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P3 Limitations and Improvements - A level Physics
In this video I go through common limitations and improvements to the final part of the paper 3 A level Physics exam.
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P3 Common Problems and Simple Mistakes - A level Physics
In this video I go through common problems and simple mistakes students make in the paper 3... Watch this video so you don't make the same mistakes!
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Using a graph to find half-life time - IGCSE Physics
A brief explanation of how to find the half-life time of a radioactive substance.
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Logic gates - IGCSE Physics
Covers Not, And, Or, Nand and Nor Logic gates..
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Transverse and Longitudinal Wave Demonstration - A level and IGCSE Physics
A demonstration of the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves using a slinky..
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Phase Difference - A level Physics
This video goes through the basics of phase and phase difference.
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(almost) Every IGCSE Physics equation..
Covering the whole 2015 syllabus for IGCSE Physics.. Got to learn them all.. *note there are some changes to the 2016 syllabus. I will make a new video in the future to cover 2016 syllabus.
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Uses of Radioactivity - IGCSE Physics
This video covers the uses of radioactivity commonly mentioned at IGCSE level. (note half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years not 5400 years).
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AC Generator - IGCSE Physics
This video covers the basics of the AC generator and the voltage sine wave it produces.
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AS level Physics - Practical Paper P3 Part 1
This is a walk through of a students paper 3 (Part 1) that gained the full 20 marks. Hopefully it is useful for your own revision.
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Diodes - IGCSE Physics
This video goes through the basics of what a diode is and also the half and full wave rectifier circuits that can turn AC into DC electricity.
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Eureka Can Volume Experiment - IGCSE Physics
This video demonstrates how you can use a eureka can to find the volume of an irregular shaped object.
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Pressure and Density - A level Physics
This video covers the definitions of pressure and density and how to derive, from the definitions of pressure and density, the equation Δp = ρgΔh.
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Cathode Ray Oscilloscope - IGCSE and A level Physics
A brief video that explains how the CRO works and how you can use it to work out the frequency and time-period of a wave.
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Light Revision - IGCSE Physics
This revision video covers all the main aspects of light needed for IGCSE Physics, Reflection, Refraction, the thin converging Len and the dispersion of light..
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Magnetism revision - IGCSE Physics
This video covers just about everything you need to know for the magnetism topic and a little bit extra.
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forces on a slope - A level Physics
This video goes through how the force of weight of an object can be resolved parallel and perpendicular to the plane of a slope. With two examples.
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Centre of Mass Experiment - IGCSE Physics
This is a demonstration of how to find the centre of mass of a thin uniform lamina.
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Sound - IGCSE Physics
This video covers production of sound, audible frequencies and echoes..
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Transformers - IGCSE Physics
This video explains the basic concept of how a transformer works, the difference between step up and step down transformers and the use of transformers in the distribution of electricity.
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Pressure topic review - IGCSE Physics
This video covers the pressure equation; how to use a manometer; the barometer; hydraulic pressure and some example calculations.
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Conduction, Convection and Radiation - IGCSE Physics
This video covers the basics of conduction, convection and radiation.
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A level Physics - The Potential Divider
In this video I go over the basics of the potential divider or rheostat.
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Rates of Reaction - IGCSE Chemistry
This video covers how concentration, catalysts, pressure, volume, temperature and surface area can all effect the rate of a chemical reaction.
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Electricity past paper examples - IGCSE Physics
I've made a few electricity problems here with solutions. Pause the video at the start of each problem and try to solve it yourself.
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I=anvq Derivation - A level Physics
This equation is new to the cie syllabus from 2016. Here you will find the derivation of the equation that you need to learn!
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Pressure Equation Derivation - A Level Physics
Students studying the AS and A level CIE Physics need to learn this derivation for the Pressure Equation. Follow the step by step guide and LEARN it..
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Physical Quantities and Units - A level Physics
This video covers physical quantities, S.I. units, the Kelvin scale, derived units, homogeneity of units and prefixes.
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Hooke's law - IGCSE Physics
Basic overview of the Hooke's law formula, with experimental example and graph.
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Pressure (Part 1) - IGCSE Physics
This video goes over the basics of pressure, the pressure equation and hydraulic pressure.
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Refraction Experiment - IGCSE Physics
In this video I demonstrate how you can use four pins and a glass block to find the refractive index of glass.
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Every Equation in the Syllabus - A level Physics (CIE)
In this video I go through every physics equation from the Cambridge A level Physics Syllabus (9702). The first section covers the AS level and the second section covers the full A level. This video does not cover each one in much detail but is just to give a general overview for revision.
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Focal Point demonstration - IGCSE Physics
In this video I demonstrate where the focal point and the focal length of a thin converging lens can be found using a laser.
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Uses for Transformers - IGCSE Physics
An explanation of why step up and step down transformers are used in electrical power distribution networks, such as the UK's National Grid.
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Waves Revision - IGCSE Physics
This is a review of the waves topic - covering the terms you need to be aware of, transverse and longitudinal waves, reflection, refraction and diffraction.
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General wave properties - IGCSE Physics
Covering general wave properties, experiments, wavefronts, wave speed, frequency, wavelength, amplitude, the wave equation, reflection, refraction and diffraction.
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Atomic Physics - IGCSE Physics
This revision video covers the types of radiation, detection of radiation, nuclear equations and safety.
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The thin converging lens - IGCSE Physics
This video goes through the basics of the thin converging lens including magnification.
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Speed-Time Graphs - IGCSE Physics
In this video you will see how to find the distance traveled from a speed-time graph.
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Molar gas volume calculations - IGCSE Chemistry
This revision video goes through converting from moles to gas volumes and some example problems with solutions..
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Using a Micrometer - IGCSE Physics
A basic guide to using a micrometer to measure small distances.
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Electromotive Force and Potential Difference
This video covers thee basic difference between electromotive force and potential difference.
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Momentum - A level Physics
This video covers the definition of momentum; conservation of momentum; calculations in one dimension and goes through three different examples.
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Moles and solutions calculations.. - IGCSE Chemistry
Conc x Vol? Whats that all about? find out here... Questions taken from www.chemsheets.co.uk - an excellent source of worksheets.
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Changes to the ATP Paper 6 - IGCSE Physics
This is a guide to the "Design the experiment" question in the new ATP paper 6 in CIE Physics 0625.
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Diodes - IGCSE Physics
This video covers what Diodes are, what they do and the half-wave and full-wave rectifier..
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DC Motor - IGCSE Physics
Brief video on how the DC motor works and the need for the split ring commutator.
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Projectile Motion - A level Physics
This video goes through the basics of projectile motion with two examples..
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The turning effect of a force - A level Physics
This video covers the basics of the moment of a force, that a couple is a pair of forces that tends to produce rotation only and the torque or moment produced by a couple - With two basic example problems.
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The potential divider experiment - A level Physics
This video demonstrates how to use a rheostat as a potential divider and that the total voltage across the potential divider does not change regardless of where the output voltage is tapped off.
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