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Copperleaf's Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM)
Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) is a best practice approach used by asset-intensive organizations to improve decision-making and investment planning processes. In part 1 of this series, you'll meet Cuprum (or Coop for short) who lives many years from now, in a strange and distant galaxy. His people's fleet of star cruisers was aging rapidly and soon needed to be refurbished or replaced. Doing nothing posed a huge risk to the crew and galaxy! What to do? In his far-flung travels for the answer, Coop discovers ISO 55000, and meets a hyper-intelligent robot companion C55. Find out how they save the galaxy from dire consequences using Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM). Part 2: Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/xrr4bpkkO_I Part 3: Make Optimal Investment Decisions https://youtu.be/_T3JNCV8FYE Part 4: Manage Performance to Continuously Improve https://youtu.be/H7iXoxyWEeY Part 5: Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk https://youtu.be/c3yOucP26SU
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Walking in a Copper Wonderland
Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, and as per tradition, the Copperleaf team is singing! Join us—and our very own jolly old St. Nicholas—on a walk through our new office and into a "copper" wonderland! Wishing you all the best from all of us this holiday season! The Copperleaf team
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Make Optimal Investment Decisions
The ISO 55000 asset management standard says assets exist to generate value for the organization and its stakeholders. But making the best decisions to maximize this value, with limited resources, is an elusive goal for many organizations. Optimization can help you identify the highest-value portfolio of investments, while respecting all funding, resource and timing constraints. In part 2 of this series, C55 used her unique Value Framework to evaluate all of the diverse projects and determine which ones will deliver the greatest value to the galaxy! But in episode 3, our hero Coop is faced with yet another challenge: there aren’t enough resources to do it all! Plus, there are different ways to accomplish each project, and various ways to schedule them! How will Coop choose the best combination of projects and timing that fit within his budget? Find out how C55's powerful optimization capability helps him evaluate the vast number of possible combinations, and identify the highest-value investment plan—at hyperspeed! Part 1: Introduction to Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) and ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/0Q3iJTOqQrk Part 2: Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/xrr4bpkkO_I Part 4: Manage Performance to Continuously Improve https://youtu.be/H7iXoxyWEeY Part 5: Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk https://youtu.be/c3yOucP26SU
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Copperleaf Grand Opening Celebration
Copperleaf moved to a new office in May 2016, and hosted a grand opening party to celebrate this important milestone. An office inauguration requires some form of ribbon-cutting of course. But considering that most of our customers manage billions in infrastructure assets, we decided to forego the traditional ribbon and cut something a bit more substantial. We toyed with the idea of high voltage transmission lines (assuming we could first locate the switch to deactivate the line), or high-pressure gas mains, and finally settled for a relatively safe and conveniently copper-coloured water pipe. Needless to say, a conventional pair of scissors was not going to do the job. Watch the video to discover the highly unorthodox technique used by Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services to cut the pipe! The video also shows the most important component of our building: its occupants, having fun and visibly proud of their new work environment. We moved in eight weeks ago and it’s been fascinating to see how the Copperleaf team has adopted the new space and its many cool features. In other words and stealing a page from the asset management best practices guide: our new offices have clearly become an asset that is delivering value to all its stakeholders!
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About Copperleaf
Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Our enterprise software solutions leverage operational, financial and asset data to help our clients make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. Watch this video for a brief introduction to who we are, what we do and what it's like to work here. Hear some of our key clients discuss how our decision analytics software empowers them to make faster, smarter, greener and more strategic investment decisions. We are committed to building a better world, one decision at a time. For more information, visit www.copperleaf.com.
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Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000
The new ISO 55000 standard underlines the importance of the concept of value, yet many companies struggle with how to define, measure and communicate value. Value-based decision making (VDM) can help organizations identify the best combination of investments that deliver the greatest value—while respecting funding, resource, and timing constraints. But what does it truly take to make value-based decisions? In part 2 of this series, you'll find out how our fearless Interplanetary Director of Asset Management "Coop" and his hyper-intelligent sidekick C55 tackle this challenge. Join them on their journey to discover what a Value Framework is, how it is created, and how it can help you make more informed and more objective decisions that are aligned to the priorities of your organization—or in this case, the galaxy! Part 1: Introduction to Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) and ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/0Q3iJTOqQrk Part 3: Make Optimal Investment Decisions https://youtu.be/_T3JNCV8FYE Part 4: Manage Performance to Continuously Improve https://youtu.be/H7iXoxyWEeY Part 5: Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk https://youtu.be/c3yOucP26SU Script: Coop is now the director of Interplanetary Asset Management. There are so many different projects being brought to him–new solar deflectors, interplanetary communication system, asteroid mining—not to mention maintaining all of the existing assets!!! How can he possibly choose between all of these very important, yet completely different projects? Coop needs a consistent way to evaluate everyone’s requests and recommend the projects that deliver the greatest overall value to the galaxy. He calls on his trusty sidekick C55 who tells him they need a Value Framework to analyze and evaluate everything. To create the framework, C55 says Coop must first understand the overall goals of the interplanetary council! So they visit council chambers, and discover each of the strategic objectives. Next, C55 tells Coop to meet with the stakeholders to figure out how their projects contribute to those objectives. With the Value Framework in place, C55 explains that the final step is to align all of the benefits to a common scale. Coop can now see how much value each project contributes, and understand which ones will deliver the greatest value to the galaxy! C55’s Value Framework gives Coop exactly what he needs to assess all investments consistently and objectively! But wait! There aren’t enough resources to do it all! How will Coop choose the best combination of projects and timing? Stay tuned 'til next time!
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Webinar: ISO 55000 Planning: A Guide to Getting Started
In a world of aging assets and limited financial and human resources, organizations often struggle to decide which asset-related capital projects should get the most attention. The new ISO 55000 international standard for asset management helps clarify some of the principles, but doesn’t provide any guidance on how to implement it. So where should you begin? Watch this webinar to hear best-selling maintenance and asset management author James Reyes-Picknell, and Copperleaf CMO Boudewijn Neijens discuss planning as a best practice under ISO 55000, including: - ISO 55000: What you need to know - How to create plans that address risks and opportunities: key factors to consider - Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM): a technique to ensure the highest value projects are selected in a constrained world - Where to begin: How to assess your organization’s current planning processes relative to ISO 55000
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Copperleaf Christmas video
Our cast of asset management characters, with the vocal support of the whole Copperleaf team, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Why Work At Copperleaf?
Do you love working where you do? Have you ever been asked why? What makes a company a "great place to work"? Well, we asked some Copperleaf employees exactly that and they tell us a bit about why they love working here and why you just might as well! Learn more about us and check out our job postings on our Careers page at: http://www.copperleaf.com/careers/.
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Copperleaf at DistribuTECH 2015
Interviewed at DistribuTECH 2015, Copperleaf's VP Sales, Phil Jones introduces Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM).
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Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess Wins 2018 BC Tech Association's Person of the Year Award!
Copperleaf CEO, Judi Hess, was awarded Person of the Year by the BC Tech Association at its 2018 Technology Impact Awards (TIAs) on the evening of Friday, June 1, 2018. The Person of the Year award commemorates an individual who has made a significant entrepreneurial contribution to the BC tech ecosystem in the past year.
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Webinar: Asset Investment Planning & Management – A Best Practice of ISO 55000
On April 4, 2014, Energy Central hosted a webinar featuring Boudewijn Neijens from Copperleaf, Jim Nightingale from Capgemini’s energy practice, and Jim Dieter, ANSI US Head of Delegation to ISO PC/251 for ISO 55000. In this webinar, the panel of experts discuss: - An overview of ISO 55000 - Capital planning under ISO 55000 - Leveraging AIPM to realize the maximum value from your assets - Case studies and project experience - Getting started with ISO 55000 and AIPM
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Manage Performance to Continuously Improve
In the last episode, Coop struggled to find the combination of projects that provided the best value while respecting all constraints. Luckily, C55 was there with her powerful optimization program to help him create a plan that provided the highest value to the galaxy! In this episode, Coop's vacation gets cut short when New Houston calls to tell him that some unexpected events are impacting his perfectly optimized plan. With the help of his trusty sidekick C55, Coop examines the variances and proposes a re-optimized plan that appeases his stakeholders. Join them on their journey to find out how to manage performance to continuously improve! Part 1: Introduction to Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) and ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/0Q3iJTOqQrk Part 2: Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/xrr4bpkkO_I Part 3: Make Optimal Investment Decisions https://youtu.be/_T3JNCV8FYE Part 5: Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk https://youtu.be/c3yOucP26SU
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Introduction to the Copperleaf Community
When you become a Copperleaf customer, you also join the Copperleaf Community, an open forum for C55 customers, partners, industry experts, and team members to share knowledge and exchange best practices on Asset Investment Planning & Management, the ISO 55000 standard, and more. At the annual AIPM Summit, you will experience our client-focused culture and drive for continuous innovation, and help shape our product roadmaps into the future. Network with asset investment planning professionals from around the globe and learn how other organizations are using C55 to make risk-informed decisions and deliver the highest value to their stakeholders.
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Copperleaf Culture
Delivering Exceptional Value and Providing Extraordinary Experiences At Copperleaf™, culture is at the very core of who we are and what we do. We believe it’s vital to create success for our customers, our stakeholders and our employees. In this video, members of the Copperleaf Community—including the BC Government, United Energy, Duke Energy, Southern California Edison, Landsvirkjun, and CitiPower Powercor—share their experiences working with Copperleaf.
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Sleigh Ride with Copperleaf
Our cast of asset management characters and the Copperleaf crew invite you to join us for a sleigh ride! Best wishes for a lovely holiday season! The Copperleaf Team
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Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk
Many asset-intensive organizations struggle to forecast long-term sustainment needs across a diverse asset base. The Copperleaf™ C55 Predictive Analytics suite empowers companies to understand their asset sustainment needs over the long term and create an investment strategy that maximizes business value while proactively managing risk. In the last episode, Coop’s perfectly optimized plan was ruined by some unexpected events. With the help of C55, he examined the variances and managed performance to continuously improve, resulting in a re-optimized plan that appeased all his stakeholders. In this episode, C55 takes Coop on a time travelling journey into the disastrous future where multiple assets are rapidly breaking down. C55 gives Coop Predictive Analytics to take back to the past so that he can calculate the optimal intervention dates to avoid these future asset failures. Join them on their journey to discover how Predictive Analytics can help develop a long-term plan that manages risk, maximizes value, and includes the full asset lifecycle costs, in order to keep the galaxy safe! Missed the other episodes in "the Adventures of Coop and C55"? Feel free to check them out here: Part 1: Introduction to Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) and ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/0Q3iJTOqQrk Part 2: Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000 https://youtu.be/xrr4bpkkO_I Part 3: Make Optimal Investment Decisions https://youtu.be/_T3JNCV8FYE Part 4: Manage Performance to Continuously Improve https://youtu.be/H7iXoxyWEeY
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Webinar: Value, Values & Asset Management Decision Making
This webinar explores the concept of value in ISO 55000 and explains how a utility’s strategic objectives and values can be used to develop a framework for asset management decisions. Hosted by Engerati on April 25, 2017 Speakers: - Rhys Davies, President of eAsset Management and Chair of the ISO/TC251 Committee - Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO Aging infrastructure, low growth and increasingly sophisticated demands from regulators and other stakeholders are creating a perfect storm, which is placing conventional maintenance and capital planning practices under pressure. This requires energy and water providers to do more with less and to become more transparent and rigorous in their business processes. ISO 55000 Many providers are looking to recent developments in asset management best practices, most notably the new ISO 55000 management standard for asset management. The essence of this standard is value realisation from assets - ensuring that the right things are being done right, and that these activities support the utility’s strategic objectives. In this webinar, we will: - Explore the concept of value, and focus on two core aspects of the ISO 55000 standard - how capital decisions are and should be made, and what framework is required to ensure decisions are optimal for all stakeholders. - Introduce a decision-making maturity scale to help you gauge how your organisation makes decisions today, and where you want to be in the future. Using simple examples, we will illustrate how value, risk and time play crucial roles in effective decision making. - Explain how to build a Value Framework for asset management decisions. This includes identifying your most important value criteria, aligning all criteria to a common evaluation scale, and using these criteria to decide what actions or investments will deliver the highest value. In this 60-minute webinar recording, you will gain an understanding of why it is important to quantify this value appropriately, because it’s a crucial factor in determining whether an investment has merit, and how it ranks compared with other possible investments in a resource-constrained world. We’ll also highlight the importance of timing since value, costs and risks all change with time. We’ll conclude with some examples of how Value Frameworks are deployed in practice in energy and water utilities, and provide you with tips on how to get started!
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Copperleaf New Office Construction
Copperleaf moved offices from Burnaby to a new location in the City of Vancouver. We've created a time-lapse video of our new office construction! Music Credits: Life of Riley Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Copperleaf at DistribuTECH 2014
Phil Jones, VP of Sales, introduces Copperleaf C55 at the DistribuTECH 2014 Conference & Exhibition in San Antonio, TX.
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Webinar: How to build a better business case for utility asset investment planning
You know that effective asset investment planning practices are important to your utility. But can you quantify their ROI? Over the past decade, Copperleaf has collected a robust data set on the benefits of AIPM capabilities through our work with utilities across the globe. In this webinar, hosted by Engerati on September 22, 2017, Stefan Sadnicki, Copperleaf Managing Director of Europe, presented this brand new research and provided evidence to support benefit quantification. Greg Dodd, Northern Gas Networks Head of Asset Strategy, illustrated how the framework can be applied using their own business case for improving their asset investment planning processes as an example. Watch this webinar to learn: - Gain an understanding of how asset investment planning and management will bring your utility hard and soft financial benefits - Learn how to more effectively describe and quantify the benefits of AIPM to internal and external stakeholders - Hear how Northern Gas Networks applies this framework to realise maximum value from their assets, while managing risk, service levels and demand on resources. A growing number of companies are turning to Copperleaf's decision analytics software to help them make strategic investment decisions with confidence. Learn more about how Copperleaf's solutions can help your business today: https://www.copperleaf.com/solutions/
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Presentation: Developing a Value Framework—by Stefan Sadnicki
CIRED 2017 Roundtable: Establishing a decision making framework Realising value from company assets is fundamental. Most companies have some form of decision-making framework influenced by extensive experience operating the business. However, not all of them ensure alignment through all company processes to maintain a stable and predictable outcome. Standards like PAS55 and ISO 55000 support and ensure a consistent framework without the need to reinvent the wheel or create business specific solutions, yet establishing an open standard framework remains a challenge for many organisations. Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for Copperleaf in Europe, participated in a roundtable on this topic in June at CIRED 2017, host of the 24th International Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution in Glasgow, Scotland. In his presentation, Stefan discusses how decision-making frameworks, and specifically a Copperleaf Value Framework, can align investment decisions with strategic objectives and deliver significant benefits for distribution network operators. Presented on June 13, 2017. The slides can be downloaded here: https://www.copperleaf.com/resources/presentation-developing-value-framework-stefan-sadnicki/
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How To Build a Better Business Case for Utility Asset Investment Planning
When it comes to Asset Investment Planning, how can utilities know they are making the right decisions to deliver reliability and maximize value to their stakeholders with limited resources? In this webinar, hosted by Zpryme in April of 2018, Javier Fernandez, Omaha Public Power District CFO, and Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO, dive into how utilities can use decision analytics to improve Asset Investment Planning strategies and discuss: - How the risk conversation is really a reliability conversation - How to make more informed decisions in an industry with ever evolving technology - How integrated systems can provide information to help drive value for utilities
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Webinar: La Planeación y Gestión de Inversiones en activos bajo la norma ISO 55000 - ¿Cómo empezar?
En un mundo de activos que envejecen y recursos financieros e humanos limitados, las organizaciones tienen expectativas más altas para decidir acerca de dónde, cuándo y cuánto invertir en su infraestructura. El standard internacional ISO 55000 para la gestión de activos ayuda a clarificar algunos de los principios, pero no proporciona ninguna orientación sobre cómo implementarlo. Entonces, ¿dónde debemos empezar? Participe con nosotros en este Webinar para escuchar al Lic. Norberto Levin, CEO de Levin Global y consultor en gestión de activos de la ISO 55000, y al Ing. Boudewijn Neijens, Director de Marketing de Copperleaf, Presidente del capítulo canadiense del Instituto de gestión de activos y miembro ejecutivo de la IAM, hablar sobre la planeación de la inversión como una mejor práctica bajo la norma ISO 55000. Los conceptos clave incluirán: - ISO 55000: Cómo empezar - Cómo interpretar los objetivos de la norma ISO 55000 - Cómo la aplicación efectiva de la gestión de activos puede maximizar el valor derivado de los activos - La importancia del de-silo de la gestión de activos en las organizaciones y la necesidad de desarrollar una forma coherente y holística de evaluar las posibles decisiones de inversión - Planeación y gestión de la inversión de activos: una técnica para asegurar que los proyectos de mayor valor se seleccionen respetando las limitaciones de financiación, riesgos, recursos humanos y restricciones de tiempo Webinar presenters: Norberto Levin, CEO, Levin Global Boudewijn Neijens, Director de marketing, Copperleaf
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Webinar: PPM For Utilities - How Enterprise Portfolio Management Optimizes Investment
Organizations managing critical infrastructure face unique challenges when it comes to selecting which projects to execute. Physical assets continuously degrade with time and unexpected failures can have profound consequences on society and the environment. Decisions about what to invest in, and when, are critical. New PPM-related solutions are emerging to address the specific needs of senior audiences and executives who want assurance that they are making the right decisions to minimize the risk of unplanned and potentially serious incidents, while focusing the organization’s limited resources on the activities that will deliver the greatest value. Watch this webinar to learn how enterprise PPM software is helping utilities select the optimal portfolio of projects to execute across the entire enterprise and: - The unique capabilities that make enterprise PPM solutions a necessity for asset-intensive organizations - Five keys to success, along with case study examples from utilities - How to get started on this journey and continuously improve Webinar Speakers: Stefan Sadnicki, Copperleaf Managing Director, Europe Nathaniel Williams, Accenture Managing Director, Smart Grid Services
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Happy Holidays from the Copperleaf team
Bells are ringing and our cast of asset management characters—and the Copperleaf team—are singing! We hope your holiday season will be merry and bright!
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Webinar: Value-based Decision Making - A Best Practice of ISO 55000
We acquire and manage assets because of the value they bring to our organisation, and we spend money and time maintaining and sustaining these assets to preserve their ability to deliver value. The ISO 55000 standard underlines the importance of the concept of value, and expects us to measure value in alignment with the strategic objectives of our organisation. Yet many companies struggle with how to define, measure and communicate value. Watch this webinar to gain insight from asset management experts on this topic. Our speakers explore: • Recent work by ISO’s TC251 which manages the ISO 55000 series, and by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM), to define “value” in the context of asset management • How organisations may translate these concepts into a practical value framework, which combined with other best practices form the foundation for value-based decision-making in asset management • How to incorporate value, risk and time into decision-making using a simple yet powerful example – the renewal of a car
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Webinar: Enterprise Portfolio Management for Utilities
Utilities are increasingly challenged to make optimal infrastructure investments. Assets are not only aging, they are also changing – becoming more distributed, digital, and their lifecycles more variable. In this increasingly complex environment, it’s crucial for organizations to maximize the value delivered by their investments. Making asset investment decisions at an enterprise level, as opposed to within traditional departmental silos, ensures that the projects selected drive an organization’s strategic goals. How can utilities leverage enterprise portfolio management tools to make decisions across the enterprise that deliver the most value overall to the enterprise, drive their strategy, and create a culture of enterprise-wide accountability? This webinar will discuss: - New research on the state of investment decision making in utilities: key benefits and challenges - The evolution of project portfolio management (PPM) solutions to optimize cross-enterprise decisions - A case study of how a current utility customer is using enterprise portfolio management to support executive-level decision making and align portfolios to strategic goals
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Chasing the Holy Grail: Improve Cost, Reliability & Safety at the Same Time
Power distribution companies are under increasing cost pressure, yet at the same time need to continue delivering power reliably and safely to their customers. Improved processes and new techniques can help utilities solve this challenge – by leveraging IoT data from their assets, refining their network modelling capabilities and improving their work planning systems. In this webinar, hosted by CEATI International, we explore how recent refinements in asset analytics, automated cost estimation, work bundling and portfolio optimization can deliver significant efficiency gains.
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Webinar: Waarde, waarden en Asset Management besluitvorming
Verouderde infrastructuur, lage groei en een steeds complexer wordende vraag van regulatoren en andere stakeholders creëren een volmaakte storm waardoor conventionele werkmethoden voor onderhoud en kapitaalplanning onder druk komen. Dit vereist dat beheerders in de energie en watersector steeds vaker meer moeten doen met minder, meer transparantie moeten geven en grondige evaluatie en bedrijfsprocessen. Op 7 november verkende Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO en Bram Alkema, eAsset Management Senior Consultant het concept van 'waarde' in ISO 55000 en besproken hoe waarde, risico en tijd cruciale rollen spelen in effectieve besluitvorming. In dit Webinar van 60-minuten zullen wij: - Twee aspecten onderzoeken van de ISO 55000 assetmanagement standaard – hoe investeringsbeslissingen (CAPEX en OPEX) gemaakt kunnen in relatie met de organisatie doelstellingen en welk raamwerk vereist is om erop toe te zien dat beslissingen optimaal zijn voor alle stakeholders - Verschillende niveaus van volwassenheid van besluitvorming introduceren en helpen om inzichtelijk te maken hoe uw organisatie vandaag beslissingen neemt en waar u in de toekomst wilt uitkomen Uitleg geven hoe een raamwerk opgebouwd kan worden voor besluitvorming inzake assetmanagement - Wij zullen afsluiten met een aantal beste praktijkvoorbeelden te geven hoe een Raamwerk voor waarde uitgerold werden bij energie- en waterbedrijven en tips hoe u kunt starten.
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Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess reflects on the wisdom she's gained throughout her career
Business in Vancouver is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Influential Women in Business Awards by asking 20 past honourees to reflect on their careers and share the wisdom they have acquired from their remarkable careers.
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The Most Copperleaf Time of the Year
It’s the most wonderful time of the year–when our cast of asset management characters and the Copperleaf crew join forces to sing and bring holiday cheer! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! The Copperleaf Team
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Webinar: Value & Risk in the New Energy Era - Rethinking Asset Investment Decisions
Learn what impact today's energy transformation has on utilities and their assets, and how asset investment decisions based on value and risk can help utilities adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Making the right asset investment decisions is a key focus as utilities move to what’s next. They are facing profound changes—from distributed energy resources to energy efficiency to demands for clean energy—that are challenging traditional business models. Utilities must adapt to changing regulations, maintain the reliability of their infrastructure, and focus on activities that deliver shareholder value—all while investing in new technologies and services to build new revenue streams. This webinar features speakers from Duke Energy, Avista Utilities, and Copperleaf.
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Copperleaf at Canstruction Vancouver 2015
Copperleaf's "Can It Be True Productions" team creates sculpture out of 3900 cans of tuna at Canstruction Vancouver 2015.
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Debut Performance of the Algorhythms
As Copperleaf grows as a company, it's really exciting to see the wide range of initiatives employees take on that support our culture and atmosphere of creativity, balance, and fun. A recent example of this is the Algorhythms, Copperleaf’s very own a cappella group. In their debut performance, watch the Algorhythms perform a mashup of "Real Love" and "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne. To learn more about the Algorhythms: https://www.copperleaf.com/articles/copperleaf-introducing-algorhythms/ To learn more about our culture: https://www.copperleaf.com/people-culture/
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Asset Investment Planning and Management In Action
In this clip from Engerati, Greg Dodd, Northern Gas Networks Head of Asset Strategy, explains what benefits the UK gas distribution company achieved Copperleaf’s Value Framework
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About Copperleaf - Short Version (2 min)
Copperleaf helps asset intensive organizations make risk-informed, evidence-based investment decisions.
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Copperleaf Adoption of Technology Award Acceptance Speech
Copperleaf and its client, the B.C. Government, have jointly been awarded the 2017 BC Tech Association’s Technology Impact Award (TIA) for “Adoption of Technology.” The TIAs celebrate the successes of the tech industry and the companies, people and innovation that continue to put British Columbia on the map. This award category recognizes a solution that has significantly improved the productivity, competitiveness, or profitability of the customer’s organization. Winners were announced June 22nd at the 24th annual Technology Impact Awards Gala. Phil Jones, Vice President of Sales accepted the award alongside Corinne Timmermann, Executive Director IM/IT Capital Investment Branch for the B.C. Government.
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Judi Hess on International Women's Day 2018
March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Copperleaf is celebrating IWD with the rest of the world today, and taking a moment to recognize what it’s all about: unity, reflection, advocacy and action! In this video, Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess reflects on the great progress we have made in Canada to date, and where there are still challenges to overcome. She emphasizes that we can all make a difference. Some great opportunities include: - Encouraging women to find their voice; to speak up; it’s working! - Empowering women and girls; providing safe spaces to work and play in for everyone - Using education as a platform for equality - Encouraging women to step up into leadership roles For more information, visit: https://www.copperleaf.com/articles/copperleaf-celebrates-international-womens-day-2018/
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Copperleaf - One of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™
Copperleaf was named a winner of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, a program that recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. As part of the celebration gala, we were asked to make a video in the style of an action movie trailer. Featuring our hero Coop and his trusty sidekick, C55, they show us why our unique culture is vital to success!
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Webinar: Using Criticality and Value to Reach Optimal Decisions in a Constrained World
Asset intensive organizations need rational criteria to decide which assets or asset systems are most critical and should therefore be looked after first and foremost. Similarly, making the best decisions across your entire organization on how to spend your scarce resources to deliver the highest value is an elusive goal for most organizations. In this webinar, Boudewijn Neijens, CMO of Copperleaf and Tacoma Zach, CEO of Uberlytics, discuss how developing and deploying a coherent company-wide value framework will allow an organization to: - properly evaluate the criticality of its asset systems - select the optimal mix of projects to deliver the highest possible value to the organization - honour risk, resource and performance constraints Recorded June 5, 2015
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BIV's 2017 Influential Women in Business
Interviews with Business in Vancouver's 2017 Influential Women in Business award winners including: Judi Hess, CEO, Copperleaf Martha Piper, Past President & Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia (Lifetime Achievement Award recipient) Natalie Dakers, Founding President and CEO, Accel-Rx Health Sciences Accelerator Kathy Kinloch, President, British Columbia Institute of Technology Laura Nashman, CEO, BC Pension Corporation Marcia Nozick, CEO, EMBERS
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