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West Monroe Partners: An Uncommon Blend
Learn more about how our uncommon blend of business savvy and deep technical expertise can help you achieve sustainable success.
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Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
The rise of distributed energy resources (DERs) is an exciting and interesting opportunity for customers, and a challenge and opportunity for the utilities and the organizations that regulate them. We take a comprehensive look at the present and future state of DERs through multiple lenses: customer adoption and awareness; utilities’ adoption challenges and opportunities, and support and planning initiatives; and regulatory commissions’ actions, obstacles and perceptions. West Monroe offers a portfolio of innovative products and services that address a wide array of utility concerns related to Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Learn more at www.westmonroepartners.com/DERs.
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A "Dare to be Great" Culture
If you have what it takes, we encourage you to come join our incredible team and accept the challenge to make us even better. Visit wmp.com/careers to explore opportunities and for more information on what it's like to work here.
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Technology Careers at West Monroe Partners
Whether you’re deepening your competency as an expert in a specific area or honing state-of-the art technical solutions to meet emerging needs, we’ll help you become a leader of the leading edge. Visit www.AcceptTheChallenge.com to learn more!
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Becoming Customer-Minded | Energy & Utilities
Learn more at: http://www.westmonroepartners.com/Industries/Energy-and-Utilities/Detail#Customer-Experience - With a greater focus on the customer experience, utilities are looking for ways to differentiate. Our leaders share what will be required of utilities in the future.
Robotic Process Automation for Financial Institutions
Integrate human and digital workforces for peak productivity and performance. Learn more at www.wmp.comm/RPA
FFIEC and NIST: What You Need to Know About Two Prevalent New IT Security Compliance Frameworks
Cybersecurity is an area of growing concern for financial institutions, especially in the face of recent high-profile data breaches. In June of this year, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released its Cybersecurity Self Assessment Tool (CAT) to help institutions determine their risks and evaluate their preparedness.
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Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World
West Monroe's Kyle Hutchins and BearingPoint's Erik Campanini discuss how their book "Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World" can help organizations thrive on the opportunity that digital presents.
Day in the Life: Technology Architect
Hear from one of West Monroe's technology architects about the ever-changing technology practice where team members are tasked with designing, developing and delivering an overall solution for a project. To learn more about a career at West Monroe, visit http://www.acceptthechallenge.com/
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Owning a Piece of the Company
Being an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) is a unique and important part of West Monroe. We all share in our collaborative success and as an employee-owned firm, each of us can directly impact West Monroe’s success.
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Our partnership with MaritzCX
Maritz Research—the leading provider of advanced research for the consumer marketing industry—decided to acquire a software company to satisfy its customers’ demands for instantaneous results. West Monroe Partners performed due diligence of the target company, evaluating its technology capabilities and business operations. Our blended business teams—customer experience experts, mergers and acquisitions veterans and technologists—worked together to fully understand the sales processes, business operations, infrastructure and products involved. Together, we seamlessly integrated 1,000 people into a newly formed company, MaritzCX, in only four months.
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West Monroe Partners Holiday Video 2015
Whatever your holiday traditions may be, here’s to everything turning out perfectly. We wish you the very best this season!
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ConnectTheGrid by West Monroe Partners
ConnectTheGrid is a scalable, cloud-based resource for utilities that provides a step-by-step workflow for application approvals, acting as the master data source for DER assets. Visit http://bit.ly/WMPConnectTheGrid for more information!
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Customer Experience
Doug Armstrong discusses the evolving customer landscape - from disruptive digital technologies to the multi-channel experience - and what organizations should be doing to remain competitive in the market.
Transforming Barclaycard's Customer Experience
Hear from Sylvia Veitia, Head of Customer Experience, at Barclaycard and Gil Mermelstein, Managing Director, at West Monroe on how the two companies partnered on a successful project integrating customer journeys and value stream mapping to transform Barclaycard's customer experience. The project was also chosen as a 2016 CXPA Innovation Award winner. Read the press release here: http://wmp.life/2aQMU41 West Monroe Parnter's unique blend of business consulting and deep technology puts human-centered design thinking at its core to help you develop a cohesive program that serves customer expectations better and drives top-line revenue. To learn more about West Monroe's Customer Experience Solutions, visit our website at http://wmp.life/2a61FBB
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Operations Excellence
Sean Adkins discusses globalization and its impact on operations - and how companies can adapt to remain competitive by looking holistically at their people, processes and technology.
IBERIABANK: Better Client and Associate Experience Results in Higher Shareholder Returns
West Monroe partnered with IBERIABANK to help transform their operating model supported by nCino solutions, yielding new efficiencies and an improved customer experience. Learn more at https://www.westmonroepartners.com/Portfolio/StoryRepository/IBERIABANK
West Monroe Partners | Mergers and Acquisitions
As M&A experts, we know there is nothing more important than realizing perceived deal value. Having completed 150 deals for financial and strategic buyers this year alone, we also know that the key to success is being both a strategic partner and tactical implementer. We tackle the complexities of M&A, from strategy, analysis and planning through integration and optimization. We build strategies and playbooks for transactions and conduct deep diligence into the operational, technological and functional dynamics of your deal. Then we turn assumptions into realities through planning, integration and change management across HR, Finance and Sales. We bring a unique set of capabilities to every deal: strong leadership, broad experience and industry knowledge. We are committed to making deals work, companies strong and you successful.
Partnering with The Riverside Company
West Monroe Partners and The Riverside Company have partnered on dozens of M&A transactions over the last three years. This video discusses our work together, specifically highlighting the merger of Universal SmartComp and Align Networks and The Riverside Company's acquisition of Rutland Plastics.
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West Monroe & Algenist
West Monroe partnered with Algenist to create a standalone company poised for growth in just three and a half months. Learn more at http://www.westmonroepartners.com/Insights/Client-Success-Stories/Algenist-Case-Study
Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge?
Hear first-hand from our consultants about what Accepting the Challenge means to them, and how our people-first culture sets them up for success. Visit www.acceptthechallenge.com to learn more about working at West Monroe.
Greg Poffenroth - Challenge Accepted
West Monroe Partners offers a "dare to be great" situation for young consultants and experienced professionals alike. Visit www.AcceptTheChallenge.com for more information!
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West Monroe Partners | Customer Experience Overview
We help you bridge that gap between setting the right customer expectations and delivering the operational execution which ultimately allows you to fulfill your brand promise. Learn more at http://www.westmonroepartners.com/customerexperience
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Rapid Analytics Platform: Make data-driven decisions in real time
Our Rapid Analytics Platform offers a simpler, easier, and faster way to integrate new data sources. Don’t let data integration challenges slow your path to better business insight. Learn more about our Rapid Analytics Platform at wmp.com/RAP
BridgeHealth Transformation
To maintain its growth trajectory, BridgeHealth needed to transform its legacy technology platform and key business processes. West Monroe Partners helped BridgeHealth transform its organization—establishing Salesforce, analytics, reporting, and contact center capabilities essential to further change. These new capabilities have improved efficiency and insight to deliver better member experiences and enable high-quality care at a better value.
Holiday Video 2018
There's a lot to be grateful for this holiday season! Too often we forget to tell our friends, family, and colleagues that we are grateful for them, so this year we encouraged our employees to do just that. We asked them who they’re grateful for this time of year, and to write a letter to that person telling them why. Watch our holiday video to hear what we’re grateful for! We hope that watching our holiday video inspires you to send a note to someone that you’re grateful for this holiday season. We know they’d love to hear from you!
Partnering with Hopewell & Accellos
This video illustrates how Hopewell Logistics has streamlined operations and improved efficiency, by virtually 20 percent, while leveraging the AccellosOne Enterprise 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) and West Monroe's FLEXdls discrete labor management tool.
Transforming from the Inside Out: Digital in Energy & Utilities
Utilities have usually learned to implement technology incrementally. But the world is moving faster.
Better Together: Inclusion & Diversity at West Monroe Partners
Our mission at West Monroe Partners is to build the next generation of leaders – and Inclusion & Diversity is key to this mission. Learn more at https://www.acceptthechallenge.com/Values-and-Rewards/Inclusion-and-Diversity
West Monroe Partners | Operations Excellence
Transformation is only as hard as your ability to gain (and sustain) adoption. History tells us that can be nearly impossible, or at least time consuming and expensive. As the optimization engine of West Monroe, Operations Excellence is dedicated to breaking through this barrier. Our success is rooted in going beyond merely pointing to best practices and standards. We help you realize the enduring benefits of business, process and organizational optimization by helping you gain real, sustainable adoption. We do this by focusing on the essential “layers of adoption”: organization, teams and individuals. We help organizations transform operational and leadership strategies. We help teams maximize productivity by designing and implementing process improvements supported by innovative technology. And, we help individual employees understand the need for change – and their critical role in bringing it to life.
West Monroe Partners | Advanced Analytics
We take a practical, commercial approach to analytics. We turn massive data sets into what we call Prime Insights. Prime Insights and metrics turn your business into a data-driven organization that understands its customers deeply. Internally, we harness and extract the maximum value from data—and then integrate it into your decision making processes. Externally, we help you use data to decipher customers’ behaviors and transform how you engage them. Prime Insights have two important characteristics: they are gained efficiently and used to create direct, observable impact on your business. We use analytical platforms that yield rapid, iterative insights, avoiding longer, more expensive paths. Then we use those insights to ensure your team sees a direct impact from the efforts.
West Monroe Partners | Healthcare
We help healthcare organizations understand and capitalize on the opportunities that exist in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. Adopting a focus on outcomes may be a shift for the healthcare industry but it’s a historical strength—and cultural imperative—for West Monroe. We have helped a broad array of payers and providers evaluate opportunities, identify clear paths and efficiently drive toward improved outcomes. We mobilize quickly to efficiently help identify and pursue strategies ranging from scaling up to carving out. We can help you transform your customer experience, evaluate your business model, build efficiencies into your operations, modernize your technology, design and build differentiated products, and diversify and grow through M&A. From creating pioneering capabilities like a standalone dental e-commerce platform and self-service customer portal to supporting the full M&A lifecycle in countless complex transactions, we are a unique resource purpose-built for the new realities of the industry.
Student Conservation Association: Optimized Technology Enables Environmental Leaders
With West Monroe's support, the SCA is becoming a leader in how not-for-profits use technology. Learn more at http://www.westmonroepartners.com/Insights/Client-Success-Stories/Student-Conservation-Association
Transform Velocity Commercial Capital's Technology Stack for Improved Experience
West Monroe worked with Velocity to design and building a data warehouse to enable a 360-degree view of their data, and transition to Salesforce and the nCino loan origination platform. The partnership between Velocity and West Monroe has allowed Velocity to streamline and automate its processes, increase efficiency, improve data collection and quality, improve the customer experience, and position itself for continued rapid growth.
Jon Magin’s Uncommon Blend
Jon leverages experiences he has gained working on transformational initiatives across many industries and project types and uses the lessons learned to offer new views to clients. That's Jon's Uncommon Blend
Mergers and Acquisitions
Tom Ewers discusses industry consolidation and how companies can avoid common pitfalls of transactions by conducting thorough diligence, following a standardized approach and focusing on key integration activities post-close.
MultiCare Health System: Transforming Patient Experience
MultiCare Health System wanted to develop a customer experience strategy that would transform patient experience. With West Monroe’s help, MultiCare not only created a compelling strategy that supports its mission; it equipped six key functional areas with metrics and tools for turning the strategy into reality. The results have been impressive. Learn more at http://www.westmonroepartners.com/Portfolio/StoryRepository/MultiCare-Health-System
SunTrust Bank: Redesigning Operations to Improve Customer Experience
SunTrust, a top 20 national bank, transformed their treasury management operations from the inside out, yielding new efficiencies and an improved client and teammate experience.
Welcome to West Monroe in Minneapolis
Our Minneapolis office, located downtown, is a tribute to the city and the great state of Minnesota with conference rooms named after a few of our lakes and one very special (and purple) Prince conference room. Our local career opportunities reflect the industries and fields we support here. With Minnesota being home to the medical alley, you’ll find a team of healthcare consultants here in addition to M&A and Operations Excellence.
Get to know our Seattle office
The Seattle office, located just blocks from Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, is the hub of our Pacific Northwest operations. Founded more than a decade ago, the Seattle office is the firm's second largest, and the career opportunities here reflect the region's innovative spirit and diverse economy.
Welcome to West Monroe in Dallas
The Dallas office is the focal point of our Southwest operations. Like the city that hosts us, we have an entrepreneurial atmosphere and a broad range of career opportunities. We’re hiring a wide spectrum of professionals to support our growth in the region.
Get to know our Chicago office
Located in the Loop, the Chicago office has gone from housing about a dozen employees in 2002 to now hundreds. Serving as West Monroe’s headquarters, a majority of the company’s internal services are based in Chicago, including most of our executive team. As the largest office at the firm, in the third-largest city in the United States, not only will you find representation across all practices and industries, but also a broad mix of corporate, support, and technical career opportunities.
EY Announces Kevin McCarty Winner for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2018 Midwest Award
The award recognizes entrepreneurs who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.
The Fischer Global Service Fellowship Program
The Fischer Global Service Fellowship Program provides West Monroe employees a three- to six-month leave from their day job to support a philanthropic and humanitarian issue of interest, anywhere in the world.
Salesforce Community Cloud Solutions: West Monroe Partners’ Field Service Connect
Customer experience is key to differentiating from competitors and it’s important to enable your partner channels to deliver high-quality field service for your brand. West Monroe Partners’ Field Service Connect extends Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning functionality to your partners through an engaging, online community. Learn more at: http://www.westmonroepartners.com/Insights/Solution-Briefs/Field-Service-Connect
Get to know our Pittsburgh office
Our Pittsburgh office, one of the firm’s newest, is located in Pittsburgh’s fast-growing North Shore neighborhood. Our core practice areas include Operations Excellence and Healthcare. Pittsburgh is a leader in American job growth and continues to attract a wide range of new industries and talent; our career opportunities reflect the industries we support. Learn more at www.wmp.com/Pittsburgh-Office
Get to know our Columbus office
Located in a popular downtown neighborhood, our Columbus office is at the hub of a highly diversified economy. Columbus is home to leading-edge companies in e-commerce, IT, and cybersecurity and is widely acknowledged as an up-and-coming tech city. See our career opportunities  reflecting the dynamic industry makeup of Columbus. Learn more at www.wmp.com/Columbus-Office