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Current Dividend Preference. Participating Preferred Stock. Although they are owners of the company, shareholders do not manage operations. A board of directors is appointed to govern the activities and operations of the company. Shareholder Rights. Common vs. Preferred Shareholders. Set up a private limited company. Setting up Choose a company name Company address Appoint directors and a company secretary Shares and shareholders Memorandum and articles of association Register your company Register for Corporation Tax. Shares and shareholders. Work out your shares. Issuing your initial shares. Prescribed particulars. Tax when you sell shares. What you pay it on Work out your gain Selling shares in the same company Investment clubs Tax relief. Work out your gain. Your gain is usually the difference between what you paid for your shares and what you sold them for. Market value. you gave them away as a gift to someone other than your spouse, civil partner or a charity you sold them for less than they were worth you inherited them and do not know the Inheritance Tax value you owned them before April 1982 you acquired them through certain Employee Share Schemes. If the shares were given or sold to you by someone who claimed Gift Hold-Over Relief, use the amount that person paid for them to work out your gain. If you paid less than they were worth, use the amount you paid for them.