any hospitality business of your choice, which you'll then present to employers from around the world at our job expo. With our hallmarks of attention-to-detail, small class sizes, world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, paid externships, and unparalleled job placement assistance, you can earn your Associate degree and begin your career in as little as 12 months. So don't wait, get on the fast track to a your career in Hospitality Management at the Professional Culinary Institute of California.
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Make Money Playing Piano
Introduction to the new DVD, Make Money Playing Piano. Learn everything you'll need to know to find the best niche for your talent, improve and market your skills, and create longevity as a professional pianist.
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How Not to Run a Hotel
A tongue in cheek look at the fantastic Primrose Valley Hotel in St. Ives, Cornwall.
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Hotel Freebies
How to make ur money back when staying in a posh hotel
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Hotel industry in India
Money Mantra: Mandeep Singh Lamba, MD & CEO of Ten hotels, and Anil Bhandari, chairman of AB Smart Concepts, discuss the issues affecting this sector in India.
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Kangen Use in Hotels
Shows why some Hotels are using Alkaline Ionized water for their cleaning and cooking needs.
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Online Travel Business - Tourism Professor : Kitchen Sink and Killing Revenue
Here's a quick presentation from TourismProfessor.com for those looking to make money online with their own travel & tourism sites. This presentation is about what happens when a travel site is too broad and how to make more money by focusing in on a niche--and what a niche really is in our travel industry.
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Tulalip Hotel Room
You just have to love this room and the resort but listen to this; Making money online can be easy if you're willing to get right after it. You do not need to be afraid to learn what it takes to make money on the internet because it is not rocket science. Let me show you the way to make money online Visit my website; there is no cost, http://www.probloggeek.com. I also promote affiliate marketing and this is your quick launch to making money on the internet so visit my website http://www.kvmaudio.com. With your keen interest to make money quickly and safely from the internet I would suggest that you join my email list to get information first hand on work at home business opportunities, affiliate offers that will pay you the best and to be the first in receiving the bonuses I offer my select group. Some of the bonuses are F_R_E_E eBooks, training videos and great audio interviews. Be on the forefront by acting now to join! Go to my website http://www.nomisdice.com/select.htm. As an added bonus I will send you immediately my eBook "Craigslist Advertising Revealed".
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Rent a 5 star Hotel Room With One USD
Would you say to us that we are crazy, if we told you, that you can buy a house for as low as $1 USD? Well, you may be right, but thats the crazy concept behind COINMAD that dates back in 2006. Upon reading an article in a news magazine, about a man who managed to accomplish a series of trades with other persons around the world, offering as a start his Red Paper Clip for other items and in the end managing to own a house (!), we thought hey, why not being able to do this with money instead of a Paper Clip? So, the idea kind of started as a procedure of finding a way to be able to offer a certain amount of money and wait for other people to make offers to you in order to get your money, but without having in mind something that you want in return; instead, have the other persons do it for you! And you never know, you may be receiving offers of items or services that you have never even imagined! Like a different way of spending your money. With the power of the internet, this idea could create an explosion! Especially for the smaller amounts of money, like $1-2 USD there are not so many things, someone can do or buy nowadays with our website such small amounts could generate a different dynamic Why it took us 3 years to make this web site? First of all, it was very difficult to convert our idea to an appropriate form that could work well for both sides. The people making offers and the people offering their money, or Coins if you prefer. The second issue concerned the language. We are from Greece but we didnt want to restrict the web site to the Greek people only, as this is the real power of CoinMad. The power of your money with the potential to advertize them globally! After taking care of these issues, putting in a great deal of effort, time and money, we are proud with what you see today as CoinMad.com. We are optimistic that our web site will help a lot of people invest their money in a better way, getting them to find great offers and make great deals, without having to think all the time about what they can do with their money, but have other people do it for them. CoinMad also works great for individual people or professionals who might want to make some money. By following the principle that something un-useful for you can be really useful for another person, they could get money by offering items that are cost-free or low-cost for them or by providing services that they have access to, to other users. Our motto is: Any money can be no little for your offer and any offer can attract any money, as long as you are willing to try Coin Mad. :) By the CoinMad Team, 2009
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Best Atlanta Home Based Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs
http://www.rahmanmosby.com Rahman Mosby (216)832-3437 Discover home based business letting you travel the world. Stay in 5 star hotels free, and get paid. Make $50,000 a month using a simple proven system. Master how to start a home business and get tax breaks of the wealthy. Make money while you sleep and travel the world for free. Discover New home based business and fire your boss and live the lifestyle you deserve. Master attracting countless number of online leads right now, using your home based business!
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Hotelvs.com / How to Search the Hotel and Make the Booking
Hotelvs.com We compare the hotel price for you! Empower business and leisure travelers to find the best hotel deals directly from hotels and prominent travel sites. All supply partners includes: Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Expedia.com, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity.com, HotelClub.com, Agoda.com, priceline.com, venere.com and many more....
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Learn how to make money with foreclosure in florida. Get expert training for free!
http://www.jeffkallerprotege.com Learn how to make money with foreclosure in florida. Get expert training for free!
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College Money-Saving Scams
Free tips worth 8 minutes or your money back. How to save money, sneak into events, avoid parking tickets, hide stuff in dorms, fake IDs, use bathrooms, get discounts on cars and hotels, get into a restaurant without a reservation, get liquids on a plane, get out of some speeding tickets, save cash at a movie, and more. http://tinyurl.com/savemoneyscams http://www.kevinnalts.com
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Using Associated Content Articles to Make Money on the Net-$2,000+ a Month!
http://www.makingmoneyeasy-ac.com Using Associated Content articles to make money on the net. How I make money easy by simply typing at home with AC.$2,000+ a Month Easily!
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Jumeirah Buraj Al Arab Inside Complete View 7 Star Hotel Dubai
Jumeirah Buraj Al Arab Inside Complete View 7 Star Hotel Dubai http://get-zone.com/travel.htm?affiliate_pro_tracking_id=24:32:MY
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Hotel Room Strobe Light Travel Tip
http://www.hobotraveler.com/travel-journal/hotel-room-strobe-light-travel-tip.html Show how a lightbulb above the fan can create an annoying light on the hotel room bed. "Join HoboTraveler. A Social Network Connecting Travelers" Discover new places, organize meetups, find travel partners and live abroad with the Hobo Travel Community Members save 1000's of dollars by joining https://www.hobotraveler.com/ and posting specific travel questions to people who are there now, or who have been there. Andy Lee Graham needs your financial support, it costs money to make these videos. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham Donate - Patreons, - Consulting https://www.hobotraveler.com/donate/ Buy cool Hobo products on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/pc85f97 Support, Andy become a "Patreon." https://www.patreon.com/hobotraveler Be on the "Ask Andy Show," Send a selfie video question to: hoboontheroad AT yahoo.com "The Hobo Way," we have escaped from the resort; Join Hobo Traveler to live anywhere https://www.hobotraveler.com Buy Andy's Book, "The Rules of Travel" on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y8xjc5l6
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How to Go on Your First Tour
Watch more How to Start a Band videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/214561-How-to-Go-on-Your-First-Tour Booking a concert tour, especially if it's your first one, is a lot like booking your first gig. You'll have to introduce yourself all over again. Step 1: Budget for all expenses – gas, food, hotels, and incidentals. And don't forget to leave a cushion in case of emergencies. Step 2: If you've been getting airtime in a certain city, or your web site gets a lot of comments from people in one particular area, try to book a gig there. Otherwise, your budget will determine how far from home you go. Make sure your van is in good working order. Tip Get a tune-up for your van before you hit the road. Step 3: Think cheap! On your first tour, you won't be staying in five-star hotels. You might even be staying in your van. Tip Stay in hotels outside major metropolitan areas to save money. Step 4: Just because you're drawing 200 people every time you play in your hometown doesn't mean you'll do the same on the road. Book smaller clubs unless you know you have a fan base. Tip Try to open for an established band in a new city, and in exchange have them open for you in your hometown. Step 5: Promote your shows via your web site and social-networking profiles. The day of a show, book some local morning radio shows for interviews and to play live. You lose sleep, but it's great advertising. Step 6: Get someone to man the merchandise table. If you can't invest in CD's, have someone with a laptop charge people to download songs onto their mp3 players and phones. Step 7: The best way to get invited back to a club is to be professional. So be on your best behavior, show up on time, and meet your obligations to the music club that booked you. Did You Know? Bob Dylan has given more than 2,000 live concerts since 1988.
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N2Deep - Back To The Hotel
N2Deep's official music video for 'Back To The Hotel'. Click to listen to N2Deep on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/N2DSpot?IQid=N2DTH As featured on Back To The Hotel. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/N2DTHiTunes?IQid=N2DTH Google Play: http://smarturl.it/N2DTHPlay?IQid=N2DTH Amazon: http://smarturl.it/N2DTHAm?IQid=N2DTH More From N2Deep Bad Boyz: https://youtu.be/j8vk2r9vYSM More great Classic Hip Hop Videos here: http://smarturl.it/CHHPlaylist?IQid=N2DTH Subscribe to N2Deep on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/N2DSub?IQid=N2DTH --------- Lyrics: Yorker sidin' you know how the song goes In the back, sippin' purple chongos Don't look for trouble but it always seems to find us Forty grippin' panties, sippin' and the seats are right behind us Quick left, one blow, K.O. Hit the road to the next episode In the saga of a few fellas Oh what the hell, I guess I better tell ya It's Friday night, I got a brand new kick on Up in the Henny, for me to get bent on Hit the country club then picked up ML Eighty west, back to the hotel
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How to Find Cheap (or Free!) Places to Crash on Vacation
Watch more How to Have a Great Hotel Stay videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/190706-How-to-Find-Cheap-or-Free-Places-to-Crash-on-Vacation Why waste your vacation dollars on pricey hotel rooms when there are cheaper — and sometimes free — alternatives? Step 1: Network If you don't know anyone in the area you plan to visit, send a mass email to friends and loved ones asking if they do, and if that person would let you crash on their couch. Or spread the word yourself using social-networking sites like Facebook. Tip Take advantage of websites devoted to connecting travelers with people willing to put them up for free, like "couchsurfing.com":http://couchsurfing.com or "globalfreeloaders.com":http://globalfreeloaders.com. Just remember, if you take this route, exercise caution. Step 2: Do a home swap If you'd rather not stay with a stranger, or have one in your home, arrange an apartment or house swap so they're in your place while you crash at theirs. Of course, this is easier if you live in or near a popular travel destination. Step 3: Book rooms in hostels Book rooms in hostels. Contrary to popular belief, most accept visitors of all ages. Step 4: Crash in a convent If you're visiting Europe, check with tourism boards about inexpensive rooms to rent in convents and monasteries. Tip Italy boasts the most church-related accommodations. Step 5: Go back to school Check with local universities; many rent their dorm rooms to travelers during the summer, no age limit involved. Step 6: Catch some z's on buses and trains Plan your itinerary around overnight bus and train trips to save the price of a hotel room. Step 7: Be a pod person Be a pod person. Many major cities now have so-called pod hotels -- places that rent a teeny room for a tiny price. Did You Know? According to one survey, a complimentary breakfast is the most important amenity to travelers when picking a hotel, followed by a swimming pool.
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IGoHoliday.com - How to make a new booking [Tutorial]
Step by step tutorial, which guides you through on how to search for a hotel in a given city, choose among the results and finally proceed to finallize the booking.
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My World Plus - Save Money While Making Money
http://savemoney-makemoney.info My World Plus is a unique home business. This is a business where you can make money and actually save money every week on things like fast food, restauants, golf, hotels and a whole lot more. http://www.savemoney-makemoney.info My World Plus MyWorldPlus mlm network marketing home based business work from home home business work at home income opportunities make money free money make money fast business opportunity business opportunities make money online residual income making money internet business network marketing leads easy daily cash 1 step system network marketing opportunities online business get rich quick usana extra income network marketing business earn money magnetic sponsoring make money from home 1stepsystem money homebased business prosperity automated system making money online network marketing opportunity easy money itv ventures financial freedom passive income income opportunity income get rich monavie free leads gold calling coastal vacations making money on the internet leads how to make money money making opportunities make money at home network marketing training xango
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Kanye West - Heartless
Best of Kanye West: https://goo.gl/2FXUVW Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/AgJE59 Music video by Kanye West performing Heartless. (C) 2008 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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Maxous Benefits Video
http://www.ChooseMaxous.com Maxous Benefits is the most comprehensive and cost-saving coupon program in America! As a member, you will discover that you can save thousands of dollars every year on things such as groceries, entertainment, dining at restaurants and much more. When it comes time to travel, Maxous Benefits has you covered. You can use your membership to get the best price on airfare, hotels and even discounts on rental cars as well. Plus, you can use our Shopping service to save big on brand name items you know and trust. No matter what you need or where you go, Maxous Benefits is here to save you money! For more information visit http://www.ChooseMaxous.com choose maxous choosemaxous maxous maxous benefits consumer benefits adsense affiliate cash vault affiliate making money affiliate program making money affiliate programs at home data entry at home money banner advertising beating adwords best affiliate programs best internet business best online business business from home work business internet making money tool business opportunities business opportunity business opportunity money cash money data entry data entry business data entry job data entry jobs data entry online data entry work at home earn earn cash earn cash online earn easy money earn extra money earn extra money online earn fast money earn from home earn making money online earn money earn money at home earn money easily earn money from internet earn money now earn money on internet earn money online earn money online business opportunity earn money online easy earn money online while earn money quick earning money earning money online easy make money easy money easy money making ideas easy money online easy way to make money ebay ebay business ebay make money ebay selling extra money extra money making fast make money fast money making free make money free money free online jobs free online money making free work from home get money get rich get rich quick google cash home business how can i make money how can kids make money how do i make money how make money how to become a millionaire how to earn money how to earn money online how to get rich how to make money how to make money at home how to make money easy how to make money fast how to make money online how to make more money how to make quick money how to sell on ebay i need money i want to make money ideas for making money ideas to earn money internet business internet businesses internet marketing internet money making idea internet money making opportunity jobs working from home legitimate online jobs make money affiliate make money at home make money from home make money internet make money now make money on ebay make money on internet make money on line make money on the internet make money on the net make money on the web make money online free make money online now make money quick make money surfing make money today make more money making easy money making money making money at home making money from home making money internet making money now making money on internet making money on line making money on the internet making money online making money online business opportunity making money online easy making money online forum making money package making money programs making money quickly making money software moms making money money money affiliate money for surveys money from home money maker money making business money making businesses money making idea money making ideas money making internet business money making jobs money making machine money making opportunities money making opportunity money making scams money making scheme money making schemes money making secret money making secrets money making surveys money making systems money making tips money making websites money now money on the internet money orders online business opportunities online data entry job online data entry jobs online jobs online jobs from home online money online money making ideas online money making opportunities opportunities money pay per click personal loans quick money making quick money making ideas search engine marketing search engine optimization search engine optimization software search engine optimizer search engine ranking second income secrets of making money secrets to making money sell on ebay selling on ebay seo seo optimization seo search engine marketing start making money store ebay things to sell on ebay ultimate wealth package ways making money ways of making money web site design work at home jobs work at home programs work from home work from home businesses work from home jobs for moms work from home online work from home opportunities work from home programs work online working from home choosemaxous.com
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O'Rourke Interview With Chris Brogan - Hotel Websites Need to be More Dynamic
http://bit.ly/4rvcQP "Don't make me hate!" was Chris Brogan's first response to Tom's question about his view on the current hotel website design. In this interview Tom O'Rourke founder/CEO of O'Rourke Hospitality Marketing interviews social media guru Chris Brogan on hotel website design. This video was taken at the Inbound Marketing Summit '09 in Boston, MA. Chris supports our opinion that hotel website design needs to revolutionize and he states that the websites are utterly backwards of what the guests really want. Chris elaborates: It's basically these beautiful majestic pictures. No matter how horrible your hotel is, it's the best possible picture of your venue. It's great to have pictures, its nice to see the layout of the rooms, but take it backwards from the buyer's experience, because ultimately I'm the buyer. I have a really strange set of questions when I'm traveling as a dad, or when I'm traveling as a business guy. As a dad I want to know; What's the biggest room? Can I get a suite? Can I have door-to-door? Basics. If I'm a business traveler I want to know what the desk is like. What chair do I have? Are there 5 plugs for my stuff? Do you give me free Wi-Fi or should I worry about bringing my card? How late is your business center open? So what I'm saying when I say all this is that site design now needs to be a bit more dynamic, and it needs to route me through because right now there's these crazy navigation trees that cascade like rain and have 500 possible ways to go somewhere. This is not how we buy anything. We don't buy groceries that way, we don't buy anything like this, but for some reason hotels think if I offer you 147 things to click on, you might click one. For more information about hotel website design and internet marketing strategies please call us at 978-465-5955
"Why should I hire you?" - Best Interview Questions and Answers
WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU is often the last question you will be asked in an interview. Prepare for it. This is your chance to restate the skills you possess that are most relevant to the position and to summarize your other qualities that make you the perfect person for the job, and that's why they should hire you. Outline your answer before you go in, so that you can answer clearly, concisely, and with confidence. Your answer should be short and to the point. It should reflect your professional background as it relates to current needs and problems of the position. Review the job description and tell how you are the right person for the job by matching up your skill set with each bullet point of the job description. In formulating your answer as to why they should hire you, be sure to address these areas: 1. Determine their goals for the position. This should come up during your research into the company and the position. If possible, talk to others who work for the company. If you are unclear on this point, include it in the questions you ask at the interview and be prepared to incorporate it into your answer. 2. Show you have the skills needed for the job. Based on the goals you have identified in step one, determine how your skills and experience support those goals. If necessary, refer back to your list of skills. Get my Top 10 Behavioral Questions and Answers. http://www.JobInterviewTools.com/star/ GET THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW ANSWER GUIDE HERE: http://www.jobinterviewtools.com Download the Top 10 Questions - http://www.JobInterviewTools.com/top10/
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Joluva Hotel Granada Nicaragua UPDATED
Bienvenidoa a Hotel Joluva en Granada, Nicaragua! Bienvenidos a Joluva!! Hey guys, We ae michael alan and DAngelo with http://TravelCostaRicaNow.com Hey guys we just got back from Granada, Nicaragua which we like a lot weve been there quite a few times. We love it a lot its a beautiful town and Id highly recommend it for anyone traveling around Nicaragua or Costa Rica and has some extra time to go out there. Its a beautiful colonial style city Its old?! One of the oldest Its one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. We like it because the people are nice, the arcutecture of the buildings, they even have the lake Lake Nicaragua right there Which they have some beautiful island you can tour around. They even have a great cemetery with nice headstones and tombs. Right, were going to show you a couple of pictures of those as well. Anyways, when we go there we usually stay at the Joluva Guest House aka the Joluva Hotel which is primarily a gay hotel, buy if youre cool and you dont care, believe me they dont care either Yeah, theyre pretty straight friendly weve taken some straight friends that that have had a good time as well. Weve actually reviewed it before Weve reviewed it before but the last review we did was pretty bland, basic, and plane with no pictures. We didnt show you the hotel we didnt show you Granada we didnt show you anything we just talked about it. So, we thought wed redo it and show you a little bit of the hotel. Give you more information on it as well Just so you know, this has no affiliation with the now defunked Hotel Joluva that was in San Jose, Costa Rica so, theres no connections there. Um, the Joluva Guest House has four rooms 4 rooms and its a small hotel I didnt think it was small! It seemed bigger to me Well, 4 rooms is pretty small, but it does look like a bigger hotel, and its nice and private. The rooms kind of remind you of if you had a extra bedroom in your house or something like that, you know.. Theyre nice. As you can see. They come with lockboxes (safes), ceiling fans, and wardrobes so you can hang your clothes in. and as you can see they definitely have hot water otherwise Christopher would not be taking a shower. Oh, but the water. Well, Granada itself has a water issue where they have water shortages every now and then. But the hotel owners go out of their way to make sure you guys have water here at the hotel. So, they have water tanks so when the water goes out in Granada you guys still have water at the hotel. But it could be an issue. Air-conditioning also, I dont think all of the rooms have air-conditioning. One room does not have air-conditioning so if you are in dire need of air-conditioning make sure you ask for a room that does have airconditioning.. ah, weve always just used a ceiling fan yeah, never had problems, never really needed the air conditioning. So, three of the rooms are basically the same, and the other room is bigger its a bigger apartment style room with a kitchen and living room in there. the only problem with that room if it think there is one is it lines the street. And Im telling you it gets NOISY in the morning and way early in the morning. Granada in general is a very noisy noisy city. So, if youre a light sleeper I highly recommend earplugs whether youre staying at this hotel or another hotel in Granada. If youre a light sleeper earplugs are in need. Definitely! They kept the prices pretty stable since weve been there around $35 to $55. You know what. We thing thats actually undervalued.. yeahm, its pretty cheap. So, we would always encourage you to check the website out. They serve a breakfast there Its more like a continental style breakfast where its toast, juice, milk, fruits, coffee, stuff like that. The guys that run the hotel Jan and Frances. great guys!!! Especially if Jans around they have great stories Great conversations always lively conversations I think between them they speak like a thousand languages or something.. hahahaha Im not sure its 1000, but they speak a lot of them. Anyways, these guys are a great source of info they can show you where to get the best money exchange, they know the good restaurants to eat at, and theyre just fun to talk to. For more helpful travel information on Costa Rica make sure you check out our website and our blog. Our Travel Tip Website- http://www.TravelCostaRicaNow.com michael alan's blog - http://www.DoingCostaRica.blogspot.com/ Our pictures from around Costa Rica - http://www.flickr.com/photos/travelcostaricanow_com/ Our Gay Travel Tip Webpage - http://travelcostaricanow.com/index.php/Gay michael alan's gay blog - http://www.DoinGayCostaRica.blogspot.com Lots more travel tips on video by us - http://travelcostaricanow.com/index.php/Costa_Rica_Travel_Videos
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How To Make Money Promoting Other
Visit : http://cbtuber.com/url/Y1106 for more information.
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How to Get Rich on Habbo Hotel
Just watch this video to find out how to get rich on habbo. if you couldnt see the website link its www.credz.tk.
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