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HTML Tutorial 4 - Image Mapping (Beginners)
This tutorial begins with creating hyperlink effects in an Image. It moves on the creating Image Mapping. I have explained everything very minutely. Hope it is informative.!
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HTML Tutorial 7 - Table Background Color
Final Tutorial on Tables in HTML.
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HTML Tutorial 6 - Colspan, Rowspan, Cellspacing, Cellpadding
More about Tables. This includes Cell-spacing, Cell Padding, Colspan, Rowspan.
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HTML Tutorial 5 - Table Tags
This tutorial includes the basics of creating a table in HTML. I'll continue this in the next tutorial.
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HTML Tutorial 2 - List tags And Inserting Images (Beginners)
In this tutorial, I have discussed various types of lists and tags used to create them. I have also discussed how to insert images and what are the different attributes related to images. At the end, I've discussed some random tags and their effects.
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HTML Tutorial 3 - Creating Hyperlink Using Achor Tags (Beginners)
In this tutorial, I have discussed how to link a part of a page to another page, i.e. how does hyperlink works. Also, I have discussed how to link a part of page to another part on the same page. I have also shown how to insert an image as your background.
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HTML Tutorial 1 - Introduction to HTML (Beginners)
This is the place for you if you want to start with HTML. I have kept is as simple as possible. I'll be uploading around 10 videos in this series, then I'll move to intermediate. This video is a little bit long, but I'll keep them to about 6-7 mins in future. You can subscribe to my channel to keep yourself updated. Cheers.!
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Upgrading to Notepad++
Notepad++ is a much advanced text-editor than Notepad. Before proceeding any further, I will highly recommend all of you to watch this and install Notepad++ in your systems.
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